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Petition to Scott Morrison, Michaelia Cash

PM must order independent inquiry into historical rape allegations against AG Porter

Federal Attorney General, Christian Porter stands accused of the rape of a 16 year old school girl when he was 17, following a debating competition  in Sydney some 33 years ago. NSW Police have decided a prosecution cannot proceed after the alleged victim tragically took her own life last year. The woman initially approached police and had been willing to give a formal statement however police were delayed in taking that statement due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. The woman later sought to withraw her complaint and shortly thereafter took her own life. Christian Porter has vehemently denied the allegations in a teary media conference, which some may cynically see as an attempt to garner public sympathy without formal testing of the evidence. Porter claims any investigation of the matter (outside the police process) would amount to him having to prove his own innocence, this claim is dubious at best as no reversal of the burden of proof has been suggested. Many may remember that last year Porter was the subject of media attention over an inappropriate liason with a political staffer. He was also accused of an attitude of entitlement and misogyny which fellow students say were on display during his University days. This leaves Australia in a terrible situation where the highest law officer of our land has very serious allegations levelled against him, allegations that certainly go to questions of his suitability, character and fitness for performing the role. Due, at least in part, to the tragic death of the woman involved there has been no opportunity to test the allegations in any court of law. Prime Minister Scott Morrison must set up an independent inquiry into the allegations! This inquiry can formally test the evidence and make a determination (on the balance of probabilities) as to whether or not Porter raped the woman. An inquiry will either enable Mr Porter to clear his name or it will determine that he is not a fit and proper person to maintain his current position as highest law officer in Australia and has breached the Ministerial Code of Conduct .

Emma Griffiths
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Petition to Pope Francis, Arch Bishop Peter Comesoli, Bishop Paul Bird

Defrock Cardinal George Pell.

Cardinal George Pell needs to be removed from the priesthood after the full details of the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Abuse findings were finally released, acknowledging he knew of child abuse in the Ballarat diocese. Pell allowed Gerald Ridsdale and others to continue to abuse children in their care for decades by simply moving them around to continue abusing  I was a victim of Ridsdale over a period of years, living in the presbytery in Mortlake where he abused nearly every Catholic boy in the town, as well as number of young girls.  George Pell accompanied Ridsdale to court in the ’90s as a character reference. He claimed he did not know why he was going to court that day. I ask Pell be dismissed from the clerical state and defrocked, or in the very least resign immediately.  Pell attended consulters meetings in Ballarat Diocese were Ridsdale’s and other child abuse offending was discussed in Rome Pell quoted “ it was not of interest to me “  Please, help me get Pell removed from the protection of the Catholic Church in Australia and Rome.  The Church needs to face survivors and offer fair compensation, not the dismal offers you have made in the past  The Pope needs to set an example, showing child abuse and the cover-up of child abuse is not acceptable and will be dealt with by the law of the land, not your cannon law!  Please, sign and share my petition and stand with survivors of child sexual abuse. Paul Levey Survivor of Gerald Ridsdale  Counselling and support services1800 Respect: 1800 737 732  |  Bravehearts: 1800 272 831  |  Child Wise: 1800 991 099  |  Lifeline: 13 11 14  |  Care Leavers Australia Network: 1800 008 774  |  PartnerSPEAK: (03) 9018 7872

Paul Levey
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Petition to Independent broad-based anti-corruption commission, Independent Commission Against Corruption-ICAC (NSW), Commonwealth Integrity Commission, Transparency International Australia, Accountability Round Table, National Integrity Committee

Investigate the corruption that led to the demise of Royal Commission into Veteran Suicide

I need your help to amplify the corruption and cover-ups that have directly contributed to suicides of Australian ADF personnel and veterans; corruption that directly derailed the ‘Royal Commission that might have investigated all of this:  LETTER TO SIR PETER COSGROVE AND HIS “UNIFIED COALITION” This letter above references a meeting that took place in the office of the Treasurer of Australia (Josh Frydenberg) on 12 December 2019. A small number of largely non-veteran but influential Australians, attended a meeting with the Treasurer and the Prime Minister. This meeting was arranged by Sir Peter Cosgrove, a meeting in which all parties strongly aligned themselves to the Prime Minister’s agenda of replacing the Royal Commission, with a corrupt National Commission alternative. In doing so, they ignored a quarter of a million signatures on this petition After each member had given their reasons to oppose such a Royal Commission, the Treasurer gave them a blank cheque to establish ineffective “PTSD hubs” - the psychological equivalent of “disability access ramps” for vets, in the shape of a set of stairs.  I need your help to use your sphere of influence to sign and share this petition, to apply pressure upon Australia's anti-corruption agencies (formally notified on 05 MAR 21) to expediently, and professionally investigate the matter. 

Dr Daniel Mealey
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