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Petition to Boulder City Council

Allow ONLINE petitioning for ballot initiatives! Vote yes on 2G on the Boulder ballot

(Technical details below the petition) Whereas: 1. A great deal of what makes Boulder great was accomplished by ballot initiative, including the nation's first voter-approved open space tax, height limits, slow growth, the nation's first gay rights law and public campaign financing. 2. Use of Boulder's initiative process has fallen off, with only 3 initiatives passed by voters in 20 years, public campaign financing in 1999 and Council term limits and the sugary drink tax in 2016, while Colorado has outdone itself in the same period with 13 important initiatives, including  Amendment 27, one of the country's strictest campaign finance limits, Initiative 37, the country's first renewable energy mandate, Amendment 41, the country's strongest Ethics in Government law, and Amendment 64, the country's first legal marijuana and hemp. 3. Boulder's ballot initiative signature requirements are much higher proportionately than Colorado's or Denver's and a more difficult process favors those with more time or money. This is unfair to, among others, Boulder's most important "product": college graduates saddled with debt and paying Boulder rent. Why should anybody spend our time begging for signatures in hot parking lots in the 21st century? 4. It takes only 25 signatures to qualify as a City Council candidate, compared to signatures of 5% of registered city voters to qualify an Initiative for the Boulder ballot. As John Adams said, we want a "government of laws and not of men." A government of ideas, not dominated by personalities. 5. The Deputy City Attorney presented this statement to City Council April 17th (video): "The 11 members of the City of Boulder's Campaign Finance and Elections working group unanimously support establishing a mechanism for municipal ballot initiatives that allows for online access to read the petition and allows for online "signing" (via electronic identity verification). The clear benefits of online access and signing include:* access to and by a broader population of voters* heightened integrity of the petition "signing" process and greater security than current physical signing process* the opportunity to read the the full text of petition language before signing* improved efficiency, and reduced burden on administrative staff* the ability to sign at any time from any place* the ability to un-sign prior to the petition signing deadline" We would add that online petitioning will mean much fewer paid petitioners, with less problems with petitioners misrepresenting petitions, harassing people to make more money, or outright forging signatures as happened in Boulder in 2016. This year's problem with harassment of petitioners and stealing of petitions would also go away.  6. Plan Boulder, which spearheaded the first 2 Boulder initiatives listed in number 1., has endorsed online petitioning as have the Boulder County Democratic Party, the Rocky Mountain Peace  and Justice Center, Our Revolution Boulder, and East Boulder County United. We solicit your organization's endorsement too! You can contact organizer Evan Ravitz at  THEREFORE, The signers of this petition request that Boulder City Council submit a City Charter Amendment to the voters this November allowing or requiring Council to implement online petitioning by ordinance.  City Council had a public hearing on this and other issues for the ballot August 14th, and unanimously voted to put this on the ballot! If you sign the petition we'll send you updates.  *****************************************Background: Boulder is a high-tech town and its citizens want to know why online petitioning will be more secure than the current system of having temporary workers hired by the city clerk examine physical signatures: With old petitions such as Boulder 2016 term limits initiative petitions (pdf) online anyone can find names, addresses and signatures to copy for forgery on paper petitions. Our model is the Secretary of State's (SOS) website, which lets you look at anyone's registration using their name, zip code and birthdate. You can change your own party or address by also giving your Colorado ID or last 4 digits of your SSN. This is comparable to how you ID yourself for financial transactions. If the current SOS ID system is good enough to register to vote, or to change your party or address, it's good enough to sign a petition. Many people think that signing petitions online is like online voting, which most experts believe is insecure with the internet as it is. The difference is that voting is secret ballot, while petitions are public record, as the link to old petitions above shows. Signing a petition is much more like a financial transaction, with the parties identified. Our proposal is more secure and also fail-safe: You would be able to view which petitions you signed, just like you can view your party and address. In the database, there'd be a column for every petition, just like there are now columns for name, address, party, etc. You could change your 'yes' or 'no' anytime before the deadline. The Secretary of State's website could be augmented to implement this, or the City website could host our subset of the State's registration database, synchronized to the State database regularly. Denver's app that lets petition passers hand you an iPad to sign is similarly synchronized to the State database. Our proposal lets anyone use any device anywhere and no signature is necessary, just like none is necessary to open an online bank account, etc. Please forward this petition to Boulder groups, and other groups with an interest in better direct democracy. You can also email Boulder City Council and tell them why you support online petitioning: Democratic candidates for Secretary of State Jenna Griswold says she'll work for this on the state level if elected.  16 of the 24 States with ballot initiatives also have online voter registration, so this could quickly expand from Boulder and bring direct democracy into the 21st century across the country, finally!

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Petition to Filipino People

Remove President Rodrigo Duterte From Office And Suspend The Constitution

We Are Asking People To Start A Revolution To Remove President Rodrigo Roa Duterte From Office And Suspend The Constitution To Prevent Another Dictatorship In The Country. With The Extrajudicial Killing Of Innocent Civilians, The Possible Declaration Of A Nationwide Martial Law And Federalism. We Are Urging Everyone To Start A Uprising To Remove President Rodrigo Roa Duterte From Office And Suspend The 1987 Freedom Constitution To Prevent Another Dictatorship In The Country. As The President Of The Republic Of The Philippines, He Cannot Rule 106,170,711 Filipinos On 7,107 Islands Effectively Without The Support Of Your 498,250 Soldiers Who Could Implement His Own Orders, The Threat To National Security Of A Breakdown Of Law And Order Amidst Threats From Terrorists, Criminals, Communist Rebels, And Foreign Countries, And Harm To Your National And Economic Interests That Would Be Brought About By The Destruction Of Institutions It Took Your Taxpayers And Public Servants Decades To Build. If Despite Sound Advice, President Duterte Still Chooses To Declare A Nationwide Martial Law And A Federal System In The Country, We Ask Your Soldiers In The Armed Forces To Suspend The 1987 Freedom Constitution And Immediately Support Of A 'Nonpartisan Government' In The Country, There Must Be Almost No Gap Between These Events Above To Prevent The Breakdown Of Law And Order, A Civil War, The Repeat Of Violent Dictatorship And Plunder, Or The Invasion Of Your Country By Foreign Elements That Would Exploit Such A Leviathan Economic, Social And Political Crisis. Please Sign This Petition To Remove President Rodrigo Duterte From Office And Suspend The Constitution Once And For All.

People's Union Against Dictatorship And Tyranny
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Petition to Mr. Donald Tusk, Ms. Federica Mogherini, Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker, Mr. Johannes Hahn

Serbia must recognize Kosovo, no partitioning – Serbia ta njohë Kosovën pa ndarje

[SHQIP MË POSHTË] Dear EU leaders: As citizens of Kosovo and citizens of Europe, we are greatly concerned about the fate of the Republic of Kosovo and of our continent. The European Union is unjustly compelling Kosovo into uneven negotiations with Serbia. The negotiations will likely enable Serbia to join the EU at the expense of Kosovo and Europe. For the sake of peace, stability, and democracy in Europe, we call upon you to adhere to the following principles: 1. We must preserve Kosovo’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Independent Kosovo is the compromise between Albanians and Serbs. The Albanian majority gave up reunification with Albania to accommodate the former ruling minority, the Serbs. The people of Kosovo have closely cooperated with the international community, and the EU should not betray their trust by partitioning Kosovo, imposing land swaps, or dividing sovereignty along ethnic lines. Doing so could provoke border changes in neighboring countries and destabilize the entire region to the benefit of anti-European powers. 2. Serbia must recognize Kosovo. Serbia has repeatedly invaded, occupied, and annexed Kosovo—in 1877–78, 1912, 1918, 1944, and 1989–90—after brief periods of liberation. To this day, Serbia has not apologized for its war crimes or renounced its elaborate plans to annihilate the Albanians (notably the 1844, 1938, and 1986 memoranda). Any arrangement short of recognition will nurture hopes of reannexation and create conflicts in the future. Serbia must pacify extremist segments of its society that unjustly oppose Kosovo’s existence; the people of Kosovo cannot bear the burden. 3. We must protect Kosovo Serbs. EU-sponsored agreements have hurt Kosovo Serbs, giving Belgrade the power to quell dissent and dissuade Serbs from participating in public life. The EU should work directly with the Serb community and help Kosovo institutions protect minority rights guaranteed by the constitution and the plan of UN envoy President Martti Ahtisaari. Serbia must also grant similar rights to ethnic Albanians under its jurisdiction. 4. The EU must not support corrupt leaders. The president of Kosovo, Mr. Hashim Thaçi, lacks democratic legitimacy and the constitutional authority to negotiate a peace treaty with Serbia. The parliament, prime minister, and civil society oppose Mr. Thaçi’s role in the negotiations. Therefore, Mr. Thaçi is acting ultra vires, that is, beyond his powers, and the people of Kosovo will refuse to ratify any harmful agreement he may sign with Serbia. 5. We must seek a peace treaty that serves Europe. Kosovo and Serbia should sign a binding agreement. They should resolve cases of missing persons and other issues from the 1990s war. We must curb the influence of anti-European interests in the region and allow no arrangement that denies the essence of democracy. These goals are difficult to accomplish. But they are the only way to a better Europe. Therefore, they are the only solution that the people of Kosovo will accept. At a time when many powers are actively working against Europe, we must firmly defend our European values and unity. Sincerely,Citizens of Kosovo and Europe * * * * * Të nderuar udhëheqës të Bashkimit Evropian: Si qytetarë të Kosovës dhe qytetarë të Evropës, jemi thellësisht të shqetësuar për fatin e Republikës së Kosovës dhe të kontinentit tonë. Bashkimi Evropian po e detyron padrejtësisht Kosovën të bëjë negociata të pabarabarta me Serbinë. Negociatat me gjasë do t’i mundësojnë Serbisë të anëtarësohet në BE në kurriz në Kosovës dhe Evropës. Për hir të paqes, stabilitetit dhe demokracisë në Evropë, ju bëjmë thirrje t’i ndiqni këto parime: 1. Duhet ta ruajmë sovranitetin dhe tërësinë territoriale të Kosovës. Kosova e pavarur është kompromisi mes shqiptarëve dhe serbëve. Shumica shqiptare hoqi dorë nga bashkimi me Shqipërinë për të rehatuar serbët si pakicë ish-sunduese. Populli i Kosovës ka bashkëpunuar ngushtë me bashkësinë ndërkombëtare, dhe BE-ja nuk duhet ta tradhtojë besimin e popullit duke e copëtuar Kosovën, duke imponuar këmbim territoresh ose duke ndarë sovranitetin në vija etnike. Këto veprime do të mund të provokonin ndryshime kufijsh në vendet fqinje dhe ta destabilizonin mbarë rajonin për dobi të fuqive antievropiane. 2. Serbia duhet ta njohë Kosovën. Serbia disa herë e ka invaduar, pushtuar e aneksuar Kosovën — më 1877–78, 1912, 1918, 1944 dhe 1989–90 — pas periudhash të shkurta çlirimi. Deri më sot, Serbia nuk ka kërkuar falje për krimet e luftës e as ka heqë dorë nga planet e hollësizuara për zhdukjen e shqiptarëve (veçmas memorandumet e viteve 1844, 1938 e 1986). Çfarëdo zgjidhje pa njohje do të ushqejë shpresën për rianeksim dhe do të krijojë konflikte në të ardhmen. Serbia duhet t’i qetësojë segmentet ekstremiste të shoqërisë së saj që padrejtësisht e kundërshtojnë ekzistencën e Kosovës; populli i Kosovës nuk mund ta bartë atë barrë. 3. Duhet t’i mbrojmë serbët e Kosovës. Marrëveshjet e sponsoruara nga BE-ja i kanë dëmtuar serbët kosovarë, duke i dhënë Beogradit pushtetin për ta shuar opozitën dhe për t’i shkurajuar serbët nga pjesëmarrja në jetën publike. BE-ja duhet të punojë drejtpërdrejt me komunitetin serb dhe t’u ndihmojë institucioneve kosovare që t’i mbrojnë të drejtat e pakicave të garantuara me kushtetutë dhe me planin e të dërguarit të OKB-së, kryetarit Martti Ahtisaari. Serbia duhet gjithashtu t’u njohë të drejta të ngjashme shqiptarëve nën juridiksionin e vet. 4. BE-ja nuk duhet t’i mbështesë udhëheqësit e korruptuar. Kryetarit të Kosovës, z. Hashim Thaçi, i mungon legjitimiteti demokratik dhe autoriteti kushtetues për të negociuar një traktat paqeje me Serbinë. Kuvendi, kryeministri dhe shoqëria civile e kundërshtojnë rolin e zotit Thaçi në negociata. Prandaj, z. Thaçi po vepron ultra vires, domethënë përtej kompetencave të tij, dhe populli i Kosovës nuk do të ratifikojë kurrfarë marrëveshje të dëmshme që z. Thaçi mund të nënshkruajë me Serbinë. 5. Duhet të punojmë për traktat paqeje që i shërben Evropës. Kosova e Serbia duhet të nënshkruajnë një marrëveshje të detyrueshme. Ato duhet të zgjidhin rastet e të pagjeturve dhe çështje të tjera nga lufta e viteve 1990. Ne duhet ta kufizojmë ndikimin e interesave antievropianë në rajon dhe të mos lejojmë kurrfarë zgjidhjeje që e mohon thelbin e demokracisë. Është vështirë me i arritë këto synime. Por ato janë mënyra e vetme për një Evropë më të mirë. Prandaj, janë zgjidhja e vetme që populli i Kosovës mund ta pranojë. Në një kohë kur shumë fuqi po punojnë veprimisht kundër Evropës, ne duhet të qëndrojmë të palëkundur për vlerat tona dhe unitetin tonë evropian. Sinqerisht,Qytetarët e Kosovës dhe Evropës

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