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Amendment XXVIII: Common Sense Gun Control Laws!

When our Founding Fathers ratified Amendment II to the U.S Constitution in December of 1791, they did not realize that weapon technology would evolve overtime; back then muskets were the primary if not the only gun being used. In this day and age, we have people "legally" buying AR-15 rifles that are not necessary for the average citizen to own whether they own it for hunting, protection, or to collect. These are military grade weapons intended for use by military personnel only!!! Hence, our laws are not changing with the times. Since 2013, the United States has experienced at least one school shooting PER WEEK. Not all of them are fatal mass shootings, but that is beside the point. We need a ban on bump stocks, assault rifles, and any form of automatic weapon whether it is a rifle or a hand gun if we want to see any type of change. Why would a person need or even want to own a military grade automatic weapon? I understand that people like to own guns for hunting, but come on! You shouldn't need an AR-15 for hunting game, or any reason, for that matter; automatic weapons are intended for use EXCLUSIVELY by military personnel during battle. Other than that, that is their SOLE and ONLY purpose. Under NO circumstances whatsoever should any American civilian have access to any type of automatic weapon. Americans should have the right to own a firearm and protect themselves and their families, but we need stricter regulations on what guns can be purchased and owned by the average American citizen. We also need a ban on weapon sale and possession in large urban areas like Philadelphia and Detroit, why would you need to own a weapon of any type? There is obviously no game to be hunted and definitely no room for a target shooting setup. Therefore, owning any type of weapon would be arbitrary and unnecessary. Finally, 3D printing of guns and firearms should be classified as a federal offense and illegal nationwide, regardless of whether firearm licensing has been obtained. Terms of the amendment should allow Homeland Security to confiscate any illegal weapons, plus they should require all of the following: Age restrictions Training on proper use Training on proper storage Universal background checks IQ testing Close gun show loophole Place limitations on weapons and ammunition Prohibition of "open carrying" Prohibition of in-home weapon fabrication, including 3D printing of guns Defunding of the NRA You may not think that raging cases of gun violence have had that much impact on the United States, but they have. Here are the biggest impacts: Some people are scared to leave their own homes because of the danger that they fear in the outside world. They fear that there is danger around every corner and are not willing to leave their home for any reason Because of repeated cases in many parts of the country, many people have been forced to evacuate the homes that they love and have been forced to move to completely unfamiliar territory. Many school students have gone virtual because of all the mass school shootings that have occurred in various parts of the nation, they are afraid to attend school in person out of fear that they will be attacked by a violent offender carrying an illegal weapon. Some people don't even feel safe in their own workplaces because of all the mass shootings. The tourism industry in the United States is on the verge of collapsing because of all the mass shooting and tragedies that have occurred. Families have been forced to pay atrocious amounts of money for loved one's funerals due to ineligibility for life insurance. In this day and age, a funeral can cost more than $11,000. Needless to say that these reasons are all very heartbreaking. After you sign this petition, make sure you share it via email or on any social media platforms that you actively use. Please do not let me down. Thank you all so much for your understanding and support. It means the world to me.

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All across the board we hear of gun violence in banks, movie theatres, malls, at public events and unfortunately schools as well. We send our kids off to school, stomach full, warms kisses, and lots of love packed with anxiety due to the fear of not only the distance for that time being until they return, but due to the fear of never seeing them again. Throughout the year of 2022-2023 presently alone we have had over more school shootings than in any year SINCE 1999. That is an astronomical increase. We can take efforts to decrease these events and make our schools stronger by providing bullet proof glass and armed personnel at schools. Schools spend an average budget of 33  billion dollars on school necessities such as lunch, landscaping and restoration not inclusive of education materials or education personnel salaries. If we could cut back on just 20 percent  for a part of the school year, there is a possibility we can afford bullet proof glass in each classroom. If we have the right to bear arms in several states than the only thing keeping our children safe from the arms that are being carried with malicious intent, is a gun proof window. Shootings are increasing every month, every month as parents I'm sure we discuss the topic of school safety and the fear that lingers amongst us while we sleep and wake when we put our kids on that big yellow bus or leave the with a peck on the cheek? Are we going to see them again? will they get off the bus and take your hand? WE need to make sure they do. In order to at least make sure we are doing our part is to come together as a community and request bullet proof glass in our school systems or an armed personnel, if not both. ONE STEP AT A TIME, for the kids because they deserve life. 

Concerned Human
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