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Petition to Red Clay Comedy Festival, Mike Mitchell, Nick Wiger, Feral Audio

Get the Doughboys to review Waffle House Live at the Red Clay Comedy Festival

In 2015, comedy writers Mike Mitchell (The Birthday Boys, The Simpsons) and Nick Wiger (Funny or Die, Comedy Bang! Bang!) created a podcast reviewing the chain restaurants around California. The show's popularity has gotten so giant that there has been demand for the dynamic duo to travel the United States and review chains that are localized to certain regions. One of these great chains, Waffle House, is a 24-hour diner that has a reputation for making delicious food despite having a stripped back atmosphere consisting of only a grill, bar, and a few additional tables. Specifically mentioned by name in the Taco Bell review live at SF Sketchfest as a destination to cover, the world needs to know about the rich flavors of their wholesome waffles, grilled meats, and world-famous hashbrowns, which can be ordered in a variety of styles. Cue the Red Clay Comedy Festival. At last year's event, it played host to a number of excellent comedians such as Colin Quinn, Rory Scovel, Clayton English, Jo Firestone, Dave Stone, and more. It partnered with Project Pabst, a PBR-sponsored music event that created specifically curated music acts for cities like Denver, Portland, and Atlanta. Atlanta, Georgia, also being the home of the Waffle House, would be the perfect place for the Boys to give their opinion on the chain. My goal is to get the Doughboys to perform at next year's festival in order to not only entertain the masses of Atlanta, Georgia, but to let the world know of the great flavors of America's most infamous diner, Waffle House.  

Sam Hodge
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Petition to DHX Media, Netflix, The Program Exchange, King Features Syndicate, General Mills

Revived Dennis the Menace (1986 Animated Series) on Netflix with Brand New Episodes.

Over 30th years ago, the animated series of Dennis the Menace was produced by DIC Entertainment (now owned by DHX Media) was aired on television from 1986 to 1988. It's last only two seasons with 78 episodes (234 segments) and continued running in the 90's and 2000's as well. Based on the popular classic comic strip by Hank Ketcham about Dennis Mitchell, a young blond-haired boy with cowlick who gets into numerous scrapes and adventures along his dog Ruff and his friends Joey, Margaret, Gina, Tommy, PeeBee and Jay. Especially he's getting into mischief that's which end up tormenting his hapless and grouchy next-neighbor, Mr. Wilson. Dennis get involved in all kinds of wild and crazy adventures, but always manages to  save the day. This popular animated is full with laugh, fun and adventure that catch it everyone's hearts for all ages. But what if American's favorite troublemaker is back for more excitement and more trouble? We fans very like to see this wonderful cartoon returns with brand new episodes for more fun, more adventures and more mischievous. It's not a reboot or remake, it's "REVIVAL"! With same energy, adventurous and humor of Hank Ketcham's spirit, but more advanced animation quality and richer colors in normal 2D traditional hand-drawn like it was before instead crummy CGI or choppy Adobe flash. The opening credits would be re-recorded version of original 80's theme and the closing credits will be new and different segment. Hopefully featuring the new voice casts for Dennis and his gang, plus the returning of the legendary voice actor (Maurice LaMarche from Pinky & the Brain and Futurama) as the voice of Henry Mitchell, Ruff and George Wilson ever since Phil Hartman die in 1998. And (Madeline: Stevie Vallance) as the voice of Martha Wilson and Alice Mitchell. If anybody are biggest Dennis the Menace fans out there, please sign this petition and we'll be extremely grateful if DHX Media, King Features, General Mills and The Program Exchange would bring back Dennis the Menace as the revival series on Netflix and if they could co-production with other animation studios from Japan and: or South Korea to do overseas animated this show. Everybody will enjoy Dennis and the rest lovable characters once again in new episodes and Direct-to-Video movie series. There is no other brats but with a kindhearted like Dennis the Menace.

Douglas Sheehan
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