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Petition to Department of Homeland Security, Kevin Yoder, Pat Pettey, Pam Curtis, Timothy May, Melissa Castillo, Ricardo Wong

Stop the Deportation of Crecensio

Crecensio  is a hardworking father of 4. ICE detained him on Feburary 7, 2018 at one of his regular check-ins. Under an Order of Supervision for years with no criminal history, Crecensio has been in the United States for 12 years. He has made a home for his family in Kansas City, Kansas.  Crecensio will be leaving behind his wife, Yazmin, and their four children, Eduardo (17), Alberto (16), Antony (8), and Kevin (5). The family fled Guerreo, Mexico in 2006, considered one of the most violent states in Mexico, to give their sons opportunities they never had. They feared for their children’s lives and their future because of the highly violent drug cartel activity in Guerrero. Crecensio is the sole provider of the family. Yazmin has a disability preventing her from being able to work. Antony has Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, he has to get a monthly shot to help alleviate the pain and to prevent his bones from deteriorating completely. Without Crecensio, Yazmin fears she will be unable to attend to both Antony’s physical and financial medical needs. Nothing has changed. Crecensio should be released on supervision like he was for the last 8 years! Antony needs his father. The family needs their provider. Yazmin needs her husband.  Sign the petition so another family isn’t torn apart. Also, please consider making a donation to the family. Even $10 can go a long way for the family.

Advocates for Immigrant Rights and Reconciliation (AIRR) and KC Metro Immigration Alliance (KC MIA)
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Petition to Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Help to stop the deportation of Syed Ahmed Jamal

Mr. Syed Ahmed Jamal, a well-respected scientist and community leader, was arrested by ICE – on his front lawn, in front of his children. Now he’s at risk of being deported to Bangladesh, where he is an ethnic minority and would be in serious danger. Sign the petition and join our campaign to stop Syed’s deportation. Syed Ahmed Jamal has lived in the United States for 30 years. He works as a molecular biologist and has done significant research with the University of Kansas, Children’s Mercy, and Rockhurst University. When he’s not working, he volunteers regularly at his children’s schools, and is a leader within his faith community. He would leave behind his wife and three children, who are “devastated and fearful.” Add your name to our petition to help him and his family. Below is a letter from Syed’s son. Hello, My name is Taseen Jamal, and my father has recently been arrested, taken to the Morgan County, MO, jail, and is being considered for deportation. My little brother cries every night, my sister can't focus in school, and I cannot sleep at night. My mother is in trauma, and because she is a live organ donor, she only has one kidney, so the stress is very dangerous. She could die if he is deported. If my father is deported, my siblings and I may never get to see him again. He is an older man, and due to the conditions of his home country, he might not be able to survive. My father called us, and he was crying like like a little child because he was thinking about what would happen to us if he got deported. If he gets sent back to Bangladesh, his home country, he will be in grave danger, and people of his kind are persecuted there.  My dad could likely would face persecution or even death at the hands of radical Islamist extremist gangs back in Bangladesh due to his liberal and secular writings and postings on social media platforms and publications.   My dad being a US educated outspoken Western Liberal Secular Muslim, he could face a similar fate as those faced by many US educated Bangladeshi bloggers in the recent time.  He has been in the US for 30 years, and the law has kept him from gaining citizenship. He has helped throughout our community, and has a lot breakthroughs in science, many of which are still being researched. If he is deported, that research may never be finished, making a great loss to the field is science. We are the children of Syed Ahmed Jamal, and we are requesting on behalf of our family for your kind help to get back our father. A home is not a home without a father. Taseen Jamal

Marci Leuschen
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Petition to President of the United States, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan

Common Sense Illegal Immigration Reform Bill and Restitution For Relocation Bill

This will eliminate the gray area for those associated with DACA, and all forms of illegal entry into the United States. We hereby petition Congress to establish the Common Sense Illegal Immigration Reform Bill, Which apon passing will be valid only for those who are CURRENTLY in the country. All other individuals found illegally entering into the United States will be barred from entry and if found within the US shall he deported to their country of origin immediately. •Any individual with a pattern of criminal activity shall be deported immediately, with a permanent denial of citizenship. •If the individual was ten years of age or under and entered the US, they have to either be in grade school, have graduated grade school and are continuing their education, or be employed. One calendar year will be given to bring proof of the above to the nearest immigration office, at which time the individual will be given conditional residency. •The individual is then placed in a 10 year probationary period.If the individual is found to show a pattern of criminal activity, their residency status shall be revoked and they shall be deported immediately, at which time their path to citizenship is permanently eliminated. •Current address, contact information and place of employment must be kept up to date during the probationary period.If any information changes, a 30 day grace period is given to update the records.Any effort to evade this system will place the individual into a status of evaluation for deportation with a permanent denial of citizenship. •No individual in the probationary period shall be on any federally funded programs. •If a job is held, the individual must pay taxes under a probationary social security number. •No association of any kind is to be made with individuals or organizations showing a pattern of criminal activity. •The individual must learn English. •The individual shall not vote in any federal election. •The individual shall not hold any federal government office. •At the end of the ten year probationary period the individual will then be provided with the naturalization test, which apon passing will grant citizenship status. Failure to pass this test will put the individual into a status of evaluation for deportation with a permanent denial if citizenship. • Individuals over the age limit without a pattern of criminal activity will be given a one year grace period to voluntarily exit the US. Once proof of exit has been verified, the individual will be placed into a conditional evaluation to legally re enter the US after waiting a minimum of ten years and paying a penalty fee. Each individual wanting to re enter the country will be processed through a merit-based system.The individual must NOT enter the US within the evaluation period and have no pattern of criminal activity during the evaluation period. We hereby also petition Congress to establish the Restitution For Relocation Bill, Which will create a fine to be charged to the country of origin for every individual deported, to be deducted from any standing debt with said country. If no standing debt is held or the country will not honor this arrangement, the total amount accrued from all individuals found to originate from said country will be added as an import tax on all goods sold within the US.

Alisha Jetty
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Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Barbara Lee, Dianne Feinstein, Mayor Libby Schaaf

Urge congress to return ICE deported oncology nurse Maria Mendoza Sanchez to U.S. (S.1763)

Maria Mendoza Sanchez started as a nursing home housekeeper and became a respected oncology nurse serving underprivileged patients at Highland Hospital in Oakland, CA.  She and her husband have lived in the U.S. over 20 years, raised their 4 children here, bought a house and had been good members of the community with no criminal records.  After 15 years of attempting to achieve permanent resident status, on August 17, 2017, ICE  deported Maria to Mexico with her husband, Eusebio, a truck driver.   Maria was forced to break up her family, leaving her 16-year-old daughter in the U.S. to finish high school in the care of her 23-year-old daughter.  Too young to not be in the care of his parents, her 12-year-old son, who is a U.S. citizen and has only ever known California as his home, had to move to Mexico with Maria.  12/21/17 UPDATE:  Maria’s 12-year-old son returned to Oakland, CA as he was unable to adjust to life in rural Mexico. He has returned to his family home and the care of his sisters. Heartbreaking.  This is a travesty of justice and should never happen in the United States of America. What happened to only deporting criminals? Dianne Feinstein has introduced a Senate Bill, S.1763 and Barbara Lee has introduced a House Bill, H.R.3818, to grant Maria, her husband and oldest daughter permanent residency.  Signing this petition shows your support for these bills Maria’s family is very proud and reluctant to ask for help, but these heartless immigration policies have broken up their family and decimated their ability to support this once thriving family of 6. If you can help with a donation to their GoFundMe account, it is desperately needed. Thank you.  Facebook page (please like):  

Nancy MacKinnon
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