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Petition to Roger Goodell, All 37 NFL Sponsors

#NoKaepernickNoNFL - Boycott NFL Games If Colin Kaepernick Doesn't Play This Season

**See latest update for ATL & NYC rally info by clicking here. On August 26, 2016, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick sat down during the National Anthem before the 3rd preseason game of the upcoming 2016 NFL season. Right after the game, he told NFL Media why he sat during the anthem, prompting his now-famous statement: "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder." Never before, since the great Muhammad Ali's refusal to serve in Vietnam in 1967, has an athlete taken such a direct stance highlighting the injustices of people of color -- and just like Ali, the reaction to Kaepernick's stance has been met with passionate responses, often times divided by the color line. Since that statement, Kaepernick "upgraded" his protest to a knee, announced a plan to donate $1 million to the charities that focused on racial issues (which he followed through), had great support from some of his teammates, NFL colleagues, athletes from all sports levels (starting from junior high), and fans by taking a knee during anthems. Best of all, Kaepernick's protest made the conversation about "racial/police brutality" front-page for the large part of the NFL season, a feat never done before in its history. Because he needed to start, Kaepernick also restructured his contract during the 2016 season, taking away the final 4 years and reworking it into a 2-year deal (with a 1-year player option) -- allowing him to leave after the season if he chooses, which he did. Since then, no one has offered Colin Kaepernick, a Super Bowl QB just a few years ago, a NFL job despite cries from NFL Players and analysts, both black and white. He also has a better Total Quarterback Rating (QBR) than half the backup quarterbacks signed right now. This shows that the NFL Owners are not willing to bring Kaepernick into their team because -- according to many fans -- he is a "distraction". A man who protested because of injustices towards people of color is pretty much blackballed in a league that is 70% Black. If you are appalled by this, then show your power by boycotting the NFL until Kaepernick gets signed to a team. This means to not watch any games, no social media comments about your favorite team before/during/after the games, don't attend the stadiums, and don't buy any merchandise which represents the league or your favorite team. We understand the NFL is very important to you. We also understand the purpose of Colin Kaepernick's protest is FAR more important than any games you will ever watch. Simply put, if things stay the same for the way America -- where "all men are created equal" -- treats people of color, then your loved ones, friends, and children will eventually be affected as well. Finally, this situation really shines a light on how much the NFL really cares about its Black athletes. It's pretty much: Play for us, entertain us, make us money, and shut up. Since we reached our initial goal of 100,000 signatures, here's a pic of the 32 NFL Owners we already mailed.  Our new goal is 1 MILLION signatures by the start of the NFL Regular Season. Afterwards, we will mail every NFL Sponsor (all 37 of them) a letter asking them to reconsider their relationship with the league. NFL Sponsors are listed below (the CEOs): Gatorade & Pepsi & Quaker - Indra K. Nooyi Anheuser-Busch - João Castro Neves USAA - Stuart Parker Bose - Bob Marseca Marriott - Arne M. Sorenson Xbox & Microsoft - Satya Nadella News America - Martin Garofalo SAP - Bill McDermott McDonalds - Steve Easterbrook New Era - Chris Koch Nike - Mark Parker Extreme Networks - Ed Meyercord Nationwide - Steve Rasmussen TD Ameritrade - Tim Hockey Zebra - Anders Gustafsson Dannon - Emmanuel Faber  Hyundai - Jerry Flannery EA Sports - Andrew Wilson VISA - Alfred F. Kelly Jr Campbell’s Soup - Denise M. Morrison FedEx - Frederick W. Smith Frito-Lay - Vivek Sankaran Mars Snackfood - Grant F. Reid Dairy Management, Inc. - Thomas Gallagher SiriusXM - James E. Meyer Under Armour - Kevin Plank Bridgestone - Gordon Knapp Ticketmaster - Michael Rapino Procter & Gamble - David S. Taylor Verizon - Lowell C. McAdam Barclays - Jes Staley Papa John’s - John Schnatter Castrol - Mandhir Singh Ford - James Hackett #NoKaepernickNoNFL  P.S.: If you already have a NFL package (Sunday ticket, etc.)...please cancel / unsubscribe. Also make this your new profile pic.

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Petition to Martha Minnis

40 years for marijuana is not justice

Grant a Reduction of Sentence to My Son Edwin Walter Rubis, 40 years for marijuana is not justice.My son, Edwin Walter Rubis, is serving a federal sentence of 40 years for a non-violent marijuana offense. [ At age 29, Edwin was slapped with this offense while battling drug addiction. At the time of his arrest, we discovered that authorities were seeking information on others involved in the drug trade that Edwin did not have. Edwin's court appointed attorney advised us that, without cooperation, no plea agreement to plead guilty would be in effect. Based on counsel's advisement, Edwin proceeded to trial, and received a sentence of 40 years for not cooperating. He has served 18 years on this offense. Even if he had been fairly represented through a paid competent attorney, and his trial had not weighed against him, 18 years is sufficient for this non-violent crime. Please sign our petition asking Honorable Judge David Hittner [Southern District of Texas], in tandem with Assistant United States Attorney James L. Turner [Southern District of Texas], to grant our son Edwin a reduction of sentence, so he may have a second chance at life. While serving this federal sentence, Edwin has taken numerous rehabilitation programs to better himself. He has certificates of completion from the psychology and religious departments. He is currently enrolled in Christian Bible College and Seminary pursuing a Master's degree in Christian Counseling and Therapist Certification. He completed a 2 year apprenticeship to be a dental assistant, and is currently working in the medical department at his present institution. Edwin is active in his personal studies, and is seen as a mentor by others for both spiritual and personal character. Upon his immediate release, Edwin has, at the minimum, three job offers available from the community. Sadly, all our possible legal options have been exhausted, including clemency from the President. I am pleading for my son to receive a sentence reduction so that he can continue his rehabilitation efforts by helping young men deal with situations he faced during his younger years in the streets. Please sign this petition urging Honorable Judge David Hittner, in tandem with Assistant United States Attorney James L. Turner, to grant him a sentence reduction, based on the case of Holloway v. United States, 2014 U.S. Dist. Lexis 102707 (E.D. NY 2014). Edwin has been rehabilitated and deserves a second chance. Sincerely, Maria Roque and Family. God bless You.

Jeremy Malone
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Petition to Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, Kanye West

Replace Confederate Monuments with Bionicles

As of late, our nation's confederate monuments have come under fire for what they represent.  Some argue that they serve to remind Americans of our history and the war that threatened to destroy the Union brought forth by the Founding Fathers' belief in democratic ideals and liberty.  Other's are reminded of a dark time in our history, where minorities were sold as property and were regarded as inferiors to the white, land owning men.  Regardless of political affiliation or one's interpretation of history, Confederate statues and monuments will continue to remind us of the horrors of slavery, a stain on our nation's past that shouldn't be celebrated.  Instead of tearing down these monuments, our nation should look to replace them with statues commemorating more influential and unifying figures in our culture's history.  We should shy away from the polarizing realm of politics and public service, instead opting to memorialize individuals from popular culture that never failed to inspire, achieve, and selflessly serve others.  When one hears the words "inspire," "achieve," and "selfless" many individuals come to mind, but who is the best example of these ideals? Not Mahatma Ghandi. Not JFK. Not Harriet Tubman. The answer might surprise you.   A recent study found that when individuals are asked to identify a figure who personifies these qualities, 69% of those polled said that the Lego Bionicles™ stand out to them as the best examples of a true leader, a true inspiration. Children look up to them, women swoon for them, and men yearn to be one of them. In their battle to protect the Matoran from the dastardly Makuta, the Bionicles displayed the character and leadership that should be celebrated in America.   Sign this petition and you could help change our country's identity and future.  Replacing monuments dedicated to hate and discrimination with newer, shinier ones for the Bionicles and their heroism will be the catalyst towards greater social equality and a happier future.  After all, the Bionicles are for the people. 

William Cole
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Petition to To the free and democratic governments of the world

Request for annulling PR of Iranian Refugees Who Travel to Iran

Request for annulling PR of Iranian Refugees Who Travel to Iran To the free and democratic governments of the world We, undersigned, are a group of Iranian people who had sought asylum and reside in your country because of our lives being threatened by Islamic Republic regime of Iran and also the suppressed people inside the country, while supporting the decision of Canadian government to annul permanent resident of former refugees who were granted asylum in Canada and later returned to the country where they claimed face persecution, we ask you to take the same decision for those Iranian fake refugees who travel to Iran after being citizen of your country.  The governments of the world must be aware those kind of refugees who enter their country with lie and are able to travel to Iran again with no problem, could be Iranian regime's elements who act against your national security by spying and doing subversive actions in your country and also against other real Iranian refugees whose lives are threatened by Iranian regime. Or they are opportunists, using your free services for real refugees and making economical loss. They also damage your culture by bringing the fraud and lie into your country. Sincerely,Undersigned   در خواست لغو پناهندگی ایرانی هایی که به ایران سفر می کنند به دولتهای آزاد و دموکراتیک جهان ما گروهی از ایرانیان که بخاطر در خطربودن جانمان توسط دولت جمهوری اسلامی ایران به کشورهای شما پناه آورده ایم و همچنین ایرانیان درون مرز که تحت ستم جمهوری اسلامی ایران هستیم ضمن حمایت از "دولت کانادا " در باب باطل نمودن اقامت پناهندگان تقلبی از شما ، از دولت های دنیا نیز می خواهیم که تصمیم مشابه برای ایرانیان پناهنده دروغین که پس از گرفتن اقامت در کشور شما، مجددا به ایران سفر می کنند، اتخاذ نمایید. دولتهای جهان باید آگاه باشند که افرادی که این چنین به دروغ وارد کشورهای  دموکرات دنیا شده و مجددا قادر هستند به ایران سفر کنند، یا از عوامل جمهوری اسلامی هستند که امنیت ملی شما را به خطر می اندازند و اقدام به کارهای جاسوسی و خرابکارانه علیه کشور شما و ایرانیان که واقعا جانشان در خطر است می کنند و یا افرادی فرصت طلب هستند که از خدمات رایگان برای پناهندگان واقعی سو استفاده کرده و موجب ضرر و زیان های اقتصادی و فرهنگی در کشور شما شده و اصل تقلب و دروغ را به کشورهای شما وارد می کنند. با احترام،امضاء کنندگان ذیل

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