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Petition to Tate Reeves, Mississippi State Senate, Mississippi State House, Mississippi Governor, Mississippi Parole Board, FAMM , ACLU, EmpowerMS

Free Kendall Martin-Serving 60yrs for Marijuana Possession in Mississippi DOC!!!

Kendall Martin was sentenced to 60 years for possession of marijuana without the possibility of parole in Brandon, Mississippi on March 4, 2015. He is a non violent offender and has the lowest classification score possible as an inmate because of his good behavior. He was sentenced to a mandatory minimum under Mississippi's habitual offender laws. Mississippi’s habitual offender laws are some of the harshest in the country, for nonviolent offenses they restrict an inmate from parole eligibility or earned time credits. Kendall's case has already been to the supreme court and is awaiting appeal. To clarify Kendall has never been convicted of anything violent and his sentence equates to a life sentence!!! He should not die in a Mississippi prison for a non violent offense and for marijuana which is now becoming legal in many states including Mississippi!!!! He was given more time than murderers and rapists. He is not a danger to the community and deserves a chance to reenter society. He is loved by so many and has a strong support system. He should be granted mercy. The Governor of Mississippi has made it public that he is not even looking at clemency cases and those have been passed to the Mississippi parole board. The Mississippi Parole Board has verified that Clemency applications are just stacked there until the Governor Tate Reeves orders those looked at. We are asking Kendall be granted Clemency! We are asking that mandatory minimum laws change in Mississippi so that those that are not a danger to the community can reenter society and have a chance to be productive members of society. Let's stand strong together and bring him home to his mom and daughter and those that love him!!! Please sign our petition to Free Kendall Martin!! Join our group on Facebook and please share!!!   

Free Kendall Martin
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Petition to Don Beyer, Judith L. Wheat

Fight to reduce Melanie's unjust sentencing

"Prisons don't disappear social problems. They disappear human beings." -Angela Y. Davis  Dear community, I come to you all to ask for help in supporting my sister Melanie as we fight to have her case continued and work to reduce her sentence. My sister is currently facing 15 years in prison for a NON-violent drug offense. It is my personal belief that NO human being should have to spend such an exaggerated amount of time behind bars. Especially if that person did not bring harm to another person or pose any threat to the community.  As Melanie's court date quickly approaches there are only a few more routes for us to take to attempt to achieve a continuance for her sentencing date. And the legal representation that she currently has is working pro bono at the moment. We are currently trying to fundraise money in order to help pay for any legal fees as we attempt to change the course of Melanie's trial. The attorney has expressed that any type of external pressure on the courts and prosecutors to reduce sentencing or request for re-trial/clemency can be helpful for Melanie's case. My sister has a 19 year old daughter who she has had to leave behind a second time and miss out on so many important moments of her life as she continues to grow. Melanie also lost her father this past August (2020) while she was in jail. The courts wouldn't even approve her request for a furlough to attend her father's funeral, calling her a "threat to the community" and a "flight risk". When all she wanted to do was say goodbye one last time to him. Yet she had to see his body laying in a casket via an iPad screen. So again, I am coming to request support from you all in helping to bring my sister Melanie home sooner, Just by signing this petition we can send constant notifications to the Representative of Arlington County as well as the judge who is assigned to Melanie's case. It only takes one quick click and it would mean so much if anyone who does sign this , please share with others after! Thank you from me & Melanie. The community has truly shown us more love and support than we ever expected.

Bring Melanie Home
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Petition to Florida State Senate, Florida State House, Ron DeSantis, Randolph Bracy, Dianne "Ms Dee" Hart, Anna V. Eskamani, Andrew Learned, Michael A. "Mike" Caruso


DWAYNE'S IMMEDIATE RELEASE AND/OR RESENTENCING WOULD GREATLY IMPACT OUR FAMILY IN THAT, OUR ELDERLY PARENTS WHO ARE BATTLING SEVERAL DEBILITATING AND DETERIORATING ILLNESSES WILL BE ABLE TO SEE HIM AS FREE MAN BEFORE THE LORD CALLS EITHER OR THEM BOTH HOME.  DWAYNE'S STORY:  For twenty-one (21) years now, Dwayne T. Johnson – DC No. 425552, continues to awake in a Florida State Prison after having been convicted and sentenced to two (2) [(30 Year consecutive sentence terms - for a total of sixty (60) years imprisonment (with affixed minimum mandatory penalties)] for the “theft of a gold chain” (Charged in the Information as one count of Armed Robbery); which was the result of a low-level drug deal gone bad. Dwayne was also charged and plead guilty, taking a plea of (8) years for Possession of cocaine charges – to which he also had an addiction. However, he maintains his innocence of the robbery charge of the Gold Chain and the facts of his case clearly supports his claims and refutes that of the victim and the testimony of the one and only “since recanted” teenage witness.      After hearing the erroneous and egregious verdict, in haste, Dwayne “attempted to run out of the court room” but was (apprehended before leaving the Attorney’s table); Dwayne was then (Charged in the Information with one count of “Escape” – However out on Bond and Not considered In Custody at the time.) He was subsequently found guilty of Escape and handed this cumulative “60 Year Life Sentence (by an all-white jury in a predominantly white and affluent Florida city – Naples, Florida.)      Since the time of his conviction Dwayne has pursued numerous appeals and post-conviction motions which have all been denied. In fact, in May of 2001, only a few months after being found guilty, the trial court conducted a hearing on Dwayne’s motion for new trial based on the affidavit of the one and only State witness, recanting his trial testimony that Dwayne had robbed the victim. Specifically, the witness alleged that the police pressured him to say that Dwayne robbed the victim when he did not know who actually did. The court found this claim to not be credible because the officers who interviewed the victim, who was 16-years-old at the time of trial, disavowed having pressured him to identify Dwayne as the Subject. THE NEWLY DISCOVERED EVIDENCE:      On Sunday, December 18, 2016, an unknown man “a new witness” came forth and declared under penalty of perjury that he had a casual conversation with the “alleged victim.” At that time, the victim advised him that there was an individual by the name of Dwayne Johnson, also known as “Nino” who was “supposedly” in prison for robbing him back in early 2000. However, the victim told this new witness that Dwayne Johnson did not rob him. Instead, he (the victim) had pawned his jewelry to Dwayne Johnson for some drugs. The “alleged victim” explained that the only reason he claimed that Dwayne Johnson had robbed him was because his step-father was a law enforcement officer and he did not want him or his mother to know that he lost the jewelry because of drugs. After having this conversation with the “alleged victim”, the new witness, looked up Dwayne on the Florida Department of Corrections website and advised him what the “alleged Victim” had told him. He asserts that despite having served some time in prison, he never met Dwayne Johnson nor knew of his existence.      This new witness is someone who was unknown to Dwayne until he was contacted by him with the information he provided regarding the “alleged victim.” Dwayne could not have known the “alleged victim’s impeaching statement to the new witness at the time of his trial through the exercise of due diligence because this “alleged victim” never disclosed that he had described the incident as a robbery to conceal from his parents the fact that he had pawned his jewelry in exchange for drugs. Finally, in his affidavit, the “new witness” identified the man (“alleged victim”) he spoke to from a booking photograph that was obtained from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. This Motion for an Evidentiary Hearing/Mew Trial based on this newly discovered evidence has been awaiting a ruling for the past two (2) years. Meanwhile, Dwayne is just sitting in prison away from his children and our aged and ill parents to which our mother suffers from chronic Parkinson’s Disease. [Note: The “Alleged Victim has a voluminous and lengthy arrest history for drug use, drug possession, DUI, DWI, etc. in Collier and Lee County, Florida. Of further note, Dwayne plead guilty to drug possession and sale and to date, has served his sentence of nine years in full to include; all of the attached minimum mandatory sentences associated with these charges.]      I am fully aware that you all have focused your reform efforts on those trapped in Federal Prisons however, I am humbly requesting that you all please advocate on those trapped in the State Prison System, namely Florida State Prisons. African Americans in Florida have very little advocacy resources because of the highly Republican base and deep South mentality that impacts minorities and plagued many of our voiceless communities for centuries. The work is certainly here. We just need a blessing from the Lord through your help to gain traction towards significant criminal justice reform. Any type of assistance that you all could provide would be beyond anything we could ever ask for or expect. THE FACTS AND STATS:      As information, despite the lack of evidence, facts, and mitigating circumstances; Florida sends more of its citizens to prison and keeps them there longer than many other states. That is due in part to mandatory minimum and enhancement laws that require a one-size-fits-all approach to sentencing for certain offenses, regardless of an individual’s circumstances or prior record. In fact, within the last ten (10) years, dozens of states (to include, Texas) have passed reforms that saved lives, families, as well as taxpayers money, reduced crime, and reduced prison populations – Florida is not one of them. Rather, Florida spends more than 2.4 billion dollars a year to incarcerate nearly 100,000 people in prison. Moreover, Florida’s laws require those incarcerated to serve 85% of their sentence regardless of changed laws, proven rehabilitation, or the risk an inmate poses to society.      Additionally, Florida over-incarcerates low-level drug offenders and stack them with enhancements and other charges to ensure that they never see the light of day ever again. Supposedly these laws were designed to target kingpins but they ensnare low-level, often first-time offenders. As of 2015, 36.6 percent of Florida’s prisoners were serving time for non-violent crimes such as drug possession, narcotic possession, and property offenses, often tied to addition. Florida has and continues to keep these low-level offenders behind bars for such a long time which has been expensive and counter-productive.      In closing, systemic and excessive sentencing laws throughout our nation and particularly here in Florida (Namely those with minimum mandatory penalties and enhancements) often create unwarranted disparities by treating similar offenders differently and different offenders the same. It is obvious that all of the relevant facts and circumstances of Dwayne’s “alleged crime” was not carefully considered before he was wrongfully and maliciously handed this unfair punishment and “LIFE/DEATH SENTENCE.”  Dwayne is currently 51 years old and his 21 years of incarceration is beyond repaying his debt to society. His continued incarceration is now a debt to Florida taxpayers and citizens. Thus, we are requesting and praying that the facts and evidence in his case be thoroughly reviewed by an Integrity Review Board/Committee and/or the Governor please grant him Clemency or commute his sentence to time served so that Dwayne can be immediately released to his family who desperately needs and misses him. Amen.

Tracy Johnson
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Petition to J.B. Pritzker, Illinois Prisoner Review Board Members, Kim Foxx

Juvenile Justice: Clemency for Chaka, Sentenced to 24 Years in Prison as a Teen

At the age of 15 years old, Chaka Richblood was sentenced to 24 years in prison. He has now served almost 14 years and there has since been zero opportunity to prove his good behavior and rehabilitation due to the Truth in Sentencing laws in Illinois.  During Chaka’s time in prison, he has tirelessly put forth effort to better himself and those around him. He’s immersed himself into numerous academic, restorative justice, and mentorship programs. He’s a Certified Tutor in the Secretary of State Adult Literacy Program, a participant and soon-to-be facilitator in U of I’s Community Anti-Violence Education program(C.A.V.E.) and Education Justice Project(EJP). He pursued a degree through Danville Community College in Engineering Science before the program was discontinued, with only two credits away from completion. Furthermore, Chaka has learned to code in Python & ‘R’ programming languages. He’s also an avid reader, a talented poet, and is currently self teaching himself a third verbal language.  Chaka is a selfless, good-hearted soul that is truly deserving of a chance to rejoin society. Many people, both young and old, respect and admire him. He has grown wise beyond his years and is a man of unwavering faith and conviction. Above all else, he is deeply remorseful for the crime that he’s convicted of and in turn intends to dedicate his life to helping guide troubled youth avoid making the same mistakes he did.  This petition is not only to aid in Chaka’s early release, but to bring awareness to the Truth in Sentencing Laws that condemn our youth to spending the majority or the rest of their lives in prison while not allowing them the opportunity to show rehabilitation and the possibility of shortening their sentence. The United State’s Supreme Court concludes that “children are constitutionally different from adults for purposes of sentencing.” The Court recognized three significant characteristics of juvenile offenders. First, juveniles lack maturity and a fully developed sense of responsibility, which leads to dangerous behavior that is careless, impulsive, and reckless. Second, juveniles are more vulnerable to negative influences and outside pressures, they have limited control over their own environment, and they lack the ability to extricate themselves from crime-producing settings. Third, juveniles are more capable of change than adults, and their actions are less likely to be evidence of irretrievable depravity. Further, none of this analysis regarding “children—about their distinctive (and transitory) mental traits and environmental vulnerabilities—is crime-specific.   (  pg. 4-5). It would be a great justice for Illinois laws to mirror this stance but, unfortunately, it doesn’t and is varied state by state. It’s Chaka’s and our hope that he is granted clemency and is able to be a catalyst for reform in the juvenile justice system. We know he would be a tremendous asset to society. Please help show support for Chaka and countless other youth that have made mistakes but are capable of change and deserve the right to show it. *Note: Donations given here aid in increasing this petition's exposure. If you'd like to contribute to Chaka, directly, click the GoFundMe link below.

Yasmine S.
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