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Petition to António Guterres, Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, Members of the Committee on the Rights of the Child

Venezuelan Children Need Your Help | Los Niños en Venezuela Necesitan tu Ayuda

The Venezuelan government has been and continues to be negligent in guaranteeing a life of dignity to minors. Today 26 articles of The International Convention on the Rights of the Child are being flagrantly infringed. The situation is appalling, particularly for the most vulnerable.  Among the most pressing issues are: Hunger and malnutrition - 56% of children younger than 5 are malnourished, and 11.4% are at high risk of death because of it; Collapsed medical system and a deadly medicine shortage - Children with critical conditions go without treatments for weeks, even months. There has been a dramatic increase in child mortality, most victims of preventable or easily treatable diseases; Dramatic increase of abandoned children living in the streets - without a governmental entity looking after them; Systematic violations to the freedom of speech, and the right to protest including murder - approx. 20 adolescents were killed in demonstrations earlier this year; State prohibition for international humanitarian assistance and aid - supplies are blocked or confiscated. Help us urge the United Nations to: Demand the opening of a Humanitarian Aid Channel to help mitigate the severe crisis. Send International Observers to record and verify first hand that the state is implementing actionable measures in accordance to treaties and signed conventions;  Enact sanctions against government officials responsible for weak, ineffective and/or unjust policies. Sign and share this petition. #SaveVenezuelanChildren Thank you, Red Activista x Venezuela, DC-VA-MD (Pro Human Rights Advocacy Group) ------------------- El Gobierno Venezolano es negligente en garantizar una vida digna a los menores de nuestro país. Actualmente se violan por lo menos 26 artículos de La Convención Internacional sobre los Derechos del Niño. La situación es alarmante, especialmente para los más vulnerables. Entre los problemas más graves se encuentran: Hambre y desnutrición - 56% de niños menores de 5 años presentan signos de desnutrición, 11.4% corren riesgo de muerte. Sistema médico colapsado y grave déficit de medicinas - menores con enfermedades críticas esperan semanas y hasta meses por tratamientos. En los últimos años, la taza de mortalidad infantil ha aumentado dramáticamente por enfermedades prevenibles o fáciles de tratar. Proliferación de niños abandonados en las calles - sin una entidad gubernamental que se haga responsable y los cuide; Agresión física y psicológica hacia los que se han presentado en las protestas de los últimos 4 meses - incluso el asesinato de aproximadamente 20 menores de edad; Prohibición de la entrada de ayuda humanitaria internacional por parte del gobierno. Ayúdanos a instar a las Naciones Unidas a: Que exijan la apertura de un Canal Humanitario que responda a las necesidades básicas o de urgencia. Que se permita la visita de Comisiones Internacionales para observar y verificar el cumplimiento de los tratados, pactos y convenciones a las que está adscrita Venezuela, y que se exija el cumplimiento de los mismos. Que se apliquen sanciones a los funcionarios del gobierno que no desarrollen acciones efectivas en la esfera de sus atribuciones, para los cargos que ocupan en relación a esta materia. Porfavor firma y comparte esta petición. Gracias, Red Activista x Venezuela, DC-VA-MD (Agrupación abogada a la defensa de los Derechos Humanos)

Red Activista x Venezuela
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Petition to Sally Bagshaw, Kshama Sawant

Require Qualified Seattle Businesses To Donate Food Waste To Food Banks

Seattle companies waste 1000 tons of food a year. Wasted food emits 3.3 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide. With over 50% of people in Washington having had to rely on emergency food assistance, we need to make sure we can feed our people. Companies like Whole Foods and Starbucks are already donating their extra food to food banks. People need access to nutritional food, first and foremost. Cutting down on food waste also helps the environment. We want to mandate that companies in Seattle of a certain size and revenue bracket that serve food be fined if they do not donate to food banks.  Homeless people, single mothers, unemployed people, and people just down on their luck may need a nutritious meal because that one paycheck wasn't enough. We all deserve to be fed, and access to nutritious food is something we all need to be happy and healthy members of society. And we want our society to be fair to those who are in need. The more food we distribute, the less hungry people are, the more likely they are to succeed if they aren't worrying where they are getting their next meal. We have not yet decided the specifics on how much to fine, or how much revenue a company must make in order to be included in our mandate. However, we plan on submitting this petition to city council members Kshama Sawant, and Sally Bagshaw who are the chairs of Energy & Environment, and Human Services & Public Health respectively. We hope to work with them to hash the details before trying to pass legislation. We hope that they will see this petition and understand our plight and want to join us in making the community of Seattle a cleaner and more well-fed city. We are a group of students in Professor Gregory Hinckley's Sociology 101 class for Summer Quarter 2017 at Seattle Central College. We were tasked with coming up with an idea that would cause social change locally for a poster presentation. We are supposed to present our idea in a lecture hall, but we decided to take it a step further, because we value a healthy Seattle. We are: Alice Eidson*, Wen Li, Jon Miller, Cao Yuchen, and Yaoyuan Zhang. * [Editor's Note] This is an important issue to me. I had been homeless for two years and was having trouble getting nutritional food. I've been the type of person this mandate would help, and I want to ensure other people don't have to go hungry like I did. I want this to succeed, and I hope you will sign our petition and help make change happen. 

Alice Eidson
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Petition to Donald Trump, Commissioner John Koskinen

Stop America’s Starvation Crisis

HALT  GREED  OF  BIG BUSINESS   IN  OUR  FOOD SUPPLY                                                         Require changes in the IRS tax system to intense detail restructure or  remove  the huge LOSS tax write off of our food supply.  Supermarkets throw away millions of tons of edible quality food each year The reason is simple.:   Markets charge to much for food shoppers cannot afford, stores toss it out as loss write off on tax deductions, the government refund this then raise our tax’s to recover their payments. We pay for food we never saw or consumed .  America goes hungry, as Markets toss thousands of dollars a day, $5,000.00 for a small store, large chain stores are off the charts.  Starvation is rampant, health care expenses up for all effected. God provides an abundance of food to waste it is an insult to his intention.              Is this really    America The Great system we want ?    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~               Hunger Hurts . . . and is not necessary. Food waste in America is rampant this is America not a third world nation food should be available to everyone not simply the wealthy.              Require changes in the IRS tax system to  intense detail restructure or  remove  the  huge “LOSS”  tax write off option of big business food supply and supermarkets.  This would deter quality food to be tossed into  locked dumpsters for the easy money gain to the business..             Farmers, restaurants and supermarkets throw away millions of tons of edible food each year     Supermarkets the greatest offender charge to much for food the average shopper cannot purchase, the stores toss it out as a loss write it off their tax deductions at the year end, this includes non food high priced items in those stores. the government refunds them this vast amount then raise our tax’s to recover their payments.  In reality we pay for food we never saw much less got to consume ...      Tax’s also go for food stamps which most cannot obtain , those on social security make a couple of dollars to much thus do not qualify, a rigged system ? probably. So our Senior Citizen’s who worked a life time paying tax's  cannot even enjoy food, but those who come here illegally or refugee’s can....Great system Washington D C !       If your tired of seeing America go hungry we need changes of the present tax food waste/loss deduction of big business.  Markets toss thousands of dollars a day, this is food priced to high for the average shopper, not just food that doesn’t look pretty or is spoilt  ... standard  is $5,000.00 per day for a  simple small store, chain stores are off the chart..... the store can write it off as loss,  tossing good food in the sealed dumpsters to be disposed of  .. the government pays them on their tax qualified refund payment, the government then raises our taxes to cover this payment to simple  GREED !.      Thus we are paying for food we never see much less eat. While families struggle and their children starve and develop health issues.  What kind of stupid system is this ? Food Stamps are not the answer it simply intensifies the greed of Markets.       EXAMPLES:               This article is  normal for California, and I think for every state in the United States....   Waste is built into the food chain, at all levels,” said Jonathan Bloom, author of an upcoming book on food waste and of the blog Wasted Food. “On the whole, the amount of food we waste is ridiculous, especially when you consider the number of Americans who experience hunger every day.”  Over 13.1 million children across the country go hungry every day and live without enough food at home, according to Feeding America.          Slow and steady starvation of America is rampant :                         Demand changes in the IRS tax system to remove this huge tax write off option of big business food supply and supermarkets. Food is a necessity not a luxury..         MIT Researcher’s Warning: Half of All U.S. Children Will Be Autistic (by 2025)       “Monsanto should have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food                                  Current Food Lines .. NY is an example of many in the nation . . America starves             Let our Government on all levels know that we will not tolerate this any longer                           Please sign, promote and forward !!                   The IRS will never be given your personal ID ( :                        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  

Betty Garrity
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