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Petition to Mike DeWine

Voices for Mackenzie Basham

My daughter Mackenzie Basham pled guilty to 9 counts of burglary in August 2014. She was advised by her attorney to take a deal unethically. She was 19, with a prior of 2 seat belt violations at time of arrest. Allen County Sheriff Samuel A. Crish made a statement publicly of others involved in these crimes in May 2014. No other persons were brought in on any charges associated with this case.Allen County Prosecutor, Juergen A. Waldick, also knew of others involved in these crimes.The head Crime scene investigator on her case was police sergeant Fredrick DePalma. DePalma, 49, was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2015 for 35 counts of theft in office and 24 counts of tampering with evidence. He committed the police misconduct on cases in 2014.  DePalma signed every single piece of evidence in Mackenzie's discovery packet against her in 2014. Mackenzie admitted to having stolen property in her apartment and car and being paid to take it to pawn shops. The sentencing judge said aloud that drugs and the "wrong" crowd had put Mackenzie in this situation. In a courtroom full of Mackenzie's family and friends, not one official of Allen County said a word as she pled guilty out of pure fear to every single one of these crimes alone. That would mean 9 burglaries in 3 days, done by one 19 year old girl. She was given a 14 year sentence.  Mackenzie had a 2 year old baby at the time of sentencing, he is now 6 years old.  Please help me be a voice to get Mackenzie a shorter sentence so she can be reunited with her son before 2028. In 2028 her son will be 17 years old, and my daughter will be 34 years old. She has served enough time for her involvement in these crimes and has learned a very difficult lesson. She is now drug free and ready to have a second chance on life. She is a loving mother and a beautiful caring person. She is ready to function in society in a positive way now at 23 years old.  Please help me be her voice on the outside by signing this petition. My goal is to get Mackenzie a commutation of her sentence. This would make her sentence shorter and give an encouraging light at the end of the tunnel for our family who loves her so much. Positive letters of support for Mackenzie can be sent to: Ohio Parole Board Mackenzie Basham #090219 770 West Broad St, Columbus Ohio 43222.

Judy Frisby
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Donald Trump, Lawrence Kupers, William N Taylor II


Our son, Edwin Rubis, is serving a federal sentence of 40 years for a non-violent marijuana offense. [ At age 29, our son, while battling drug addiction, associated himself with drug couriers, and was charged with conspiracy to distribute marijuana. After his arrest, his court-appointed attorney advised him, along with us, that he needed to provide information on others in the drug trade. Edwin could not provide such information. Therefore, he was quickly deemed "uncooperative", and the judge gave him a harsh sentence - 40 years.Edwin has been away from us for the last 19 years. During the course of time, we have adamantly petitioned, and at times cried, for his early release, at every level of the court system. Sadly to say, we continue to struggle, missing him, with no positive resolution to obtain his freedom. Edwin's children need him. We need him. Our son is not a terrorist, a rapist, a gang member, nor a violent individual to continually be kept in prison for decades for distributing marijuana. While imprisoned, Edwin has taken diligent steps to better himself. He has achieved numerous rehabilitation programs from the psychology and religious departments. He has graduated from college with a degree in Religious Education; and he is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Counseling and Therapist Certification. In addition, he serves as a mentor to others, under the supervision of the head chaplain. He is also working as a G.E.D. and E.S.L. tutor in the education department, at his present institution of confinement, helping others further their education. In addition, Edwin also finished a 2 year dental apprenticeship from The Department of Labor, and worked as a dental assistant for the last 7 years in the medical department.We love our son, [uncle, father, and brother]. We wish for him to receive another chance at life. But our dream for him to be reunited with us, can not be accomplished without your full support. Please help us obtain our son's freedom by signing this petition urging President Donald Trump to grant our son clemency or a pardon. Edwin is a changed man. He has been fully rehabilitated and deserves a second chance at life. Sincerely, Maria Roque - and - Family.

Jeremy Malone
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Petition to Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners

Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners: Deny Parole for inmates NDOC #35477 and #35480

On January 6, 1991 my sister Angela Lovinger was murdered by NDOC #35477 Raymond Eugene Stewart and NDOC #35480 Richard Mark Holden. Angie was 18 years young at the time of her death. Her throat was slit and she was stabbed multiple times. Her body was discovered 6 days later in a snowy field north of Sun Valley, NV by off roaders. Stewart and Holden were charged and sentenced. Stewart is up for Parole again in January 2019. The hearing will be held in the fall of 2018. Stewart's previous attempts for parole were denied in October of 2013 and 2016. Holden's first parole hearing will be held in the summer of 2019 for the possibility of parole in January 2020. I have read the full case report and I have become very familiar with the details of her murder. It was horrifying to read and unimaginable that any person could be responsible of committing a crime of this nature. It was a premeditated crime. Their motive was to impress a ‘known’ mafia person and they were looking to be 'made'. And were expecting to be paid $500 for the job. My sister was naive in the fact she had no idea what kind of friends she was hanging out with. Stewart and Holden had offered her a safe place to stay. She had worked with them both and thought they were her friends. Not knowing they were in fact planning to take her life. In the statements I have read, Stewart went willingly with detectives and agreed to make a statement. He lied several times trying to take the focus off himself and place sole blame onto Holden. And then later admitted he was instructed by Holden to go back and make sure my sister was dead. He then stabbed her once in the neck, and once in the back after helping Holden move her body off the road. Stewart stated that Holden was the one who slit Angie's throat and that he stabbed her repeatedly while he waited in the vehicle. They disposed of her belongings, after stealing from her. The weapons and vehicle also belonged to Stewart. They both asked a minor female who ordered the ‘hit’ on Angie to clean up the knives. Then Stewart and Holden went around town boasting about killing her. In the police report there was a list that they had started making of who they were planning on killing next. Mind you they were only 19 and 20 years old when they murdered my sister. I was at the sentencing hearing 27 years ago. I have nightmares remembering that they had no remorse for taking her life. They were looking to be ‘made’. Which I truly feel that they would be willing to kill again. Our family has lived in fear for 27 years not knowing if they would ever be released. It has been a nightmare for us and it has caused us all more pain than anyone can imagine. We miss her every day. And often wonder what life would be like if she was still here. We are truly grateful for all of the law enforcement personnel who worked the case and helped put them behind bars. We have faith in the Justice system that they will not be able to know what freedom feels like ever again. Please sign this petition and help keep these MONSTERS behind bars. Written comments or letters can be mailed to: Board of Parole Commissioners: 1677 Old Hot Springs Road, Ste. A, Carson City, Nv 89706-0677 or faxed at (775) 687-6736 You can also email the parole board directly. Email:  Thank you, Cheryl   

Cheryl Keene
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