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Petition to Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations), International Monetary Fund, United Nations

Stop Money laundering, illicit funding and Terrorist Funding in Lebanon.

We take a stand UNITED to return our stolen funds. We have had enough, our lives, our future for ourselves and children has come to a holt. We demand a full investigation to bring those responsible to justice, convicted and ridden from our lives. Kellon always meant Kellon.  The Lebanese government & central bank NEEDS an Investigation NOT assistance. The corrupt will always be corrupt.  The Lebanese Government, Politicians and the Central Bank have been taking advantage of the citizens, systems, laws and funding from countries internationally and nationally. The level of Corruption and terrorism is visible. It does not require an expert to research. This is a international agenda, which concerns numerous countries with legislations on laundering, illicit funding and terrorist funding. These laws, frameworks and organisations are applicable and enforceable through international treaties and international laws. We ask you all to hold whoever is responsible accountable for their actions. FATF Mena follow up report: Lists predicate offences related to money laundering and the articles criminalising them. These Laws have not been enforced by the Government or BDL. These are criminal offences.  International Human rights laws reflects core international human rights and customary international laws. These include Human Rights, Terrorism and counter Terrorism. Human Rights have been breeched in almost every article, they have been recorded without any action taken by HRW, OHCHR or any other country. We need an investigation, action not words. The influence of Hezobollah and now Iran are clear indications of terrorism and funding. The purpose of anti-terrorism laws was to stop this type of funding and protect citizens and countries. The Lebanese citizens and diaspora are mortified at the level of accountability, corruption and terrorist funding which has been allowed to continue for decades without any investigation from outside sources. Secrecy on accounts in this situation should not apply, billions of dollars have been stolen from Lebanon and from other countries good faith, every account in safe havens should be transparent. This is an international emergency which requires urgent attention and investigation.  The IMF and World Bank and any other international monetary, parliament or country is responsible to investigate and put an end to terrorist funding and corruption especially when these funds can be followed globally.   The Central bank holds the information, unlawful, non conforming which include international banking laws. The politicians, government past and present not only are involved in a number of schemes to steal funds also conducting themselves in a manner of deceit, manipulation and corruption in its highest form. They play the pity game with the international community and neglect the country.  We asked for a government that we can look up to and trust. We got a government that is Hezoballah backed, along with violence, murder, hunger, unemployment, no money, no health, no electricity, no water, no medication, no hospital, and an unconstitutional unlawful confidence vote to the new government. They do not benefit the country in any shape or form, not nationally or internationally. They need to step down and allow an honest and transparent government that works for the people.  We do not want WAR we want a right to life.  GOD BLESS OUR LEBANON-LETS MAKE A STAND TOGETHER-ONE HAND ONE HEART 

A right to Life LEBANON UNITED
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Petition to Brad Banducci

Imported Honey to be banned or labelled with Country of Origin. Eg. China, Argentina...

With over 181000 signatures our government must act now to save the Australian beekeeping industry.  Imported honey can carry different strains of diseases that can effect not only Australian honeybees but over 1500 indigenous bee species. One disease American Foul Brood is presently decimating bee colonies. AFB disease can be spread easily by animal lovers feeding birds and possums honey outdoors. Often people use cheap imported honey to feed animals and birds. We can learn from the prawn industry. Innocently people used imported prawns for bait which decimated the local prawn industry. The same thing is happening to our bees due to imported honey. With large packers importing huge amounts of imported honey Australia’s reputation overseas has been tarnished. Only a minuscule amount of honey entering the country is tested for purity each year, and as such there is a high chance of impure honey - which has either been produced by supplemental feeding of bee colonies or adulterated with other sweeteners entering the country undetected. This imported honey mostly from China is blended with Australian honey than reexported which means Australia is now considered a high risk country to buy honey from.   Australian food industry is dependent on honeybee pollination. For the pollination industry to remain strong we need a healthy bees and a healthy honey industry within Australia. By banning the importation of honey into Australia it will strengthen the pollination industry . Australian wholesale honey prices have been declining. If this continues many beekeepers with leave the pollination industry. Australian Beekeeper’s are receiving an unfair price. New Zealand banned imports and their wholesale price of honey is $12 a kilogram because of imports Australian Beekeeper’s are being paid as low as $3.10 a kilogram . Australia is the only continent in the world free of Varroa Destructor so our honey is free from chemical treatments. Australian Honey is some of the purist in the world our beekeepers deserve to be paid a premium price. Corporations are confusing consumers by not adding country of origin on their imported honey. Many Australian’s believe they are buying Australian honey when in fact it is Chinese honey blended with Australian honey. It is unfair Australians do not know the country of origin on the honey they purchase. Honey Packers that don’t import Chinese HoneyJohn Edmonds. ‭0412 735 179‬Beechworth Honey Stuckey 0412 977 261Australian Natural. Andre 0413 497 911 Gather By Jenna 0417 495 862. Honey down under 07 32712830Australian Beekeepers Cooperative 07 3881 3417 Super Bee Archibald   Please support Australian Beekeepers by paying a fair price for honey.   STATEMENT REGARDING CAPILANO HONEY Effective today, legal proceedings between me and Hive & Wellness Australia Pty Limited (formerly known as Capilano Honey Limited) and Ben McKee have been settled. The legal case was commenced following statements I had made about Hive & Wellness Australia, its honey brands and its CEO Ben McKee. In my enthusiasm for bee advocacy and raising awareness about imported honey sold in Australia I overreached in some statements at the time of making them. I wish to clarify that, despite my previous statements: (a) "Capilano" branded honey sold within  Australia with labels stating 100% Australian honey or 100% pure Australian honey was made of 100% Australian honey and does not contain Imported honey; (b) I did not have a proper basis for using the words toxic or poison to describe Hive & Wellness Australia's brands, or otherwise suggest they were dangerous to consumers; and (c) Hive & Wellness Australia was not dishonest in its labelling of honey. In my frustration with the issues I perceived as arising from the amounts of foreign honey being imported into Australia, I made passionate remarks that I did not have the proper basis for making. Hive & Wellness Australia and Save the Bees Australia are each devastated by the bushfires burning in Australia and their effect on bee keepers and Australia's forests and wildlife. Please help assist those most in need and, if you are able to, donate to a bushfire relief program of your choice. Together with Hive & Wellness Australia and Ben McKee, I prioritise the importance of bee keeping and bees to Australia and look forward to promoting these interests in my future endeavours.      

Simon Mulvany
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