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Racial Transparency in COVID-19 Reporting (testing, hospitalizations, deaths)

COVID-19: Ensuring We’re All in This Together: Blacks Disproportionately Affected  Demand Release of Racial Statistics on COVID-19                                             Nearly 50% of Milwaukee’s COVID cases and 81% of its deaths were Black. In Michigan Blacks made up 35% of coronavirus cases and 40% of deaths. States and the federal government refuse to release statistics on the racial breakdown of COVID-19.  We must have this data published to fight the disease, save our community and ensure resources and research are equitably mobilized.  An immediate call to action to save our community! As we move forward, the COVID-19 pandemic will likely represent the single biggest threat to humanity, more than any war, natural disaster or prior infectious virus outbreak.  The dynamics of the world as we know it will be forever changed.  The potential mortality rate is staggering with estimates of 200,000 in the USA alone. These estimates are could potentially be grossly underestimated.   It is times like this when strong leadership must be demonstrated.  That leadership appears to be lacking on all levels inclusive of the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), President of the United States, and at most state levels where governors refuse to acknowledge the trend of this viral spread and fail to make reasonable and rational decisions to combat the spread. We know there currently is not treatment for the virus and so a directive as simple as mandating social distancing through the stopping of social gatherings would constitute strong leadership. As there is no treatment, containment is our only hope. The effect will be long lasting in a world that is exceedingly transient, the sacrifices made in lost work, confinement and lives lost in area will be threatened by the spread of the virus in other locales. Without strong leadership we run the risk of not containing the pandemic. We are running out of time. Lost among the pandemic discussions centering on the lack of masks, gloves, ventilators and lives lost, is an understanding of its effect on aspects of our community.  The daily statistical releases cover positive cases, tests performed, hospitalizations and deaths at state, city, county levels and covering age and gender.  What is missing is how this disease is trends along racial lines. This data is not only important from a transparency and allocation of resource context but also scientifically.    Leadership in the Black Community must rise to the occasion and educate, advocate and activate for all and especially those less fortunate.  We need leaders at all levels and positions in our community to speak up and leverage our collective access and resources to lessen the impact this pandemic will have on our precious community and demand that the reporting of racial demographic data be included by every state city and county. Blacks are plagued with issues of structural racism that put us at a greater risk of not only contracting but succumbing to COVID-19.  These issues include: ·         Health care disparities ·         Overrepresentation in health, service and first responder professions ·         Susceptible diseases such as Heart Disease, Asthma, Diabetes run unabated in our communities ·         Overrepresentation in the prisons and jails. ·         Condensed living spaces For these reasons, Blacks will be overrepresented in infection rates, mortality rates and income loss because of COVID-19.  Many of our friends, kin folk and coworkers are too poor to shelter at home.  With no savings, heavy debt loads, job instability, they are literally deciding between going to work and potential contracting the virus and dying or stay home and losing a job.  Access to good quality healthcare has been absent in our communities for decades.  Intensive Care Unit beds tend to be disproportionately located in high income areas. Although we hear the discussion on allocation of ventilators, African Americans communities are starting from a scarcity of supply.  The images being shown in NYC from Elmhurst Hospital in Queens or Bellevue in Manhattan are both hospitals servicing a disproportionate amount of low-income African Americans.  The data suggests that Blacks have a disproportionately higher probability of contracting the virus because of jobs which don’t allow them to work remotely, being greater users of mass transit and therefore at an increased risk of exposure to the virus. Moreover, they are more likely to die from the virus because of the lack of adequate medical care and their high prevalence of susceptible diseases. We can reasonably conclude that African American communities nationwide are destined for devastation.    The CDC, and most state departments of health have not released data (hospital admission, death, etc.) relative to the racial/ethnic breakdown of those infected with COVID-19.  A select few systems are transparent and release their statistics and numbers tell a horrible tale. For example, as of Friday morning, April 3, 2020, African Americans made up nearly 50% of Milwaukee’s 945 COVID positive cases and 81% of its deaths. The black population in that County is just 26%. In Michigan, where blacks constitute 14% of the State’s population, they made up 35% of coronavirus cases and 40% of fatalities, many of these in Detroit, which has a large population of Blacks.  New Orleans, Louisiana has not published case breakdowns by race, but 40% of the State’s deaths have occurred in Orleans Parish, where most residents are black.  The others to report racial COVID-19 data include Illinois and North Carolina and both indicate the disproportionate infection and death of the black community.  While frightening, this data is not surprising.  But we must act not as a community to stop it and demand action.  We must immediately call for all departments of public health to release the ethnic and gender breakdown of the following: 1.       Access to testing 2.       Tests performed 3.       Hospital admittance for COVID-19 4.       Deaths from COVID-19 or coronavirus related illnesses These statistics are critical for us to (1) know and understand scientifically what is transpiring, and (2) to assure equal access to quality healthcare and opportunity for survival.  Race should not render one defenseless to surviving COVID-19.  We are all in this together as humans first and Americans second. If you agree, we need you to call upon our political leaders and demand they serve us in this time of despair as they were elected to do by calling upon the President of the United States, CDC, all states and territories to release ethnic and race-based data immediately. Please digitally sign the petition to show your support.  Being silent is not an option and will resign our community to certain devastation in the loss of lives, not to mention the economic impact. 

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Petition to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

To Stop COVID-19: Contact Trace and Test!

South Korea had a plan to deal with COVID and they have won. We can do it too! South Korea's plan for dealing with COVID1) Test people (we are refusing to do this)2) Contact Trace People (we are not organized in doing this)3) Test the Contacts (we are refusing to do this)4) Find asymptomatic people (These people end up as super-spreaders)5) Isolate people to protect their families (Because we love them)6) Repeat step 1 Don't believe me?  Read about it at the South Korean CDC:(it is translated to English) Or a Major Publications about South Korea's approach: Please take these steps and coordinate with Governors to do the same.  Copy South Korea and other countries will copy us.  You can see that new cases are falling everyday (in South Korea).  They have won! We can win too and restart the economy.  High speed testing has started this week. The more tests we run the better.  Test people with runny noses, test contacts with no symptoms, and test all sick people who might have COVID.  If we don't have testing capacity, take the samples and ship them to South Korea or Canada or anywhere else that has capacity.  Otherwise, our loved ones will die.  We need to redeploy thousands of government workers to trace contacts, use the transit cards, a google maps site, and the phone calls to alert people about contacts with COVID cases, etc.  Encourage people to announce their status so it is easier to contact trace. Your action today, not tomorrow can save millions of lives.

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Petition to Dr. Alfred Rankins Jr., Tate Reeves, Glenn Boyce, John Yaun

Reimburse Students at The University of Mississippi for Discontinued Services!

In response to the circumstances and recent events surrounding the SARS-CoV-2 virus, The University of Mississippi has closed all 17 of its on-campus residential halls and student apartments. This requires that all students leave their on campus residence and remotely participate in their classes from home. As a result of this change, students have been displaced and can no longer utilize the meal plans that they have bought and paid as much as $1,985 for. Because of this, many students are now incurring additional living expenses for food, housing, and so much more that they would otherwise not have to pay. These expenses come on top of the overpriced rooms that students have paid for but can no longer occupy. (Between $2,675 and $3,613 each semester).  Ultimately the leaders at our university have failed to consider just how much these changes have affected the students that pay to keep our institution running! They have failed to acknowledge that most parents and students have taken out loans to pay for the services that they are no longer able to take advantage of! With that said, we demand that refunds be issued for services that have been discontinued! After all, students and the Department of Student Housing have entered into a contract in which the students have upheld by paying for the services they were promised. Now it is time that the department upholds its end by offering reimbursements for the services they choose to no longer provide! Sign this petition today to show your support for this cause, as it is only fair and just that The University of Mississippi honors these simple requests.  *At least 50% of housing and dining should be reimbursed (63/125 days)

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Petition to Jay Inslee

Gov. Inslee "The Time is NOW" COVID-19 "IS" inside WA DOC. Do something NOW!

Governor Jay Inslee, I am writing to you today, to ask and urge you to address COVID-19 and do something about this PANDEMIC in WA-DOC. Please move this matter to the top of your list. COVID-19 is threatening the health of us all, as well as the lives of inmates in WA DOC. I  ask you to consider and sign my petition to release the most vulnerable inmates, who have less than six month to a year or so left in their sentence, and are of NO risk or threat to our communities, out of prisons and county jails immediately. Even if for some this may mean supervise probation, home confinement or some other type monitoring system. Please do something to help the most vulnerable inmates now and keep them safe. I urge you to help prevent and slow down this virus from spreading inside WA DOC. COVID-19 will continue to spread from staff to inmates and back into our communities, unless you do something about it now. Unfortunately it's just a matter of time before this Pandemic takes over inside these facilities. DOC, specifically the Monroe State Prison reformatory located at MCC and King County have already been exposed and affected by COVID-19 and very soon all of the other Washington State Correctional facilities will also be exposed and inmates as well as DOC staff will be in danger of contracting and spreading the Coronavirus. Also as we ALL know, social distancing and self isolation is impossible inside these prisons for everyone involved including DOC staff. The inmates are worried, helpless, and scared of the unknown, given the circumstances they are facing and their less than sanitary living conditions.  Inmates in the Monroe reformatory units A & B were under quarantine for two weeks and on Monday 3/23/20 they were taken off of quarantine. However, and unfortunately just a few days later C and D units, along with A and B were put back under quarantine, due to a few inmates feeling sick and one testing positive for COVID-19.  DOC claimed there were no inmates who had tested positive for COVID-19 that was until today. We now know, that an inmate tested positive for COVID-19 and is being treated in a undisclosed hospital. However,  this once again puts the entire prison back at risk and in danger of contracting the COVID-19 Virus.  This all happened and started about 3 weeks ago, when a C.O. tested positive for the Coronavirus. I do understand, that these correction officers, dio have to work and that they also have families that they care about and love and they matter also. But we have to do better!  A loved one, my son's farther is currently incarcerated and is one of the inmates living in the A unit at the Monroe Correctional reformatory that was exposed to COVID-19. He as well as 200 other inmates, spent two weeks quarantined and were stuck in their cells and confined spaces without much fresh air. They were only allowed out of their cells for about 20 to 30 minutes a day and 1 hour in the day room.  During the first quarantine DOC nurses did however, as the "Link" to the article below says made their rounds  and checked their temperature once a day for the first few days. However, about 3 to 4 days into quarantine it all stopped! With a Pandemic such as COVID-19 this should be protocol and a daily thing to do especially right now for all inmates and the entire DOC staff. Perhaps to reduce the exposure and lessen the interactions with DOC staff this could mean making a thermometer to be available inside each unit and allowing them to do so themselves. There are too many vulnerable low level inmates who are at risk and have no chance of surviving the Coronavirus and some of them have served enough time and should be released on home confident or some type of monitoring system immediately. My son's father is insulin dependent and has less than three months remaining of his sentence. I ask you to use your clemency authority and release him now, before is too late. Not to mention, based on what we know, he as many other inmates are, is considered to be at a higher-risk of contracting the virus due to his health. Many of these inmates in our prisons are older and in poor health, who may also be diabetics and have a variety of other serious underlying health issues. Inside these prisons and county jail,  it is impossible to practice social distancing or be able to obtain the proper sanitizing products. These inmates did not ask, for this! None of us did. The Washington State Department of Corrections should have and should be doing a better job of monitoring their staff, to keep it from getting inside again. We know masks are hard to find right now and  DOC staff does not have enough for them to wear at this moment. COVID-19 will continue to be brought in to the prisons and county jails by CO's and staff in Washington and ALL other states alike and it will be impossible to stop this virus from spreading. We need to keep the inmates and staff safe. I ask you Governor Inslee to please sign this petition and grant early release to the most vulnerable inmates in WA prisons and county jails who have served most of their sentence and have less than six months to a year remaining with hopes to slow down the virus and also by doing so free-up some space within the units to allow social distancing. This will also help in preventing the most at-risk from contracting, spreading, and potentially dying from COVID-19. Thank you! Maria PS: Happy to find out that the DOC has put other measures in place, to keep them safe. Such as masks and has distributed antibacterial soaps. But, it is not enough. But, I am also sad to find out, another inmate has tested positive in the same unit as my husband, both inmates and the CO cases were in the same unit as he is. Please release him soon. Use your Clemency powers and do the right thing!   ARTICLE LINKS: ALL RELATED TO MONROE REFORMATORY UNITS First article mentioned in this petition.  Corrections Officer Tests POSITIVE MCCOVID-19 at Monroe prison |  UPDATE  - INMATE Tests Positive The Seattle Times.  Today 3/29  

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