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Petition to Harbor Island Owners Association, Board of Directors

Harbor Island Pool- let's get it open June 1!

SC Gov Henry McMaster has allowed public swimming pools to reopen to patron access on May 18, 2020.  However, HIOA has decided to keep our pools closed with no opening date in sight.  As a home owner that choses to rent my home on Harbor Island, I have a big problem with this.  I am losing my summer renters (or having to give deep discounts) simply b/c the pool THAT WE PAY FOR remains closed, even after the governor lifted the ban on public pools.  The board believes that opening the pool depends on the "virus data", what ever that is and who knows where it is supposed to come from.  They are also scared of a lawsuit, claiming that someone could potentially sue the HIOA stating that they caught the virus at the pool.  (Which would be impossible to prove and seems highly unlikely). It appears that there will also be an expense associated with opening the pool and imposing COVID-19 restrictions.  I'm sure this is the case for all of the other pools that opened as soon as the ban was lifted.  If other communities can afford to open, so can we.  We can not afford to lose renters b/c of pool closure. Let's send a message to the HOIA board of directors.  Open our pools!  We can't afford for you to keep them closed. * PLEASE DON'T BOTHER TO PAY TO "BOOST" THIS PETITION.  THE BEST WAY TO GET THE WORD OUT IS TO SHARE IT WITH OTHER HOMEOWNERS. *

Kim & Sarah Harding
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