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Petition to Eric Greitens

#SpareRussell a painful death - stay his execution

The Missouri Supreme Court has scheduled Russell Bucklew to be executed on Tuesday, March 20, 2018. His previous execution date in 2014 was stayed by the United States Supreme Court because of his rare health condition that could cause him great pain during the execution process. Russell faces a heightened risk of a botched execution due to medical condition and Missouri's shady source of drugs. Sign this petition to ask Governor Greitens to show mercy and spare Russell a painful, gruesome death. Russell's medical condition, cavernous hemangioma, causes weakened and malformed blood vessels. During the execution process, tumors in his nose and throat could rupture and bleed. And because of his condition, lethal injection drugs may not circulate properly. Anesthesia could be rendered ineffective, and he could choke and slowly bleed to death. The U.S. Supreme Court already found his medical condition reason to stay his execution in 2014. Today, Russell continues to suffer from this same condition. Carrying out this death sentence would be inhumane, especially in the context of many other recent botched executions around the country.  Sign this petition now to ask Governor Greitens to stay Russell's execution. Russell was convicted and sentenced to death by a Boone County jury in 1997 for killing a romantic rival. He has been in prison for two decades now, and an inhumane execution will not restore or undo the harm he caused so long ago.   We do not ask that he be exempt from accountability for his crimes - we only ask that Missouri avoid its own horrific display of how the state can use its power to take life so ineffectively and inhumanely. Our justice system, and particularly our response to violence, fails to heal our communities. We need a response to crime that does not perpetuate the cycle of violence. The death penalty is rife with errors and inconsistencies, fails to deter crime, and has a steep cost in not only financial but human terms. Death is not justice, and we should not execute this man. EDIT: In light of the recent Buzzfeed investigation revealing that Missouri's source of lethal injection drugs is a backwater, shady pharmacy with multiple citations and lawsuits against it, we must stop this execution.   As BuzzFeed found, "Foundation Care, a 14-year-old pharmacy based in the suburbs of St. Louis that has been repeatedly found to engage in hazardous pharmaceutical procedures and whose cofounder has been been accused of regularly ordering prescription medications for himself without a doctor’s prescription... Foundation Care is what is known as a compounding pharmacy, one that mixes specialty drugs that are not readily available on the market. These pharmacies are more loosely regulated than traditional manufacturers, and slipshod practices at some of them have led to tainted drugs and deadly disease outbreaks." Foundation Care has also had multiple lawsuits from employees, one of which is ongoing and alleges that "Foundation Care violated state or federal regulations by reselling drugs returned by patients, purposefully omitting the names of ingredients in drugs it prepared, and failing to notify other states about a $300,000 settlement with Kansas over allegations of Medicaid fraud. The suit also accuses one of the pharmacy’s founders of 'regularly and frequently' ordering prescription medications for himself without a prescription, a crime that carries up to a year behind bars." Learn more about Russell, Missouri, and the broken death penalty at our website:

Missourians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty
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Petition to Harold H. Shaw

FBI called for in the Maura Murray Missing Person Case/Possible Homicide

Please listen to Fred Murray's interview with Christine James from WATD. This is WHY the FBI needs to TAKE OVER this case and get the answers.  'We The People' are asking for the FBI to take over the investigation into the Maura Murray Missing case that is surrounded by inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and what seems to be a lack of a proper investigation.    PLEASE check out the trailer for the upcoming documentary by the Texas Crew Production Team that will air Sept. 30th 2017 @ 9:00 pm on the Oxygen Network.    On February 9th 2004 Maura Murray's black 1996 Saturn SL2 was found disabled beside the road and the driver had vanished in the span of about 2 minutes. This occurred on Rte 112 in Haverhill NH around 7 pm at an area close to the Weathered Barn corner and was called into 9-1-1 at 7:27 by a witness (faith Westman) that lives on the corner and heard an acceleration and a thud. The Haverhill NH police determined the car spun out and hit a tree at the scene and Tim Westman is adamant that is what occurred as well, the Westman's DID NOT see the accident occur. Accident re-constructionist have since determined the Saturn did not hit any trees and that the damage was more than likely caused by a solid stationary object or a solid object at the same height as the damage on the Saturn and was consistent with that occurring. There was also a rag found stuffed into the tailpipe of the Saturn and was noticed by EMT personnel and the info was relayed to Sgt. Cecil Smith. The Officer then went to the 9-1-1 callers home and stated "Did you see the female, there was a rag stuffed in the tailpipe." WHY would he give out this info..? Law Enforcement has also pushed the suicide scenario as well as a walk away Drunk Driver from day one. WHY..? Witness statements of those passing by the scene have stated seeing an SUV cruiser with the #001 on it but this unit was not supposed to be on duty or involved in this incident at all. It has been stated by Haverhill PD that the #001 SUV was 'Out of Service' that evening and it is not possible the witness saw said SUV. The first officer officially on scene according the the dispatch log was #002 in a Sedan operated by Officer Cecil Smith. The BOL that evening was only put out to the incoming fire department unit which would have been coming from the West. There was no BOL put out to any other towns in the area especially to the East towards the Easton, Franconia, N. Woodstock and the Lincoln area. This is a concern because the route of travel for the Saturn was in the easterly direction towards these towns. On Tuesday February 10th 2004 a BOL was put out around noon and again this did not include any jurisdictions to the east. There are only a couple towns notified and these were all to the West. The search that evening consisted of talking to the 2 nearby 9-1-1 callers to get their info, other that that no other neighbors were talked to until 3 days later. Also the area to the EAST of the scene was NOT looked at until 72 hours later. The Saturn was traveling EAST when the car spun out and became disabled. We The People feel that Law Enforcement looked at this case in the wrong light and the so-called real investigation did not start til about one week later. We truly feel this investigation was handled improperly and since that evening things have only gotten much worse. There is much more to this case than meets the eye and the FBI is needed to bring answers to the case, closure to the Murray Family and Justice for all. We ask that once You sign this petition that You also write a sincere letter to the FBI requesting their involvement in the Mysterious case of Maura Murray that went missing... 13 1/2 years ago now. Please help this family put an end to the unanswered questions and let Fred Murray and loved ones have some final Peace and closure. FBI Boston One Center Plaza Suite 600 Boston, MA 02108 Phone: (617) 742-5533Fax: (617) 223-6327 E-mail: Special Agent in Charge: Harold H. Shaw Fred Murray, Maura's distraught father and his family has been trying for 11 1/2 years (now 13 1/2) to get the FBI inserted into this case. Mr. Murray now feels that the FBI needs to TAKE OVER the case and intensely look into the disappearance of his daughter Maura. Mr. Murray feels this is THE ONLY WAY TO SOLVE THE CASE. PLEASE help the Murray Family......You have the power to make a difference because 'WE ARE THE PEOPLE' and We have a voice. Thank You John E. Smith, Investigator @ Truth Seekers Investigations Group Bethlehem, NH 03574 You can read more and listen to the Podcasts at the following link. I am a former NH Police Officer and a Private Detective for 6 years. This needs to be solved and people need to be able to trust their local law enforcement as well as feel that they are safe in their own community.  

Truth Seekers Investigations
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Petition to Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, Mike Pence

Persecution in India-Killing Pastors, Christian Minorities, Burning Churches & Bibles

To President Mr.Donald Trump, US PresidentVice President Mr.Mike Pence, US Vice PresidentMs.Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to UNMr.Miroslav Lajčák, UN PresidentMr.António Guterres, UN Secretary-GeneralMs.Theresa May, UK Prime MinisterMr.Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel Prime MinisterMs.Angela Merkel, Germany Prime Minister Sub: Persecution in India-Killing Pastors, Christian Minorities, Burning Churches & Bibles - reg DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL CRISIS - NEED HELP  Christians in India are facing a Global crisis when it comes to persecution. Christian pastors and social workers have been tortured, killed and their properties have been burnt or destroyed. India is a Democratic secular nation and now this very freedom has been threatened by the miscreants. Freedom of Religion in India is a fundamental right guaranteed by Article 25-28 of the Constitution of India to every citizen of India and also India is one of the most diverse nations in terms of religion since it is a democratic and secular country. Now this very basic Human Right freedom has been threatened by Hindu extremists and fanatics who function like terrorists..similar to the ones who kill innocent people in the Middle east (under the umbrella of current Political party at power in India), questioning the very basic Human Rights Religious freedom in India during last 3 years from Dec 2014. This basic freedom guaranteed by the Constitution of India is now in jeopardy.   Now we seriously need your help to alert and inform those who are in Power & Authority in India to take immediate necessary steps to curtail this serious problem and protect Christian minorities especially Pastors and social/charity workers guaranteed by Article 25-28 of the Constitution of India. We also request you to inform Indian Government (current Political party at power, the Law makers and Law enforcement) to give full protection to Christian Minorities and take action against those who are involved in committing this heinous crimes. One more important point to be noted, most of all Christian countries openly invite Indians (so called NRI's) and give them jobs thinking they are harmless people to work with. But the sad part is many NRIs of Hindu extremists groups who exists here in Christian Nations, migrate here for jobs & live here, are part of these groups who work like terrorists back in India. These Hindu extremist NRIs send money & funding back to these parties back in India, which is indirectly used to hurt Christian minorities who are not hurting anyone. Please check few articles which came in nationwide newspaper "The Indian Express" on 26th Feb 2014, "NRI Indians are BJP’s biggest donor (Article from 26th Feb 2014)" In addition these Hindu extremists groups In India also forget.. what if all Democratic Christian countries also react the same way back to them from every country.. like..- All Govt support & Funds sent from these Christian countries to India were stopped?- Close & destroy all Hindu temples in these Christian countries just like how they do to Christian minorities in India?- All Christian countries send kids or parents or Grandparents of Hindu faith even up to 3 generations back to their home country India by cancelling their visas, cancelling their permanent resident status & also revoking their Citizenship's in these Christian countries? So they can leave these Christian countries even if they are married to local citizen. Anything can happen and can be done by these Christian Nations- Stop all funds coming from Hindu temples in these Christian countries to these Hindu extremists groups in India? Beware of these Hindu extremists kids and or their relatives who live in these Christian Democratic countries either studying or working can be of huge threat to these western Nations too. Their terrorist thoughts and killing Minorities (like how they do in India) can be of huge threat to these western Nations. So it is advisable to take necessary actions against Hindu extremists who live in these Christian Nations to send them back to India for the safety of your own Nation We request also all Christian countries not to entertain these Hindu extremists politicians to visit their own country and waste their time, funds & efforts on Indian politicians. Everyone has their own agenda and indirectly affecting / hurting the faith of people (Christians from these Christian Nations) who help or fund them back in India. This was not brought to light by any media in India  Pastor Gideon Periyaswamy, aged 43 residing at: Adayachery, Near Koovathur (2km distance), Kalpakkam Tamilnadu India was brutally murdered and his body was hanged from ceiling to make it look like a suicide on 20th Jan 2018 (Saturday morning). His personal belonging was also stolen like Gold ring from his finger. No action has been taken by Police or local Authorities so far in taking efforts to nab the criminals.  We need justice and protection for all Christian Minorities in India. Now days like in March 2018 specially in South India like TN, the Hindu extremists persecute Christian Minorities in India like killing Pastors, Christian Minorities, Burning Churches & Bibles etc. Your earliest help and action in this regard is highly appreciated. We sincerely solicit your intervention and necessary action at the earliest. Thanks & Regards, Human Rights India Minorities  ========================== Important Note: We kindly invite all Minorities of India (from all over the Globe) to come in one accord and sign this petition to practice your fundamental right guaranteed by Article 25-28 of the Constitution of India to every citizen of India. We love our nation India. India is a democratic and secular country only. You can forward this petition to your friends and loved ones too to sign. Media and News channels, suppresses all persecution news of all minorities due to the current political party pressure in India. It is time to stand up, come together in one accord and boldly proclaim our faith & human rights for minorities all over India. We request all the International Christian community (all over Globe) to join hands with us and sign this petition. Since media is not taking the right message, kindly forward this petition through your social media accounts, like Whats-app messages in groups or in Facebook walls or through Twitter. Thanks once again for signing this petition. You can make a huge difference in many minorities lives. WE ARE ONE BODY IN CHRIST. IF ONE PART OF THE BODY SUFFERS, THE WHOLE BODY SUFFERS. WE WILL NOT STOP TILL JUSTICE & PROTECTION IS GIVEN FOR ALL CHRISTIAN MINORITIES IN INDIA ========================== Pastor Body taken out of Mortuary Protest against killing Pastor Gideon Periyaswamy in Tamilnadu INDIA - 3rd day - Many Christian churches & organizations joining together Killing of one more pastor (similar incident) - Pastor Shot Dead In Front Of Ludhiana Church Killing one more Pastor - Pastor Yohan Mariaha (Andhra Pradesh) Burning Bibles by RSS in Telangana State INDIAOn 25th Jan 2018, RSS people attacked Christian minorities, they picked Bible from them & burnt it physically - Location: Singavatam (Vill) Kollarapuram Mand, Nagar Kurnool, Telangana State INDIA - 90% of these people's relatives are in US and other Christian countries. They send money back to their country to do these things. Need justice for this. WE NEED MORE MINORITIES TO SIGN IN THIS PETITION. DO WE HAVE ONLY LESS % OF MINORITIES IN INDIA? FOLKS IT IS TIME TO UNITE AND WORK TOGETHER. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ACROSS Killed & hanged Pastor Gideon in India - Wrongly written Post-mortem reports (pics added)- CORRUPTION & MORPH REPORTS TO HIDE TRUTH - NEED JUSTICE. Indian Government is planning to close this as suicide case. The person killed Gideon is protected by our Indian Government. NEED JUSTICE FOR MINORITIES IN INDIA Persecuting Pastors, Christians & Churches in Madurai TN India - 11th March 2018 - Need Justice Persecution in TN India - March 2018 (Mental abusing Christian Minorities who did not hurt anyone) Protest before UN building in Geneva - Burning Churches in India Please check for many attachments added below along with this petition. Thanks.

Human Rights India Minorities
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Petition to President of the United States, United Nations, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Tell the U.S. to Hold Turkey Accountable for Genocide Against Armenians, Kurds & Others!

Please call on THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, U.S. CONGRESS, and the UNITED NATIONS to recognize and condemn the deadly and aggressive history by Turkey and their pattern of committing the crimes of Genocide and Human Rights Violations. Today the Kurdish People in Syria are being ethnically cleansed by Turkish forces backed by Turkish President Erdogan. He has ordered the Turkish military to cleanse the Kurds of Syria (most recently on Mach 18, 2018 in Afrin, Syria) by the use of airstrikes, artillery, and execution. After hundreds of civilians were mercilessly slaughtered (including women and children), a Turkish flag was raised.  This extends a pattern of Genocides by Turkey (and by extension, the Turkish Ottoman Empire). They have committed genocides against Kurds, Greeks, Assyrians, Bulgarians, and one of the most notable genocides, against Armenians. Nobody spoke up against these genocides, and even today many governments do not recognize Turkey's crimes against humanity. One example is the Armenian Genocide. In 1915, the Ottoman Turks systematically slaughtered 1.5 million Armenian Christians, nearly wiping them out. Armenia was the first nation to accept Christianity in the year 301 A.D., and the Turkish Ottoman Empire did not accept that they would not convert to Islam. As a result, they committed a Genocide against Armenians as well as other Eastern Christian peoples. To this day, while 48 U.S. states recognize the Armenian Genocide of 1915, the U.S. Federal Government does not. Every year when the U.S. President speaks on ending genocides around the world, they always fall short to recognize the Armenian Genocide, Greek and Assyrian Genocides, or the ongoing Kurdish Genocide all committed by Turkey.  PLEASE URGE THE U.S. PRESIDENT, U.S. CONGRESS, and the UNITED NATIONS TO STOP PANDERING TO TURKEY AND TO RECOGNIZE AND CONDEMN THEIR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AND PUNISH THEM FOR THE GENOCIDES THEY HAVE COMMITTED AND STILL ARE COMMITTING.

Robert Weitzner
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