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Petition to Canadore College, Therapeutic Recreation Ontario, Parks and Recreation Ontario

Recreation Therapy should be a Health and Wellness Program

As of December 14th 2017, The faculty of Sport and Recreation at Canadore College in North Bay Ontario Canada has been notified that we must move campuses. College Drive has been creating a beautiful new "Village" which will house amazing resources for students at Canadore College to experience collaborative learning with all Health and Wellness disciplines. One of these resources is a Snoezelen (Sensory) Room that the Recreation Therapy (RT) Program Coordinator has been tasked with creating. The Village project is a ground breaking and one of a kind project that we will miss out on. Recreation Therapy as said by Therapeutic Recreation Ontario is the process that utilizes functional intervention, education and recreation participation to enable persons with physical, cognitive, emotional and/or social limitations to acquire and/or maintain the skills, knowledge and behaviours that will allow them to enjoy their leisure optimally, function independently with the least amount of assistance and participate as fully as possible in society. Now, is it fair that this beautiful room that he and his present and future students have anticipated learning practical knowledge in no longer get the privilege of using it because RT is stuck in the faculty of Sport and Recreation? No.  Help us RT's, future and present, receive the education that we and our clients deserve. We must find a way to stay at the College Drive campus and break off of the Sport and Recreation Faculty.  A Strength and Sport Conditioning diploma will never know the fundamentals needed to manage a retirement home. An Eco Tourism Certificate does not teach people the importance of individualized assessments and programming to ensure someones best quality of life. A Recreation and Leisure diploma can run an amazing program for someone, but they can't assess the needs, strengths and weaknesses of the clients participating with the blink of an eye. But a diploma in Recreation Therapy CAN and WILL. Please sign this petition and give Recreation Therapy at Canadore College the credit, education and support it deserves. 

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Petition to Honourable Jim Reiter, Honourable Greg Ottenbreit

Save lives with "Opt-Out" AKA "Implied Consent" organ donation

My name is Michael R. Gaudet. In 1979 I was diagnosed with kidney failure and was placed on emergency dialysis that saved my life at age 19. Only 7 months later (though it seemed like an eternity), my loving brother Steven stepped up to donate one of his kidneys. His gift of life sustained me for over 34 glorious years! However, in May of 2014, my kidney transplant failed and I was obliged to return to dialysis 3x a week in Saskatoon, with no end in sight as of December 2017. Sadly, I’m not alone in this situation. In 2014, there were 20,690 patients in Canada on dialysis. Every year, thousands of Canadians are added to organ wait lists, yet Canada’s donation rate is just 18 donors per million people. An opt-out system - meaning people would be presumed to be organ donors unless they specifically opted out - would increase this very low number, helping to save lives. In Saskatchewan, there are more than 700 people who must rely on dialysis because of kidney disease, a number which steadily increases each year. Dialysis is an expensive and unwieldy way to buy time for all of these people, who could resume their normal lives with a kidney transplant. The province’s donation rate is even lower than the rest of Canada – less than 1% of people who die in Saskatchewan donate any organ or tissue. Before the last provincial election in Saskatchewan, incumbent Brad Wall eyed presumed or opt-out consent to boost organ donation in the province. Apparently, this was an easy promise to make, because the cost of implementation is negligible. This initiative has not come to fruition. This petition calls on the Saskatchewan Party to follow through with this election promise. An opt-out system of organ donation could save hundreds of lives. If Saskatchewan shows leadership, I hope other provinces will follow. Please sign and share my petition.

Michael R. Gaudet
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Petition to Municipality of Delta, Carla Qualtrough, Tsawwassen First Nation, Vicki Huntington MLA

We want a Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary in South Delta

I am a Tsawwassen Resident and have lived in the South Delta community for over 45 years. I am a mother, a business owner, a home owner and an active member of our community. I recently had a cancer scare turn me towards organic cannabis oil, as well as other alternative cancer prevention treatments. Almost weekly, I drove to Vancouver to consult with a caring and knowledgeable team of people to purchase my organic cannabis oil. My last set of biopsies came back 100% clear!  Hearing this news, I finally cried for the first time. I had been so scared.  My doctor had given me six months to strengthen my immune system and rid my body of CNI cells (precancerous cells) before treating me with the typical procedure. I believe the organic cannabis oil protocol I used was the leading treatment to eradicate the CN1 cells.  I want a safe, responsible and knowledgeable team of people to open a high quality, regulated Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary in South Delta.  Unfortunately, Delta council has approved a bylaw amendment prohibiting the production, storage, research or sale of medicinal marijuana anywhere in the municipality - See more at: As a collective voice we have the power to make a change.  If you want access to a medicinal dispensary in our community, please speak up and be heard.  Help me advocate and support people who choose to use Medicinal Cannabis as a medicine/therapeutic aid.  If you want the Delta Municpality to approve and  support the opening of a Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary Clinic in South Delta,  please sign this petition.  Doctors may prescribe or patients may use medicinal cannabis to treat the following: Cancer Muscle spasms caused by MSNausea caused from cancer/chemotherapyPoor appetite caused from a chronic illnessSeizure disorders  Menopause  Symptoms related to the menstrual cycle  Autism Crohn's diseaseP.T.S.S. (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome)Gastrointestinal SedativeDepressionAnxietyWithdrawal from opiate or alcohol addictionParkinson's diseaseAlzheimer's Chronic Pain    For more information about Medicinal Cannabis  

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Petition to Benoit Bourque, John Ames, Serge Rousselle, Brian Gallant, Jacques LeBlanc, The Right Reverend David Edwards, Bill Murray, Honorable Dominic LeBlanc, Rev. Kevin Borthwick, Dr. Jennifer Russell

New Brunswick Government: Save Parlee Beach

Poor Water Quality and Overcrowding Threaten Tourism at Parlee Beach yet more Development is Planned.  Malgré la qualité médiocre de l’eau de Parlee Beach et la surcharge de baigneurs menaçant le tourisme à La Plage Parlee encore plus de développements sont planifiés. (Une version française se trouve au bas) Parlee Beach is promoted by the New Brunswick Government as being one of the finest beaches in North America with the warmest waters north of Virginia.  It is one of the cornerstones of the New Brunswick tourism industry and is vital to the economy of the nearby Town of Shediac.  Parlee Beach is located in the small seaside community of Pointe-du-Chêne.  It is not a large beach but it is warm and shallow and its sand flats and tidal pools make it ideal for families with children.  Parlee Beach is contaminated with fecal streptococcus  Fecal streptococcus is an indicator bacteria found in the bowels of warm blooded animals.  Its presence indicates that other bacteria may be in the water that can be harmful to human health.    In the month of August of this year. Parlee Beach had more "Poor" and "Fair" water quality days than "Good" water quality days.  "Poor" means: "Wading Only; No water use for children, the ill, the elderly or those with open skin lesions; Do not submerge head or ingest water."  High fecal streptococcus counts will cause a "Poor" water quality rating.  The bacteria associated with fecal streptococcus may cause eye, ear, nose, throat, and respiratory infections, and vomiting and diarrhea.   Water quality test results for the last 5 years show that the beach has been contaminated for a while but no action has been taken by the Provincial Government to fix the problem. Concerns about the high bacteria levels have been raised with the NB Minister of Health, the NB Acting Chief Medical Officer of Health, the NB Minister of Tourism, and the Shediac Town Council but no action has resulted.    The number of bathers in the water affect the bacteria levels Dr. Muecke, the Acting Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health, has stated publicly that one of the contributing factors to a poor water quality rating is "bather overload", i.e. the number of people on the beach using the water.   The local planning body, Town of Shediac, and the Anglican Parish of Shediac are supporting more high density housing in the form of Campground/trailer parks in the area which will add thousands more people to the beach (an estimated 6,000 more people a day), making a bad situation even worse.  Bather overload may not be the only source of fecal contamination.   Other potential sources of contamination include human and animal waste, stormwater runoff from the land after heavy rains, faulty septic systems, sewage overflows, and boats discharging the contents of their tanks in the water.  See links below:  CBC Coverage of the Water Quality Issue at Parlee Beach  CBC Coverage of the Shediac Town Council meeting giving the developers another 3 years to complete the Shediac Campground development   More Campgrounds mean More People in the Water Although hundreds of campground sites have been added to the area over the last number of years, two new Campgrounds are planned; one on the west side of Parlee Beach and one on the east side.  And two other Campgrounds will be expanding. The area already has over 1700 campground sites and these four Campgrounds/trailer park developments and expansions will add almost 1600 more sites!  Shediac Camping is a 677 site trailer park, promoted as the largest in the Maritimes.  It will be situated on environmentally sensitive land at the west end of Parlee Beach, land previously zoned "Environment Conservation" before it was annexed to the Town of Shediac and rezoned to "Commercial Camping".  The land was previously zoned  "Environment Conservation" because it borders a salt water marsh and is prone to flooding. It also serves as a flood plain protecting the homes located to the north of the wetland from floodwaters and storm surges.  The Anglican Parish of Shediac owns the land and plans to lease it to a local development group headed by Michel Boudreau.  Victor Boudreau,  the local MLA and the current Minister of Health in the Liberal Government, was one of the developers until he placed his interest in a blind trust. However,  even though his interest is in a blind trust, those in a position of power and influence know where his interests lie including the Provincial Government, the Shediac Town Council, and the Anglican Parish of Shediac.   In addition, Oceanic Camping Resort just announced that it plans to add 460 more sites to their campground/trailer park beginning next year making it the largest campground in the area with 800 sites.  And Beauséjour Camping is planning to add 250 more sites.  The Shediac Camping Resort to be located in Cap Brulé, is a 210 site campground/trailer park to be located at the east end of Parlee Beach on the edge of a wetland adjacent to the cottage community of Cap Brulé.  This development includes access to Parlee Beach via a board walk.  Two of these campgrounds will be constructed in flood prone areas next to wetlands.  Flood plains and wetlands serve an important purpose in absorbing floodwaters and storm surges.  They also reduce stormwater runoff from the land that carries bacteria and other pollutants into nearby bodies of water such as Shediac Bay and Parlee Beach.  Once the natural landscape is altered with excavation and infilling the ability of these lands to absorb water and limit stormwater runoff is dramatically reduced.   We are calling on the NB Government to immediately:  1. Investigate all sources of fecal contamination in the waters of Parlee Beach and Shediac Bay and and take measures to fix them. 2. Stop all campground development and expansions in the area until such time as the waters of Parlee Beach and the Shediac Watershed can be protected by legislation and regulation.   Please email the following:  1. NB Minister of Health Victor Boudreau: 2. NB Minister of Tourism John Ames: 3. NB Minister of Environment and Local Government Serge Rousselle: 4. NB Premier Brian Gallant: 5. NB Acting Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Jennifer Russell: 6. Town of Shediac Mayor Jacques LeBlanc: 7. Mr. Bill Murray, Land Administrator, Anglican Parish of Shediac:  land 8. Rev. Kevin Borthwick, Rector, Anglican Parish of Shediac: 9. The Right Reverend David Edwards, Anglican Diocesan Bishop, Anglican Church of Fredericton: 10. Dominic LeBlanc, Federal Minister of Fisheries and Oceans:    Gouvernement du Nouveau-Brunswick: Sauvez La Plage Parlee Malgré la qualité médiocre de l’eau de Parlee Beach et la surcharge de baigneurs menaçant le tourisme à La Plage Parlee encore plus de développements sont planifiés. Le Gouvernement du Nouveau-Brunswick fait la promotion de la Plage Parlee comme étant une des plus belles plage en Amérique du Nord avec l’eau la plus chaude au nord de la Virginie. C’est l’une des pierres angulaires de l’industrie touristique du Nouveau-Brunswick et essentiel pour l’économie de la ville de Shédiac, en proximité. La Plage Parlee est située dans la petite communauté de bord de mer de Pointe-du-Chêne. Ce n'est pas une plage de grande étendue, mais l'eau est chaude et peu profonde avec bancs de sable et bassins de marée, idéale pour familles et enfants.   La Plage Parlee est contaminée de streptocoques fécaux Les Streptocoque fécaux sont un indice de bactéries trouvées dans les intestins d’animaux à sang chaud. Sa présence indique que d’autres bactéries pouvant être dans l’eau peuvent être nocives à la santé humaine. Au mois d’août de cette année, la Plage Parlee a enregistrée plus de jours où la qualité de l’eau était “Médiocre et “Passable” que de “Bon”. “Médiocre” signifie: "Pataugeage seulement; L'usage de l'eau est interdite pour les enfants, les malades, les personnes âgées ou les personnes avec des blessures ouvertes; Ne pas submerger la tête sous l’eau.” Un haut compte de streptocoques fécaux occasionnera un classement “Médiocre” à la qualité de l’eau. La bactérie associée au streptocoque fécal peut causer des infections aux yeux, aux oreilles et aux voies respiratoires ainsi que de la diarrhée et des vomissements. Les résultats des tests de la qualité de l’eau des 5 dernières années montrent que la plage a été contaminée depuis quelques temps mais qu’aucune action n’a été prise par le Gouvernement Provincial pour réparer le problème. Des préoccupations concernant le haut taux de bactéries ont été adressées au Ministère de la santé du NB, au médecin-hygiéniste en chef adjointe par intérim du NB, the Ministère du  Tourisme du NB et au Conseil de la Ville de Shédiac, mais aucune action n’a été prise.   Le nombre de baigneurs dans l’eau affecte le niveau de bactéries  Dr. Muecke,  médecin-hygiéniste en chef adjointe par intérim a déclarée publiquement que l'un des facteurs contribuant à la qualité pauvre de l’eau est "la surcharge de baigneurs”, c’est à dire le nombres de personnes sur la plage utilisant l’eau. L’organisme local de planification, la Ville de Shédiac et l”Église Anglicane supportent la forte densité de logement de type Parcs à roulottes qui s’additionneront aux milliers de gens de plus à la plage (un estimé de 6,000 personnes de plus par jour) empirant ainsi une mauvaise situation. La surcharge de baigneurs ne serait pas seulement la source de contamination fécale. D’autres sources de contamination sont les déchets humains et animaux, le ruissellement de l'eau pluviale abondant, les champs d'épuration défectueux, le trop plein d’égout ainsi que les bateaux qui déchargent le contenu de leur réservoir dans l’eau. Voir le lien suivant:(en Anglais) Reportage de CBC sur la question de la Qualité de l’eau de la Plage Parlee Reportage de CBC de la réunion du Conseil Municipal de la Ville de Shédiac accordant un autre 3 ans pour compléter le développement du Terrain de Camping Shédiac Plus de Terrains de Camping signifie Plus de personnes dans l’eau Bien que des centaines de sites de camping aient été ajoutés dans la région au cours des dernières années, deux nouveaux terrains de Camping sont prévus; l’un du côté ouest de la Plage Parlee et l’autre du côté est. Plus, deux autres terrains de Camping agrandiront. La région a déjà plus 1700 sites de camping et à ces quatre développements de Parcs à roulottes et expansion, s’ajouteront presque 1600 plus de sites!  Le futur Camping Shédiac est un parc à roulottes de 677 sites faisant la promotion d’être le plus grand dans les Maritimes. Il sera situé sur un terrain sensible à l’environnement dans la partie ouest de la Plage Parlee, terrain antérieurement zoné “Protection Environnementale” avant qu’il soit annexé à la Ville de Shédiac et rezoné “Camping Commercial”. Le terrain était auparavant zoné “Protection Environnementale” parce qu’il est en bordure d’un marais d’eau salée sujet à l’inondation. Il sert aussi de plaine d’inondation protégeant les maisons situées au nord de la zone humide contre les inondations et les raz de marée. La Paroisse de l’Église Anglicane de Shédiac est propriétaire du terrain et planifie de le louer à un groupe local de développement ayant à la tête Michel Boudreau. Victor Boudreau, Membre local de l’Assemblée législative actuellement Ministre de la Santé dans le Gouvernement Libéral, était aussi un des développeurs jusqu’à ce qu’il place ses intérêts en Féducie. Cependant, même si ses intérêts sont placés en Féducie, ceux en position de gouverner et d’influencer, connaissent où leurs intérêts se situent incluant le Gouvernement Provincial, la Ville de Shédiac et l’Église Anglicane. De plus, le Camping Oceanic vient d’annoncer qu’il planifie ajouter 460 sites au parc roulottes, ceci commençant l’an prochain, faisant le camping le plus grand dans la région avec 800 sites. S’ajoute, le Camping Beauséjour qui planifie ajouter 250 sites. Le “Shédiac Camping Resort” à Cap Brulé attend aussi d’être construit avec un autre 210 sites de Parc roulottes. Il est situé dans la partie est de la Plage Parlee en bordure d’une zone humide adjacente à la communauté de Cap Brulé.  Ce développement prévoit un accès à la Plage Parle par un sentier. Deux de ces terrains de Camping seront construits dans un secteur sujet à l’inondation près d’une zone humide. Les plaines d’inondation et zones humides jouent un rôle important dans l’absorption des eaux de crue et les raz de marée. Ils réduisent aussi le ruissellement de l'eau pluviale qui transporte des bactéries et polluants au long de son parcours jusqu’à un étang d’eau à proximité tel que la Baie de Shédiac et la Plage Parlee, Une fois que la toile de fond naturelle est modifiée, avec l’excavation et le remplissage, le capacité de ces terrains à absorber l’eau et à limiter l’écoulement des eaux pluviaux sont  gravement réduits. Nous demandons au Gouvernement du NB d’immédiatement: 1. Enquêter sur la sources de contamination fécale de l’eau de la Plage Parlee et de Shédiac Bay et de prendre des mesures pour y remédier. 2. Arrêter tout développement de camping et d’expansion dans la région jusqu’à ce que l’eau de la Plage Parlee et du bassin versant de Shédiac soient protégée par des lois et règlementations.   SVP faites suivre vos commentaires par courriel à: 1. Ministre de la Santé du NB: Victor Boudreau: 2. Ministre du Tourisme, John Ames: 3. Ministre de l’Environnement et du Gouvernement Local: Serge Rousselle: 4. Premier Ministre du NB: Brian Gallant: 5. Médecin-chef intérimaire de la Santé du NB, Dr. Jennifer Russell: 6. Maire de la Ville de Shédiac, Jacques LeBlanc: 7. Mr. Bill Murray, Land Administrator, Anglican Parish of Shediac:  land 8. Rev. Kevin Borthwick, Rector, Anglican Parish of Shediac: 9. The Right Reverend David Edwards, Anglican Diocesan Bishop, Anglican Church of Fredericton: 10. Ministre Fédéral des Pêches et Océans: Dominic LeBlanc,                       

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