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Petition to Wayne La Pierre

Petition to NRA to Endorse and Lobby for the Michael's Law Amendment to 18 U.S.C. 926A

WHEREAS, the National Rifle Association ("NRA") has been attempting to effect "National Reciprocity" for gun permits for nearly a decade; and WHEREAS, the NRA has not, to date, been successful; and WHEREAS, even if such legislation were to successfully pass Congress and be signed into law by the president, we believe there is a good chance the law would be thrown out by the Supreme Court on 10th Amendment grounds, as using Federal power to coerce states that do not want to grant reciprocity into doing so violates "states' rights;" and WHEREAS, the Small Business in Transportation Coalition ("SBTC") has proposed an amendment to an existing Federal firearms-related statute (18 U.S.C. 926A; Interstate Transportation of Firearms) in furtherance of the U.S. Constitution's Commerce Clause, calling for the statute to be re-entitled: "Interstate Possession, Transportation and Carrying of Firearms;" and WHEREAS, this proposal is referred to as the "Michael's Law Amendment," in honor of an unarmed trucker named Michael Boeglin, who was shot and killed and burned in his truck on June 26, 2014 in Detroit; and  WHEREAS, Americans travelling interstate are routinely the victim of gun violence with no means to protect themselves if the states they go to do not grant reciprocity, including, but not limited to, truckers like Randy Tomblin, Jerry Matson and most recently, a trucker shot today, January 27, 2016; and WHEREAS, this proposed law would apply to all Americans and would not require any Federal registration whatsoever, but would merely reaffirm the Second Amendment insofar as traveling from state-to-state is concerned and would preempt the ability of the states to make laws that apply to interstate transportation of-- and travelling with-- firearms; WHEREAS, the text of this proposed law, in its entirety, is as follows: 18 U.S. Code 926A; (Renamed): Interstate possession, transportation and carrying of firearms... (1) Notwithstanding any other provision of any Federal law or any Federal rule, a person who is an American citizen and is not otherwise prohibited by this chapter from possessing, carrying, transporting, shipping, or receiving a firearm shall be entitled to carry on his person in a loaded, readily-accessible capacity and transport a firearm for any lawful purpose from any place in any state to any other place in a different state in accordance with the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. (2) FEDERAL PREEMPTION The states are hereby preempted from regulating firearms that are transported into, out of, or through their state by a person who is an American citizen and is not a resident of that state, regardless of whether or not the firearm is carried in a loaded, readily-accessible capacity, pursuant to the Commerce Clause of the United States Constitution. NOW, LET IT HEREBY BE RESOLVED that we, the people of the United States of America, including, but not limited to, members of the SBTC and NRA, respectfully request the NRA leadership immediately embrace, endorse, and lobby for the passage of the SBTC's proposed MICHAEL'S LAW AMENDMENT in the interest of protecting all Americans' gun rights.  (Click Here to join the Michael's Law Amendment group on Facebook).

James Lamb
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Petition to President of the United States, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, National Rifle Association, Republican National Committee, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, John Cornyn, Justin Amash, Paul D. Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Ohio State Senate, Ohio State House

Protect the Second Amendment

President Trump, You campaigned on protecting the 2nd Amendment.  You're now flip-flopping and discussing with Democrats ways to restrict firearms. We are making it LOUD AND CLEAR to President Trump and congressman that if you make one more bad deal that infringes upon the 2nd Amendment that we will sit out of the 2018 elections and we will sit out of the 2020 elections, or we may vote for someone else. You have already raised the rifle purchasing age to 21 and passed fixNICS. Keep your Oath to protect and defend our Constitutional Rights or we will find someone who will. President Trump, you better hope the Democrats vote for you over their candidate because that's who you are appealing to right now. We care about our gun rights and we are not going to vote for another gun grabber. To those in Congress, we strongly urge you to vote against every single gun measure that comes up. If you want to be voted for in your reelection then you better make a name for yourself as a strong Second Amendment supporter. If you really want to protect children from these heinous crimes you would install metal detectors on all of the doors to the schools. The doors would be in lockdown mode during school hours. There would be a camera and intercom for those who wanted access to the inside of the school. If the office deemed it safe for them to enter the school, then they would be escorted into the school by a (preferably armed) guard. This could be a police officer. We had a police officer, or "resource officer" at my schools growing up. This could be the school's security. It could be whoever. The main point is NO MORE politicizing tragedies in an attempt to take our firearms. I thought our 2nd Amendment was going to be protected, but the Trump Administration is not what we thought when it comes to protecting the 2nd Amendment/Bill of Rights. This makes me question whether or not my president is acting on his own, or perhaps being manipulated because this would be one of the worst deals in America's political history. I just wonder, "Why the sudden change?" Prove us wrong, President Trump. You proved the media and so many people wrong when you got elected. You can do it again! Show us that you are a true conservative that cares about the Bill of Rights and the rights of every individual American and our ability to defend ourselves against criminals. You said yourself that the MS-13 gangs are coming into our country and flooding certain States. Don't you want those citizens to be able to arm and defend themselves properly? Fight for us President Trump! We are your base, WE got you elected once. We can do it again in 2020 or we can sit on the bench. It's your call now. Show us how good of a deal maker you really are. Make deals with us, not with the Democrats that you railed against during your campaign.

Christopher Highley
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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Effective Gun Laws Eliminating Unauthorized Access To Firearms: Proposal To U.S. Congres

School shootings are almost becoming a new accepted state of affairs in our country because no effective laws are in place or being proposed to stop it.   Below is a proposal that should be put into a bill by our U.S. House of Representatives and submitted for a vote, further below which is the rationale and policy-reasoning behind these proposals: ----------------------------------------------- 1) Mandatory psychological testing (in addition to criminal background checks)- for all persons applying for anything more than a single barrel pump shotgun that loads up to 4 shells.- Your testing result determines the type of gun(s), if any, you could have access to. Passing the criminal background check and this psychological testing can grant access to the standard array of non-mass-casualty-causing rifles and handguns. Passing a higher psychological test result or more stringent test would be required for semi-automatic weapons. An even more stringent FBI-regulated test and background check would be required for anything full-auto. - Standard psychological test results expire every 5 to 10 years, requiring re-testing.  2) Mandatory life in prison for any gun broker who knowingly facilitates a gun sale without ensuring that an up-to-date psych and criminal check has been done on a potential buyer. 3) Mandatory registration with local law enforcement of any private gun sale, mainly to enable law enforcement to ensure that an up-to-date psych and criminal check has been done on a potential buyer. 4) Reckless homicide charge against any person who privately sells a gun to another person without complying with mandatory registration of that sale with local law enforcement, where that gun has been used to unlawfully kill another person, carrying a minimum sentence of 10 years (max of 25 years) per each person killed. 5) Reckless endangerment charge against any person who privately sells a gun to another person without complying with mandatory registration of that sale with local law enforcement, even where that gun has not been used in a crime, carrying a minimum sentence of 4 years (max of 25 years - a lot of discretion depending on the circumstances) per each gun sold.  6) Mandatory gun storage laws- guns must be kept locked within an ATF-approved gun storage unit to which the gun owner has sole access, except when such gun is removed by the owner and kept within the owner's reach and control at all times 7) Reckless homicide charge against any person who does not comply with the mandatory gun storage laws, where that owner's gun has been used to unlawfully kill another person as a result, carrying a minimum sentence of 7 years (max of 20 years) per each person killed. 8) Reckless endangerment charge against any person who does not comply with the mandatory gun storage laws, even where no gun from that owner has been used in a crime, carrying a minimum sentence of 6 months (max of 20 years) per each gun not properly secured. ----------------------------------------------- The two-fold problem of mass shootings stems from people with mental health issues obtaining firearms. The above proposals can completely eliminate school shootings by vetting who has access to certain weapons and eliminating the possibility of unauthorized access. Any bill passed into law by Congress is subject to being challenged on constitutional grounds, and if challenged, runs the risk of being struck down.  This proposal will not be defeated such a challenge, as it can not rationally be argued to infringe or restrict any constitutional rights.  Both Second Amendment rights and the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness stated in our Declaration of Independence need to be reconciled and balanced evenly, because the Second Amendment currently is outweighing our children's right to life and their pursuit of happiness. The above solution would effectively satisfy both rights. Mass shooters are not following the laws because mentally disturbed individuals committed to using guns for crimes are not going to be deterred by laws, especially if they are on a suicide mission like a mass shooting. Laws that create a system that prevents the mentally ill or unauthorized individuals from obtaining and using firearms could likely eliminate mass shootings as it would put a complete stop on those people from getting their hands on guns in the first place. Such requirements are even less restrictive than those imposed on our nation's military, who defend this nation, as their weapons are kept in an armory similar to a bank vault to which they do not have personal access. Reverse engineer the problem. You have psychologically challenged people getting their hands on guns. How? Two main sources are private sales, and having access to them from someone else in their household. Another source is that they can just go out and buy them from a gun store.  A mentally ill individual should not have access to this type of weapon, as our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is entirely compromised and at risk by them doing so.  Statistically (as we see more frequently in the news), when guns are allowed to be kept unsecured in a household, eventually somebody with a mental disorder in some household somewhere is going to get their hands on it.  We read after the fact how their family never knew or suspected that the shooter had a mental disorder.  Mental health diagnoses should be left to professional testing, not our loved ones' gut feelings.  And because of the bias that a loved one has for their family member and the refusal to acknowledge a mental health issue in hopes that it doesn't really exist, unless laws are in place requiring safe storage, guns will continue to be accessible to potentially dangerous individuals.  We need to eliminate the risk of mass shootings at its roots, before the shooting happens.  Please sign and share this petition so that we can submit it to our legislature in hopes for some real common sense and effective gun laws to finally take effect.  

Nicholas Dell'Anno
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