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Petition to Nikolai P. Vitti, Duval County School Board, Cheryl Grymes, Scott Shine, Ashley Smith Juarez, Paula D. Wright, Constance S. Hall, Becki Couch, Warren Jones

Recess for DCPS

We are here to restore recess in our schools. Time allocated to recess has been taken away for academic instruction and testing. Recess is an indispensable component to a child's education because it promotes their "social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development." (American Academy of Pediatrics, Council on School Health. The crucial role of recess in school. Pediatrics. 2013). The role of recess has long been understood and supported by years of extensive empirical evidence about what children need to thrive and succeed in their academic pursuits. Failing to provide it undermines what our schools are trying to achieve.  We the undersigned current and future parents and caregivers of students in the Duval County Public School System (DCPS), taxpayers, and residents of Duval County, do hereby petition the School Board of Duval County Public Schools and Superintendent Nikolai P. Vitti to mandate a daily scheduled time for all students in Pre-kindergarten through grade 5 to have at least 20 consecutive minutes of supervised, safe, and unstructured free-play recess per day, 5 days per week, preferably outdoors (weather permitting). Free-play recess shall not be withheld for academic or punitive reasons. Free-play recess shall not replace nor be a substitute for physical education.  Specifically, we petition the Superintendent to recommend and for the School Board to adopt a formal Recess Policy. The language should read: “Recess for students in grades PK-5 shall consist of 100 minutes of weekly safe, supervised, unstructured free-play recess so that there are at least 20 consecutive minutes of free-play recess per day. Free-play recess shall not be withheld for academic or punitive reasons." The DCPS Superintendent and School Board shall ensure strict compliance with this Policy and provide specific guidance to school administration on the implementation and enforcement of the Policy. Recess. In every school. In every classroom. For every elementary student. Every day.

Elizabeth Ross
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Petition to State Bar of Texas

Stop Attorney Nona Matthews from Harming Children in Our Justice System

 Above you will see a picture of Attorney, Ms. Nona Matthews. Our 12 year old son was the victim of her flagrant abuse and egregious decisions four years ago and he continues to be victimized by Ms. Nona Matthews for flagrant abuse of law.  Texas Attorney, Nona Matthews (Bar Code 00787982), represents school districts in the state of Texas regarding issues arising from the mistreatment of disabled students across the state. IMPORTANT: THE MAJORITY OF THIS ACTIVITY HAPPENED UNDER HEAVY SEAL IN THE LOWER FEDERAL COURT. JUDGE JOHN MCBRYDE DID NOT EVEN ALLOW THE FAMILY (CASE PARTICIPANTS) ACCESS TO THEIR OWN COMPLAINT. IT WASN'T UNTIL WE GOT TO 5TH CIRCUIT THAT WE COULD SEE ALL OF NONA MATTHEWS' ILLEGAL ACTIVITY.  She is well known for being extremely unethical in redacting factual information from records to cover the truth. She is doing this under deception of using the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act also known as the acronym FERPA. The Act was created to conceal the child's identifiable information and NOT to be used to conceal the actual facts crucial to the knowledge of events in the judicial system. Redacting and covering those facts in records is unethical and does not allow justice to be served. It is deception. Nona also TAMPERS with evidence and changes government documents, blatantly lies and commits subornation of perjury. In Federal Court, she did much of this under heavy seal that even the family (case participants) were not allowed to access her illegal activity until well after the fact. This is all a fun game to NONA MATTHEWS - what's worse is that she intentionally and deliberately did this as a FACT WITNESS and decision maker to a disabled child harming a child permanently.   A good case is fought by the laws that protect the school districts, not by unethical acts Ms. Nona Matthews takes in hiding the truth ultimately harming disabled children and the judicial process further that is to fairly protect all as our legal system was intended to do.  Presently, we have a case in our legal system that she is doing much of the same to the ultimate harm of our minor young son that has continually been harmed by her tactics including making intentionally CRUEL and FALSE allegations in her briefs. It is deplorable and preventing justice from taking place. Ms. Nona Matthews also redacted facts that we took to the Hurst-Euless-Bedford School District School Board Grievance against the school district's Vice Principal Damon Emery for committing perjury in a Texas Education Agency Hearing also known as TEA. Ms. Nona Matthews redacted facts in order that the school board was not able to see what actually took place. Her acts have prevented justice from being served in the legal court system as well and she continues to do these extremely unethical acts to the detriment of many Disabled children across the state of Texas and to the detriment of justice being served. She has done this in legal filings in the court system as well. This is one of many very unethical acts she has taken in the TEA Hearings and the U.S. Court system including intentionally misrepresenting facts as she biasly protects herself for poor decisions she made. A good attorney fights with good caselaw and the laws set up by our country to protect the rights of all people with a fair, ethical, unbiased court proceeding. Harming children with these unethical acts is inexcusable and deplorable. These unethical acts have harmed Autistic children, children with ADHD and other learning disabilities in the schools across the state of Texas.  Additionally, Ms. Nona Matthews has also intervened with the Texas Education Agency Investigation team by asking certain TEA employees not to investigate complaints brought by parents for the safety of their children. She is doing this to protect her own bad decisions as well as unethically intervening with the Texas Education Agency investigations that are to protect children and teachers both. We ask that the process is allowed to go through without Ms. Nona Matthews unethical interventions.  We ask that Ms. Nona Matthews be fully investigated and disbarred for flagrant abuse of the law.  She has made thousands of dollars winning cases illegally. There are many that can attest to this as you will see in the comment section of this petition. Please sign our petition to help have Ms. Nona Matthews removed from the judicial system to prevent her from further harming Texas DISABLED CHILDREN and the legal system from doing the work it was intended to do to bring fair, ethical justice for all.   PETITIONING FOR CHANGE AND PLAYING FOR CHANGE!  Please sign this petition with ONE click on behalf of our son and all children's disability rights...we NEED Change for these children!!   IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS PETITION, PLEASE READ THROUGH THE UPDATES.   

Kristie Cripps
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Petition to Netflix

#13ReasonsWhy: Tell Netflix to Stop Risking Lives

"Thirteen Reasons Why" is a novel written by Jay Asher. Common Sense Media describes it as a "disturbing suicide novel” which “examines bullying and indifference." The book was published October 18, 2007. Four years later, it topped the New York Times best-seller list. Recently, it became the latest Netflix top hit in less than a month, making suicide a viral sensation.  The last time suicide struck my family was five months ago. I lost four loved ones to suicide within a short time, starting with the loss of my sister. She died February 26, 2015. She left behind a daughter who turned eleven this month. I keep her in mind as I write this.  I know a thing or two about suicide contagion. When I was a teenager in high school, a fellow student took his life. My classmates and I were left wondering why.  I compared the pain in his life to mine and wondered why I was still alive. Like one in five high school students, I had a diagnosable mental health disorder and struggled with suicidal ideation. While his suicide is not what caused me to want to kill myself, it clouded my mind so much that I couldn’t think of a good reason not to take my own life. So, I attempted. Netflix has given teenagers around the world thirteen reasons to kill themselves and neglected to consider that not all of us have voices in our lives that remind us why we should fight to stay alive.   Years later, after my sister died, I found myself asking the same question: "Why?" I blamed myself. When 13 Reasons Why hit the limelight, even though I knew better than to expose myself to the graphic and intense depiction of suicide, even though I knew it would trigger my grief, I forced myself to watch. I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. I’ll be honest, it didn’t take long for me to turn it off. All I could see and all I could hear was my sister. As tears filled my eyes, I thought of her daughter and wondered if my voice on social media was going to impact her life. I wondered if she was watching. She’s so advanced for her age, this seems like a show she might watch. If not, it is only a matter of time. If she started to think about her mom, if she started down the same grief-stricken path I did, would she have the strength to turn it off? Would it get her thinking about suicide? Not in the healthy and productive way that makes some teenagers reach out to their parents and say, “Hey, I just watched a really upsetting show. Can we talk about it?” Rather, in a way that would make her wonder, like I did in high school, if there is any point to living at all. I don’t know what I would do, what her family would do, if she killed herself. I’m coming to you to ask you to speak out and stand up for every person who cannot turn the show off. I’m asking you to stand up and defend every teenager who doesn’t have a supportive adult in their life paying attention to the shows they watch. Corporations such as Suicide Awareness Voices of Education (SAVE) and The Mighty have stepped up to offer tips and support for parents and teens who watch 13 Reasons Why. They’ve acted to speak out against airing suicide through celebrity-tinted camera lenses. They’ve raised awareness amid the hype. But it isn’t enough. While educated professionals and national Media Reporting Guidelines are screaming the dangers, teenagers around the world are tuning in to watch. When their browser lands on, they are greeted with the show’s artistic cover surrounded by Finding Dory and seven other animated family films; the deadly risks hidden by red carpet and profit. When children cannot protect themselves, it is our job, as adults, to protect them! I come to you as a bereaved suicide loss survivor, a suicide attempt survivor, an aunt, but mostly, as a mom. We know the risks of recklessly throwing suicide around on social media. Let us rise to show how the power of social media can help minimize the risks of suicide attempt and loss. With awareness comes great responsibility. Tell Netflix to turn the show OFF.

Grace Durbin
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Petition to Lorraine Sterritt

Thy Virgin Trees Stand Tall: Academy Alumnae In Support of Salem Sits Movement

The Alumnae of Salem Academy care to express our support for the “Salem Sits Movement”. We applaud the women of “Salem Sits” for their clarity in vision, self-determination and sense of unity.  We believe in a Salem that provides a profound foundation for women of excellence. Our concern lies in the inferior conditions that our sisters on the western hill have brought to our attention. Causes For Concern Since it’s inception, Salem has grounded herself in building a community that is especially equipped for women’s needs. We also pride ourselves, based on Salem’s Moravian values, on being pioneers in fair treatment for all people and in women’s education.  We are saddened that Wellesley and Barnard, though upstanding institutions in their own right, have to be cited as the precedents for establishing non-gender biased policies.  Salem, founded a full 100 years earlier than Wellesley, should be leading women’s education. Yet we have sat idle, building a slippery slope that can only be resolved through progressive action.  Traditions at Salem should be those of Lovefeast and Founder’s Day where we celebrate the legacy of Moravian values. Instead, new traditions have been created like regularly missing class due to food poisoning and a discriminatory and belittling collegiate environment. This all makes for a far cry from the College’s motto of “Knowledge and Virtue”. Recommended Actions We, too, believe that all members of the Salem community, including, but not limited to, faculty, staff, board and trustees, are to be held to the same high ethical standard that is mandated within The Honor Code. The obligation to purchase a meal plan, while a seemingly good way to ensure that students will be fed throughout the semester, forces students to eat food that may not best suit their dietary needs and can cause additional financial burden on college students who may already be plagued with the high costs of higher education.. Requiring students to invest in a program from which they get no dividends is unjust. We ask that you hold all vendors up to moral standard and consider more contracts with women/minority-owned business in order to economically empower women inside and outside of the Salem community.  We welcome and support Salem Sisters of all gender identities. As many of us grow disillusioned from our political leaders, may Salem lead by example and provide a stronger connection between the students and the governing board. This helps to ensure the institutions’ interests are aligned with those of the students. In addition, it would be in the College’s best interest to be transparent in how these individuals are selected to eliminate as many conflicts of interests as possible.   We hold the Salem Academy & College administration accountible for the course of action President Sterritt has outlined in her official response to the movement.  Consequences We demand transparency throughout this process. If the administration fails to follow through with their outlined actions, our beloved institution has the potential to undo the legacy that 245 years of educational excellence could only build. The financial consequences range from: code violations, enrollment shrinkage to decreased alumnae support. The reputation of our school and the well-being of our Sisters, of all genders, are at stake. The women of “Salem Sits” are standing in the same spirit of bravado as those sixteen girls and women who walked more than 500 miles from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. As Salem sits, we stand. Standing on the shoulders of Sister O as she smiles at the initiative and self-worth this movement demonstrates.  Let us walk together as we work to ensure that the beauty of thy heritage, forever shall endure.

Abrea Armstrong
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