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Petition to OLL Board Members

Become a voting member of Oneida Little League

The youth in Oneida is the future of our community, which is why commitment to improvement is necessary. Oneida Little League (OLL) has excluded parents, volunteers, and sponsors from the ability to elect a board of directors.  This process is exclusionary by design, intentionally suppressing the parents within our league from the ability to voice their concerns. It has allowed the board to selectively enforce rules that are convenient, while blatantly ignoring others.  By Little League International rule, the current board has the ability to extend it's voting membership to include all parents, sponsors, and volunteers. The league constitution states, “Regular members: Any person actively interested in furthering the objectives of the association may become a regular member". Only regular members have a vote for the board of directors. Currently OLL only considers board members or team managers to be regular members. They offer no valid reason to intentionally exclude parents, assistant coaches, volunteers, and sponsors from the ability to be a regular member with voting privileges.   By signing this petition you believe: 1.  Player parents, volunteers, assistant coaches and sponsors should have the right to vote for league representatives.  2. The corrupt and bias activities within OLL should come to an end. These activities include the selective enforcement of LLI Rules and Regulations. 3. OLL should follow all Little League International rules, without seeking waiver, including not have more than 50% of the board coach or manage. This creates the check and balance system to ensure fairness and equality.   The goal of this petition is strictly to enact positive change. It's not meant to add chaos or disrupt the league, but rather to peacefully demonstrate there are a significant number of concerned parents who would like to have a meaningful impact on the decision making process, and in turn the future of OLL. As a parent, you deserve that. Not all members of the OLL board of directors are involved for self-serving reasons, but the handful that are most vocal are.  Holding the OLL board of directors accountable to make decisions with the players best interest should be the most important priority.  That can't be done without the proper leadership. The ability to vote for the board of directors in 2017, is a crucial step to democratically elect the leadership for a cornerstone organization in our community. It allows board members to be removed when they fight on the field, alter All-Star rosters, consume alcohol infront of players on OLL grounds, or create an environment where winning takes precident over developing players.  Without achieving a larger population of voting members, the lack of accountability will continue, and so will the downward spiral of the leagues enrollment and credibility.  OLL can be a better place. It can survey the parents for feedback, lower registration fees, make improvements to the facilities and act with integrity by opening up its board meetings.   Together, we can make that happen, Oneida Youth Sports Improvement    

Oneida Youth Sports Improvement
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Petition to United States Congress

Don’t take away funding to teach school kids about the Holocaust

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, hate crimes have spiked across our country since last November. Now, more than ever, our public school students need access to programming that encourages tolerance and understanding for all people. When students take a field trip to Holocaust museums and Holocaust resource centers to meet Holocaust survivors, a powerful connection is made and never forgotten. There is no better way to fight anti-Semitism and racism than to learn the lessons of the past -- and see first-hand -- where racism and religious intolerance ultimately leads. This kind of public school programming is now under attack. Through House Bill 610, Congress and the Trump Administration wants to allow the Department of Education to turn essential federal funds into so-called “block grants” that can be used for whatever a particular state wants to do. If we are serious about educating our young people, the future citizens of our nation, about tolerance and acceptance of all Americans -- we need to prioritize and protect funding for programs like these. Our children and country need these educational experiences more than ever -- Jews and other minorities are under threat in our country -- with attacks, vandalism, or phoned bomb threats reported almost on a daily basis. If you believe tolerance and understanding is stronger than hate, sign and share this petition today. Tell Congress and Secretary DeVos to protect the Holocaust education funding that our public school students is needed now, more than ever.

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