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Petition to Kentucky State Senate, Andy Beshear

Harsher penalties for hit and runs

 Petition to enact Daniel's Law        This petition is to ask Kentucky lawmakers to enact a bill, called Daniels law. It will site stricter penalties for hit and run crimes and to make DNA kits available to all police departments in the state of Kentucky for anyone arrested on felony charges. Federally, this is a law, but the funding isn't there for rural departments. Hit and runs are not even considered violent crimes. According to Nolo law Kentucky doesnt have a vehicular homicide statute. This law should be changed.        On November 13th, 2020, our son was killed by a hit and run driver. The coroner said Daniel Ray Logsdon II was killed instantly. The driver fled the scene with no remorse for human life. During, a one month time frame, there was 7 other hit and runs. Our families have yet to see justice. The laws in Kentucky for a hit and runs vary and go on a case by case basis. Every case is different. The driver in our sons hit and run was speeding at 61mph in a 35mph zone.        Cases are categorized into 3 sections, none of which are harsh penalties.      Reckless homicide carries 1-5 years in prison with a fine of $1000 to $10,000.      2nd degree manslaughter or vehicular manslaughter carries 5-10 years in prison with $1000 to a $10,000 fine.      Last but not least, murder. This option is used the very least in hit and runs. Even if it causes death. It has to be a capitol offense to qualify as a murder charge. This offense carries 20 to life and is rarely used in hit and runs.           There is very little transparency in hit and run cases. The cases are not treated as top priority cases like a murder with another type of weapon. In my opinion, a vehicle is a weapon as well, if used in a hit and run death. Our sons case is being investigated by a traffic unit and no homicide unit is involved and the traffic unit has very little help. This could stand to be changed as well. Help these officers help us. Help me get the justice our son deserves.

Patricia Bishop
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Petition to Brian Kemp, Georgia State Senate, Georgia State House


We believe in “No Taxation Without Representation.” Over 266,000 law-abiding Georgia citizens who are on parole or probation are denied representation by being denied the right to vote. They go to work, pay their taxes, and are contributing members of society, and yet they are denied a voice in the growth and direction of their own communities. They can't vote because of the Reconstruction Era creation of a new Georgia Constitution in 1877, designed to restrict the newly received rights of slaves. (Article II, Section I, Paragraph III.),_Georgia_Constitution The power of the vote is the power of self-determination. Casting a vote gives citizens a deciding voice in what we believe to be best for ourselves, our families, and our communities. To deny access to government and the distribution of the power that exercises authority over us, while at the same time imposing scores of taxes upon us, is fundamentally unjust and unamerican and needs to be corrected immediately. Representation in exchange for taxation was one of the founding principles of the United States of America. It embodies our national resistance to tyranny. Yet in 2020, centuries after the U.S. gained freedom, justice, and democracy, Georgia has more people on parole and probation than any other state, and remains one of 30 states that does not restore voting rights upon release from prison if under supervision. Such denial makes a mockery of the American democratic experience. Join us in eradicating this State sponsored second class citizenship by calling upon our Georgia state legislature to bring back dignity to hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens (neighbors, friends and family members) and fully restore their right to vote. Our goal is to reach over 266,000 supporters. Sign this petition today!

IMAN Atlanta
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