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Petition to Chris Bowen, Greg Hunt, Meegan Fitzharris, Steven Miles, Brad Hazard, Steven Wade, Jill Hennessy, Michael Ferguson, Sarah Lovell MLC, Janet Rice, Roger Cook, Scott Morrison, Ms Sharon Claydon MP, Daniel Andrews

“Praying the Gay Away” nearly killed me - outlaw ‘LGBTQA+ Conversion’ therapy now!

Trying to “Pray the Gay Away” nearly killed me. I’m not the only one. An investigation in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald revealed LGBTQ+ conversion ‘therapy’ has not disappeared in Australia, but has simply gone more underground. According to the article, even children have been subjected to LGBTQ+ conversion practices.I was only 16 when my own ‘conversion therapy’ began. I came out to a church leader who wanted me to be ‘cured’ and I began sessions with a counsellor aimed at changing my sexuality. At 17 my church introduced me to the leader of an actual program designed to turn me straight. Eventually, I was desperate enough to try it. Every week, members spoke about their ‘sins’ and we learned about the spiritual and experiential reasons that we had ‘turned gay’. I was so ashamed and guilt-ridden that I remained completely celibate for years. So-called ‘conversion therapy’ causes depression, self-loathing and even suicide. I prayed to God asking him to either heal me, or kill me. I was so depressed, I wanted to die. The trauma associated with that part of my life still affects me - how could it not? How is this legal? I don’t want to see a single kid harmed by “therapies” that tell them that something that is innate in them is evil or demonic or needs to be ‘healed’. Please, sign this petition calling for Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Health Minister Greg Hunt to work with each state to protect the most vulnerable and outlaw LGBTQA+ conversion practices and their advocacy nationwide. It has no place in our medical profession and certainly not in the lives of minors. *UPDATE* This petition focuses on legislation/regulation to prevent LGBTQ+ conversion practices in formal or therapeutic settings (such as in counsellors offices). This is a good start, however to effectively curtail the LGBTQ+ Conversion movement, a much broader response is needed. After signing this petition, please read the recommendations in the survivor statement at

Chris Csabs
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Petition to Governor General

Oppose Margaret Court's Australia Day 2021 Honour

I was upset to hear that Margaret Court, a former tennis champion, is being considered for the Companion of the Order of Australia award this Australia Day given her history of public denunciation of LGBTIQ+ rights and opposing basic human rights for LGBTIQ+ people. Shockingly her views also include support for conversion therapy. Her views are divisive, hurtful, repugnant to civil society, and worst of all directly risk lives. While she has had some past sporting success her activism with regards to opposing fundamental human rights to a vulnerable minority of our community are not consistent with those of modern Australia and run contrary to mainstream modern day principles of accepting diversity and equality in society If our Government grants the award it would not only bring our country into international disrepute, it would marginalise those she has so publicly attacked, and empower those with a similar hatred towards the LGBTIQ+ community. Our Government should not be honouring Margaret Court with the award as doing so will minimise the value of similar awards other outstanding Australians have received, lessen all Australians in the eyes of the world, directly cause harm to those individuals condemned by her words, and risk further division in our society. I would be grateful for your support in making our voice heard and respectfully request that our Governor General does not proceed with granting the award.

Silvan Degrosse
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Petition to Scott Morrison, Peter Dutton, Kristina Keneally

Justice for Rakib. Call an inquiry into his death on Nauru.

On May 11, 2016, Rakib Khan died. He was just 24 years old. A Bangladeshi refugee seeking protection due to his sexuality, Rakib had been kept in offshore detention on the tiny island nation of Nauru. His untimely death made headlines, but to this day, the cause of his death remains a mystery. For the last four years, his grieving family have searched for answers as to how this healthy young man died so suddenly. His mother, whose own health is failing, still does not know what killed her son. The Australian government has ignored calls for an inquest into how Rakib died. The Nauru government refuses to investigate, even after a forensic pathologist could not determine the young man’s cause of death. Now, a whistleblower has come forward with vital information about the quality of Rakib’s care in Nauru’s hospital. A nurse who worked there at the time of Khan’s death told BuzzFeed News of their concerns over his treatment by hospital doctors. “They didn’t take him as a serious case...The doctor just took his vitals and gave him Panadol,” said the nurse. Instead of running vital tests, staff sent Rakib back to the offshore detention facility. Rakib returned the next day in an ambulance, but by then it seems it was already too late. Rakib died as doctors prepared to medically evacuate him to Australia from Nauru. Under the heading “cause of death”, the autopsy report simply says: “UNASCERTAINED”. The Australian people deserve an explanation for this death that happened under our government’s watch. Rakib's mother deserves to know how her son died. Please join us to demand that our government call a parliamentary or senate enquiry into Rakib Khan's death.

National Justice Project
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