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Petition to Theresa May MP

Stronger punishment for perpetrators of tool thefts from tradesman's vehicles.

My name's mark and I'm a 46yr old self employed carpenter, like many self employed tradesmen I have to purchase my own tools for the trade I have chosen.  The replacement of these tools usually costs thousands of pounds and in some cases insurance companies have six weeks to settle any claims.     That's a six week financial burden to a victim of this crime. Several friends of mine were victims of tool theft from their vans, and I too have been a victim. Luckily my home insurance paid out for the tools I lost. Another carpenter in my village had everything taken from his vehicle for he second time that year.  Not everyone can empty their vans at night and not everyone has insurance cover. This type of crime is classed as petty crime but to a tradesmen who has paid for his tools with blood sweat and tears doesn't feel this is a petty crime. Every morning I walk out my house wondering if today is the day that my van has been broken into. I'm calling for this crime to have more severe punishments as it affects hundreds of hard-working tradesmen, every day I see more victims posting about their plight via Facebook and it's sickening to see.  A tradesman's tools are his livelihood. There are organised gangs traveling the length of the country helping themselves to thousands of pounds worth of tools by peeling open the doors of hard-working tradesmen's vans and helping themselves to their tools. Some even purchase specialist keys to decode and open vans without causing damage to the vehicle, mainly fords. These gangs are so organised and know many ways to break into the vans with no sign of entery leaving us unable to claim on our insurance. the punishment needs to meet the severity of the crime. The police mostly just give out a crime number which in many occasions are of no use as tools need replacing instantly also our van insurance rises. Insurance companies base premiums on postcodes and crime figures so this crime affects us all. The people suffering are the hard working tradesman who build and maintain the infrastructure of this country. A ban on insurance increases to victims of van crime should be put in place, and emergency low or interest free government loans should be put in place to help relieve the burden to the innocent victims of this type of crime. Tradesmen help the economy tick over in the hard times and generate great income in the form of TAX in the good times.This type of crime is now at epidemic proportions and needs addressing by those who we have appointed to run this country on our behalf. It will not be long before there is a fatality, either a victim of the crime or a perpetrator. A man's tools are his and his family's livelihood and in the heat of the moment he will defend them as if his life depended on it. Please help the situation before more innocent people fall victim of these low vile organised criminal gangs. Please sign and share with all your friends and support all victims of this crime and call for stronger punishment for perpetrators. Thank you on behalf of all UK tradesmen.

Mark Riley
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Petition to Steve AshmanChief Constable Northumbria Police and Alison Saunders Head of CPS.

Washington, Tyne & Wear UK Police have stopped me posting the TRUTH.

One of my decision makers is to retire.The two people in the picture is Chief Constable of Northumbria Police Steve Ashman (to retire) and Dame Vera Baird QC Police & Crime Commissioner.  I have been battling with a mental illness for over twenty years.Vulnerability attracted an individual who took over my life.At four hours at a time he would groom me into a state of fear, Health & Safety, local government and any type of officialdom, he already knew that I struggled to cope with brown envelopes, the telephone, and debate.This individual decided to sell my property from under me.He got his brother-in -law (estate agent)to come to my property to give a rough idea of the value of my home, after the visit without my permission, he put scaffolding up that remained there for two years.He then took off the roof and because he hadn't paid the scaffolding company the scaffolding was removed and for a further two years I had no roof, the water poured in and caused a lot of damage.I was emptying pails of water 24/7.Then I had to buy a new roof with money I had to find for a roof that didn't need replacing.This individual used my address as his own and when he upset some of his workmen, they broke all of my windows with a BB gun.During his reign he took me to cash machines, he even had to show me how to use the machine as I had no need for them.He also took me to the post office and bank to extort money to the value of £22,000.00 from me.He would write out a cheque letting me think he was paying me back and telling me when to cash it, one was for £15,000.00, it was returned as the account didn't exist.I feel having a mental illness invites abuse.The Police, CPS, and Politicians do not understand my illness.The individual has walked away with my money, leaving me in wet deplorable living conditions and the Police have just allowed this to happen.I have pleaded with Mrs. Alison Saunders, Head of CPS to give me some justice, but she has ignored me.My illness made me suffer in silence for many years until the Police came looking for the individual because he was selling hired power tools, it was then the Police found out what was going on.

David Hills
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Petition to President E.D. Mnangagwa, Boris Johnson MP

Justice From TEMBA PETER MLISWA who illegally seized my company.

Mr President of The New Zimbabwe  Your Excellency  On behalf of my wife and two boys I humbly appeal to the Zimbabwe Government and ZANU-PF for justice through compensation from Temba Mliswa.  He used previous President (Your Mentor) Robert. G. Mugabe's name in vain for personal Gain / Greed to illegally seize my company Benbar/Tromps! Temba Mliswa claimed the President "Sanctioned" this illegal seizure along with Hon Minister Saviour Kasukuwere (Then Minister of Indiginisation) On 18 December 2009. He wrongfully and illegally seize my company Noshio Motors (Pvt) Ltd incorporating Benbar/Tromps using a fake "Banda Trust" Mafia style dirty politics and his relative Didymus Mutasa. He stated he is "Untouchable and above the law" as he is related to you sir? He is obstructing the judiciary from doing their work in a professional manner.  Mr President you "Condemn" corrupt and illegal activities and recently gave a white owner back his farm. The country recently had her monetry budget wooing back FDI yet my company was illegally seized by Temba Mliswa. My "Crime" white British FDI creating employment in Zimbabwe. I was forced to flee Zimbabwe due to death threats on my life and lost my entire investment, over One Million Pounds!  My MP sincerely wrote to the Previous President, EU, S.A.D.C. AU humbly asking for their devine intervention. Zimbabwe has great potential needs FDI and the country can become the bread basket of Africa again save for CORRUPT individuals like Temba Mliswa. I love the people of Zimbabwe, their kindness, willingness to work hard in rebuilding their nation as well as their passion for God. What happened to me was wrong, immoral, illegal unconstitutional, against the law and a gross violation of my Human and property rights.  My partner was a Pastor from the church his wife was running the finance department. I called for a forensic audit which is why Temba Peter Mliswa was called in. Mliswa claims a "Banda Trust" was formed, but as of February 2010 no "Banda Trust" ever existed! Mliswa, threatened to rape my Belgian wife, kidnap my 2 boys and KILL me. My "crime" EU investor! He stole from the army and Government departments. Hon Chief whip Joram Gumbo can testify to this as he personally came to see me, so too did Anti Corruption. Didymus Mutasa lied to the President as he was Presidential affairs Minister at the time. He made sure his Nephew, son and others were "Aquitted" bribing magistrates Never Katiyo and Morgan Nemadire as well as abusing his office. Johannes Tomanna (who was Mliswa's lawyer) Prematurely closed my case without allowing FOUR other state witnesses to testify. The whole World knows my story. You are a lawyer Mr President. The FACTS are there. Ask Florence Ziyambe Chris Mutangadura, Mishrod Guvamende and the LAW Society of Zimbabwe. I wrote to them all. Somehow Mliswa seems to be Untouchable and above the law due to his political connections.  I humbly ask and pray for your intevention in order for my family and I to rightfully receive the compensation from ZANU-PF the Zimbabwe Government and Temba Mliswa as Hon T.P MLISWA was Provincial Chairman of Mashonaland West in the ruling Zanu-PF party when he illegally seized my companies Noshio Motors and Benbar.  My company was Zimbabwe's Number One Choice in manufacturing but Mliswa destroyed it over night. Some workers had been there from the time of it's inception in the 90's. New potential investors want to believe the same thing will not happen to them. Temba Mliswa must be held accountable for his own actions and decision for this heinous crime. This is not about race, or the West but about an investment which I made in good faith in Zimbabwe and created employment only to lose the entire lot to Temba's personal greed. Mliswa is in breach of the company's act, banking act, criminal defamation,obstruction of justice, abuse of office, malicious damage to my property, false police reports, interfering with state witnesses, intimidation, harassment, death threats, looting, coercion, manipulation of the judiciary, theft by conversion, defrauding S.A.R.S, ZIMRA, NEC, NASSA, stealing, extortion, forging documents, changing the CR14 and obtaining a new share certificate. I humbly and sincerely ask that as the President of The New Zimbabwe justice prevails. NO-ONE is above the law. A precident must be made to show the world Zimbabwe is defenitely open for business their investment will be protected by the constitution, rule of law and this will NEVER happen to any other FDI. It is my hope and prayer you help not ONLY my family and I in our quest for justice through compensation from Temba Mliswa but the PEOPLE of Zimbabwe who seek justice and democracy too! We thank you Mr President   Yours Faithfully Paul and Brenda-Lee Westwood    

Paul Westwood
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