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Petition to Florida Governor, Florida State Senate, Florida State House, United States Supreme Court, Florida

"Support Release for 63 yr old Jack Allen...20 yrs incarcerated--Freedom is deserved!

                                “Why should I sign this petition?”          Jack is now 63 yrs old and has been incarcerated for 20 years--He has been a Model Inmate---it's time he gets the freedom he deserves from this Unjust Life Sentence!! There are numerous petitions that have some excellent reasons to warrant attention. Some are sensationalized, and garner huge Public Outcries, and National attention. Is this one of those? No. After 20 years in prison and serving a Life Sentence; we are merely trying to bring to light, anyone who will recognize, that this is a petition that is centered on the facts of a case that Denial of Due Process and Equal Protection under the Law obviously occurred. Shouldn't these types of Denial of Due Process be worthy of attention as well? Especially those that DO NOT WARRANT A LIFE SENTENCE! After reading the following facts, please sign the petition and help us right these wrongs. Wouldn’t you want that chance if it were you or a loved one?  On May 15, 1997 , Jack was for possession of Marijuana and Suspicion of Burglary. After being questioned for several hours, he was UN-arrested for the Burglary charges, something a Florida Law states is impossibility, yet happened. This was predicated on the fact that he DID NOT match the description that was provided by the homeowner; he was charged for possession of marijuana ( a minute amount) and released.  These are just some of the advert or inadvertent errors, deficiencies or mistakes in Jack’s case. Over the years we have been misled, deceived and flat out lied to and have had our hopes and dreams crushed time and again. A capias warrant (capias requested on November 20, 1997) for Jack’s re-arrest was requested after this time period had expired, nullifying the State’s ability to prosecute, as noted by the Public Defender at the conflict of interest hearing. Pursuant to Florida Law, the State has 175 days to begin prosecution of non-capital felonies, upon expiration of this time period; the State has a recapture period of 10 days (Fla.R.Crim.P.3.190 Speedy Trial Rule); However, contrary to Florida’s Law, and in Violation of Jack’s Due Process Rights, the case was prosecuted past the expiration of the Speedy Trial Rule; 14 months after the initial arrest, and somehow, the case number had been changed from 1997 to a 1998 case number. This case should have been dismissed yet Jack now sits in prison  with a Life Sentence. During Trial, it was also revealed by the testimony of a lead Detective in the case, that the fourteen (14) latent prints they found, not belonging to the homeowner, NONE OF THEM MATCHED JACKS! Jack WAS NEVER identified by the homeowner as the perpetrator, yet the perpetrator was mere feet away during the crime and while face to face in Trial court.  During Trial DNA evidence, consisting of hair samples, taken twice, results showed it DID NOT MATCH Jack’s. However, the DNA evidence was never submitted to the court during the trial. This evidence that could have exonerated him was left out! During Trial, Jack was presented to the jurors hand-cuffed, chained and shackled by defense counsel on two occasions. Due process right to a fair Trial was violated; The use of visible physical restraints such as shackles in front of a jury, may unfairly prejudice a jury and undermines the presumption of innocence and “affronts the dignity and decorum of judicial proceedings. At sentencing the State introduced as a predicate felony, a Community Control violation, which prior to October 1998, could not be used to Habitualize an Offender. At the time of sentencing, a life sentence in Florida requires more than 365 points. Jack  had 102 points, 74 of those points were for this charge. During Jack’s Evidentiary Hearing for the Speedy Trial Violation, Hearing Counsel failed to aggressively argue the Speedy Trial Violation, due to a possible conflict of interest within the Public Defender’s Office. Jack continues to be a model inmate, he is a mentor, teaches fellowship and is known to always be active in helping others. Through his years of incarceration, he has taken advantage of all courses available to him. He has sought out any and all vocational, educational, technical, rehabilitation and spiritual classes and continues to do so. He is currently in the process of achieving his Bachelors degree. Jack has always believed education is an essential key factor for virtually all areas of life. Listed Below are some of what he has accomplished while he was incarcerated. Associates Degree in Religious/Biblical Studies (3.9 GPA)   Faith Base program-Current                         Writer, Editorial Columnist & Editor for the Graceville Prison Gazette (3 yrs). Certified Data Entry Operator Certified Carpenter Certified P.C Support Technician Certified Digital Designer Completed 12 steps of Jesus drug tier program Inside Speaker NA/AA Completed thinking for a chance Completed Life Skills Course Completed Texas Christian University Faith Based Program Completed Criminon Course as a stellar student Completed Cognitive Skills class and was a student teacher Completed Two Extensive Bible Courses(received Certificate & Bibles)  Attended Kairos as a candidate and served as a cha-cha Secretary Veterans Group V.P Veterans Group Coach Veterans Group Softball Team Captain  Honor Guard Veterans Group Originator & 1st Editor “Forward Observer” Veterans Newspaper Elected Elder 4 Times for Graceville Messianic Fellowship (8yrs) Head of the House/Senior Elder at GCF Guest Writer “Continuum Of Care” (GCF) NewspaperOne-on-One Counselor to troubled Inmates for the past 20 years.  Jack has never claimed he was pure as driven snow and admits he has made bad choices in the past.  Not a day goes by that he isn’t wholeheartedly repentant, especially for those he affected.  Over the past 20 yrs Jack has proven to be a model inmate and continues to strive with a positive outlook for his future as well as his family.  Jacks ultimate goal, and with all his best intentions, motivation, education, and determination, would like to move forward from this incarceration, enter society and prove to be a positive role model, continue to help and serve others by mentoring and teaching fellowship, and to come home to his family where he belongs! After 20 years of imprisonment, 63 yrs old with numerous health issues,  further incarceration is Unjust. Please don't let this Life Sentence turn into a death sentence and dictate his fate, please join our petition, by signing and sharing it with friends. Thank you in advance for your support. We respectfully request release from this life sentence to allow him the opportunity to prove himself worthy and come home to his family who desperately need him. Please also sign and share this petition to Support FL SB 1744-Conditional Release Program!! Reenact Parole for Those Who Deserve it! Sincerely & God Bless, Karen Michalak & Kristin Allen      

Karen Michalak
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Petition to Andrew Cuomo

Clemency for Bryon Russ

We ask you to sign this petition in support of the decision for Bryon K. Russ Sr. be granted Executive Clemency by New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.  We are seeking Executive Clemency by way of commutation for Bryon. He has served 17 years in prison, this is half of his minimum prison term.  We believe Bryon should be granted clemency because he has used his time productively and responsible to rehabilitate himself and pro-actively advance himself in positive ways.  Bryon has completed all therapeutic programs the NYS Department of Corrections offers.  He has participated in voluntary programs like Youth Assistance Program (YAP) Alternative to Violence (AVP) and conducted educational classes for other prisoners on topics like Business and Real Estate.  He has obtained certificates for teaching classes to other prisoners, legal research clerk, and vocational skill.  He has obtained his GED and began working towards his associates degree through the CPEP (Cornell Prison Education Program) offered by Cornell University, gaining 35 college credits.  He currently volunteers as a Teacher's Aid and an AVP facilitator teaching other prisoners basic education skills and alternatives to violence.  Bryon has made great use of his time. Not only has he made extensive improvements to himself and his thinking he works tirelessly to assist other in doing the same.  Simply stated he is no longer the man he was when he was 25 years old and sentence to 49 years in prison.  In the 17 years Bryon has been incarcerated he has never received a disciplinary ticket for any form of violence.  He has never received a disciplinary ticket for drug use, weapons use, or weapons possession.  Bryon has learned from his mistakes and deserved a fair and thorough consideration for clemency.  We ask that you please sign this petition in support of the decision to grant Bryon Russ Sr. Clemency and allow him to be released as soon as possible. We are asking for a fair and careful review of his entire Clemency proposal, case file and institutional record.   The idea of him having to serve yet another 17 years in prison seems like a gross injustice.  Please allow Bryon an opportunity to put all the great self-work he has done to rehabilitate himself to use and gain his freedom.  Thank you for your support. -The Family of Bryon K. Russ Sr.

Jolene Russ
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Petition to Ralph Northam, Virginia State Senate, Virginia State House, Facebook, Twitter, Human Rights Campaign,, Tim Kaine, Mark Warner, Bob Goodlatte, Virginia Foxx, Gerry Connolly, A. Donald McEachin, Janet Howell, ABC, CBS, Washington Post, NBC, USA Today

Parenting behind bars: An epidemic no one wants to talk about!

EVERY PARENT WANTS AND DESERVES TO SEE THEIR CHILDREN GRADUATE FROM SCHOOL!!! And unless we help this father, he will miss the significant moment that his daughters will walk across the stage, honoring him for all his efforts, while parenting from behind bars. Miguel Jimenez-Gomez has already missed every birthday, holiday, and milestone in his daughters' and family's lives due to being railroaded in the Virginia court system at a tender age. Miguel has already served 15 of 31 years for a botched, non-violent robbery that he attepmted for the 1st time when he was a young, dumb, 19 years old. During this height of mass-incarceration, Virginia's offenders were forced to serve "Truth-in-Sentencing" punishments; clearly, they used young Miguel as an example for all his peers, and overly sentenced him, as HIS SENTENCE DOESN'T FIT THE CRIME! His newsworthy case was taken all the way to the Supreme Court in an attempt to appeal the atrocious decision of an ornery judge. Ultimately, he had ineffective counsel that negligently handled his case and failed to file his appeal. (Like so many other cases in the Virginia penal system)! After exhausting every legal resource and financial avenue available at that time, Miguel reluctantly accepted his overwhelming fate; that he wasn't going to see his family, especially his 1year old baby, for 3 decades. Now, after serving half of his oppressive sentence and maximizing his potential for defined rehabilitation, he is at the mercy of his Excellency, the governor of Virginia, Mr. Ralph Northam, to have his sentence commuted. All he wants is to be able to hold his daughters hand on graduation day and make up for all the time he has been away from society. So much in this life has changed and passed him by already. Give him a chance to be productive and successful!  On behalf of his entire network of family and friends, associates and advocates alike, we are requesting from Governor Northam a reduction of his sentence, whereas a conditional release would be ultimately granted. We need him home! His daughters need him home. He has been gone from us and his community for far too long since Virginia ended parole in 1995. There are so many people being affected by the outcome of this. You are our only hope!  Would you agree that these lengthy sentences are destroying our families, our society, and our economy? Do you agree that it's traumatizing a generation of parent-less children? Then I implore you to sign this petition and share it as much as possible so that we can show our government officials that it's time for a real change, time to end truth-in-sentencing, time to return these men and women to their families, and it starts right here with Miguel Jimenez-Gomez!!! It's time for him to be free!!!  #FreeourFamilies  

Jacquee Oakes
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Petition to Jerry Brown

Help Steven Green Earn a Second Chance At Coming Home

My name is Steven Green and I have served 26 years of a Life Without the Possibility of Parole sentence for murder and robbery. A few months into being 18, a life was taken, which I am deeply remorseful for and I take full responsibility for my actions. This is something I will live with for the rest of my life. Over the last 26 years I have matured and made many improvements in my life to become a better person before CDC offered rehabilitation. During this transition, I gave up the gang lifestyle/mentality and made education a top priority. I have completed 5 A.A. degrees with Honors as well as an A.S. degree. Furthermore, I am currently earning a BSBA degree through Adams State University. In addition to my educational achievements, I have been involved in many self-help programs. I've received my Victim Advocacy Certificate from ASU and I created an ILTAG group that donated over $35,000 to local schools. On top of my previous accomplishments I am currently the Executive Consultant to The Explorer, a prison based newsletter. I also facilitate and attend multiple groups such as Alternatives to Violence, Criminal Gang Members Anonymous, Anti-Recidivism Coalition, Healing Dialogue and Action, The Actor’s Gang, Lifers Group, etc. Since becoming incarcerated I have maintained family support and become a man of God. I am a husband and father that plays an active role in my daughters’ lives. My wife and I both encourage them to excel in school and maintain good grades. I need to be in their lives as much as they need me in theirs. As their father, I want to cheer them on at their sports games, attend school functions, watch them graduate high school, and be a positive male role model for them. Please allow me to show that I am no longer the 18 year old gang member I used to be but instead a 44 year old man who has gained insight, remorse, and responsibility. I have a family to come home to, employment waiting, and the support of my family and friends. If given the opportunity, I believe the Governor and the Parole Board will see how I’ve turned my life around to become the man I am today. I am Steven Green, a husband and father that needs to make my family whole and be active and engaged in my family's everyday life. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my story and showing your support!

Sutina Green
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