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Petition to Scott Morrison, Josh Frydenberg, Anne Ruston

Increase the Newstart payment by $95 per week

I’m a Tassie grandmother who has seen first hand the devastating impact the low rate of Newstart has on young families. That’s why I’m calling for the Newstart unemployment benefit to be increased by at least $95 per week.  Did you know the Newstart allowance has not increased in real terms since 1995, when John Howard put a freeze on it? Now, even he is calling for an increase! Currently, the National unemployment rate is 5.3% but it is 7% in Tasmania, and the underemployment rate is 8.4%. The country is struggling to bring the unemployment rate below 5%, and there will always be a percentage that is unable or simply not capable of getting a paid job.  Why don't we just accept the reality, and show some compassion for those people in our society who have ended up in the too-hard basket, and are really doing it tough? Bob Hawke famously said, way back in 1987, that no child in Australia would be living in poverty by 1990. It is now estimated over 731,000 children in Australia are living in poverty. This is simply unacceptable. It is shameful.  I’ve seen the impact of this poverty cycle up close, and it breaks my heart. Sometimes it feels like this government is waking up each day thinking up new ways to make these poor people's lives more difficult.  Experts, politicians, even conservative media commentators all agree - we need to increase Newstart. And we can’t wait. Children are suffering. A $95 increase would lift these young families above the poverty line. We’re a rich country, and we used to have big hearts. What happened? Please Scott Morrison, increase the Newstart/Jobsearch Allowance by $95 per week -  now!

Linda Hannah
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Petition to Victorian Building Authority, Daniel Andrews, James Merlino, Richard Wynne

Ask our leaders to keep winter shelters open!

Victorian Building Authority leaves homeless in the cold Please note, if you would like to support Stable One financially, click here. Donations asked for after you sign go to and are not received by Stable One. Numbers of people experiencing homelessness in Australia are increasing. On any given day, approximately 25,000 people in Victoria are sleeping rough, or living in emergency or unsafe accommodation (DHHS). In the Yarra Valley, more than 300 people are experiencing homelessness, with many sleeping in the park, in cars or in doorways due to the lack of crisis accommodation Stable One is a registered charity that works with local churches, using buildings that would otherwise be empty at night to provide shelter to people experiencing homelessness. In addition to a safe, warm place to sleep, churches offer guests a warm meal, resources and company. Run by around 200 trained volunteers, the Winter Night Shelter fills a critical gap in our social safety net - readily available, safe accommodation at no cost to the government.  On the 21st of August 2019, the Winter Night Shelter was shut down by Yarra Ranges Council because churches had not obtained new occupancy permits for their buildings to classify them as ‘accommodation’.  If planning minister Richard Wynne’s intention is to “make sure the places people sleep are safe”, then the only practical solution is to allow churches to open their doors to the homeless. How is the street a safer place to sleep than a church? It’s time to call upon the Victorian Government and the Victorian Building Authority to allow churches to operate winter shelters without changing their occupancy permits, so that they can continue to support some of Australia’s most vulnerable.  Sign now and make a difference! Please note, if you would like to support Stable One financially, click here. Donations asked for after you sign go to and are not received by Stable One. Find out more about Stable One 

Stable One Ltd
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Petition to Administration

Request for Victorian coroner to investigate all aspects of Courtney Herrons death

We as members of the public request that the Victorian coroner conduct a full inquest into the death of Courtney Herron including all factors which may have contributed to her death and to then provide recommendations on addressing those factors to minimise or eliminate similar deaths as the normal investigation into the death may not cover the following issues as part of the investigation. Specifically: -Courtney is believed  to have requested help with housing and had no place to stay at the time of her death. Did the housing process contribute to her death, if so what can be done to ensure this doesn't happen again. -Courtney is believed  to have requested help with addiction, was delay in accessing help a contributing factor to her death and what can be done to ensure it doesn't happen again? - The person  accused of killing Courtney had multiple assessments conducted by mental health services in the years prior due to what's been described as psychotic episodes and increasing aggression over time. Was the accused risk assessments conducted by mental health services done correctly? Does the assessment criteria for involuntary treatment need to be changed and does the mental health system have the ability to effectively assist people? If not what needs to be done to ensure people do get treatment for things that the community itself may not be able to help with and to prevent further deaths. - The person accused of the murder of Courtney has had multiple interactions with the police  in the years prior to her death. Is there anything which could have been done by police to prevent his behavior from escalating and what can be done in the future to detect and prevent escalation of behaviors which can lead to deaths. -Statistically  women are at greater risk of lethal violence towards them regardless if it's in a public or private setting or if the attacker is known to them or not, it can be described as social attitudes towards women in particular.  Is this a contributing factor to Courtneys death and what should be done to change attitudes in society in relation to violence which can lead to deaths. We also request that the coroner investigate any other contributing factor to the death of Courtney Herron.  

John Smith
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