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Petition to Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, Queensland Health Minister

Overturn Qld health’s discrimination against shooters ban on buying guns & ammunition

Queensland Shooters and firearm stores have been blatantly discriminated against after they we're unfairly singled out and firearms stores were added to the list of non essential businesses in version 3 of the non essential list of businesses list of the COVID-19 document  and forced to close , on the 31.3.2020 they revised it in version 4 to restrict sales to only to Primary producers with PP CODE on their license and For occupation use only and allowing them to reopen  meaning sporting shooters and recreational shooters cannot access firearms or ammunition from their firearms dealers. This was nothing more than an opportunity to hit firearms owners and couldn’t be missed by the Qld Government SIMPLE This means that firearms business owners now only have 10-15% of their normal sales many will struggle to keep the doors open as a result of this  Recreational shooters across Queensland cannot purchase any ammunition or new firearms until the ban is lifted meaning many will not be able to purchase ammunition to carry our the important pest control for primary producers that they have been doing for years This decision needs to be overturned  immediately or a class action needs to be considered for discrimination against law abiding shooters in Qld and for damages incurred by business owners across Qld as a result of this discrimination  This is your chance to have your say and get this overturned EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT AS A LAW ABIDING SHOOTER AND DON’T TAKE THIS DISCRIMINATION  If we can get enough signatures on this petition we can present our case to Maurice Blackburn or shine lawyers for consideration

Peter Mathers
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