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Petition to Yoweri Museveni Kaguta

Urge Ugandan President Museveni to pass the acid attack bill now.

After having lived for seven years with an abusive husband, I decided it was time to leave. I didn’t think I would survive another year if I stayed, so in 2011, I walked out the door and broke the crippling silence and isolation the abuse had made me feel. I felt empowered and free and finally looked forward to my future. But because I left my marriage, my husband considered me “disobedient” and, therefore, worthy of punishment. One day, he called me to pick up my children at his house and suddenly acid was thrown at my face and body. The next thing I knew, my face felt as if it were on fire. My skin was  literally melting away. He thought he would break my spirit, but he only made me stronger. Since my attack, I have been fighting to put an end to this horrific practice in my country of Uganda, and I need your help to do it. Please support our petition by asking H.E. President Yoweri Museveni Kaguta to sign the Toxic Chemicals Bill into law. That is my story, but there are many more, each one as harrowing as the last. Acid violence occurs around the globe and isn’t specific to race or religion. My country, Uganda, has some of the highest rates of acid violence. In fact, since 1985, there have been nearly 400 reported cases of acid attacks here, and in just one hospital alone, they have reported 8 attacks and two deaths this year.  And those are just the ones that were reported. The real statistics are likely much higher. My name is Hanifa Nakiryowa, and my fellow acid attack survivor Gloria Kankunda and I have founded the Center for Rehabilitation of Survivors of Acid and burns Violence (CERESAV). We founded CERESAV because of our personal experiences, and because of the stories we were told by fellow victims. CERESAV’s ultimate goal is to address the issue of acid attacks and gender violence on a global level, but today we have a chance to make a difference in Uganda by helping to pass legislation that would classify products like acid as controlled substances. Cutting off easy access to acid has proven to  drastically reduce the rate of attacks in other countries.   Research indicates that the most effective ways to reduce acid violence are through regulation of the sale of acid, tougher jail sentences for perpetrators, and raising awareness of the devastating impact that acid attacks have on individuals and their families. Step by step, CERESAV hopes to make all of these things a reality, but we can’t do it alone.   With collective efforts, we can end this devastating act and save the next potential victim. I know we can make a difference. When strong women and fellow victims of female-directed violence, like Jaha who fought to end female genital mutilation, or Malala who is a champion for girls’ education started petitions, great things happened. Please join me in asking H.E. President Yoweri Museveni Kaguta to sign the Toxic Chemicals Bill into law.

Hanifa Nakiryowa
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Petition to Congress

Providing Equal Healthcare to all Regardless of Race, Demographic, etc.

The reality of current American society is that affordability healthcare is largely based on socioeconomic class, race, etc. According to, the poverty rate in America is greatly consistent with demographic (U.S. Poverty Rates by Race and Hispanic or Latino Origin: 2007–2011). Because of this, many cannot afford basic procedures that may be life-saving, based on insignificant characteristics. Thus, we are apolitical campaign based on educating and providing the public with resources about the reality of demographic and its effect on healthcare. What is the reality? 18,000 Americans between the ages of 25-64 died in 2002 because they were uninsured (Researchers of the Institute of Medicine). The latest poll (Gallup-Healthways) found a rise in uninsured U.S. adults from 10.9% to 11.3%, showing the unstable and volatile state of healthcare today.  Survey in 2009 of 12,000 households found that 20% of people rejected or postponed healthcare because of cost concerns (Thomson Reuters).  Hospital costs totaled $387.3 billion in 2011--a 63% increase since 1997, with inflation adjusted (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) In 2011, 18% of the U.S's GDP is spent on healthcare, the highest healthcare spending in the world (World Health Organization).    What is our solution? We are greatly influenced by the model of the Bar Association, in which several states require a set amount of Pro Bono hours a year in order for lawyers to keep their licenses. Thus, we are petitioning for several states to require a certain amount of Pro Bono work (e.g., 20 hours a year) for all physicians with the ability to do so. The ideal would be that physicians would reach out to underprivileged areas within a close proximity to their home/work.    Who would fund medical testing/tools? Donations Support from local hospitals/businesses.  What else are we striving for? Ultimate goal: create better coverage by passing a law after education/outreach has been established through our program.  Businesses with a certain amount of employees should offer their employees with insurance. Thank you for reading and supporting this important cause. 

Act For Affordable Healthcare
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Petition to Senator Mitch McConnell and Senator Charles Schumer

Real people NEED The ACA-Obamacare. Don't play politics with people's health and lives.

My wife has pre existing conditions. Before the blessing that is Obamacare came along, because of those life altering pre existing  conditions, we were only able to afford a health insurance policy that had a $10,000 deductible at a very high monthly premium. She couldn't afford to see doctors regularly and her health deteriorated.  I remember counting the days to Obamacare and spending most of the night, and many frustrating days following, struggling to sign up, and once we did, the smile on my wife's face, the sigh of relief that she too can see a doctor, and there was hope. I remember tears of relief and hope. We celebrated the peace of mind this brought us with a hug, a smile and a good nights sleep.  Today, there are tears again, fear instead of hope, anxiety instead of peace of mind, worries and sleepless nights (it is 3:42 am as I write this).  I hear politicians exclaiming, speaking indignantly, waving their fists and wagging their tounges all preaching about what will happen when 25,000,000 get cut and have no insurance, the outcry there will be.....well, we are those 25,000,000, we are each a human being , not a number. You know us, we are your family member, your neighbor, your Uber driver, your friend, your classmate from years ago, your acquaintance of today.... STOP using our plights for political fodder and for so much fist waving and speechifying!  STOP being resigned to the fact that there are not enough Democrats in the  Senate to stop this lunacy and reach out to Republican Senators who are thinking individuals and STOP the insanity! Senators McConnel and Schumer, do the hard work that is your job and that you know how  to do so well and make it known that this end of Obamacare tragedy and travesty will NOT happen. Don't let us suffer with anxiety and sleepless nights and worse ! For my wife, who is asleep as I write this while I am up worrying about her health and healthcare, for all of us , each one of us, real people - not numbers, DON'T wait to see and hear the outcry when 25,000,000 are left without insurance! Do the hard work of bringing sanity back now.  Our health, and our healthcare is not, and should not be a partisan issue! DON'T LEAVE 25,000,000 PEOPLE WITHOUT HEALTH INSURANCE TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS. SAVE OBAMACARE/ The Affordable Care Act! PS:  If you say there will be insurance available for those with pre existing conditions, you know that premiums  for those with any pre existing condition will  go back to being astronomically expensive and unaffordable and high risk pools are either unavailable, most don't meet criteria eligibility, and those that do see high costs and even higher deductibles.   

Harold Jacobs
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Petition to New York State Assembly, New York State Senate

Advance “CLEAN” New York Bill of Adoptee Rights

New York residents, natives and all friends to adoption reform: HELP NY ADOPTEES GAIN UNRESTRICTED ACCESS TO THEIR ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATES! PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE! Since the 1930s, New York State adoption records have been sealed. Sealing adoption records includes the denial of original birth certificates which hinder adoptees from knowing their origins and seeking complete health history.  We believe that adoptees should not be denied heritage or treated as though they have a pre-existing medical condition (simply for being adopted) that is not consistent with current national initiatives to extend healthcare to all.  New York adoptees are being left behind. Adoptees who appeal to NY courts with medical concerns are routinely denied, and some have died without the benefit of proper healthcare. This is a blatant violation of basic human rights and the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. For over 20 years, NY lawmakers have been considering legislation for adoption reform. The law must be changed in New York as soon as possible. As of 2016, nine other U.S. states offer unrestricted access to original birth certificates for adult adoptees.  Seven of the nine states enacted unrestricted birth certificate access / “clean” reform (Alabama, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, Oregon and Rhode Island).  The other two states, Alaska and Kansas, never sealed adult adoptee birth certificates.   In Oregon, judicial precedent was set by upholding unrestricted birth certificates access / “clean” reform: Oregon citizens approved a ballot measure for unrestricted birth certificate access / “clean” reform (1998) Oregon state courts upheld the ballot measure  (1999) U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor helped, refusing to delay Oregon reforms (2000)   We are fighting to make New York the next unrestricted birth certificate access / “clean” reform state: From 2003 – 2015, the NY Bill of Adoptee Rights would have allowed adult adoptees (18+) the right to a copy of their original birth certificate to help them search and confirm health history (similar to the other nine unrestricted birth certificates access states).  Birth parents would have been able to complete non-binding “contact preference” forms at any time to designate openness to contact from adoptees.  Sadly, in June 2015, the NY Bill of Adoptee Rights was weakened by some of the 22 member Assembly Codes Committee.  The amendments replace unrestricted birth certificate access / "clean" reform with a process that would begin with a court petition, followed by a bureaucratic and costly four month state-run intermediary birth parent search procedure. It then leaves tremendous power in the hands of judges who will apparently retain the unfair option (“discretion”) to withhold birth certificate information (actually redact an adoptee's own original birth certificate); even in cases where a birth parent cannot be found, or may desire contact and/or to at least share their name with the adoptee! These are the same NY judges who have denied adoptees’ health history petitions for years and who remain PUBLICLY OPPOSED to any adoption reform upon grounds that have been repeatedly “debunked” here and in other states!  That proposal's costly and slow bureaucracy ignores the task of honoring the human and civil rights of NY adoptees.  Rights cannot be compromised. Happily, on March 10, 2017, Senator Tony Avella introduced a new “clean” NY Bill of Adoptee Rights!  The new bill offers: Unrestricted access to long form original birth certificates (OBC) for adult adoptees, just like all citizens and adults who “age-out” of foster care! OBC access for family, or legal representatives, if the adoptee is deceased OBC access for legal representatives / social services Adoptees in New York deserve to get adoption reform right the first time! We believe your voice can help encourage NY lawmakers to ADVANCE the “clean” legislation now. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION:  ADVANCE THE “CLEAN” NY BILL OF ADOPTEE RIGHTS! This petition will ask the New York Assembly and New York Senate to advance the “CLEAN” NY Bill of Adoptee Rights proposal (begun March 10, 2017), and reject the amended proposal (begun in June 2015). PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE THIS PETITION WITH OTHERS!  THANK YOU!

Tim Monti-Wohlpart
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