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Petition to Cyrus R Vance Jr, Bill de Blasio


WE DEMAND - DROP THE CHARGES ON THE STONEWALL 4 Donate to the Stonewall 4 legal expenses by clicking here$3,000 is needed   On February 4, 2017, several thousand people gathered at the historic Stonewall Inn for the LGBTQ Solidarity Rally to protest Trump’s first Muslim Ban and in defense of LGBTQ rights. Volunteers from Refuse Fascism, including members of the NYC Revolution Club, joined in spreading thousands of flyers from Refuse Fascism throughout the crowd, along with stickers and posters with “NO! In The Name of Humanity We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America.” Many who were gathered at the back of the rally listened to powerful truth-telling from members of the NYC Revolution Club. As the rally was drawing to a close, several Trump supporters appeared and began to harass the Revolution Club members, who stood their ground and did not respond. The Trump supporters walked away. As the Revolution Club was packing up to leave, 4 members were surrounded by NYPD officers and, for no apparent reason, were brutally arrested. The police gave no order to disperse and offered no explanation for the arrests. They are being charged with 7 misdemeanor crimes carrying up to a year’s sentence on Riker's Island. Charges include: Obstructing Governmental Administration and Resisting Arrest. One of the Stonewall 4 has an earlier arrest resulting from ongoing NYPD harassment of volunteers and members of the NYC Revolution Club. She is facing an additional case with 3 additional misdemeanor charges.  They gave the following statement to"We were at Stonewall to stand with people against the first iteration of the inhumane "Muslim Ban". We challenged and connected people with the need to confront the fascist nature and direction of this regime, and that protest alone would not be enough; we need to build a movement and drive the regime from power, and do so not just for ourselves, but in the name of humanity. We were attacked for bringing out this message. We have previously been stalked and arrested by the authorities, followed, and harassed by police and Trump fanatics.At a time when this fascist regime is moving rapidly to consolidate its hold on power and rapidly reorder society, the stakes are dangerously high, and THIS CANNOT STAND."In our response to this arrest, we all must set an example, and set a tone for the struggles to come. Whenever people come under attack for opposing injustice, they should be defended. The Stonewall 4 were specifically attacked for doing what we all need to be doing in this period: leading and organizing others to confront the reality that there is a fascist regime in power, and moving heaven and earth to drive them out, in the name of humanity.

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Petition to International Monetary Fund

Stop IMF loan to the dictator! Нет кредиту для диктатора! Нe крэдыту для дыктатара!

Thousands of people Belarus took to the streets all over the country in peaceful non-violent protests against a tax on the unemployed. The “law against social parasites” requires people who work less than 183 days a year to pay the government $250 annually. (At the start of 2017, the average monthly salary was $380.) The dictator responded with dozens (the number is constantly growing) of unlawful arrests and  trials with multiple violations of court procedures.  Dozens of law-abiding citizens are detained. At the very same time International Monetary Fund continues active negotiations with Lukashenko on a new loan. We the undersigned  demand to stop all negotiations (including consultations) between IMF and the government of Belarus, until all detained peaceful protesters will be released.We demand from IMF not to provide any financial assistance to Belarus whilst Lukashenko remains in power. ====================================== Тысячи людей вышли с мирными ненасильственными протестами против налога на безработных. Согласно "декрету против тунеядцев" люди проработавшие менее 183 дней в году должны оплатить ежегодный налог в размере  $250. (На начало 2017 года средняя заработная плата составляла  $380) Диктатор ответил десятками (число постоянно растет) неправомерных арестов и судов с многочисленными нарушениями судебных процедур. Десятки законопослушных граждан задержаны. В то же самое время Международный Валютный Фонд продолжает  переговоры с Лукашенко по предоставлемию нового кредита. Mы, нижеподписавшиеся, требуем прекратить все переговоры (включая консультации) между МВФ и руководством Беларуси до тех пор, пока все задержанные мирные демонстранты не будут освобождены. Mы требуем от МВФ не предоставлять финансовой помощи Беларуси, пока Лукашенко остается у власти. ====================================== Тысячы людзей выйшлі з мірнымі негвалтоўнымі пратэстамі супраць падатку на беспрацоўных. Паводле "дэкрэтам супраць дармаедаў" людзі якія прапрацавалі менш 183 дзён у годзе павінны аплаціць штогадовы падатак у памеры $ 250. (На пачатак 2017 года сярэдняя заработная плата складала $ 380) Дыктатар адказаў дзесяткамі (колькасць пастаянна расце) неправамерных арыштаў і судоў са шматлікімі парушэннямі судовых працэдур. Дзесяткі законапаслухмяных грамадзян затрыманыя. У той жа самы час Міжнародны валютны фонд працягвае перамовы з Лукашенкам па прадастаўленні новага крэдыту. Mы, ніжэйпадпісаныя, мы патрабуем спыніць усе перамовы (уключаючы кансультацыі) паміж МВФ і кираўництвам Беларусі да таго часу, пакуль усе затрыманыя мірныя дэманстранты не будуць вызваленыя. Мы патрабуем ад МВФ не даваць фінансавай дапамогі Беларусі, пакуль Лукашэнка застаецца ва ўладзе. 

Citizens of Belarus
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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, Donald Trump

Protect Our Internet Privacy From Being Sold Out

The Problem - S.J.Res.34 Bill On March 23rd, 2017 the Senate voted to kill the Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) privacy framework, which was created to protect the usage of broadband consumers' sensitive data: Requiring internet service providers (ISPs) to ask for permission before collecting sensitive information such as content of communications, precise geo-location, financial information, etc. Allowing users to opt out of giving sensitive information to ISPs Only allow ISPs to collect basic service information Notify customers within 30 days that their data has been stolen in a data breach ISPs (Verizon, Comcast, AT&T, Cox, etc) have lobbied $1,726,288 against these regulations and have passed the bill through senate 50 to 48. Whether you are on the Democrat or Republican side, this issue will affect the privacy of all Americans and set precedent for future privacy-killing laws being passed. The elimination of of these rules will allow ISPs to: Monitor and sell all of your location data, search history, app usage, and browsing habits without your permission Hijack your search results and redirect your traffic to paying third parties Insert ads into web pages that would not have otherwise had them Why Does This Matter The issue will directly affect your privacy in the United States, and will indirectly affect it outside of North America. The passing of this bill will allow the government and corporations to take away your rights for the sake of profit, and it will begin to pave the way for them to take away more rights in the future. Whether your privacy and the passing of this law is a concern to you or not, everyone has a fundamental right to their privacy just as they have a right to free speech, a decent standard of living, and/or any other basic human right. Allowing corporations into your digital life is no different than allowing strangers into your home and personal belongings, and with the passing of this bill, you will let them sell who you are to anyone willing to pay. "Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say" - Edward Snowden   What You Can Do To Protect Yourself Although this bill has already passed the Senate, it still has to go through the House of Representatives and the President. Start by signing this petition, then contact the representative in your district by email or phone which you can find through this link:

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Petition to Gregory Rouan MD, Jody Brant, Jim Neil, Virginia Uehlin, Bob Vines, Rick Hoover, RN, Patrick Kirk MD, Linda Ambrose, Peter Singer, Mike Keating, Harold Sosna, Larry Lester, Annie Novak, Anne Saker, Barrett J. Brunsman, Edward Lim MD, Robert Keyes MD, Jason Graff MD, Jerome Gabis, Donald Nunlist-Young MD, James Shackson MD, Guy Hild, FreeDrFlege , Bernie Sanders, Richard Blumenthal, Tom Rotz, Roger Smith MD, Sandra Starnes MD, Michael Edwards MD, Robert Lukin MD, Robert Casey, Susan Collins, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, Robert Thomas, William Thomas, William Ball MD, David Harris MD, Michael Newton MD, John Heppler, Mike Walters, Queen City Home Care, Aaron Stapleton, Rodger Miller, Synergy Home Care, Jennifer Lyon, James Firman, Rob Portman, Department of Veterans Affairs, Commission on Law and Aging, International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse, Manish Srivastava MD, Connie Kreyling, Mary Mahoney MD, Queen City Hospice

Free Dr. Flege

Free Dr. Flege --  STOP ELDER ABUSE Elder Abuse affects 1/10 Americans over the age of 60. The perpetrators are most often family members. Elder abuse includes: Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Financial Abuse, Isolation and Denying an elderly person amenities he or she can afford. Get the basics here. Who is John Blain Flege MD JD (DOB: 05/10/1929)? "'Dr. Flege is one of the best teaching professors in the cardiac world,' says Randall Wolf, MD, a fellow professor of surgery at UC. 'He has mentored many surgeons--including me. Dr. Flege is very highly regarded as one of the finest thinkers and innovators in cardiac surgery.'" "Dr. Flege founded the cardiac surgery program at Christ Hospital in 1969. He continued to raise the level of surgical care in Cincinnati by revamping the cardiac surgery program at Jewish Hospital (1978) and founding the programs at University Hospital (1982) and St. Elizabeth Hospital (1983)--all of which continue to excel today." "Despite the fact he's been practicing and developing innovative cardiac surgery techniques for 50 years, John Flege, MD, remains a startlingly modest guy who [worked] tirelessly every day to put the best interests of his patients first." Harper, A. (2006, March). Cincinnati Cardiac Icon Wins 'Lifetime Hero' Award. Retrieved from . Dr. Flege is now a victim of ELDER ABUSE. The perpetrators are family members. Dr. Flege has been under the care of countless physicians, many of them at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati. He was admitted to Christ Hospital twice in less than a year for hip fractures, both of which occurred at facilities and required hip replacement surgery. Both injuries involved unnecessary drugs known to increase fall risk in the elderly.  Since being removed from his home about 5 months ago, Dr. Flege has resided at FIVE facilities including The Kenwood by Senior Star (where he sustained his second hip fracture in less than a year), Marjorie P. Lee (where his other hip was fractured within 24 hours of an earlier admission), Kenwood Terrace Care Center (Premier Health Care Management) and Arden Courts of Kenwood (HCR Manorcare). Facilities have reportedly evicted him, refusing to tolerate abuse of Dr. Flege and their staffs. Additionally, during this time period, he has been under the 24/7 care of numerous caregivers/nursing aides from Synergy Home Care, Queen City Home Care and Bright Star Home Care in Cincinnati. Caregivers have also found themselves targets of abuse. Many have quit or been taken off the job by their employers. Others have been fired for speaking out against Dr. Flege's abuse.  Adult Protective Services, The Council on Aging, ProSeniors, The Eldercare Ombudsman, Cincinnati Police Dep't, Ohio Dep't of Health and Medicare/HHS, among others are also aware of Dr. Flege's abuse. Dr. Flege pays lawyers at Katz Teller who are seemingly being used against him. RED FLAGS are everywhere. But the ABUSE continues. Elder Abuse IS vastly under-reported. Let's call on the doctors, lawyers, facilities and agencies involved in this case to FREE DR FLEGE And let's call on physicians and other healthcare providers, hospitals and nursing homes, legislators and regulators to STOP ELDER ABUSE  If you have any tips on this case, advice or comments, please leave a message here or email Up to date Information as to Dr. Flege's probable whereabouts is available upon request. Please directly notify law enforcement and relevant authorities where appropriate. IT TAKES A VILLAGE.

Free Dr. Flege
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