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Get reparations for the terrible night we had at MSA homecoming.

As a concerned Math and Science Academy community member, I am writing this petition to address our horrific experience at the recent MSA homecoming. This petition aims to seek justice and reparations for the terrible night we had, where our voices were ignored and our enjoyment was disregarded entirely.Personal Story:On that fateful night, I attended the Math and Science Academy (MSA) homecoming, hoping to have a memorable evening filled with great music and an atmosphere that would bring us all together. However, my excitement quickly turned into disappointment when I entered the venue. The music blaring from the speakers was unbearable; it felt like my ears were burning due to its poor quality and improper music.Despite numerous chants, protests, and pleas from attendees to change the theme or adjust the music selection accordingly, our voices were brushed aside. We were lied to and told that they would play our music. Witnessing how our concerns were dismissed without consideration or empathy was disheartening. Our requests for specific songs also went unnoticed, leaving us unheard of and disrespected. Is this really what MSA stands for? The lack of integrity and respect in our experience was demolished.Relevant Facts:1. A successful homecoming event should prioritize inclusivity by catering to diverse musical preferences.2. Several attendees responded with protests in changing the audio.3. The lack of response from event organizers highlights their negligence in providing an enjoyable experience for all participants.Petition Demands:1. We demand a public apology from the MSA's Homecoming Committee for failing to provide suitable music that caters to diverse tastes while maintaining respectability and integrity.2. We request that financial reparations be made available through scholarships or grants to support local students.3. We urge the MSA Homecoming Committee to implement a more inclusive and transparent decision-making process, guaranteeing that attendees' voices are heard and considered for future events.Conclusion:The MSA community must come together and demand justice for the terrible night we had at the MSA homecoming. By signing this petition, you are supporting our call for reparations, an apology, and a commitment from event organizers to improve their practices. Let us stand united in seeking accountability and guaranteeing that future events prioritize the satisfaction of all attendees. Together, we can make a difference!

Joseph Tamenut
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