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Stop food waste in America

       Food waste is a bigger problem than most people realize. Not only does food waste lead to food gone that can go to millions of the unfairly starving and isolated, it is also tied to a multitude of problems we hear is plaguing society. Getting rid of edible food demolishes the resources used to make it in the first place. 70% of the U.S.’s water and four percent of its energy is thrown to the dirt on food in landfills. That food in that giant hole of desecration releases 3.3 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases a year, easily turning it into a major contributor to climate change not even being used for profit. published by, ReFED (Rethinking Food Waste through Economics and Data), the U.S. tosses $218,000,000,000, or 1.3% of it's GDP on trash food.       What many don’t talk about however, is the effect food waste has on ecosystems.  Predators consume that food, which leads to there being larger numbers of them. More predators, less prey. Less prey, the predators start to either die out safely, or they begin to take in the prey of other predators. After that Yale says repeat steps 2-3.       Fortunately there is a solution. Don’t assume that bag of chips went bad because it’s past the best by date. That date just tells you when it's at it’s tastiest, hence best by. Try to buy only what you need, most people have the bad habit of buying too much. And now the best method, don’t throw away food. Seriously, it’s not that hard. Just donate what you have left in the fridge.        But consumer waste is only half the problem. The other half is grocery stores and restaurants. Grocery stores dump 44 pounds of edibles a day to make room for ''fresher'' produce. Restaurants, in a study by the Food Waste Reduction Alliance, are found to put 84.3% of their scraps in that black trash bag. Thankfully we have a solution to this too. In France, a law was recently ratified that said that grocery stores will donate the food they would instead throw away. We must have congress pass a similar law directed to restaurant and grocery stores. And if you don’t think that signing this petition will change anything, remember that law in France. That law got started when a local councilman, Arash Derambarsh, started a similar petition. So show the news to everyone, demonstrate on the streets, and tell congress to pass something for once. But first, please sign this petition.  #Trumpstopfoodwaste  Share this! Check out the links below for more information.

Sebastian Chirayil
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Stop destructive cuts to food assistance for millions of Americans!

The proposed $190 billion cut to food assistance in President Trump’s Budget will hurt tens of thousands of New Jersey residents – and millions of Americans -- who struggle every day to put enough food on the table. The Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Program (SNAP) is the first line of defense against hunger in New Jersey and throughout the nation. New Jersey is home to some 800,000 SNAP recipients – more than half of them children and senior citizens – who will surely face hunger without this assistance. If this proposal is approved, New Jersey would be required to contribute an estimated $100 million to the program in 2020, soaring to a debilitating total of more than $2 billion over 10 years, while local economies lose revenue from households that can no longer afford to buy enough food. Since the state is already strapped for cash, it is very likely the program would be further slashed.  Please sign this petition to help us combat these cuts that will leave millions of Americans and tens of thousands of New Jersey resident hungry -- and hurt our local economies. We will be delivering the petition to New Jersey's Congressional delegation next week -- so please sign today!

New Jersey Anti-Hunger Coalition
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Support the right of Food Not Bombs to share free food, info and ideas in Santa Cruz

Petition in support of the right of groups like Food Not Bombs to share free food, information and ideas with the community in public spaces of Santa Cruz, California. We the undersigned support the right of groups like Food Not Bombs to share free food, information and ideas with the community in public spaces of Santa Cruz, California. There has never been a more important time for people to share free nutritious meals, information and ideas with the public. Political and economic instability threaten the future of our environment, our civil liberties, our safety and our community. Encouraging a change in society through public gatherings with literature, signs and a message that we have many hungry neighbors is a constitutionally protected First Amendment right. We endorse efforts to alleviate hunger and build public support to create a society of abundance and peace, where no one is forced to live on the streets or seek food at a soup kitchen. We also appreciate how the groups sharing free food pick up the litter after their meals leaving the area cleaner than they found it. Gifts of compassion and love are always an unregulated activity, never requiring permission from government officials. We ask you to support these rights and join in the effort to end hunger, poverty, war, exploitation and the destruction of the environment.

Keith McHenry
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