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Trump Truth: Demand that the CIA Debrief All Americans, not just Electors.

At this point, the citizens of the United States are poised to become divided along political lines more than any time since the Civil War.  We are facing a potentially major shift in domestic and international policies which will dramatically turn our current way of life upside down.  We should be confident that this is the path our country truly intends to follow. It is imperative that all Americans, not just electors and high level government officials and politicians, are directly informed.  All Americans deserve a clear debriefing from the agencies claiming to have "High Confidence" that Russian meddling in US elections undermined the integrity of our collective voting.  Electors, alone, should not be privy to such critical intelligence.  If exceptions are made to them, but not us all, then they will not be making critical decisions that reflect the will of the American people.  As a former U.S. Marine, military brat, family member and friend to many veterans who placed their lives on the line for the values of our country, I am unnerved that we may improperly elect a U.S. President who did not win the election fairly.  Citizens who have served, currently serve and will serve this country deserve clarity.  Lives, limbs and minds have been lost or irreversibly damaged to protect our way of life and to defend the values that we all hold dear.  Now is not the time Americans should take a politicians "word for it".  The debriefing needs to be direct. Please join me in expanding this petition and forcing a full address to the American People regarding the status of this intelligence gathering.  We are the people. We must stand together or divided we will fall.  The lives of our children and future  generations depend on it.  God Bless America and all Americans.   Semper Fidelis, John C. Dunn  

John C. Dunn
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