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Petition to Jerry Brown, California Governor

Reduce my son's unjust sentence

My son Jeremy Stewart has been given 70 years in prison for stealing. He was convicted of burglarizing two homes while the residents were out. There was no confrontation, no threats, and no violence. California has the toughest Three strikes law allowing life sentences for property theft. My son had two prior nonviolent offenses, the judge made the decision to enforce the law to the fullest. I have been fighting for a fairer punishment ever since. Under previous California law, Jeremy would have most likely been sentenced to about 12-15 years in prison. But because of California's 3 Strikes law, Jeremy received a harsher sentence than drug cartel hit men who had confessed to killing more than 20 people. They only got 25-years-to-life. Jeremy's poor decisions were made while he was dealing with a serious drug addiction and depression. He needed treatment and rehabilitation.This doesn't excuse his conduct and he knows he needs to face consequences for his actions. But 70 years to life with no good time credits allowed, means he won't be eligible for parole until he is 96. The cost, 5 million dollars to taxpayers. This is an unjust and  inhumane death sentence, all for nonviolent offense. Jeremy is not the only one being punished -- I am raising his two children in his absence. Every day, these innocent young children suffer emotionally missing their father. I struggle financially working to afford day care and their basic needs.This unjust sentence means his children will never be able share the same four walls as their father. He should have an opportunity to earn the right to return home to provide for his two young children, Heatherly and David, currently ages 5 and 6. Today Jeremy is serving his sentence at Centenila State Prison. He tutors other inmates, leads the Christian worship services and the Narcotics Anonymous group. He currently has a 4.0 GPA through Coastline College and will soon be graduating, just 4 more classes to go. He has been a model prisoner. Jeremy made a terrible mistake, but should a nonviolent crime put him behind bars for life?  A Petition for Clemency has been sent to Governor Edmund G. (Jerry) Brown to exercise his discretion and reduce Jeremy's sentence. I am asking the Governor to reduce his sentence to 20 years. I humbly and respectfully request your support. Please sign my petition and stand by me and my family as we fight to give Jeremy the chance to come home one day. Thank you. Elizabeth Stewart

Elizabeth stewart
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Petition to President Donald Trump

22 Years are Far TOO LONG for Operating a Medical Marijuana Dispensary ! FREE MY DAD!!!

22 Years in Prison are Far TOO LONG for Operating a State-Legal Medical Marijuana Dispensary!!!  Over 10 years ago my Dad left me and went to prison for operating a state-legal medical marijuana dispensary in California. He was given a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years plus an additional 1 year 8 months. Today, marijuana is fully legal in 9 states and D.C. and medical marijuana is legal in 29 states  --  yet my Dad remains in prison!!  I am Jasmine Scarmazzo and I’m 15 years old. I’m writing this petition because I want my Dad to come home from prison and I am asking our compassionate President to grant him sentence commutation. That’s the only way he will be released without serving over twenty years.  In California, medical marijuana has been legal since 1996 and there are thousands of medical marijuana dispensaries here. But over the years, many of them were raided and shut down by the federal government. My Dad was an owner of one of these STATE-LEGAL dispensaries but since his conviction, the Department of Justice and Congress have made changes in law and policy that means my Dad would not be arrested if he was operating a medical cannabis dispensary today.  My Dad is serving the longest federal prison sentence given to a medical marijuana dispensary operator and the only Medical Marijuana Dispensary Operator who has been convicted of conducting a Continuing Criminal Enterprise (CCE) - a law designed to prosecute Drug Kingpins! Following trial, two jury members recanted their guilty verdicts and gave sworn affidavits to that effect when learning the CCE conviction carried a 20 year Mandatory Minimum Sentence.  Today, 29 states and the District of Columbia have medical marijuana laws in place. In December 2015, Congress passed legislation that protects dispensary operators against arrest. Also, beginning in 2013, the Department of Justice stopped prosecuting medical—or even recreational—marijuana providers who are operating under state laws. Things have changed dramatically in the medical and recreational marijuana industries!!   And President Trump recently indicated he will support the legalization of marijuana -- finally putting an end to the destructive and wasteful war on marijuana and allowing states to decide. President Trump has also publicly stated his desire to issue more commutations and pardons to individuals who were unfairly treated.   Unless he receives a commutation from President Trump, my Dad will have to serve his full 22 year sentence while others currently prosper for doing the same thing he did: operating a state-legal medical marijuana dispensary! My Dad's co-defendant, Ricardo Montes, was granted sentence commutation on January 19, 2017 BUT, inexplicably, my Dad was PASSED OVER by President Obama and was not granted the same relief from his sentence that Mr. Montes was!! That means I will be without him for another decade unless our caring and thoughtful President Trump grants him his freedom!! I am already a sophomore in high school and he has not been here to see me grow up.   Please sign my petition and ask our President to grant my Dad sentence commutation.  Thank you for your support!  To read more about Luke's case go to the CAN-DO Foundation's site. To view a recent compelling and heartbreaking video of Luke's story, please go to "Luke Scarmazzo: Injustice Episode 4" on YouTube  

Jasmine Scarmazzo
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PLEASE GRANT CLEMENCY TO OUR DAD - A FEDERAL LIFE SENTENCE FOR A NON-VIOLENT DRUG CRIME IS NOT JUSTICE  In 2003, our dad, Wllard Carroll, was arrested and charged with conspiracy to possess and distribute methamphetamine. Subsequently, he entered a guilty plea . During sentencing, the prosecuting attorney adamantly requested that the judge enhance his sentence to LIFE; because our dad had 2 prior state convictions for drug possession  (paraphernalia and residue). Our dad ultimately received a LIFE sentence.  Our father has been in prison for the past 15 years - with no hope of ever being released- because there is no parole in the federal prison system .  There is no possible way to put into words what these past 15 years have been like- for us to be seperated from him. At the time when our dad was taken away from us, his 21 year old son, 19 year old daughter, and his 3 year old daughter were so deeply affected mentally and emotionally , that we all still struggle with this today. Our family has been devastated .  In 2010, Dad's grandson was born. Dad cried along with us, because we all knew that he would not be able to be in my sons life the way he should be. Since that time, he has only been able to spend time with his grandson inside a small, closely monitored visitation room. We are only able to visit our dad once a year. Over the course of 2 days, we have approximately 11 hours with our dad and we try to make EVERY MOMENT count. Just to say that we miss our father or that he has missed out on so much in all our lives, would be one of the most gross understatements that I've ever made.  My family and I are not attempting to down play our fathers mistakes. We were there when he decided to take responsibility by pleading guilty for his actions. However, we never dreamed that he would receive a LIFE sentence for drugs.  Our dad is not a violent man; he is simply a man who developed a drug problem and allowed that drug addiction to take control of his life until he was stopped. Our Father needed an intervention, not a LIFE sentence.  During all the years of his incarceration, he has taken diligent steps toward rehabilitation and his education. He has both set goals and successfully accomplished them. Our father has earned his GED and countless education certificates of completion. He has maintained an exemplary record of behavior throughout his incarceration.  Since October 2012, our dad has worked in the Trust Fund Department and has served as the Commissary Clerk for the past 6 years. He has received numerous letters of commendation from staff members for his steller work ethic, great leadership skills,  phenomenal degree of professionalism, unsurpassed disposition when dealing with others, outstanding level of respect and accountability, and a great attitude,  just to name a few. Our dad does not belong in prison for the rest of his LIFE, for a non-violent drug crime. He has been fully rehabilitated. He deserves a second chance at LIFE and to be reunited with his family. We need our father back at home but we cannot accomplish this without your support.  Please sign our petition asking President Donald Trump to grant our dad, Willard Carroll, CLEMENCY, so that he can be released. Sincerely,  Jennifer Carroll Groce (daughter)                    Adam Carroll (son)                                              Sierra Carroll-Irby (daughter)                          Timothy Groce (grandson )   Deborah Carroll (sister) Carylon Slay (sister) Wilford Carroll (uncle) Teresa Carroll (aunt) Sandy Hougland (niece) Beth Slay (niece) Furlon Slay (nephew) Josh Slay (nephew)    

Jennifer Groce
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