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Protect the Special Prosecutor Robert S. Mueller from Removal

To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this petition to rally support for the protection of the special counsel to the U.S. Justice Department Robert S. Mueller. The investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election is one of the most important investigations in U.S. history and it should be allowed to run its course. This investigation is about more than party politics -- it hits at the absolute core of the American people's trust in the government we elect. The revelations listed below, which have come to light at various points since Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert S. Mueller as special prosecutor, present serious concern that Donald J. Trump and the GOP establishment may be trying to subvert due process: 1.) Donald J. Trump tried to fire Robert S. Mueller in June -- His own White House counsel, Donald McGahn, threatened to quit and refused to order the Justice Department to fire Mueller (per NYT). 2.) (Imminent) Trump White House Releases Devin Nunes' Memo on FISA warrants -- The Justice Department classified the release of such memo "extraordinarily reckless" and the FBI has "grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo's accuracy" (per CNN). 3.) Devin Nunes' return to lead the U.S. House of Representative's Russia investigation -- He previously had temporarily recused himself for potentially disclosing classified information to the Trump White House (per The Atlantic). 4.) Peter Strzok and Lisa Page text messages reveal a "secret society" at FBI - GOP establishment attacks two FBI officials for anti-Trump bias based on text message exchanges. Page no longer worked for the Mueller investigation at the time of the revelation and Strzok was immediately reassigned off of the team (per CNN). Please sign this petition and show our elected officials how concerned you are that Donald J. Trump and the GOP establishment may be trying to undermine one of the most important investigations in U.S. history. Sincerely, Concerned Americans Everywhere

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Petition to Donald Trump

Banning preordained arbitration of contracts

Contracts in the United States, particularly terms of service agreements, have begun to with an overwelming frequency regulate any arbitration of the contract.  Most concerning is the requirement that any disputes be settled out of court, tho I'd be remiss not to bring up no longer haveing contacts agreed to, taking "use of the service as consent" and "changing the contract at anytime without notice or update to the users without written request"  These are not the only points of arbitration that have been curtailed of late but a vast majority of companies include all three of these elements in their terms of service and the consequences are staggering. To be clear about why this is a bad thing for those who don't just magically know things. By having knowledge of this petition you agree to sign it, Your memory there of serves as a legally binding agreement. I will be changing the content of this agreement willy-nilly.  Should you request an update it will be post dated as otherwise it would be out of date by the time you receive it. Once received you should have an indeterminate amount of time until it's valid for no more than a nanosecond. If you have any issues with this contract you will begin any arbitration by writing it on a $20 bill and sending it to me. Should you need more space to write use more $20 bills. If you feel your complaints are not being heard try $50s and then $100s until your satisfied I don't read them before spending them. In the event of any court arbitration you agree to conclude in our favor by virtue of your being aware of the contract as it is within the petition it refers to.  TL;DR? as it stands with our contract law people are free. Freely acquirable as assets for a song and a dance or less.  By signing this petition you're asking our current president Donald Trump to prevent these and future abuses of contract law by banning the inclusion of constraints upon arbitration of contracts within any and all contracts between any number of people.  This will not for example damage prenuptial agreements as they are not an agreement regarding the arbitration of a contract. They are an agreement regarding the dissolution of a contract. Specifically what happens when that contract is dissolved. It would however for example prevent prenuptial agreements from requiring therapy before being dissolved. Frankly any way I look at this it is not just a positive but an important change. I hope you all agree, and don't hesitate to voice questions or concerns. I sincerely thank you for your consideration. John C. Bol.

John Bol
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