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Petition to Carmen Best, Seattle Police Department, Bruce Harrell, Jenny A. Durkan Seattle Mayor's Office

The official Petition Seattle PD Reopen Kurt Cobain's case

Dear Seattle Police Department, We are an international group of people who come together because we disagree with the outcome of the investigation into the death of Kurt Cobain in 1994. I assure you that we are not in any way connected with the well-known people who deal with Kurt Cobain's case. Our activity is independent and civic. Mr. Cobain was the lead singer of a popular grunge band from Seattle called Nirvana. They achieved a mass amount of popularity in 1991, and gained millions of fans around the world. The official report from the Seattle police department is that he took his own life, however there are a lot of unanswered questions and inconsistencies with this. As is widely known, Mr. Cobain's body would be discovered on the morning of April 8 in the greenhouse, which was located just next to the main residence. No legible fingerprints were discovered on the shotgun discharged into Mr. Cobain and, among numerous other questions of evidence, the results of his toxicology revealed a triple-lethal dose of heroin, suggesting he was incapacitated prior to discharge of the firearm. The official date of Mr. Cobain's death is listed as April 5.   Washington State Patrol Declined to Affirm Suicide Verdict, Legal Document Indicates A legal record obtained publically through the King County Superior Court indicates that the Washington State Patrol (WSP), in 1995, declined to affirm the Seattle Police Department’s determination that Kurt Cobain committed suicide. The basis provided by the WSP for not affirming the suicide verdict is that the Patrol “lack sufficient information” to do so. source: Cobain Evidence Blog by Kurt Fraser, Link: Link to documents: A 2014 review by the SPD of the 1994 investigation into Mr. Cobain’s death, however, reaffirmed the suicide verdict. The full scope of that review, though, appears very limited and a number of its conclusions, arguably as a result of bias stemming from severe investigative errors committed during the 1994 investigation, appear forensically unsound.   Further information can be obtained from other sources. Since 1994, quite a few magazine and newspaper articles have been written on this information. It has also been the subject of many radio and television shows. A book entitled "Who Killed Kurt Cobain? The Mysterious Death of an Icon" was published in 1998. It was mentioned in a 1998 film about the couple called "Kurt & Courtney". Hank Harrison, Love Kills: The Assassination of Kurt Cobain was published in 2017.   Dear Mrs. Best, we founded this petition on July 13, 2015. We have sent several personal letters to the former Chief Mrs. O'Toole. Certainly there are innumerable crimes in this world every day , and there is much injustice. In case of Cobain the public awareness is much higher, because he was a publicly known person. To me it's not about obsession or fan-worshipping, it is simply to answer the many outstanding questions concerning the circumstances of his death. I hope I can motivate you with my letter and this petition to reopen the investigation in the case of Kurt Cobain . Anyway, it would be a win/win situation for the Seattle police, the public and there's just nothing left to lose.   I'm writing you in hopes for your help to press for a reexamination of Mr. Cobain's death. Millions of fans around the world would like to see the inconsistencies surrounding the death cleared up once and for all. It is sad to think that an injustice of this nature can be allowed in the United States. I hope to your gut feeling. Thank you for reading. Thank you for your time.   *I am writing my personal statement, as the author of this petition. I'm of the same generation as Kurt Cobain. I'm a fan of Nirvana from 1991, when this group became world-famous and "popular". Everyone who experienced that time, knew that something very important. Millions of people around the world saw in Kurt Cobain your soul mate. April 8, 1994 Kurt Cobain was found dead. Cause of death, was announced suicide. This fact, changed the lives of many people. More than 60 people have committed suicide. Over time, it comes to light a lot of inconsistencies. Fans watch the action and behavior of people who were close to Kurt Cobain. People ask. How is it possible, in less than an hour to fix the verdict suicide? All necessary steps investigative steps were correctly done? Ballistic test was carried weapons? Why, shotgun were not found fingerprints? Why nobody bothered by this fact? Kurt Cobain with three times the lethal dose of heroin in his bloodstream, could secure a syringe with a protective cover, all defer to the cigar box and then shoot? Today we all know that the case was poorly investigated from the beginning. Police took not substantiated reports that Kurt Cobain was suicidal type, then it was a drug addict and a "rock star" that not mattered own life. Mr. Cobain was planning a new life, only he wanted to leave Nirvana and take care of his little daughter whom he loved unconditionally. He wanted to end the dysfunctional marriage. Why not focus SPD attention to these facts? Kurt Cobain, wants to leave "well-functioning machine into cash" Nirvana and wants to end the marriage. Are not these facts good enough reasons to check? Former Chief Norm Stamper SPD said that the SPD really badly performed his work and if he was now in office chief and the case reopened. I think that the SPD should always and under all circumstances be impartially institutions.Please, think over it and over all the facts which are connected with the case.Please do not encourage suicide lobby that entire 24 years, benefiting millions of dollars from the death of Kurt Cobain.Please be on the side of justice.Please correct the mistakes you have committed 24 years ago.Open the case and show their citizens that you are impartial and are not intimidated by powerful people who are involved in this case.I will believe in justice and sanity of people to the appropriate places. Justice for Kurt!

Dana Dandy
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Petition to Mattew G. Whitaker, Kerri Kupec, Chief of Police Michael R. Moore, Jonathan Lucas, M.D, Sarah Isgur Flores, District Attorney Jackie Lacey, President of the United States

Marilyn Monroe deserves to have her death certificate changed!

I am a private investigator conducting an investigation into the true facts surrounding the death of Marilyn Monroe. My objective is to petition the correction of Marilyn's death certificate and requesting that the Attorney General opened a criminal investigation surrounding her death. There was really never an investigation to start with.  I have always believed Marilyn Monroe was murdered along with most of the people in this world. If you look at all of the stories, books, testimonies, and even evidence then there is no reason that Marilyn Monroe’s death certificate should not be changed from probable suicide to murder. If not that, then at least accidental death. I feel that there should be a correction on Marilyn's death certificate and I am requesting that the Attorney General open the criminal investigation surrounding her death. There are two people alive who have never asked to give a statement for an investigation but were present when Marilyn Monroe took her last breath, and that is LAPD Sgt. Marvin D. Iannone who was later promoted to Chief of the Beverly Hills Police Department. And, Pat Newcomb. After the funeral, Pat Newcomb flew to the Kennedy compound at Hyannisport, Massachusetts. After that, Newcomb left the country and remained away for six months. During this period from August 1962 to February 1963, she visited Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Denmark, and Switzerland. When she returned to this country she was put on the"government payroll as an information specialist (motion pictures) for the U.S. Information Agency, 1776 Penn. Ave. N.W., Washington, D.C. Don’t you think this is a little interesting? I do! Time is running out since Ms. Pat Newcomb is 88 years old and Mr. Iannone is 83 years old. Please help by making things right. It’s time for Marilyn Monroe to have her death cleared once and for all. And, for those who took part in her death to be criminally responsible for aiding and abetting in the death of Marilyn Monroe. Marvin Iannone dismissed the other officers from the scene the day Marilyn Monroe was found dead. Iannone was seen by several witnesses talking to Peter Lawford and assisting Lawford while cleaning up the cottage where the actual death took place. Iannone had been known to take care of Bobby Kennedy whenever Bobby came into town. How can we allow a man who pledged to protect and serve get away with actually taking part in a possible murder and/or more? Time is running out since Ms. Pat Newcomb is 87 years old and Mr. Iannone is 83 years old. Please help by making things right. It’s time for Marilyn Monroe to have her death cleared once and for all. And, for those who took part in her death to be criminally responsible for aiding and abetting in the death of Marilyn Monroe. Please help by making things right. It’s time for Marilyn Monroe to have her death cleared once and for all. And, for those who took part in her death to be criminally responsible for aiding and abetting in the death of Marilyn Monroe. It’s a disgrace that so many people have made millions of dollars out of the death of Marilyn.  The one thing that has never changed in over 53 years is the people involved, the time frame of events and the real manner of death.  

Ariel Investigations
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Petition to Attorney General

Support Legal Action on 9/11--At Last!

We, the undersigned, call upon the Attorney General of the United States to convene a Special Grand Jury to conduct a comprehensive  investigation of all aspects of the events of September 11, 2001, to review evidence of criminal conduct, to prosecute anyone for whom probable cause is found,  and to allow public interest law firms and other interested parties such as the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry to participate as intervenors in the process of discovery and presentation of evidence.    9/11 was the most consequential event of our time, with global repercussions almost too far reaching to comprehend.  9/11 has been used as the justification for invasions of countries throughout the Middle East and Afghanistan. These invasions have resulted in catastrophic destabilization of entire regions and cultures including the worst refugee crisis since WWII. [1] The 9/11 Commission investigation reluctantly agreed to by the Bush Administration in 2001-2 has been challenged by many independent investigators, and severely criticized by its chairmen, its staff, and the family members who lobbied for it.  In the meantime, a vast expansion of governmental powers and war-making activity around the world has relied upon that investigation to catapult us into a “Post-Constitutional Era” of American history.  Although fifteen years have passed, the whitewash of 9/11 is very much with us today.  In ways that look very much like destabilization projects our government has carried out in other nations like Vietnam, Nicaragua, and Iraq[2], the press and other civil institutions appear to have been subtly corrupted into remaining silent in the face of obvious questions.   Professional associations have stifled discussion of basic questions about the collapse of the World Trade Center raised by distinguished members.  Academic journals rejected articles and threatened dissenters[3].  Building codes were left unrevised after three high-rise steel structures collapsed, for the first time in history, all on the same day—one without having been hit by a plane.  Military officials responsible for protecting the nation against terrorist hijackings were promoted, not disciplined for their failures.[4]   Prior and subsequent intelligence links to Al Qaeda went unpublicized[5]. 9/11 was a milestone in the history of governmental fake news and fake science. The public was indoctrinated to shun skeptics of the official narrative; news commentators who repeated false intelligence about 9/11, WMD in Iraq and Al Qaida/Saddam links have retained their pre-eminence.  When political currents brought the opposition into power, allegations of torture, war crimes, and illegal surveillance by the outgoing administration, done in the name of the War on Terror and 9/11, went uninvestigated or unprosecuted.  With public outcry muted by the media, the government has proceeded to spend $2 trillion[6] to avenge the presumed acts of nineteen terrorists; and the American death toll resulting from 9/11 increased by 4,488 in Iraq and 2,350 in Afghanistan (52,318 wounded).[7]  The suppression of questions about the official version of 9/11 has deepened mistrust and contributed to today’s political instability.  A cleansing investigation of possible wrongdoing, going far beyond where the 9/11 Commission was allowed to go, is more necessary than ever if America is ever to regain not only its moral compass and self-respect, but also its institutional capacity for democratic governance. The Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry is a newly –formed tax-exempt nonprofit public interest law firm, currently raising funds to support a program of investigation, litigation and advocacy for an independent investigation of 9/11.  It seeks to bring before judicial scrutiny the best scientific evidence regarding 9/11, its origins, and its effects, most if not all of which has never been examined by a court, largely because of waivers of rights signed by families who received indemnity payments from the government.  It co-sponsored the 2016 “Justice In Focus” Symposium in New York City, at which a panel of distinguished attorneys led by noted public interest litigator Daniel Sheehan heard testimony from architects, engineers, and first responders on matters contradicting the official version of 9/11.    Please take time to listen to the presentations at  The Committee has developed a number of legal strategies in pursuit of 9/11 accountability, which it will implement as resources are developed to do so. The Committee’s Director of Litigation wrote a legal brief which was distributed to key Congressional representatives and helped them obtain the release of the much-discussed 28 Pages of a redacted 9/11 report.  More recently, it has won an unprecedented ruling by a federal judge that may permit limited discovery—the taking of depositions by certain federal officials who have withheld documents from Freedom of Information Act release.    Such depositions may generate important new evidence to submit to a Grand Jury. The Justice in Focus panels provided convincing evidence to challenge the official version that planes alone, without pre-placed explosives, destroyed World Trade Center Towers 1, 2, and 7.  The Lawyers’ Committee intends to bring such civil actions if the government’s response to this petition is unsatisfactory.  The Committee intends to continue cooperating closely with other respected 9/11 advocacy organizations, such as Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and the 9/11 Truth Action Project.  The veil of secrecy that has been placed over the events of 9/11 cannot be justified in a free society.  If we allow it to remain in place, and succumb to the blandishments of those who would take our freedom in the name of protecting us, we may soon end up neither safe nor free. For more information please visit: Lawyers’ Committee for 911 Inquiry: 911 Truth Action Project Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth [1] See video of John Perkins, noted author, speaking about the connection between 9/11 and current issues:  [2]  See Douglas Valentine, The Phoenix Program, and     Fletcher Prouty, The Secret Team,[3] See[4][5] Ian Sinclair, Alternet, Feb. 16, 2017, “Why is the media ignoring leaked government documents about Syria?”,[6] [7] Ibid.           

Lawyers' Committee for 9-11 Inquiry, Inc.
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