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Petition to Nicola Sturgeon

We Demand Justice for Sheku Bayoh, We Demand to Know the TRUTH.

My cousin Sheku Bayoh was detained in police custody in Kircaldy, near Edinburgh, Scotland on Sunday 3 May. He did not leave police custody alive. Following is a statement from the Bayoh family: "Our son and brother Sheku Ahmed Tejan Bayoh was only 31 years old when he was suddenly and cruelly taken from us. His mother and three sisters are devastated and still in shock. He has also left 2 small sons aged 3 and 3 months and a loving partner. Their loss along with ours is great. ‘Shek’ as he was fondly known was a warm friendly and gentle person. Just a few hours earlier he was at his niece’s birthday party and sending his big sister a text message to wish her Happy Birthday. She didn’t know that would also be the last time she would hear from him. We still do not know how Shek died. All we know is that he was taken into police custody in the early hours of Sunday morning. Now he is dead . His family and friends want to know how and why. We are disappointed, hurt and upset that the police refuse to give us clear information of what occurred. We need Shek to rest and then his family can also begin to heal. We cannot do this until the truth is known. No family ever thinks that this will happen to them. We cannot have Shek back in our lives. Now that he is gone all we want now is to know the truth and to have justice for Shek. We, his family and friends, everyone who loved him deserves that. We all have grave concerns at the role of Police Scotland and are asking the Lord Advocate and the PIRC to help us get the truth. In demanding justice for Shek, we hope that justice can also be had for other families who have suffered in similar ways. Our strength is the love of his family and friends. We will continue to fight for justice and the truth." The police in their statement during the press conference (Thursday 14 May) were adamant ‘we have nothing to apologise for’. Yet we still remain in the dark about what happened to Shek.

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Petition to NSW Director of Public Prosecution, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, NSW Minister for Corrections, NSW Minister for Corrections David Elliott, NSW Attourney General Mark Speakman, NSW Minister for Police and Emergency Services​, NSW Minister for Police and Emergency Services Troy Grant

Help stop a Triple Murderer being released from a NSW jail.

A man once described as “one of the most cold-blooded killers ever to enter a New South Wales prison”, is likely to be released on parole next month. In 1977, Berwyn Rees entered a Bondi Junction gun shop and ordered 26-year-old manager Raymond James and 26-year-old customer Christopher Greenfield to lie face down on the ground. Rees shot both of them in the back of the head from point blank range. He took 18 guns and ammunition and fled. One of these innocent men was my father. I was only two-years-old when my father was murdered in cold-blood - execution style.  For three years the murders remained unsolved until forestry and telecom workers heard Rees’ target practice shots in the bush. Sergeant Keith Haydon went to investigate and was shot multiple times. Realising Sergeant Haydon wasn't dead, Rees went back to the injured policeman and shot him in the head. During his attempted escape he shot another young police officer multiple times in the stomach, but the constable survived. In 1981, Rees was handed three life sentences for the murders and another 10 years in prison for the attempted murder. Last week I received a letter in the mail stating that the State Parole Authority has indicated it's Intention to grant Rees' parole next month. This murderer is highly intelligent (completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a double major whilst incarcerated), cold and calculating and has never shown any remorse. I cannot understand how they can even consider letting this man free. He has destroyed so many families.  This man murdered 3 innocent men and an attempted murder on another. He deserves to be in jail for the term of his natural life, never seeing the light of day again. Please sign my petition to help me keep my father's murderer locked away.....just imagine if it was your son or brother or father. Do you really want this kind of man walking the streets? 

Tracy James
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Petition to Alison Saunders Head of CPS., Winton Keenen Chief Constable Northumbria Police


  I have been battling with a mental illness for twenty three years. Vulnerability attracted an individual who took over my life.At four hours at a time he would groom me into a state of fear, Health & Safety, local government and any type of officialdom, he already knew that I struggled to cope with brown envelopes, the telephone, and debate.This individual decided to sell my property from under me.He got his brother-in -law (estate agent)to come to my property to give a rough idea of the value of my home, after the visit without my permission, he put scaffolding up that remained there for two years.He then took off the roof and because he hadn't paid the scaffolding company the scaffolding was removed and for a further two years I had no roof, the water poured in and caused a lot of damage.I was emptying pails of water 24/7.Then I had to buy a new roof with money I had to find for a roof that didn't need replacing.This individual used my address as his own and when he upset some of his workmen, they broke all of my windows with a BB gun.During his reign he took me to cash machines, he even had to show me how to use the machine as I had no need for them.He also took me to the post office and bank to extort money to the value of £22,000.00 from me.He would write out a cheque letting me think he was paying me back and telling me when to cash it, one was for £15,000.00, it was returned as the account didn't exist.I feel having a mental illness invites abuse.The Police, CPS, and Politicians do not understand my illness.The individual has walked away with my money, leaving me in wet deplorable living conditions and the Police have just allowed this to happen.I have pleaded with Mrs. Alison Saunders, Head of CPS to give me some justice, but she has ignored me.My illness made me suffer in silence for many years until the Police came looking for the individual because he was selling hired power tools, it was then the Police found out what was going on.

david hills
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Petition to Rt Hon.David Gauke MP Lord High Chancellor Secretary of State for Justice, Theresa May MP

Should released killers remain supervised? (Murder of David Irwin)

In the UK when a murderer is released from prison after completing a life sentence they will remain on life licence for the remainder of their life and part of this process requires them to report to a National Probation supervisor every few weeks.  This is to ensure they are adhering to their licence restrictions, which have been set upon their release from prison.   However the supervision portion of this licence will potentially only remain in force for up to 4 years, which leaves the murderer to be unmonitored within society. Statistics taken from the Mail online May 2016 show that almost 100 killers,rapists and paedophiles who were given life sentences by judges have been released - only to be jailed for life again for committing another serious offence. Therefore would it not be more effective to continue monitoring and supervising the offender to prevent them from the possibility of re-offending? My husband David Irwin’s killer was released on life licence in 2012 after serving a ten year sentence for his murder and my understanding of his release was that he would be continually monitored by a supervisor within the Probation Service every few weeks.  However I have now been informed that the case will be referred to the Parole Board and his supervision may be rescinded due to the murderers “good behaviour”. I was unaware of this fact and after completing some research, I have unfortunately discovered that this is part of the process for murderers on a life licence and is common practice that the supervision or reporting restrictions are only to remain in force for approximately 4 years. This is a concern and causes immense anxiety, to know that my family and I, will no longer have the reassurance that the murderer will be supervised or monitored. I, hereby, petition the Prime Minister Theresa May and the Rt Hon.David Gauke MP Lord High Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice to acknowledge and amend the current policy for supervision which ceases after 4 years and to maintain full supervision for murderers for the remainder of their lives.  

Helen Hill
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