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Petition to Health Minister Jane Philpott, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Public Health Agency of Canada, Lyme Letters Campaign, CanLyme

Ticking Lyme Bomb in Canada. YOU are at RISK. Sign now!

Lyme disease is one of the fastest spreading infectious diseases in the world. Please sign this petition asking the Canadian Government to reject the current draft Action Plan (Framework) for Lyme disease and FIX IT.   The Framework must recognize the seriousness of this disease for all of us.  Time is ticking. Canada has NO Plan.  You could be the next BITE. Lyme Disease is carried by ticks, which are migrating all across Canada at an alarming speed.  Canadian scientists predict that by the year 2020, 80% of the population in Eastern Canada (including Manitoba) will be living in a tick-populated area. [1]  The Lyme bacteria can also be passed from pregnant mother to her child in the womb[2] and there are concerns this infection may be sexually transmitted.[3]  Babesia, a Lyme Co-Infection, has been found to be in the U.S. blood supply.[4] According to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), there are 300,000 NEW cases of Lyme in the US every year most of which occur within 400 miles of the Canadian border.  The numbers in Canada are also growing FAST.[1] In 2014 Bill 442 was passed, requiring the Canadian Government to create a Lyme Action Plan (Framework).  The draft Framework was released on February 7, 2017 for public comment.  This draft Framework fails to take real action, has no funding, and fails to protect Canadians from Lyme.   We need you to sign this petition to demand this draft Framework be rejected in its current form. All Canadians are at risk.  All it takes is a walk in the grass, a hike on a trail, a day of gardening or golf and for our kids - playing outside in the schoolyard or in a park.  Your pets can bring ticks into your house. Who would think that a tick the size of a poppy seed you may never notice, has the impact of a bomb going off in your body and your life? In this video, you will meet Nicole Bottles, a 24 year old from Victoria B.C., who explains her 9-year battle with Lyme disease from her wheelchair.  She was just 15 years old in Grade 10, when her life as she knew it changed forever. Nicole highlights the problem we are all going to face.  A tick explosion is underway.  Canada is currently NOT equipped to prevent, educate, diagnose or treat people who get infected.  Nicole saw countless specialists and endured endless testing including the flawed Canadian test for Lyme.  She was forced to leave the country to receive proper diagnosis, testing and treatment. Canadian families are currently paying out of pocket for treatment.  Lyme patients report spending tens of thousands of dollars on necessary care, placing families in financial jeopardy. Nicole’s family and friends all pitched in tens of thousands of dollars to cover some of her costs.   Who will pay for your care if you need it? Nicole’s hope for ALL Canadians is that the Action Plan for Lyme will be the “catalyst for change”.  Nicole and thousands of other Lyme sufferers across Canada are devastated to see that this Framework has NO ACTION at all. The draft Framework is a violation of Public Health’s mandate, Bill 442 and possibly the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (s. 7) granting all Canadians the right to life, liberty and security of the person. On March 7, 2017 the window will close for public feedback. [APRIL 29th UPDATE: Minister Philpott, despite numerous requests, has not agreed to talk to or meet with us despite almost 40,000 signatures and over 10,400 comments.  Sue Faber and Jennifer Kravis are headed to Ottawa on May 2nd for the second time to raise these Canadian voices to Members of Parliament.  Follow their journey here: [MARCH 9TH UPDATE: Yesterday (March 8, 2017) Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) stopped accepting public feedback.  PHAC received notice of over 36,000 signatures before their cut-off date.  This Petition will continue until the original goal, to have Minister Philpott reject the draft Framework, is met.] [JUNE 8th UPDATE: Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott announced the release of the final Framework on May 30th, as well as $4 million in funding.  The final Framework DOES NOT address in any meaningful way ANY of the serious issues raised in this Petition (see the Update on this Petition: the Final Framework has NOT been fixed. Please continue to sign and share until Canadians are adequately protected.] Please sign this petition asking the Canadian Government to reject the current draft Federal Framework for Lyme disease and FIX IT.   The Plan must recognize the seriousness of this disease for all of us.  Time is ticking. Canada has NO Plan.  You could be the next BITE.   #TickingLymeBomb   SIGN THE PETITION AND SHARE WIDELY    Please ALSO send an email to your local MP – it will only take 2 clicks and a letter will be automatically sent to your MP asking him or her to attend an all-party MP round table meeting to learn about Lyme Disease on Monday March 6, 2017.  Go to enter your name, email and postal code, and click "send".  Simple. [MARCH 9TH UPDATE: The MP Round Table was held in Ottawa on Monday March 6th.  We continue to suggest that concerned Canadians write their MPs via the MP Letter link on to ask him or her to encourage Minister Philpott to reject the draft Framework. ] [JUNE 10th UPDATE: The House of Commons Standing Committee of Health had a 2 day study into the concerns about the Lyme Framework on June 6th / 8th.  We are waiting to hear what the Committee decides to do or recommend.  Please continue writing your MP to let him or her know you are very concerned and the issues raised in this Petition need to be addressed urgently.  Also consider writing to ALL the members of the Health Committee to express your concerns and ask them to take action including (1) directing research into immediate better testing, congenital and sexual transmission, and (2) the establishment of an oversight committee with equal representation from public health, members of the Canadian Lyme Science Alliance, Clinicians specialising in treating chronic Lyme and patients and advocates.  Committee Members: Bill Casey (lib) Cumberland-Colchester, NS (Chair), Len Webber (pc) Calgary-Confederation, AB (Vice Chair), Don Davies (ndp) Vancouver Kingsway, BC (Vice Chair), Ramez Ayoub (lib) Thérèse-De Blainville, QC, Colin Carrie (pc), Oshawa, ON, Doug Eyolfson (lib) (an MD), Charleswood — St. James — Assiniboia — Headingley, MB, Rachel Harder (pc) Lethbridge, AB, Darshan Singh Kang (lib), Calgary Skyview, AB, John Oliver (lib), Oakville, ON, Sonia Sidhu (lib), Brampton South, ON] Have you or someone you know been personally affected by Lyme?  Write a personal “Lyme Letter” and send it to [JULY 23rd UPDATE : We have great news - after 3 trips to Ottawa, numerous meetings with MPs and senators, and 6 months of continued phone calls and emails to Minister Philpott's office requesting a meeting - we have finally been invited to Ottawa in August to meet the Minister and deliver the personal Lyme Letters.  We need even more Lyme Letters!  Please send yours to by AUGUST 15TH and please let us know if we have your permission to keep a copy of your letter for purposes of sharing with the media and other MPs. You can follow our journey on Facebook at and on ] This petition will go to:  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott Public Health Agency of Canada   A copy of the petition will be sent to: Lyme Letters Campaign CanLyme, Canada’s National Lyme Advocacy Group   For More Information: On Lyme Disease & Co-Infections: and On the Lyme Letters Campaign: Public Health Agency of Canada draft Framework:   References:  [1] Patrick A. Leighton, Jules K. Koffi, Yann Pelcat, L. Robbin Lindsay, Nicholas H. Ogden. Predicting the speed of tick invasion: an empirical model of range expansion for the Lyme disease vector Ixodes scapularis in Canada.Journal of Applied Ecology, 2012;;jsessionid=BDF9CD369FD70D6E8CA8FF16A4AA5015.f04t01 [2] Annals of Internal Medicine: PubMed: [3] [4]  

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Petition to Colette Kaminsky, Dr. Jane Philpott, Hasan Hutchinson, Pierre Sabourin

Keep Dairy off the Canadian Food Guide and help transition farms toward sustainability!

If you've been following the recommended changes to the Canadian food guide and are aware of the current NAFTA re-negotiations, you'll know the Canadian dairy industry is facing pivotal challenges and currently grazing the edge of a crucial crossroad. Now, due to these developments, they have taken to soliciting support from Canadians to recognize dairy as an important part of our health and economy in hopes of ensuring its place both in our homes and on store shelves. Fortunately, however, most Canadians are now well-aware that dairy consumption is not suitable for humans. Compounded by its cruel and unethical practice and the devastating effects of cattle farming on the environment, there is a dire need to step up and push back on the milk industry's pleading mandate to maintain its stance in the food chain.  This petition demands that the government uphold current recommendations leaving dairy off the CFG and requests that the government support the industry towards a more viable way forward. We ask that the government divests in the dairy industry and instead focuses on helping transition dairy farms to produce alternate products of the more ethical, sustainable and health-conscious kind. We ask that, instead of holding on to this cultural norm and practice, we move forward beyond dairy and adopt more sustainable and healthy farming practices Canadians can be proud of. Specifically, we ask Executive Director of Policy, Planning, and Integration, Colette Kaminsky of AAFC, Minister of Heath, Dr. Jane Philpott, Assistant Deputy Minister and Director General of Health Products and Food Branch at Health Canada, Pierre Sabourin and Hasan Hutchinson to come together to discuss this avenue with a proposed strategic plan. In doing so, the government of Canada will benefit in taking this proactive and progressive stance by supporting a slow transition instead of facing inevitable and sudden country-wide farm closures that will consequently affect many livelihoods and the economy. Additionally, its support will help Canadians best meet our green house gas emissions goal by eliminating its number one producer. And lastly, by reducing the industry's stronghold, Canadians will no longer receive confusing messages about dairy and health which will be sure to unburden the health care system and help empower Canadians to regain responsibility of their own health. Because let's face it, when it comes to health, If you're not supporting the truth, you're not supporting your people. At this point in time, the Canadian milk industry doesn't need to garner support from Canadians; it is beyond this. As more and more individuals are moving away from dairy every day, the right way forward is not to resist change but instead to embrace it with grace.  Again, you don't need dairy supporters; you need progressive change makers. More information can be found here: Dr. Michael Greger on Dairy Dr. John McDougall on Dairy Dr. Mark Hyman on Dairy Dr. Neil Barnard on Dairy Expert panel on Dairy Dr. Michael Klapper on Dairy Decrease in Canadian Dairy consumption Milk can now be claimed as inhumane Dairy cruelty explained in 5 minutes Supporting documentaries: Cowspiracy, What The Health, Forks Over Knives, Food Inc., Earthlings 

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