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Reunite A Couple Separated By Broken Immigration System

I. The Story My lover Ivan and I are currently separated by our nation's oppressive immigration system. Ivan came to the U.S. legally as a child with his family and grew up here in Louisiana. Our relationship dates back to when we were in high school as teens falling in love for the first time. In 2012, Ivan, 17 at the time, departed back to Mexico to go to college for engineering. After a few years, he tried to return to the U.S. legally on many occasions; however, he was denied a visa every time. After exhausting his legal options, Ivan decided to dangerously cross the border. Consequently, he was caught, deported, and barred for five years. So he and I decided to make the best of the situation. I go visit when I can, and I am doing everything I can to help him return legally as soon as possible. After talking to lawyers, I learned the deportation secretly triggered a second, far worse penalty called, The Permanent Bar. The bar states that he cannot legally return for ten years with no option for a waiver. This is because he is being punished for unlawful presence he accrued as a minor after his prior visa expired. His childhood upbringing in the U.S. was out of his control and he should not be banished ten years for it after committing one misdemeanor offense.The law does state no period of time in which an alien is under 18 years of age shall be taken into account for unlawful presence; however, the U.S does it anyway to apply the permanent bar. The lawyers have stated not even marriage (the best option) would ensure an immediate return with The Permanent Bar applied, but I will not give up. II. What We Hope to Gain: The purpose of this petition is for LEGAL immigration and to expand awareness on the flaws of the immigration system.The Permanent Bar should not apply to Ivan. It's unjust and out of proportion.The only thing that can effectively combat this type of immigration bar is legislation by congress either by a comprehensive immigration reform, or a private bill designed for one specific person or group of people like Dreamers.  Congress, POTUS, and DHS need to do everything possible ensure that Americans and immigrants alike within the US are not inhumanely punished for extended periods of time by immigration.  III. The Stakes We are just 22 years old. If nothing is done, we will be at least 32 years old by the time he can legally return. I love Ivan unconditionally. He has many friends and family here in Louisiana that miss him. He deserves to be a U.S. citizen, and we deserve to be together in the nation we both know as home where we can live happily, build a future, get married, and carry out our long term goals together. Life is too short and untimely to be torn apart from loved ones. This is our time on Earth together and our potential being robbed from us. That is why I urge our elected officials and federal agencies to fix this failed system, so he and others can return to be with loved ones. Signing and sharing this petition would be greatly appreciated as it may eventually change our lives. I have faith in God everything will work out. #LetIvanComeHome #LoveAlwaysWins

Tre'Shaun Nuñez
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Petition to Keri Nelson, Kate Brown

End the Probation of Nathan Copeland

My name is Nathan Copeland and I have been dealing with the legal bureaucracy of Lane County for Nine year nus. I was charged over nine years ago with a Delivery of Marijuana Charge and took all the proper steps to take after the deal was signed. Due to a miscommunication between myself and Lane County, or a misunderstanding as it may be, A warrant was issued for my arrest over this charge and I was arrested on the warrant randomly in Seattle and extradited back to Oregon where  I served 8 months in prison while Marijuana was legal in the state of Oregon and have completed over a year of probation . I am an active volunteer in the Lane County area who volunteered tirelessly for the Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign during the 2016 Primaries, volunteer weekly at West Coast Cat and Dog Rescue, as well as being an active member of the Democratic Party of Lane County, as well as Our Revolution Lane County. I am also an Egan Warming Center regular Volunteer. I have given back to my community and continue to do so.Currently I am actively involved in a reelection Campaign for Matt Keating for Lane County Community College Board of Education.I will continue to contribute positively to the Lane County Community for many years to come and to fight the Trump Administration at every turn. It is highly overdue to end this injustice. What I did is currently legal and I have paid my fines, my probation fees for a year, completed community service and have two jobs. I also am tirelessly working towards my artistic goals and have paid off my classes at LCC and will be finishing my degree beginning this spring; as well as restarting my photography and design business this spring, just got all the software and equipment i need to do so. I also have worked hard at my job at Venture Data for over a year and consistently am one of the top performers. These chains around my freedom need to be broken and me to be set free. Please show your support by signing my petition, which I will present to my Probation officer Keri Nelson on March 27th 2017. Thank you for your support. If this does not work we are back to the Governor for Clemency.  Regards, Nathan Lee Copeland

Nathan Copeland
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Petition to Department of Justice, Donald Trump, Susana Martinez

A nonviolent drug offense with a federal life sentence. Clemency for Stevie Jackson

Hello, My name is Misty Smith and this is a petition to help with an appeal for the father of my children Stevie Jackson. The last time my kids hugged their father was 2006. He has been incarcerated since then. Our daughter had just turned 6 years old, she is now 18 and graduating from high school. Stevie was sentenced to life in federal prison under an old law. Since he has been incarcerated that law has been removed but at the time of his sentencing that law was still in affect. Which means he is never coming home for a nonviolent crime..that's why I'm asking for signatures to present to the judge during his last appeal this year. We have 3 kids together who are now adults and want more than anything to have their father home. It has been extremely hard on them. Our oldest is 22 he is in college going for his Doctrate in education. Our middle son is 20 also in college he is a  History major and an amazing basketball player. His dad has never seen him play. Our daughter is 18 in her last year of high school heading to UT Austin to eventually obtain her Doctrate in psychology. As for me I've been a single parent for over 12 years but I never let that stop me from raising our kids the way we both planned. Stevie was convicted under an old law that sentenced him to life in prison. He did have prior convictions but nothing could have prepared us for this. At first I was extremely bitter about him being gone. So upset that our children would be another statistic with a single mother. Did I mention a single black mother. But our prayers and love for him have kept us strong and with God being our strength all 3 of our children have been productive members of society beating the odds and getting educated. Over the years Stevie has had plenty of time to think and reflect. He has obtained several certificates and is now working on a culinary trade. He is teaching ceramics and doing so well staying so positive.  I cry as I think of how much he has missed out and by no means am I wanting any pitty.  All I know is he has paid the ultimate price by missing out on all 3 of his children's childhood and I hope and pray that someone have mercy on us and God blesses him to win an appeal. No amount of prison time can ever replace missed basketball games, prom, graduation, father and son time or missing our only daughters father-daughter dance. Please help us and sign our petition. To over turn his conviction under an unjust unreasonable law that no longer exist. No one that has been sentenced under a nonviolent crime should be incarcerated for life. Murderers and child molesters should be doing life in prison. Please help us. If you have any question for me or can give me any advise of what other steps we can take to bring Stevie home to us, please send me a message. Thank you for your support and prayers.

Misty Smith
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Petition to Terry McAuliffe

Please Stop the April 25 Execution of Ivan Teleguz, an Innocent Man

The Commonwealth of Virginia plans to execute an innocent man, Ivan Teleguz, on April 25, 2017. We need to make sure Governor McAuliffe knows that there is too much evidence of Ivan’s innocence to allow this execution to go ahead. Please join the call for the Governor to intervene. The government’s case against Ivan was based on false evidence. Three men said that Ivan hired Stephanie’s killer. But two of those men have since admitted that they lied in court – and sworn under oath that Ivan was not involved. The third, Michael Hetrick, confessed to killing Stephanie. He was offered a deal that spared his own life in return for saying that Ivan hired him to commit the murder. The prosecutor coerced the witnesses. The witnesses have sworn under oath that they gave false testimony at trial because of threats from the prosecutor and promises she made to improve their sentences. The prosecution tried to influence the jury by saying Ivan was involved in a made-up murder. At trial, the prosecutor argued that Ivan should be sentenced to death because he was involved in another murder in Pennsylvania, and was highly dangerous. It was later revealed that the testimony about the murder and the prosecutor’s argument were completely made up—the murder never even happened. There is evidence that calls into question every part of the Commonwealth’s case against Ivan. There is too much doubt for Governor McAuliffe to allow this execution to go ahead. Please help make sure he knows that The Commonwealth is about to execute an innocent man. Please help save an innocent man. Join the call for Governor McAuliffe to intervene. Visit to learn more about Ivan's case. Visit Facebook and Twitter for case updates.

Ivan's Prayer for Justice
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