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Cut the Crap, Keep the Credit

Belfountain is asking for your help to "STOP" the Town of Erin from building a Waste Water Treatment Plant that will dump its effluent into the West Credit River. We need to protect this beautiful river from the Town of Erin and Hillsburgh's effluent. The West Credit is one of the very few remaining cold water rivers in southern Ontario; its spring-fed waters are unique. The release of treated sewage effluent into this pristine section of the West Credit River will result in irreversible damage and the permanent collapse of our treasured native Brook Trout and Atlantic Salmon fishery. Over time, fish and other aquatics will not tolerate the toxic content of this waste water.  This planned Waste Water Treatment Plant cannot effectively remove life altering and damaging substances such as endocrine disruptors, salt, medications, micro-plastics, etc. The technology is SIMPLY not there. The Headwaters of the Greenbelt has to be a priority! Don’t allow the West Credit River to become an urban growth casualty. Help to protect water, aquatically-sensitive areas, fish, animals, birds and humans. Tell our MPPs that dumping municipal waste effluent into the West Credit River is NOT acceptable, there is a limit to what the river can tolerate. For a flood of reasons, help save the West Credit River! The Ontario Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks will review the file late spring/early summer. Make sure your views are known. Belfountain residents, downstream communities, and all concerned parties, please sign this petition! For further information, visit  

Belfountain Community Organization
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Petition to The Hon. Sarah Guillemard, The Hon. Johnathan Wilkinson

An Independent Public Review Process Needed for CWS Silica Sand Mine Extraction Activities

CanWhite Sands (CWS), an Alberta based company, is proposing to mine 1.3 million tonnes of silica sand a year from the southeastern region of Manitoba for the next 24 years.   The unconventional extraction method employed by CWS, by sucking the silica sand up from far beneath the ground may contaminate, with deleterious substances, the aquifer that supplies potable water for all of southeastern Manitoba, potentially rendering this important source of water unusable for drinking. Before CWS silica sand mine becomes fully operational, they will need to first submit an Environment Act Proposal sometime in 2021, with the Province of Manitoba, for review and approval, for its silica sand mine, the unconventional silica sand extraction method and other mining related activities. We therefore, demand that an independent public panel review process be established to review CWS silica sand mine, its unconventional mining method and the legally required mine closures plan. We also demand that CWS be required to submit a full Environmental Impact Statement, along with the required Environment Act Proposal, for its silica sand mine, unconventional mining method and the require mine closure plan for review by an independent public panel review process. Finally, we demand that the government of Manitoba hold off on issuing an Environmental Licence for CWS silica sand processing facility, until such a time that an independent public panel review process of CWS silica sand mine, its unconventional mining method and the required mine closure plan has concluded and been approved.   

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