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Petition to Avenues College, John Gardener, Education Minister SA, Dr Michele Bruniges, Secretary of the Education Dept., Corey Wingard, Minister for Police Australia, Grant Stevens, Police Comissioner SA, Scott Morrison, Dana Wortley, Local MP., Vincent Tarzia, Speaker of the house., Department For Education

Public Apology from attackers parents to Maddy and Expel them! As per go fund me page link above you will see on the 4th February 2020, Maddy, a 13 year old girl whom had just started high school was brutally bashed in a public restaurant, whilst being filmed, by two older females (14 and 15 years of age) Whilst unconscious, her front teeth were kicked out of her mouth by one of the savage attackers.  The Avenues School that the attackers and victim go to has suspended the attackers, however this is NOT GOOD ENOUGH! What do we have a justice system for? We can’t take the matter into our own hands, as much as many would like, because then we would be committing the same crime that these vicious girls did. I am petitioning for these girls to be Expelled from this school and that both girls parents come forward and publicly apologise on behalf of their disgraced children for the pain and suffering caused to their innocent victim Maddy.  **update**I also agree that the attackers should have to fund all related medical/ physical/ emotional expenses that will occur from their beating of Maddy. On behalf of the North Eastern Community, we demand: EXPEL THE GIRLS! PARENTS TO PUBLICLY APOLOGISE! 

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Petition to Andrew Little Justice Minister, Jacinda Ardern Prime Minister

NZ Create a Public register for Perpetrators of Domestic Violence

I care about protecting victims and future victims of domestic violence.  Offenders convicted of MAF and family harm should be REGISTERED like they do for sex offenders. This should be accessible to the public.   It is my personal experience as a victim of domestic violence that these perpetrators have abused victims before and go on to abuse other victims.   Because of the complexity of domestic violence and how very often victims don’t report everything, often a conviction (if we are lucky enough to get one) is a small piece of the big picture. In my case there were many family harm call outs but only 2 convictions and many bail breaches however, in the two year period I was abused almost fortnightly with physical/mental/sexual violence And only two convictions on record.  I met my abuser on tinder he already had a MAF conviction which I wasn’t aware of and a long list of other offences, now there are two more thanks to me, however this will not prevent him from doing it again. I discovered too late there were many victims before me and he now has a new target (groomed within months of my escape) and she has no idea who she has married.   The damage he has done to me is horrific and I get a life sentence of PTSD among other things.  The justice system is letting us down by not enforcing bail conditions (mine breached bail 10 times and was still not held in custody) this increases the chance of being harmed or manipulated back to the relationship which he did many times. Also the absolutely pathetic sentencing is so retraumatizing. 80 hours community service is crazy for assault with a blunt instrument, for a repeat offender on probation and supervision for a prior MAF.....WOMAN ARE DYING !!! If there was a register then we could check who we are dating and make an informed decision to proceed with a relationship.   It would help if judges could allow victims to share details of the big picture when sentencing. I was literally gagged by the judge from reading my victim impact statement and told it was irrelevant, the judge praised him for joining a church!!  The whole completing an anger management course is often ticking a box for these offenders. Mine did at least 3 courses and continued to abuse me and I think this should be taken into account when sentencing. Completing a course does not mean they are changed.  The first bail breach should be enforced held in custody no excuses.  They are showing they have no respect for the law and indicates no change in behaviour.  They stalk because they can get away with it.   Protection orders should be free and implemented straight away for the victim when they report an offence and charges are laid by police.  The cost of prison is minor compared to the cost of a life and the ripple affect on family/community. As a victim I am unable to work due to the trauma, PTSD, the brain injuries many concussions from blows to the head, the costs of ongoing counselling, psychologists, lawyers, Occupational therapists, medication.... legal aid etc etc etc OUR SYSTEM IS NOT WORKING !! well it’s working for the abusers and it’s WRONG ! These offenders are not being held accountable or rehabilitated.  More education for our legal/justice/judges is clearly needed as I cannot see they have any idea about domestic violence. And more education for our society there is so much ignorance and victim blaming and it’s not helping make change.  PLEASE share and sign my petition ❤️❤️❤️

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