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Protect Baby Shoshana

I am a mother of two, a registered public health nurse and a survivor of domestic violence. I am now battling my abuser in family court against biased officials who have ignored and dismissed police reports, my sworn statements, the sworn statements of witnesses, evidence that this man has abused me both during my pregnancy with our daughter and prior to that including threatening texts, emails, and eyewitness statements.  I have a restraining order against the father of my child, which I was forced to obtain during my pregnancy due to the father's stalking, harassment, threats, and verbal, emotional and physical abuse. The abuser has traumatized me, traumatized my son by abusing me in front of him, has chemical dependeny issues, has an extensive collection of assault weapons and has abused other children in his care. He has also abused previous partners. He is a proud descendent of a grand imperial wizard of the Georgia KKK hate group. My family is Jewish. During my relationship with him, I was forbidden to practice my religion or even discuss it. During my pregnancy, he attempted to rape me, attempted to convince me to abort the baby and when that failed, attempted to drug me to induce miscarriage.  After leaving the relationship, the abuser threatened to have me involuntarily taken to HCMC psychiatry based on false pretenses and actually filed a false police report in which I had to defend myself against false allegations of "mental instability" in front of my autistic son, in the middle of the night. The abuser has continued to lie, embellish, and create fictitious stories slandering me as a parent, even though I have raised a 9 year old son with autism who is thriving in the care of myself and his biological father, with whom I have a cooperative relationship with.  The father of my daughter sued me for joint custody within weeks of her premature birth. My concerns, the abuse that I suffered, his felony criminal records, his lack of parenting experience, his kidnapping threats have all been discounted by Hennepin County Family Court. He has made many false statements to the court that have been ignored.  Although he has no evidence, he has made many outrageous and unsupported claims about me in order to discredit my testimony. However, he is an accomplished and well practiced and charming liar. Based on his unsupported allegations alone, he has secured unsupervised visitation with this baby.  Like many abusers, this one is continuing his harassment and abuse of the victims through family court. And even though he has clearly demonstrated that he is dangerous, the judge has sided with him. Also common with abusers, is the accusation of "mental instability". I do have mild anxiety and insomnia, but the abuser has exaggerated those mild conditions in order to create a believable backstory of my "mental illness" and to discredit the safety concerns regarding his anger, abuse, and lack of empathy for others.  Shoshana, my daughter, is currently being forced to participate in completely unsupervised parenting time three times a week, with two of those court ordered times requiring her to forgo sleep in order to accommodate the father's visitation. This visitation was ordered based on false allegations that I disputed with lengthy evidence to the judge. However, the judge now appears to be biased against me. My daughter is physically exhausted. She cannot yet speak for herself. Her behavior is becoming erratic and aggressive following visitation. She comes home ravenously hungry and thirsty. But she can't tell me anything about what happened because she's only 13 months old.  I am asking for an investigation into this case by investigators that are familiar with domestic violence.  Thank you. 

Kristina Scott
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Tighten Gun Laws and Save Lives

Guns are very dangerous. In fact, just one shot from a gun can kill a person. This is (hopefully) a commonly known fact. But guns are surprisingly easy to acquire. That's why Congress needs to pass laws to restrict gun purchases. In the United States, in order to buy a gun from a gun store, a person must be a sane, non-criminal adult, among other restrictions. But there are still easy ways to get guns without a background check. In fact, any person that doesn't sell guns as a profession is legally permitted to sell a gun to any other person as long as they 'think' that the person could be a legal gun owner. This is called the gun show loophole. Through the gun show loophole, any disguised criminal or insane person can buy a gun from an unsuspecting owner The solution seems obvious: making the selling of secondhand guns illegal. But congress has been unable to pass anything like that. Guns have killed more Americans since 1968 than all American wars, ever. An easy way to cut down on gun murders would be to close the gun show loophole. If you call your members of national congress and tell them exactly why the gun show loophole is dangerous to their constituents, they will be pressured to work towards fixing it. Please sign this petition and commit to calling your local Representative and both Senators from your state to tell them that you want the gun show loophole closed.

Noah Knishkowy
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