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Petition to ATTORNEY GENERAL CHAMBERS, People's Action Party, K. SHANMUGAM, Assoc Prof Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong


Wow... 4 years of jail without caning for a pedophile?! READ ABOUT THIS SEXUAL PREDATOR'S CASE HERE. Is this the message our Singapore Government People's Action Party is intending to send worldwide: "Spray paint our city or slander our government officials and you get it worse off than if you rape and sexually abuse our children"? Pedophiles will come from far and wide to take advantage of such an incredibly erroneous measure of justice!!   As a parent and an early childhood educator advocating for the voiceless in our country (and children everywhere, with the fact that upon release this pedophile could be anywhere around the world, abusing his mixed martial arts trainer's credentials) I find this unacceptable and absolutely intolerable. Unfortunately, the 6 year old in this traumatic case is a daughter of a close friend and it absolutely breaks my heart and those of all our friends and family.  TO EVERYONE WHO READS THIS AND WISHES TO EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN AS A PARENT, A GRANDPARENT, AN UNCLE OR AUNT, AN EDUCATOR ... PLEASE JOIN THIS PETITION TO THE PRIME MINISTER, ATTORNEY GENERAL CHAMBERS AND THE MINISTER OF LAW TO SEEK A REDRESS OF THE SENTENCE FOR THIS SEXUAL PREDATOR JOSHUA ROBINSON. "Indifference, to me, is the epitome of evil" ~ Elie Wiesel I WILL NOT STAND INDIFFERENT. NO MORE. Will you?

Sarah Woon
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Petition to Martin Pakula, Graham Ashton

Issue Warrants for George Pell and Denis Hart for perverting the course of justice

The Victorian Police have been stymied in their investigations of crimes against Victorian children in Catholic Institutions and by Catholic clergy and staff by George Pell and Denis Hart since 1987.  IT'S ABOUT TIME THEY WERE CHARGED BY VICTORIA POLICE AND A WARRANT ISSUED FOR THEIR ARREST. George Pell and Denis Hart have removed evidence required for Police Prosecutions for crimes against children in the State of Victoria Australia. The evidence has allegedly been removed to Rome by the Papal Nuncio. As presented on ABC TV Lateline  on 17 March 2016 STEVE CANNANE, REPORTER: Do you still have the support of the Pope, Cardinal? GEORGE PELL, CARDINAL: Counsel, this was an extraordinary world, a world of crimes and cover-ups.A former pastoral care co-ordinator with the Catholic Church in Melbourne has called on the royal commission and police to subpoena all of the Church's secret files on sexual abuse by clergy. Helen Last has told Lateline that until all the secret documents known internally as the "red files" are made available, the public's only getting part of the truth about the scope of the crimes committed against children. She also says that former Melbourne Archbishop George Pell preventing her from helping victims of abuse in Doveton, a parish devastated by the notorious paedophile priest Peter Searson. child deserves a safe and happy childhood, that is the Terms of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse in Australia.I request that the Police bring George Pell and Denis Hart before the Courts in the State of Victoria to face the matters known at present, and that they seek a Warrant to gain access to materials and documents that may be required in the course of their investigations, wherever they may be. 

Helen Dawson
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Petition to Chief Minister Uttar Pradesh, PRIME MINISTER INDIA, Central Bureau of Investigation, National Commission For Women, Supreme Court of India

Justice in Sara Singh murder case

Sara Singh Was brutally murdered by her husband Amanmani Tripathi, Manoj Goyal and his accomplices at Sirsaganj, Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. Amarmani Tripathi and Madhumani Tripathi were mastermind of the plot. Sara ( 27 yrs) , LLB, is said to have died in a car accident but her husband didn't get a scratch at all. There was no blood mark on his shirt.Her husband is Aman Mani Tripathi S/O Amar Mani Tripathi who is facing life imprisonment in MADHUMITA SHUKLA murder case. Postmortem report is fabricated through influence of powerful people. More information about the criminal family can be known by going through below website: While murdering Sara they had made it look like an accident and fabricated the postmortem report. Amanmani got the postmortem done by 5pm whereas Sara's mother reached by 8 pm. No external injuries were reported in the Postmortem. The postmortem report was received by Sara's family , 5 days after her death. Sara's lower abdomen was bloated 1 hour after her death which indicates that she had received injuries in her private parts like NIRBHAYA case. Aman was using Sara's two mobiles, after her death,and both the sets are untraceable till now. Aman was also involved in an abduction case in 2014. Sara and Aman got married in an Arya Samaj temple on 27th July 2013. No family members from either side were present. Two of their common friends were witness to the marriage. Sara's in laws never accepted her and she mostly lived at her mother's house during two years of her marriage. A few days before her death, while she was with Aman at their Lawrence Terrace flat , she called her mother at midnight and told that Aman is beating her ruthlessly. Her mother and brother rushed to his flat , took away Sara and warned Aman not to do it again. She often used to tell her mother that Aman is a PSYCHO and Drug Addict. Sara was a very private person and never used to disclose much about her personal life. Sara's friends later revealed that Aman used to hit her routinely in their presence too. Sara was contemplating divorce but 10-15 days before her death, Aman convinced her for a trip to Delhi and Shimla. She agreed thinking it might make things better. As per Aman's story, while driving, he sighted a woman on highway near Sirsaganj, Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, India and lost control of the vehicle and it toppled and fell besides the highway. He said that he was driving at a speed of 120-130 km/ hr and both of them were not wearing seatbelts. Sara died on the spot and he didn't receive a single scratch. The whole incident was managed in Firozabad, because one of Amarmani's henchman " Manoj Goyal" (GD GOENKA PUBLIC SCHOOL, FIROZABAD) has a stronghold in that region and has been involved in several such cases. He killed his first wife but nothing much was done against him. His mobile location at the time of incident was traced to the murder spot. He was in jail for disrobing a lady bank manager in Agra. We, as common citizens were of the opinion that the police and doctors would do their job professionally but were taken aback when we came to know that everything can be MANAGED. We were told that post-mortem would be conducted thoroughly by a panel of doctors but when we received the report it was as if somebody copied it from a book. The Post-Mortem as well as the Forensic Report was managed. Can you all believe this? This is a very Regular affair in Uttar Pradesh, India. By the time we realized that it was a PRE PLANNED murder, the criminals had destroyed all the evidence. But every wicked criminal leaves some trail. 1) Why Aman didn't receive a single scratch, if he says he was in the driver's seat, not wearing seat belt and driving at 120-130 km / hr? * Can anyone believe this story? He didn't want to take a chance and did not want to get wounded. Being in the vehicle could have broken his limbs. So, this accident theory was floated to hide the murder. ## Sara was tortured and killed in a secluded place.## 2) Why his body language after Sara's death not reflecting any pain? *Because he himself had murdered her.Their relations were not good and Sara had complained to women helpline no 1090 regarding torture by Aman. But nothing was done by UP police due his high profile connections. 3) Why his shirt not reflecting blood stains? * Because the accident theory was fake. 4) Why strangulation marks reflecting on Sara's neck in the photos? * Because she was strangulated after torture, to make sure she was dead. 5) Why injury marks seen beneath her ears, on the RIGHT side ? In the so called accident the Car as well as Sara fell on the left side * Result of torture by Aman and accomplices 6) If something happens on a busy highway at 1'o clock in the afternoon, lots of people throng the area, take photos. We do not have any photos of Sara and Aman at the crime scene. Why? * Because the car was dumped by their accomplices. 7) We take injured people in an ambulance as it is equipped with instruments to revive a person. Why she was not taken in an ambulance? Why a private vehicle was used? Why were they so sure that she was dead? * Because the murder fact would leak out. So only close accomplices had the car ready. 8) Why they issued different statements like a small girl / girl in bicycle/ woman came in front of the car? * Because it was a fake story 9) Why they issued different statements that she was sitting in front/ back seat? * Because whatever planning you do, there are some loopholes which get caught. 10) How Gorakhpur people (500 kms) and cars reached the murder spot before someone from Lucknow (270 kms) could reach it? * Because they were already at the crime scene waiting to destroy evidence/ influence local police and doctors 11) If everything was alright, why Aman's accomplices posed as witness for TV channels ? What was the need to pose as a witness? * Because the accomplice , Dilip Chauhan of Samajwadi Party, was aware it was a murder and was giving statement to mislead the police and the media. ## Common people easily traced out that the accomplice was telling a lie## 12) Why Aman was using Sara's mobiles? Why he was not using his phone? * To delete any important message and to make sure he is not traced. 13) The police station was 3 kms from the murder spot. Why police didn't reach on time? It would have taken them 10 mins. Was the police informed? The police was not able to reach the murder spot but Aman was so hale and hearty that with in 10 mins of the so called big accident, he stood up and took Sara in a private vehicle. Can Anyone believe this? * As it was a fake accident, how could the police be found at the crime spot 14) Why Shyam Narayan Tiwari kept Sara's IPhone ( 9918206600) with him for 5 months inspite of Sara's mother and UP Police Investigating officer's request to return it back? * This clearly shows his involvement in destruction of evidence. He wanted to delete the evidence. He was in Firozabad to manage the post-mortem report and influence the police officers, doctors and forensic experts. 15) Why was her lower abdomen bloated 1 hour after her death? * We consulted some top doctors and they told that it is a result of injuries inflicted in private parts.   ## The main reason of fabricating the post mortem report was that it would have revealed injuries like NIRBHAYA case. So the whole politician/police nexus made sure that videography is not done. For that, the policemen and doctors were instructed to show it as an accident## ## The accused are hard core/professional criminals and would admit to crime only if they are treated like same ## The prime reason of murder was suspicion, Aman's involvement with other woman and alimony after divorce. Sara's in laws have a criminal background, are very influential and have abundant illegal money.They have destroyed the evidence by influencing the corrupt local police and the doctors. They are associated with very powerful politicians of the state ( we don't want to name, but it was exposed in a sting operation by IBN7). Shivpal Yadav ( Chief Minister's uncle) asked policemen not to arrest Amanmani and pressurized them to show it as an accident. Firozabad MP Akshay Yadav ( Ram Gopal Yadav's son) is Chief Minister's cousin. They are using all their money and power to destroy evidence , buy witnesses and spread false rumours. Now our only hope is that CBI gets the truth out. Narco Analysis test of Amanmani Tripathi, Amarmani Tripathi, Madhumani Tripathi, Shyam Narayan Tripathi and Manoj Goyal is necessary for same. Sara's family needs support of all law abiding citizens in their hour of need. * This is not a fight for a single woman but for all the women who are tortured and killed by the lecherous animals existing in this society. * All Postmortems to be VIDEOGRAPHED in Uttar Pradesh, India. It should be made compulsory that Postmortem is carried out by a panel of doctors and videographed, irrespective of the the cause of death. * This is a fight against all the powerful criminals/politicians/corrupt administrative officials who misuse their power and deny justice to a common man. They cannot bend LAW according to their wish. The policemen would have interrogated the accused and arrested them if they were common people. But these rich criminals have neither been interrogated nor put behind bars.  PLS HELP US IN GETTING JUSTICE   Seema Singh ( Murdered Sara Singh's mother)

Seema Singh
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Petition to Theresa May, Theresa May MP, Oliver Letwin

Justice for Andy Cochrane

As a Legacy for Andy Cochrane who was killed when the driver of a Vauxhall Vivaro panel van pulled out of a side road directly into the path of Andy on his Ducati motorcycle  causing his death at the scene we are launching a petition to ensure that no other families have such lenient sentences passed on the drivers who have taken their loved ones from them. The driver was handed a three month prison sentence suspended for a year, 150 hours of unpaid working in the community and was also disqualified from driving for 12 months - for killing another human being! There was a clear sight line of 250 meter at the approach to the junction in question. ---- a police report into the incident found that there were no contributing factors other than the defendant’s driving. Our petition is that  every case of death as a result of careless or inconsiderate driving or any lapse of concentration no matter how momentary should be regarded as falling not far short of dangerous driving according to the Road Traffic Act 1988, s.2B and  be automatically referred to the Crown Court for trial and sentence. We also believe that the minimum sentence even after a ‘Guilty’ plea should be a four year driving ban, a twelve month prison sentence suspended for four years, and an advanced motorists’ course followed by a full driving test before a full driving licence is re-issued.    

Theo Cochrane
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