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Ban EVERY 2017 Houston Astro or remove Pete Rose's lifetime ban from MLB.

I am urging the MLB to ban every member of the Houston Astros who was involved in the known and proven video cheating scandal to steal signs illegally with the use of hidden electronic devices. This organization willingly and knowingly committed an unfair advantage to win games and deceived fans in the quality of product put on the field. All MLB fans should be ashamed of what has taken place. We should hold everyone accountable to the highest punishment possible, just like Pete Rose. Everyday new information comes in from witnesses and people close to the ones involved, beyond what has already been proven by the club and MLB. How far down does this rabbit hole go? Pete Rose bet on himself and his team to win, which is illegal and I understand fully. However, he did not alter the game in anyway to win games(he just new he was the goat of the game). The fact that the MLB is handing out such mediocre punishments is unacceptable. If the punishment handed down to Pete Rose is the maximum, I see what the Astros did is far more egregious and harmful act to the professional game of baseball. Major League Baseball and the commissioner Rob Manfred need to ban every member involved in the Astros scandal(including the whistle blower Mike Fiers) or remove the lifetime ban on Pete Rose and give him his rightful place in the MLB Hall of Fame. Please help us petition this for change! #MLBCheatingScandal #FreePeteRose

Jacob Carlson
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