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Petition to California State Senate

Provide Transitional Kindergarten in all age-eligible California school districts

The Kindergarten Readiness Act (SB 1381), passed in September 2010, changed the required birthday for admission to kindergarten in California from December 2 to September 1. SB 1381 also created a new program for young 5 year olds (those turning five between September 2 and December 2) called transitional kindergarten. According to the California Department of Education, all age-eligible California school districts are required to provide transitional kindergarten. However, some do not. In particular, some basic aid districts (districts who receive little state funding, because their revenue from local property taxes exceeds what they would receive under the Local Control Funding Formula) have chosen to not offer transitional kindergarten.  I am a parent of a child whose birthday falls between September 2-December 2. He will not be 5 by September 1, therefore unable to start kindergarten until the following year. I recently discovered my son’s school district no longer offers transitional kindergarten. They say they are a basic aid district and receive no funding from the state for the program. The bill's author, retired State Senator Joe Simitian, argues that parents such as myself can either, “persuade their [school] board to provide the program...litigate, or they can ask the state Legislature to reconfirm the fact that (transitional kindergarten) is a requirement.” I am asking my state legislature to do the latter. While this bill was passed into law eight years ago, California school districts are clearly not all in agreement with its current language, leaving parents such as myself confused about our options for choice.  I have spoken with my son’s school district and their response to me was that there was no funding in their budget for a program that is not state mandated. However, per the TK funding page ( “according to School Services of California, ‘For funding purposes, transitional kindergarten (TK) is kindergarten. Any funding (federal, state, and local) currently provided to local educational agencies (LEAs) to support kindergarten (K) also includes TK pupils.’” Furthermore, "the 2015-16 state budget further clarified the law to allow school districts to enroll 4 year olds even if they turn 5 after the December cutoff date, providing another local option to get more children ready for kindergarten." Please help me reconcile my son's school district's interpretation of the law with what the California Department of Education,, Senate Bill 1381, and EdCode 48000c claim is true. Reconfirm the fact that transitional kindergarten is a requirement in California and that "districts must offer TK and kindergarten classes for all age-eligible children to attend." Thank you! Katherine Fitzpatrick San Diego, California  

Katherine Fitzpatrick
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Petition to Donald Trump, Betsy DeVos, Virginia Foxx, Duncan Hunter, Phil Roe, Glenn Thompson, Bobby Scott, Susan Davis, Raul Grijalva, Joe Courtney, Marcia Fudge, Jared Polis, Tim Walberg, Frederica Wilson, Brett Guthrie, Todd Rokita, Lou Barletta, Luke Messer, Bradley Byrne, Dave Brat, Glenn Grothman, Elise Stefanik, Suzanne Bonamici, Mark Takano, Alma Adams, Mark DeSaulnier, Donald Norcross, Lisa Blunt Rochester, Raja Krishnamoorthi, Rick Allen, Carol Shea-Porter, Adriano Espaillat, Jason Lewis, Francis Rooney, Paul Mitchell, Tom Garrett, Lloyd Smucker, Drew Ferguson, Ron Estes, Karen Handel

Protect kids without a voice!

The goal of this petition is to give special needs children a voice! To ensure the safety and fair treatment of kids who cannot speak up for themselves, I believe it should be signed into law that every special needs classroom be required to install cameras to protect our most vulnerable citizens. Special needs children oftentimes get abused and mistreated by the people we entrust to teach them as was the case with my niece and several of her classmates over a long period of time. These children are in the same classroom with the same teachers for years and are in school up to 22 years of age and this in turn lets the teachers get too comfortable. This is not to say that there are not great special ed/special needs teachers but there are horrible people in every trade as was the case with my niece and many others! Schools often times over look complaints from parents thinking they are being overly protective or out of laziness. Please help bring attention to this by signing this petition and giving vulnerable children a voice. I have directed this petition at our President, Betsy DeVos (Secretary of Education) and House Representatives!

Brittney Roark
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Petition to Arthur F. Golden, '66, Kareem I. Muhammad ’01

Retain Student Control Over the Rensselaer Union

On September 27, 2017, Chairman of the RPI Board of Trustees, Arthur F. Golden '66, J.D., sent a message to the RPI community. Following three unsuccessful attempts, beginning in 2016, to remove student control from the historic Rensselaer Student Union, Arthur F. Golden informed the RPI community that RPI President, the Honorable Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, Ph.D., had been granted the sole authority with respect to "...any decisions on the hiring, formal reporting line, removal, and other terms and conditions of employment of the Director of the Union," effectively disregarding any power the Rensselaer Union Constitution and Student Government once had.  Students were not consulted about these changes.  For the first time in 127 years, the successfully student-run Rensselaer Union has ceased to be operated by students. Yes, the building is still there, the clubs, organizations, and intramural sports still exist, services like banking and dining remain operational, and study spaces and meeting rooms are available, but the student experience will soon become a shell of what it once was. There will be no more freedom, no more meaningful choices, no more risk-taking opportunities like starting a club or hosting a specific event, no real say in what matters.   The student experience born from a student-run union and treasured by so many RPI alumni and students may soon no longer exist.  Students will not have the power or control to shape the present and future of their Union.  The RPI community must unite and fight before our beloved cornerstone of the student experience is lost forever! Please sign and share this petition if you disagree with the Board of Trustees’ recent decisions to give Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson unilateral control over the Director of the Union position and to allow the Union Constitution and 127 years of Rensselaer Union tradition to be trampled.  Let’s send the RPI Administration and Dr. Jackson a collective message of our own: our unwavering support of a student-run Rensselaer Union. Visit and for the most up-to-date content.

Stephen VanRensselaer
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