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Petition to Tracie Davis, Audrey Gibson, Marco Rubio, Florida State Senate, Florida Governor, Florida State House, Susan Davis, Bernie Sanders, Paul Ryan, Mike Quigley

Help families of murdered children pass Curtis’s Law

I will never forget the day those policeman came to my door to tell my that my son Curtis was dead. Your world is immediately flipped upside down and the pain grips you like nothing else you can imagine. After the initial shock wears off, you want answers. As a parent, you need basic answers. Answers to questions like: Who is investigating my child’s case, and where are their belongings? As if the pain of losing my child wasn’t enough, I had to take on the additional stress and frustration of attempting to pry these very basic details out of the law enforcement agency investigating my son’s death. In Florida, law enforcement agencies are not required to release any information about on-going murder investigations to anyone. My son’s investigation has been on-going for almost 20 years now. I had to get a lawyer to simply find out who was working on my son’s case! I would later learn that my experience was not unique. Other parents were struggling through the same process. Those who can’t afford legal counsel often give up. This is why I am working with other parents of murdered children to create a law in Florida that would require law enforcement agencies to send a letter to the parent, legal guardian, or next-of-kin within 30 days of notifying them of their child’s death. The letter would include information about: Onsite police and paramedics, assigned investigators, coroner’s name, where child’s property and belongings are stored, and any available photos This would NOT be required if the child’s parent, legal guardian, or next-of-kin is a suspect or person-of-interest in the child’s murder investigation. When a family faces the unthinkable, all they want is some type of closure. They shouldn’t have to spend weeks or months, or even retain legal counsel to get the basic information about their child’s case that can help our families begin to heal. Please sign this petition today and help families like mine pass Curtis’s Law today.    

patricia ward
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Petition to President Gianni Infantino

Support Iranian Women to Watch Sports in Stadiums (#NoBan4Women)

I grew up loving the game of football. As often as possible, I’d watch the matches on television with family and friends, cheering on our favorite teams and players. But as a woman in Iran, I’ve never seen a single game played in my home country. Iran's largest stadium is named Azadi - which means "freedom" - and it seats 100,000 sports fans. However, not one of those seats is currently designated for Iranian women to freely enjoy sports.  Please sign my petition demanding FIFA use its power to call for an end to Iran’s stadium ban for women. Help me raise 100,000 signatures to represent the 100,000 seats of Azadi Stadium. Women are passionate sports fans just like men, and deserve to cheer on their teams in the stadiums. The fact that this discriminatory ban has existed for 38 years is appalling, and an assault on our right to free assembly. But the good news is that it’s not actually written into our law, and can easily be overturned – if we apply enough pressure on the right people. Iran is the only country playing in this year’s World Cup which bans women from stadiums, a direct violation of FIFA’s gender discrimination statute and their new human rights policy. Yet FIFA president Gianni Infantino has shown no sign of doing anything about it – in fact, he was recently photographed posing with Iranian president Rouhani the day after 35 women were arrested for attempting to attend a football game.  Sign my petition to demand that Mr. Infantino use his power to get Iran to end the stadium ban for women. Support #NoBan4Women. Thank you!  من از طرفداران فوتبال هستم، اما همیشه مسابقات رو فقط از توی تلویزیون دیدم و بخاطر دختر بودنم هیچوقت این شانسرو نداشتم که بازی تیم مورد علاقه‌ام رو در کشورم از نزدیک تماشا کنملطفا این طومار رو که برای پایان دادن به منع حضور زنان ایرانی به ورزشگاه‌ها به فیفا نوشته شده امضا کنید بسیاری از خانمها هم مثل اکثر آقایان طرفدار فوتبال هستند و این حق رو دارند که مسابقات مورد علاقه شون رو از نزدیکتماشا کنند. این مانعی که سالها وجود داره توهینی به همه ما زنان ایرانی است. خوشبختانه منع قانونی در این مورد وجودندارد، بنابراین، تغییر این شرط ممکن استایران تنها کشوری است که این اجازه را به زنان نمیدهد که این بر خلاف قوانین فدراسیون جهانی فوتبال است چرا کهتبعیض جنسیتی محسوب میشود. با  این حال تا کنون هیچ انتقادی از طرف فیفا مطرح نشده است. اگر همه ما خواسته خودمان را مطرح کنیم، فیفا قادر به نادیده گرفتن این وضعیت نخواهد بود فیفا یک مجمع بین المللی است و عده زیادی از زنان در این مجمع حضور دارند که به افکار عمومی اهمیت میدهند لطفا برای درخواست از فیفا جهت پایان دادن به منع حضور زنان به ورزشگاه‌ها این طومار رو امضا کنید Created by My Fundamental Right | Supported by Equality League

Maryam Qashqaei Shojaei
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Petition to Council of the European Union, European Parliament, European Commission, European Economic and Social Committee, European Committee of the Regions

Increase the Erasmus+ budget by ten times

Why do we need a more ambitious Erasmus+ programme? This now 30 year old scheme has changed the lives of millions of people - educators, students, pupils, school heads, adults, researchers, VET providers, teachers, parents, volunteers, young people and youth workers. It provides excellent learning and cooperation opportunities, allowing people to broaden their horizons and develop new skills through a period of mobility abroad. Crucially, it also contributes to the modernisation of our education systems by facilitating the exchange of knowledge and best practices among Member States and their respective institutions. During the Summit marking the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaty, political leaders mentioned Erasmus as the EU’s biggest achievement in changing the lives of 9 million Europeans. However, this achievement has touched only a very limited section of the EU’s population. Only 4 million people (around 0.8% of EU citizens) are expected to benefit from Erasmus+ in the 2014-2020 period. Indeed, the funding for the programme amounts to only 1,4% of the overall EU budget for this period. Is this really enough for the EU’s most successful programme? The Erasmusx10 Campaign has been launched by the Lifelong Learning Platform, European Youth Forum and EURODESK in order to call for a more ambitious programme by increasing Erasmus+ budget of ten times as negotiations begin for the next generation of EU programmes post-2020. This claim has been echoed by several political leaders including the President of the European Commission who, when speaking about the programme’s number of participants reaching 9 million people, called for us to be ‘at least nine times as ambitious’. This would send a strong political message to EU citizens by putting at the forefront the need to build stronger ties between them and to foster a common European identity. It would also allow more individuals to benefit from a mobility experience, therefore improving their life prospects with higher employability chances and stronger social and civic participation. The campaign is supported by thousands of civil society organisations representing the different beneficiaries and by policy makers across Europe, join us and ask for a genuine investment in Erasmus+: sign the petition, share it within your networks and help us make a difference! Check out all the details of the campaign.

Erasmus+ Coalition
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Petition to US Government, US State Department

We ask that the US government send a Special Envoy to Nigeria (and Lake Chad region).

The rising violence in Nigeria deeps the divides that separate different religious communities because Nigerian identities are deeply tied with ethno-religious identities. Some groups have claimed that the violence can be explained away as a result of cattle rustling; we believe, however, that conflicts of any kind should be resolved via proper legal channels. We ask that the United States send a Special Envoy to Nigeria: Specifically for the purpose of coordinating an adequate response to the crises in Nigeria. To help counter the increasing violence in Nigeria, which jeopardize the stability of Nigeria, Europe, and the United States. Nigeria is of a strategic interest to the United States, as it stands at the intersection of North Africa and Sub Saharan African. Nigeria is Africa's most populous nation and is one of the top 25 most populous  globally. As the largest economy in Africa, it holds considerable weight in African politics and business, but it has the highest social hostilities around religion.[1]   The situation in Nigeria threatens to undermine its stability and could result in decreased trade between Nigerian and global companies, as well as start a mass influx of refugees escaping the violence. It is of vital US economic, political, and national security interest to confront the issues that endanger Nigeria today. President Trump confronted Nigerian President Buhari regarding religious persecution and the ongoing situation with Boko Haram and Fulani militants. He also met with two escaped Chibok girls (kidnapped by Boko Haram), but the situation in Nigeria continues to deteriorate. Some Fulani militants, emboldened by the actions of Boko Haram, have begun using violent tactics against civilians. Although President Buhari has labelled some of these attacks as "terrorism", overall, the Nigerian government's response to the situation is weak. The growing trend of violence we see in these attacks will destabilize the nation if we do not act soon.

International Committee On Nigeria
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