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Petition to Harold H. Shaw

FBI called for in the Maura Murray Missing Person Case/Possible Homicide

Please listen to Fred Murray's interview with Christine James from WATD. This is WHY the FBI needs to TAKE OVER this case and get the answers.  'We The People' are asking for the FBI to take over the investigation into the Maura Murray Missing case that is surrounded by inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and what seems to be a lack of a proper investigation.    PLEASE check out the trailer for the upcoming documentary by the Texas Crew Production Team that will air Sept. 30th 2017 @ 9:00 pm on the Oxygen Network.    On February 9th 2004 Maura Murray's black 1996 Saturn SL2 was found disabled beside the road and the driver had vanished in the span of about 2 minutes. This occurred on Rte 112 in Haverhill NH around 7 pm at an area close to the Weathered Barn corner and was called into 9-1-1 at 7:27 by a witness (faith Westman) that lives on the corner and heard an acceleration and a thud. The Haverhill NH police determined the car spun out and hit a tree at the scene and Tim Westman is adamant that is what occurred as well, the Westman's DID NOT see the accident occur. Accident re-constructionist have since determined the Saturn did not hit any trees and that the damage was more than likely caused by a solid stationary object or a solid object at the same height as the damage on the Saturn and was consistent with that occurring. There was also a rag found stuffed into the tailpipe of the Saturn and was noticed by EMT personnel and the info was relayed to Sgt. Cecil Smith. The Officer then went to the 9-1-1 callers home and stated "Did you see the female, there was a rag stuffed in the tailpipe." WHY would he give out this info..? Law Enforcement has also pushed the suicide scenario as well as a walk away Drunk Driver from day one. WHY..? Witness statements of those passing by the scene have stated seeing an SUV cruiser with the #001 on it but this unit was not supposed to be on duty or involved in this incident at all. It has been stated by Haverhill PD that the #001 SUV was 'Out of Service' that evening and it is not possible the witness saw said SUV. The first officer officially on scene according the the dispatch log was #002 in a Sedan operated by Officer Cecil Smith. The BOL that evening was only put out to the incoming fire department unit which would have been coming from the West. There was no BOL put out to any other towns in the area especially to the East towards the Easton, Franconia, N. Woodstock and the Lincoln area. This is a concern because the route of travel for the Saturn was in the easterly direction towards these towns. On Tuesday February 10th 2004 a BOL was put out around noon and again this did not include any jurisdictions to the east. There are only a couple towns notified and these were all to the West. The search that evening consisted of talking to the 2 nearby 9-1-1 callers to get their info, other that that no other neighbors were talked to until 3 days later. Also the area to the EAST of the scene was NOT looked at until 72 hours later. The Saturn was traveling EAST when the car spun out and became disabled. We The People feel that Law Enforcement looked at this case in the wrong light and the so-called real investigation did not start til about one week later. We truly feel this investigation was handled improperly and since that evening things have only gotten much worse. There is much more to this case than meets the eye and the FBI is needed to bring answers to the case, closure to the Murray Family and Justice for all. We ask that once You sign this petition that You also write a sincere letter to the FBI requesting their involvement in the Mysterious case of Maura Murray that went missing... 13 1/2 years ago now. Please help this family put an end to the unanswered questions and let Fred Murray and loved ones have some final Peace and closure. FBI Boston One Center Plaza Suite 600 Boston, MA 02108 Phone: (617) 742-5533Fax: (617) 223-6327 E-mail: Special Agent in Charge: Harold H. Shaw Fred Murray, Maura's distraught father and his family has been trying for 11 1/2 years (now 13 1/2) to get the FBI inserted into this case. Mr. Murray now feels that the FBI needs to TAKE OVER the case and intensely look into the disappearance of his daughter Maura. Mr. Murray feels this is THE ONLY WAY TO SOLVE THE CASE. PLEASE help the Murray Family......You have the power to make a difference because 'WE ARE THE PEOPLE' and We have a voice. Thank You John E. Smith, Investigator @ Truth Seekers Investigations Group Bethlehem, NH 03574 You can read more and listen to the Podcasts at the following link. I am a former NH Police Officer and a Private Detective for 6 years. This needs to be solved and people need to be able to trust their local law enforcement as well as feel that they are safe in their own community.  

Truth Seekers Investigations
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Petition to Kremlin, President Putin and Kremlin Human Rights Body, UNHCR

Free John Robles III

Contrary to European and internationally accepted standards and in violation of his rights as a US citizen and a person with political asylum my son was targeted in an entrapment operation and simply used in order to free a known drug addict and police informant who had already done the same thing six times. После того как я боролся против 5й колона в СМИ и был ликвидорован Голос Россия и я был уволен из Россия сегодня из за громка критика США и подержка мной Палестинцев вопреки европейским и международно признанным стандартам и в нарушение его прав как гражданина США и лица с политическим убежищем мой сын был нацелен на операцию по захвату и просто использовался для того, чтобы освободить известного наркомана и полицейского осведомителя, который уже сделал такой же предмет шесть раз. READ MORE HERE: AND HERE: DONATE HERE: Corrupt police then demanded first 9 million, then 4, then 2 million, rubles to make the whole thing "disappear". The trial took place with no defense witnesses, no proper counsel and the father has not been allowed to see him once for almost a year. His health is deteriorating, he has lost weight and is subject to beatings and constant humiliation because of his race, national origin and political status.He is never given enough to eat, is kept in overcrowded conditions and there are constant demands for money from the father, namely so he can eat "normally". Коррумпированная полиция черес свой "крутой посредник" потребовала сначала 9 миллионов, затем 4, затем 2 миллиона рублей, чтобы все это «исчезло». Судебное разбирательство был проведён без свидетелей на сторон защиты, без адвонат нормально на сторон зашита (та который суд дали требовала 30 000 что бы зашитит). Отцу не разрешалось встречаться с ним не один раз в течение почти 3 года. Его здоровье ухудшается, он похудел и подвергается избиениям и постоянному унижению из-за его расы, национального происхождения и политического статуса. Его никогда не дают достаточно, чтобы есть, он находится в переполненных условиях и постоянные требования к деньгам от отец, а именно, чтобы он мог есть «нормально». The prosecution claimed John sold 2 tablets of ecstasy, which were already in the possession of the addict. there was no recording made and the defense and John were not allowed to see the evidence against him because the prosecution said it was "secret". We maintain it was because it does not exist. Прокурор утверждал, что Джон продал 2 таблетки экстаза, которые уже находились во владении наркомана. не было некакой записи, и защитнику и Джону не разрешалось видеть доказательства против него, поскольку обвинение заявило, что это «секретно». Мы утверждаем, что проста не существует. Even were it true for a first offense and for the minor quantity the 5 year sentence was extreme.We demand a proper investigation take place and that John be freed immediately. Даже если бы это было справедливо для первого преступления и для незначительного количества пятилетний срок наказания был экстремальным. Мы требуем проведения надлежащего расследования и того, чтобы Джон был немедленно освобожден. The "police" in the area are already known to have run such schemes for years. They plant drugs, then demand huge bribes, take cars, flats or whatever they want from the victims. Many of the people in Lubertsy and Zhulebino where this occurred have lived in terror of these police for years but there is nothing done to stop them. They are even known by the name "Werewolves in Uniform" Известно, что «полиция» в этом районе управляла такими схемами уже много лет работет. Они кидает наркотики, затем требуют огромных взятки, берут автомобили, квартиры или все, что они хотят от жертв. Многие из людей в Люберцах и Жулебино, где это произошло, много лет страдали от этой полиции, но ничего не сделано, чтобы остановить их. Они даже известны под названием «Оборотни в погонах» и убывает даже сотрудники ФСБ The longer he is kept in such conditions and I can not find the huge sums of money being demanded I am certain my son will probably die. He continues to be kept isolated and incommunicado. We were just informed that after his appeal failed he will be transported to a prison colony yet know one knows exactly where and it may take 6 months during which he will have no communication whatsoever and no one will know where he is. Чем дольше он хранится в таких условиях, и я не могу найти требуемые огромные суммы денег, я уверен, что мой сын, вероятно, умрет. Он по-прежнему остается изолированным и без связи с внешним миром. Нам только что сообщили, что после того, как его апелляция потерпит неудачу, он будет доставлен в колонию, но знает, где именно, и может занять 6 месяцев, в течение которых у него не будет никакой связи, и никто не узнает, где он. Again we are afraid he may be killed and that the entire persecution was an attempt to secure a 9 million ruble bribe and silence the father who has been undergoing a political persecution of his own. They do not want the world or anyone for that matter to know the real story or for John or the family to make any noise. The father was being threatened both physically and through communications channels to be silent or he will lose his asylum. The father was also beaten, his landlady threatened until she evicted him and could not find employment. The father was also threatened with the fabrication of a criminal case and had to flee from the area where he lived quietly for almost 20 years in fear for his life.  И снова мы боимся, что он может быть убит и что все преследования были попыткой обеспечить взятку в 9 миллионов рублей и заставить замолчать отца, который подвергался политическому преследованию своих адрес. Они не хотят, чтобы мир или кто-либо в этом вопросе знал реальную историю, или для Джона или семьи, чтобы шуметь. Отцу угрожали как физически, так и по каналам связи, чтобы молчать, или он потеряет свое убежище. Отец также был избит, его хозяйка угрожала, пока она не выселила его и не смогла найти работу. Отцу также угрожали сфабрикованием уголовного дела и ему пришлось бежать из района, где он прожил спокойно почти 20 лет в страхе за свою жизнь. Given the fact that the family has had political asylum since 2007, are not allowed to obtain citizenship, have been the subjects of arbitrary persecution, are literally being destroyed for political reasons, are citizens of the United States and are people with official and internationally recognized political asylum who should enjoy the protection not only of the Russian Federation but the United Nations, we demand that John be freed immediately. Учитывая тот факт, что семья имела политическое убежище с 2007 года, им не разрешено получать гражданство, являлись субъектами произвольных преследований, буквально уничтожаются по политическим мотивам, являются гражданами Соединенных Штатов и являются людьми с официальными и международно признанными политическое убежище, которое должно пользоваться защитой не только Российской Федерации, но и Организации Объединенных Наций, мы требуем, чтобы Джон был немедленно освобожден Again the younger John Robles has never been politically active, he was just a young person about to get married and working in a company making applications for Android and other phones and his persecution was a way to get the father, secure silence or obtain a bribe.     Снова младший Джон Роблес никогда не был политически активным, он был всего лишь молодым человеком, который собирается жениться и работать в компании, создающей приложения для Android и других телефонов, и его преследование было способом получить отца, обеспечить тишину или получить взятку ,    October 22 2017 Update   The two witnesses in the case were off duty police officers. totally illegal. Два свидетеля по делу были не в полиции. полностью незаконно.

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Petition to Yoweri Museveni Kaguta

Urge Ugandan President Museveni to pass the acid attack bill now.

After having lived for seven years with an abusive husband, I decided it was time to leave. I didn’t think I would survive another year if I stayed, so in 2011, I walked out the door and broke the crippling silence and isolation the abuse had made me feel. I felt empowered and free and finally looked forward to my future. But because I left my marriage, my husband considered me “disobedient” and, therefore, worthy of punishment. One day, he called me to pick up my children at his house and suddenly acid was thrown at my face and body. The next thing I knew, my face felt as if it were on fire. My skin was  literally melting away. He thought he would break my spirit, but he only made me stronger. Since my attack, I have been fighting to put an end to this horrific practice in my country of Uganda, and I need your help to do it. Please support our petition by asking H.E. President Yoweri Museveni Kaguta to sign the Toxic Chemicals Bill into law. That is my story, but there are many more, each one as harrowing as the last. Acid violence occurs around the globe and isn’t specific to race or religion. My country, Uganda, has some of the highest rates of acid violence. In fact, since 1985, there have been nearly 400 reported cases of acid attacks here, and in just one hospital alone, they have reported 8 attacks and two deaths this year.  And those are just the ones that were reported. The real statistics are likely much higher. My name is Hanifa Nakiryowa, and my fellow acid attack survivor Gloria Kankunda and I have founded the Center for Rehabilitation of Survivors of Acid and burns Violence (CERESAV). We founded CERESAV because of our personal experiences, and because of the stories we were told by fellow victims. CERESAV’s ultimate goal is to address the issue of acid attacks and gender violence on a global level, but today we have a chance to make a difference in Uganda by helping to pass legislation that would classify products like acid as controlled substances. Cutting off easy access to acid has proven to  drastically reduce the rate of attacks in other countries.   Research indicates that the most effective ways to reduce acid violence are through regulation of the sale of acid, tougher jail sentences for perpetrators, and raising awareness of the devastating impact that acid attacks have on individuals and their families. Step by step, CERESAV hopes to make all of these things a reality, but we can’t do it alone.   With collective efforts, we can end this devastating act and save the next potential victim. I know we can make a difference. When strong women and fellow victims of female-directed violence, like Jaha who fought to end female genital mutilation, or Malala who is a champion for girls’ education started petitions, great things happened. Please join me in asking H.E. President Yoweri Museveni Kaguta to sign the Toxic Chemicals Bill into law.

Hanifa Nakiryowa
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Petition to Marla Graff Decker, Phillip P. Puckett, Barbara A. Favola, Adam P. Ebbin, Richard H. Stuart, Jill Holtzman Vogel, Mark D. Obenshain, Emmett W. HangerJr., Stephen D. Newman, Charles W. Carrico Sr., R. Creigh Deeds, L. Louise Lucas, Harry B. Blevins, Jeffrey L. McWaters, Ralph S. Northam, Thomas K. Norment Jr., Mamie E. Locke, John C. Miller, A. Donald McEachin, Thomas A. GarrettJr., John S. Edwards, Kenneth C. Alexander, Ryan T. McDougle, Commonwealth of Virginia, Drew Molloy, Chief Deputy Director, Garth L. Wheeler, William T. "Bill" Bolling, Kenneth Thomas "Ken" Cuccinelli II, Martin Kent, Frank W. Wagner, John C. Watkins, William M. StanleyJr., Ralph K. Smith, Bryce E. Reeves, Henry L. MarshIII, Frank M. RuffJr., Richard H. Black, Walter A. Stosch, Stephen H. Martin, Charles J. Colgan

Commonwealth of Virginia: Release indictments handed up by a grand jury for the murder of Emma Marie Baldwin ~ ANNIE's LAW

My name is Benjamin Baldwin.  I am Emma's father. My 2 year old beautiful daughter Emma Marie Baldwin was murdered in Wise County, VA. Justice needs to be done and it has been long enough!!!  ANNIE's LAW!!!  Please stand with us and help me FIGHT!   She was a precious child. A beautiful ray of sunshine that lightened everyone's lives.  And she was loved. She always will be. It will take a lifetime... Please read Emma's story through her Father's Testimony   Please also read the prelude to this horrible tragedy.   Please look and listen to her voice.  Listen to her interaction with her father.  Know that she was loved more than anything and wanted to be with her Daddy at all times because she was safe with me...   Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Emma Marie Baldwin will FOREVER be in our hearts. Her memories will burn eternal and shall never be forgotten! She was Daddy's angel and she always will be...   Please join our coalition to ensure Justice For Emma!   Please follow the Facebook Event at Justice for Emma Marie Baldwin in Wise, Virginia! Please follow the Facebook Page for Remembering Emma Marie Baldwin Please follow the Facebook Page for Justice For Emma 2227stopabuse@groups.facebook.com Benjamin Baldwin Please contact the Virginia State police regarding any information that you can provide. Daddy Loves You Emma!!! I Love You to the Stars!!!  xoxo  ~ Always & Forever ~     ~ Emma's Story ~ Through her father's testimony ~ 11/03/12 Emma was severely physically injured on Friday, October 19th, 2012   On 10/19 around 4pm, an ambulance had come to the home on Pole Bridge Road in Wise, VA. I am still unaware who made the call to the paramedics. I was informed that Emma was not breathing when they arrived and they had to "work on her" to support her breathing. She was then taken to Norton Community Hospital into the ER. Brandie did not tell them that I was her father. Emma's right arm was broken. They did a cat scan on her head and it revealed a slight bleeding on her brain and her brain was still in a somewhat regular brain shape. At that point, under the circumstances, the choice was made to fly her to UT Medical Hospital in Knoxville, Tennessee. Brandie let with Juwan and the other kids back to a friends house. Sometime during this point they were coached into a fabricated story to tell the investigators. Social Services arrived at some point and took Emergency Custody of all 3 children because Brandie did not declare that I had joint legal custody. Then at some point, Brandie and Juwan made statements to investigators. I received a call 5 hours later from a special agent of the Virginia State Police. He told me that Emma was very sick and that they were "working on her" Her arm was broken, she had significant bruising, and they were breathing for her. I packed my stuff and hauled as fast as I could to Knoxville, TN. When I arrived at UT Medical, they kept telling me that they did not have a patient there by that name. I freaked out and said that you have got be kidding me. I though they may have took her to Holsten Valley instead. I called the Special Agent and I called the Wise County Sheriff's office and after an hour, I received my clearance to see Emma. Emma was on a ventilator. They had performed another cat scan on her head when she arrived at UT Medical. Her brain had swollen to the capacity of her skull. She had severe bleeding in the brain. She had major bruising all over her body and her little right arm had been broken. She had an issue with her kidneys putting out too much water, so they had to give her hormones. They also had to give her blood pressure medicine for her heart. Now I had left to go to the hotel briefly to get a room around 4am, I think. When I came back 30 minutes later, Brandie was there and I waited in the PICU lounge. After she left 30 minutes later, I went back with Emma. I continued to hold her hand and talk to her and tell her everything was going to be okay. Shortly I met with the forensic doctor who would be doing Emma's examination, I think around 6-7am. I had an interview with her and when we were done, I went with her to Emma's bedside for the examination. She perfomed the examination as I watched. Let me tell you when I say it was the most horrific thing I have had to do in my entire life and I never wish that upon anybody. Emma's eyes had completely hemoraged with blood. The only way that it can happen is either if there is a family-related bleeding problem or from physical trauma. They concluded that Emma DID NOT have a hereditary bleeding problem. At this point, I am beside myself. What had they sdone to my baby girl? I was angry, upset, sad, and everything in between. So then, the forensic doctor had to call Brandie several times to tell her to come back in around 8AM on saturday morning. Brandie finally showed up an hour later and they sat me in another room in the PICU while she did her interview with the forensic doctor. After the interview, Brandie made a choice. Brandie chose, instead of going to Emma's bedside, she walked right out of the PICU without even seeing her. She tried to get back to her car to leave. She had brought Juwan to the hospital with her. He tried to get a visitor pass to go see Emma. After security told him they would make his badge in the office, they held him until the police arrived. Brandie and Juwan were both taken into custody for FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE WARRANTS for his violation of probation and her violation of protection order due to after what happened to Emma, they executed a search warrant on the home and found drugs and/or paraphernalia. I didn't even know this until Sunday. So I stayed up with Emma all day saturday by her side, holding her hand, laying with her, talking to her, telling her it was going to be okay. I had to leave around 11pm because I had to sleep. Emma was going to have her first EEG brain scan the next morning on Sunday. After waking up Sunday morning, I go back to UT Medical Center to be with Emma. They are finishing up with her first EEG Brain Scan. I don't know how to tell you this but Emma had absolutely zero brain activity. I wanted to puke. I couldn't believe this was happening. The neurologist told me that basically Emma was deceased already. So for instances where people can only die by two ways, either your heart stops or your brain stops. Well Emma's brain had stopped. But they have to run 2 independent SAME tests with different neurologists, and if both tests are conclusive, then the patient is officially pronounced deceased. Needless to say, I was beside myself all day long talking with the doctors and wondering what should I do and I stayed with Emma by her side. I tried to lay down that night by her side in a recliner but that didn't happen. SO I sat in a chair throughout the entire night talking with the nurses and doctors, while being there for Emma. I continued to hold her hands and kiss her head. Telling her it was going to be okay. I didn't sleep all Sunday night. Monday morning finaly came. The 2nd neurologist came in to perfom the 2nd EEG Brain scan. I left while they did it. When I came back to the PICU, they showed me parts beside the digital EEG that they do. They performed a LIVE demonstration on how Emma's natural instictive reflexes from her spinal cord were not even working properly when they would pick up her limbs and then let them go. Which usually in a situation of brain damage, there is still some natural instinctive reflexes which Emma did not have. Emma was pronounced dead at 1:05 PM on Monday, October 22nd, 2012 in the UT Medical Hospital PICU. I stayed with her as her precious little heart kept beating as she was being supplied with oxygen from a machine. They made the decision to get Brandie in from Knoxville County Jail to see Emma before the withdrawl of care would take place. Well Brandie came in and visited around 6 for 30 minutes to 60 minutes. After that, her mother and step-father were allowed to see Emma for 15 minutes. After all that, it was just Emma and me. After being there with her for so long, they picked Emma up off the bed and laid her into my arms. I held her for as long as she needed me to. I sung to her, I told her how much I loved her, and if she felt anything at all, in her little brain, she knew she was with her Daddy. She knew she was safe and she most certainly knew that she was loved. Now I pray that you never have to go through anything like this in your life, EVER!!! But I held my baby girl in my arms because I was proud to be her father and she was proud that I was her Daddy. Shortly after, they stopped the machines. I held my baby Emma Marie Baldwin tight as can be and I didn't let go. Emma's heart had stopped. I continued to hold her in my arms. I didn't want to let her go. I stood up and placed her on the bed and then they put her blanket on her. I composed myself and after a short while, I had to leave. They gave me a lock of her hair. I keep it in my pocket. Emma is my guardian angel. I would do anything for this little girl because she was half of a family that supposed to be later in life. Now our family was cut in half. The next day on Tuesday, Emma was transported to Roanoke, Virginia so they could perform the autopsy. After the autopsy was conclusive with what the results were at the hospital, Emma's body was released to the funeral home that I had chosen for her final services. Emma was picked up and taken to Northern Kentucky to be with my family. Emma's services were Tuesday, October 30th, 2012. They were beautiful. It is what she deserved. Now she is laid to rest with a large number of my family members at a cemetary in Taylor Mill, Kentucky. A long line of fine humans who loved eachother and some were veterans. Now, the events that took place before Emma's tragic fate... That is a whole other story onto itself. But let me tell you something and make it real clear to you. Emma received very serious physical traumas. She passed away as a result of that. THAT IS A FACT. Take a good long look at my baby girl. Only then will you know my pain for my daughter.        

Justice For Emma 2
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