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Petition to Virginia Governor

Conditional Pardon for John Paul Johnson

John Paul Johnson  (“PJ”) was a 19-year old student of Charleston Southern University, who was sentenced to 37.5 years imprisonment for a first-time offense crime.  His story is one of tragic misfortune and injustice.  This petition is an ambitious attempt to reintroduce PJ into your world, in an unobtrusive way, in hope that you will lend our family a helping hand as we ask the Governor of Virginia to grant him a conditional pardon.   As one Governor so poignantly said, “I took the position that I was the servant of the people, and when a community where a crime had been committed, with the best people signing the petition, said that the criminal had been punished enough, I turned him out (from prison) without regard to criticism”.  This is our prayer for PJ.   As PJ has expressed in his own words: “Honestly, I don’t know whether your last memory of me is good or bad, or whether the passage of time has wiped out all recollection of my existence; but I’m optimistic that your memory of my virtuous qualities far outweigh any lasting impressions left by the fallacies and mistakes that I made in my youth.  Maybe some of you remember my smile and dry sense of humor; and amazing enough, even after being subjected to 14 years of prison life with all its hardships, our Creator has preserved my smile and light-hearted nature.  Perhaps some of you remember my love for basketball and my infatuation with “fly” sneakers, but today my hoop dreams have long dissipated, and my sneaker fetish has been hung up in exchange.  I’m satisfied with state-issued shoes, thick-framed glasses; happy and content to spend most of my day in a small library of beloved books.   “In my dreams, I imagine if many of you have experienced success in your worldly pursuits and travel; perhaps some of you have found bliss and happiness in marriage; while others are proud parents of extremely bright and intelligent children. In many ways, I envy you, no question.  It’s a pursuit worthy of kind envy, meaning I don’t desire to see any of your blessings and favors stripped away from you, rather I only wish that something similar be written for me.  I want to be free, so that I can be a Provider, protector, companion and sincere advisors to my daughter, Arianna, age 16, and Traje’ana, age 14. I want to be free so that I can stop those troubled youth from traveling down the misguided path of ignorance and poor decision-making.  Finally, I want to be free so that I can be a shining light, a pillar of strength for my family and our community.”    “I came to prison over 14 years ago for a number of robberies.  I’m thankful that no one was killed or injured as a result of my oppressive and ignorant actions.  Looking back, I was an immature mischief-maker, but now that the gray hairs have burned their way into my scalp and began to infiltrate my beard, I abhor my former life as a criminal.  I’m ashamed of the things that I have done. I want to be free so that I can strive to make the last traces of my footprints here on earth to be good and righteous, and not evil and oppressive.“   With that said, we ask each and every one of you, individually and collectively for a helping hand in seeking a second chance.  Please aid PJ in this cause by subscribing your signature to the petition that will ultimately be submitted to the Governor of Virginia; or by going a step further; you may submit your personal comments or character letters to the Governor on his behalf.    Thank you for your time spent reading this request for a second chance.  While awaiting your response, I remain very truly yours,   John Paul Johnson (“PJ”)   Address your Letter to the Governor: Terrence R. McAuliffe, Governor of Virginia Patrick Henry Building 1111 East Broad Street Richmond, Virginia 23219   Please mail your letters to: c/o John Paul Johnson P.O. Box 89161, Atlanta, GA, 30312

Myra Brown
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Petition to Chris Christie, Stephen Sweeney, Paul Fishman, Vincent Prieto

Give this ex-offender a second chance, grant my pardon.

I have dedicated my adult life to helping others, so they can pursue their happiest lives possible. But now I need your help, and a pardon from Governor Christie, so that I, too, can pursue my happiness. More than two decades ago, I made serious errors in judgment. I was a gambling addict, and in order to feed my addiction, I planned to sell drugs. Thankfully, I was caught before I did any real damage to myself or anyone else. The day I got caught was one of the greatest reliefs of my life. But in the state of New Jersey, felonies stay on your record for life, and the drug felony I received back then has continued to haunt me to this day. I believe it’s time I had a second chance.   Help me urge Governor Christie to sign my application for a pardon. He has been known to speak passionately about giving ex-offenders a second chance at becoming productive citizens. I am the perfect example of what an ex-offenders can accomplish. Unfortunately, with this felony on my record, my life remains limited, and I am not free to pursue my dreams. Please sign my petition.   After my one year in prison, I discovered just how difficult it is to re-enter society. I was unable to get an apartment, or most jobs. Eligibility for financial aid for schooling was hard to come by because of my conviction, so I initially chose community college, where I graduated in the top 1% of my class and earned Permanent President List. Through dedication and hard work, I was accepted to University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. I graduated in 2003 in the top 5% of my class, having paid my own way through school. Through determination and my business acumen, I have been able to overcome many of the economic obstacles created by my conviction. I have been a successful entrepreneur and created jobs for New Jersey's economy. However, I have not been able to overcome some major obstacles in my personal life. I met my wife abroad, and as a result of my criminal record', I am unable to accompany her back home for more than 30 days. Essentially, my conviction from 23 years ago has robbed me of my freedom to pursue happiness with my wife and her family. While few would argue that I have turned my life around, my record keeps turning the clock back on my life. The irony here is that the harder I’ve worked to better myself, the more my criminal record has hurt me. Please sign my petition asking Gov. Christie to follow through on his promise to give ex-offenders a second chance. I have paid my dues, contributed to society and helped keep others from falling through the cracks I, myself, fell down. Tell Gov. Christie to do the right thing and grant me a pardon.   Video Please From Gary E. Meyer

Gary Meyer
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Petition to Barack Obama, Sheila Jackson Lee, Robert A Zauzmer

Grant Clemency To My Son Edwin Walter Rubis, 480 months for marijuana is not justice.

My son, Edwin Walter Rubis, is serving a federal sentence of 40 years for a nonviolent marijuana offense. He was sentenced in Houston, Texas, where statistics have shown that harsh sentences are more often given to minorities. He has been in prison since 1998, and has served as a model inmate for all of those 18 years. It is time for him to get a second chance at life. At the age of 19, Edwin began to battle drug addiction and began to get into trouble with the law. Over the course of his drug addiction we sought him help to get his life in order but to no avail.  At the age of 29, he was slapped with this offense, and we discovered that when a family can’t afford to hire a competent independent attorney, their chances at justice are very slim. Edwin was appointed a lawyer for “indigent defendants,”, and he was immediately advised to give the court information on other drug offenders he knew. Edwin truly did not have the information they were looking for, so he was quickly deemed “uncooperative” and the trial judge gave him a particularly harsh sentence -- 40 years. He has been in prison ever since. He has served 18 years for a nonviolent marijuana offense. Even if he had been fairly represented and his trial hadn’t been weighed against him,18 years is sufficient for this crime. Please sign our petition asking President Obama to grant our son clemency, Edwin Rubis, so he may have a second chance at life. Edwin has been working hard to make his time in prison productive. He has certificates of completion from the psychology and religious departments. He completed a 2-year apprenticeship to be a dental assistant in the medical department. He is active in personal spiritual studies, and is seen as a mentor by his peers for both spiritual and personal character. In fact, a pastor at a rehabilitation program in Florida has said that he has a job opening available for him upon his release. Sadly, we have exhausted all legal avenues in our search for justice for Edwin. I am pleading for him to receive a presidential clemency so that he can continue his rehabilitative work and efforts to help young men deal with situations similar to those he faced during his younger years on the streets. He wants to further his education and help others out of the justice penal system. Please sign this petition urging President Obama to grant my son, Edwin Walter Rubis, clemency. He has been rehabilitated, and he deserves a second chance. Sincerely, Maria Alicia Roque  

Jeremy Malone
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Petition to President of the United States, Lawrence Kupers, William N. Taylor II

Please Don't Let Jason McClure Live 17 Yrs in Prison for 1st Time Non-Violent Drug Charge

Jason McClure is a kind and generous person who's made positive impacts on so many people's lives (see a few in his testimonials), but he'll be spending the next 17 years of his life in Federal Prison for a first time, non-violent drug charge instead of living these years with friends and family who love him dearly for the person he is and all the good he's done. Jason grew up in a Mormon family with high moral values. He lost his father when he was 10, leaving his mother to care for 5 children on her own, and it wasn't an easy life. Jason vowed to work hard and save money before having children of his own to afford them a comfortable life. He worked many jobs alongside family and friends to help grow their various businesses. When synthetic drugs first emerged there was huge financial potential in this untapped market. Jason and a few friends started working in distribution of synthetic drugs such as spice and, eventually, methylone which at the time were new and legal, and in huge demand. The DEA began classifying these substances to get them off the streets. Anytime a substance became criminalized, Jason and his business partners halted selling it. Except that in 2012 Jason personally filled another methylone order after its banning for a good customer who was working as an informant after getting into trouble of her own. He was apprehended in a parking lot with no weapons of any sort and used no violence during his arrest, and yet that one transaction he was about to make would cost him 17 years of his life. 17 years. A person can do a lot in 17 years. Jason will be 52 years old when he's released. He will have lost the opportunity to have the children he's always wanted. Is that teaching him a lesson? For a man that has not once, not ever hurt anyone, but has given so much of himself to others, is this justice? For a person that believes so firmly in the sanctity of marriage and family that he, rather than irresponsibly father children as so many others do, has waited until he’s ready for marriage, this is the ultimate punishment. Why is Jason being stripped of 17 years of his life while there are rapists who get to go home after 6 months and start over? Why doesn’t he get a second chance? I know it won’t take Jason 17 years to learn from his mistake. I think rather than rob him of a chance at a fulfilling future and embittering him against the judicial system, he needs to be given a chance to prove it. Jason has been an amazing friend and has helped me (and countless others) through difficult times. Please help me now during his difficult time, to give him that chance.  

Cheryl Michel
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