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Take The Schools Say Enough Sidewalk Challenge

Hundreds of schools across the nation have suffered horrific gun violence since Sandy Hook. 7K kids have been gunned down. More than 187K have been traumatized. Enough is ENOUGH. Armed with nothing more than boxes of chalk, students are asking Americans to get down on their hands and knees to bring an end to gun violence. Take the Schools Say Enough Sidewalk Challenge. All you need is a piece of chalk. Write the name of a school, victim, or survivor of gun violence, post a picture or video of your sidewalk chalk protest to social media and nominate five friends to do the same. Or simply write #Enough. Find the list of school shootings since Sandy Hook right here.  Click this tweet and tag five friends! Take the Schools Say Enough Sidewalk Challenge! Chalk the name of a school, a victim, or a survivor of gun violence. Write one name or hundreds. Post your sidewalk chalk protest to social & nominate 5 pals to do the same. List of school shootings: #Enough We vow to keep shouting from the sidewalks until TPTB listen. Here's the whole backstory on the Schools Say Enough Sidewalk Challenge, as well as the Cliff Notes version. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead NEXT STEPS: DIY. Everything you need to make a major statement, including signage, schools names, and stencils. Host our Traveling Installation. We'd love to facilitate the protest with your community. VOTE! Register right here. Follow our journey.  Share. After posting your sidewalk protest to social, send us a photo, poster, or short video.  Support our efforts. Man, all this chalk is adding up fast! Any amount, large or small, would be most appreciated. GCE Lab School is a 501(c)(3).  GCE Lab School is an independent High School that cultivates global citizens ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Through blended, project-based learning, we foster a diverse community of learners who use the city as a classroom to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to courageously take action locally and globally.

GCE Lab School Students
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Students Fighting Guns Since Adults Won't

Adults have failed us. Everyday, we students walk into school with the promise of an education without threat of violence. However, it has become increasingly clear that hallways of schools across America are no longer a guaranteed safe haven. Whether it's an elementary school in small-town Connecticut or a high school in Florida, it's become apparent that school shootings are becoming an expected part of American life. Since 2013, there have been 291 school shootings, with 18 of them happening in 2018 alone. We simply ask how many shootings will it take, how many innocent children have to die, until adults decide we, as our nation's children, are more important than our nation's guns. Therefore, we ask our fellow students to take it upon ourselves to stand up as our adults remain sitting. We demand change. While most students cannot vote, we are not voiceless to our society. There are about 56 million K through 12 students in the United States. If we mobilize this population -- by signing petitions, contacting lawmakers, and utilizing social media -- we can make our presence felt. Ultimately, our goal is to pressure lawmakers to make comprehensive and responsible gun control policy to keep our schools and society safe.  It's not a matter of if anymore, it's a matter of when we will be affected.   Students For Gun Legislation

Julia Kemple
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Justice for Gaffney: With GAFFNEY'S LAW Stop LEO's from being allowed to DRINK & CARRY

On May 13th, 2016, Michael Gaffney 37, beloved, father, son, partner, and friend senselessly died at the hands of an off duty officer that had been drinking and engaged in a bar fight, that ended when the officer chose while under the influence, to shoot an unarmed man. We want a law, Gaffney's Law, to make it illegal, punishable by law, for off duty law enforcement to carry service weapons into any bar or establishment where they intend to consume alcohol. Alcohol and guns don't mix. If you cannot drive under the influence, it only makes sense you shouldn't carry under the influence. Michael Gaffney was not armed, he had no weapons. The officer involved knew Michael, they had been to parties and BBQ's together. Yes, they were both drinking, yes, a fight ensued, but never should an intoxicated officer with a gun solve drunken anger with his service weapon. Police officers are to protect and serve, not get served and shoot. Please, I urge you to consider Gaffney's Law. Make it illegal to mix guns and alcohol, so this might not leave another daughter, girlfriend, mother, and friends without someone they love. We have decided to try to get justice for Michael by helping create Gaffney's Law. Please help us with our petition to change current Attorney General guidelines to make them enforceable laws that prohibit law enforcement from engaging in alcoholic consumption while carrying. Thank you for considering, Gaffney's Law.

Ellen Sona
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Ban Assault Rifles in the US

Note: This petition is supporting an improved version of the original federal Assault Weapons Ban. Now, when gun violence is running rampant in our country, when 96 innocent Americans are fatally shot every day, when countless citizens are forced to live their lives in fear - we know that it is not the time to stay silent, it is the time to act. The deadliest shootings in US history were all committed using an AR-15. Just imagine the countless innocent lives that would have been saved ... and now will be once this ban is enacted. During the original ban on these weapons beginning in 1994, school shooting victims were reduced by 54.4%, and the number of overall mass shootings decreased sharply. When the ban expired, however, the number of mass shootings in the US nearly tripled. With an improved version of this ban, it is only obvious that even more lives will be saved. These weapons cause immense tissue destruction, when compared to other guns, and easily pulverize multiple large organs on impact with only a single bullet. In fact, Ernest Moore, an award-winning trauma surgeon and avid hunter for over 40 years stated that these rifles were, "designed to deliver fatal wounds to multiple individuals within a short time period; having no other purpose." The only possible argument for keeping these weapons would be the constitutionality of the issue, however, this argument is fictitious, as they are not actually protected by the second amendment. With the power of jurisdiction, federal courts have ruled four times that bans on assault weapons were constitutional. In fact, no federal appeals court has ever ruled that assault weapons were protected by the second amendment. This clearly depicts how a ban on assault weapons would not infringe on anyone's rights.  Now, we as a country must make a choice. We can choose a safer future for our children, a future where we have the right to feel secure in our schools and communities, and a future where dozens of innocents are not slaughtered daily. Or, we can choose to do nothing. We can choose to sit back and watch our children shot down, and mass shootings become only more pervasive. But I have faith in our country's people. I believe that we, the citizens of the United States, will make the right choice, the choice for survival. I believe that we will stand together and against all odds, prevail. With this in mind, I strongly urge you to stand with us, to stand on the right side of history and to support this petition to prohibit assault rifles in our country. Sincerely, a student concerned about our nation's future,Lela Tolajian

Lela Tolajian
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