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Petition to Oliver G. Gilbert III, Lisa C. Davis, Rodney Harris, Erhabor Ighodaro, Lillie Q. Odom, David Williams Jr., Felicia Robinson

Remove the Red Light Camera Program in Miami Gardens, Florida

In 2008, the red light camera program was introduced to Miami Gardens, FL. In June 2014, the State Supreme Court ruled that multiple cites in Florida including, Hollywood, Aventurua, and  Miami Gardens violated their authority when they created their red light programs between 2008-2010. Red light camera programs are perceived to prevent accidents and leads to safer roads. But questions arises about whether the cameras are accomplishing their stated goal of improving driver's safety especially after a December report from the State Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. That report, which tracked 276 camera monitored intersections, said crashes actually increased by about 15% after the cameras were installed. This report highlights that the red light camera programs are more about revenue than safety. ATS, other private agencies and the City of Miami Gardens are making millions of dollars off of its citizens the fines are illegal and taken money off of the citizens in an illegal way. In June 2014, despite this ruling the City of Miami Gardens City Counsel voted to approve two agreements with the red light program vendor Arizona based American Traffic Solutions (ATS).  The agreement now gives the authority to issue potential red light violations to the city manager and not law enforcement agencies. It also states that , "ATS does not now and never has exercised discretion in deciding" on the violation. The changes come after a recent opinion was issued in a case in Broward's Fourth District Court of Appeal, City of Hollywood Vs. Arem, and stated the company ATS appeared to be making  the decisions under violations. Following the Arem decision Miami Gardens and other cities, including Aventura, Margate, and Florida City has been named in class action law suits.  ATS is now facing numerous Federal law suits in Federal Court including one brought by a group of five Hialeah residents. The City of North Miami's Mayor Smith Joesph and the Mayor of Hialeah Carlos Hernandez, cancelled their cities contract with ATS and  has set the precedence  for standing up for its City's citizens by removing the red light camera program from its city. Now we the Citizens of Miami Gardens demand that Mayor Oliver Gilbert III and the City's Counsel remove the illegal Red Light Camera program from the City.  

Jahirie Alexander
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Petition to Congress of the United States

Ask Congress to establish job qualifications for presidential candidates

 This petition is to ask the United States Congress to establish and codify standards and qualifications for becoming President of the United States.  It appears there are no standards or qualifications required of anyone who may become President of the United States, other than citizenship, age and residency.  The job of being the President is arguably the most difficult job of all.  There should be some basic minimum qualifications for anyone who wants to apply for this job in the future.  Applicants for this job (i.e. potential candidates for president) should be required to demonstrate that they possess the necessary qualifications by means of taking written and oral tests and having a physical and mental health exam done by professionals chosen by congress.  The results of all these tests and exams should be made public at the time the individual becomes a candidate. Before becoming a candidate for President, each person shall: 1.    Have demonstrated knowledge of how government works, and what the duties and limits are for each of the three branches of the government. 2.    Have demonstrated basic knowledge of the history of the United States, the history of the world, and current events. 3.    Have demonstrated knowledge of the State Department and principles of diplomacy and a basic knowledge of the other major departments of the federal government. 4.    Have demonstrated basic knowledge of the various branches of the military. 5.    Have demonstrated strong ability to communicate in writing and orally.  Applicant should be able to write a short coherent essay and give a short coherent speech. 6.    Should have demonstrated critical thinking skills and ability to analyze a problem and come up with multiple possible solutions to the problem. 7.    Should have demonstrated understanding of the scientific method, and the definition of a scientific theory. 8.    Have demonstrated the ability to handle stress, keep a secret, and determine fact from fiction, tell the truth, and accept responsibility for mistakes;  have demonstrated the ability to feel empathy and compassion; be free from paranoia, delusions and dementia, as determined by a standardized government - administered mental health exam. 9.    Have the physical ability to perform the duties of the President as determined by a standardized government - administered health exam. 10. Release at least the last 5 years of personal tax returns, and any business and trust tax returns associated with the potential candidate.  

Susan Robinson
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Petition to San Antonio City Council, Bexar County Commissioners Court

Require all San Antonio City Council candidates to submit a Nominating Petition

The flooding of our ballot in previous San Antonio municipal elections has been detrimental to our democratic process. In 2017, there were fourteen Mayoral candidates, ten District 9 candidates, and ten District 10 candidates - a total of 79 candidates for the Mayor and all districts. This high number of candidates causes the following problems in our elections: 1. Harder for citizens to become fully-informed voters. 2. Higher likelihood of voter mistakenly voting for unintended candidate 3. Increased possibility that candidate will be placed on the "second page" of an electronic voting machine ballot. 4. Increased possibility of election sabotage by candidates with closely related names to popular candidates 5. Increased possibility of candidates on ballot who do not meet residency requirements. Bob Rivard of The Rivard Report outlined his case for local election reform in this article. I am proposing (w/ openness to flexibility) to require Mayoral candidates to obtain 500 signatures each and District Council Candidates to obtain 100 signatures each. The best part about this solution is that it would not deter any serious candidates from getting their name on the ballot but it would require all candidates to prove their commitment to campaigning and gain support from San Antonio voters before they are granted a place on the ballot. 

Paul DiGiovanni
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