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Petition to Robert Redford, Reed Hastings, AMC Entertainment


All of the actors and crew in The Red Road are simply amazing. From Jason Momoa to Kiowa Gordon to Martin Henderson to Tamara Tunie to Allie Gonino to Annalise Basso to Tom Sizemore to Wes Studi.  It ended too suddenly.  A week after the last show you pull the plug. You reel the fans in by giving us two free episodes on Sundance (for those of us who don't subscribe to the Sundance channel) and then four episodes later you end it all.  I paid to watch those last four episodes because I am a devoted fan of the show.  If renewed for Season 3, I would do it again. I am sure there are many fans who would do the same. We all understand this is business. But that doesn't affect the fans. None of that is our concern. That is for you and whomever to work out.  The end result should be satisfaction of your customers which happens to be us.  I'm going to imagine that this will have a negative affect on Sundance TV.  It will for me. If you want to keep your good reputation by giving your customers what they want, then I am suggesting you come up with a plan to renew Season 3. I am a huge fan of Jason Momoa. He has many many fans worldwide. We all love to fantasize and imagine what it would be like to be a part of his world. But his fans embraced him as Phillip Kopus. We were there on his journey. We all were hoping he would find happiness and peace in whatever he wanted to do. When he hurt, we hurt. When he cried, we cried. When he laughed, oh my gosh did we ever light up. But Kopus was a complicated fella. Now that has all ended. You, Sundance TV, have taken this away from us. Kopus is no more. Jason Momoa is no more. Please bring back The Red Road for his fans. For me. PLEASE.

Barbara Wong-Shing
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Petition to Genndy Tartakovsky, Cartoon Network, Warner Brothers, Time Warner, Brian A. Miller

Create an Alternate Ending for Samurai Jack

After almost 16 years, Samurai Jack has finally come to an end. And while this new season was great, and the finale was satisfying in so many ways, the ending has left many fans divided. The decision to have Ashi die was very emotionally powerful, and the final shot signifying hope was beautiful, but there are several fans who feel dissatisfied over this decision. Some would like to at least see the possibility of Jack and Ashi being together after investing so much time in these characters. That is why we ask for an alternate ending, one where Ashi lives in some way, to be made for the DVD release of season 5. This would mean the world to so many fans who would like to see this happen, even if it wouldn't be the official ending. Samurai Jack is an amazing show, and there are those of us who can't be fully satisfied until something like this happens. We hope to be heard, and for the possibility of an alternate ending to be considered by the series creator, Genndy Tartakovsky, and by Cartoon Network. When I started watching Samurai Jack to get caught up for season 5, I never could have imagined how much I would love it by the time it came to a close. And the fact that I'm now going out of the way to get this ending speaks volume to what a truly special show this is. I personally would love to see a happy alternate ending. Thank you for your time and consideration.  

Nathaniel Roark
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Petition to The Walt Disney Company

Add Pocahontas and Mulan to the 17" Limited Edition Disney doll line

In 2009 disney started a line of 17” limited edition dolls that began with the release of Snow White. These dolls are unique due to their size and detail, reimagining the characters we love from our favorite Disney movies. Since then Disney has continued to release these collectable dolls featuring the princesses, heros and villains from some of their most popular films. It is no surprise that these dolls have become extremely popular among Disney fans and doll collectors. Each year the excitement grew as a princess from the princess line was reimagined into a 17” collector doll often being celebrated with a line of merchandise featuring said princess. With Jasmine being featured as the doll in 2015 two princesses were noticeably left to be made in order to complete the line, Pocahontas and Mulan. Now, in 2016, they have again been neglected and Disney has seemingly decided to start from the beginning releasing characters that have already been done simply in a new outfit. Collectors have found themselves disappointed that Pocahontas and Mulan, both being a part of the official Disney princess line, have been overlooked and remain unmade in favor for characters who have multiple 17” doll renditions. For those of us who put a lot of time and money into collecting we’d like to be able to complete the princess line and add two unique and important characters to our collections.

Anna thecollector
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