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Plea to Grant Clemency to Angela Jones serving a long sentence 09250-030

We do not heal in isolation, but in community, Please sign this petition and ask President Trump to grant Clemency to a loving mom,grandmother,sister,Aunt, cousin ,Partner and friend. Angie, my best friend is a 47 year old serving a long prison sentence for a non violent Meth drug offence in FCI Waseca Minneasota. She has served 11 years and has turned her life around. She is dearly loved by many and missed since incarceration in 2007, serving a long sentence for conspiracy to drug trafficking with an out date of 2034.A tragic casualty of our mass incarceration complex.She has missed the important years of her 2 children growing up and the births of her 5 grandchildren.Angie has been a resilient survivor of childhood traumas  and has accepted responsibility for her actions and poor judgement.She has been an ideal prisoner.Has never been disciplined while incarcerated. She has remained drug free and is learning new things everyday working on computers learning Excel. She has strong relationships with family and friends and we all will open our hearts and arms to her upon release.It serves no purpose or benefit to society to have her locked up for so long.Sometimes our lives have to be completely shaken up,changed and rearranged to relocate us to the place we're meant to be.She is meant to be free.Signing this petition is a small act, but when multiplied by millions of people,can transform the world for deserving inmates, like Angie.In Angie's words: "I will no longer doubt how far I can go,I remember how far I have come.Everything that I have faced,all the battles I have won and all the fears I have overcome.My goal in life is to make a difference by using the words and knowledge in my head and the compassion in my heart."  Help free Angie!

Barbara B Decker
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, President Donald Trump, Senior Advisor to the President Jared Kushner

Clemency for Charles "Duke" Tanner

I was arrested in 2004 for the first time in my life. I had a promising 19-0 boxing career, a two-year-old son and a family. But I used very poor judgment and broke the law by getting involved with drugs. I was convicted of conspiracy to distribute cocaine and given two life sentences. I realize now that taking the short cut was bogus and detrimental. I have been accountable and taken responsibility for my actions that sent me to prison. I have been incarcerated now for almost 15 years, and have 12 years of incarceration remaining. I have paid a hefty price. Eleven years of my life have been spent in a Maximum Security Prison and during that time I have lost my mother, my father, and my oldest brother. All these years, I have not had any disciplinary problems and even the mayor of my hometown, a former Indiana Attorney General, wrote a letter to President Trump asking him to commute my sentence. In 2016, my life sentence was shortened to 30 years thanks to sentencing reform. For the first time in 12 years, I woke up with a release date, and knew I was on the right track. My good behavior allowed me to transfer to a Low Security prison and I made it a goal to take every program available to me, completing over 1160 hours to date. I have completed the 'Life Connections' program, an intensive faith-based course that requires rigorous personal and moral accountability and I am working on initiatives to develop new options for inmates to learn skills that foster hope and help with re-entry. My plans are to live in Indiana to be close to my son and my significant other. I have numerous employment opportunities pending my release. I am extremely passionate about mentoring youth as I have consistently and effectively done with inmates during my incarceration. My goal is to pick up where my life was cut short and make a substantial positive contribution to society, including training young boxers while I'm still young enough to lace up my gloves. God had a plan for me. I had to go through this ordeal to be the man I am today. I am now a new improved version of myself and I yearn to return to society a productive, morally, ethically, and spiritually intact man. I humbly pray President Trump will agree that I deserve a second chance in the form of Executive Clemency. I will make him very proud if he chooses to favor me with his mercy. Please sign my petition asking President Trump to give me a second chance.Read more about Duke, articles about his boxing career and clemency.

Rita Cushenberry
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Petition to Lashae Focusednready, LaToya Gray

Together in solidarity asking to grant Clemency for Michael Gardner wrongfully convicted

My brother is currently incarcerated, serving a 53-year sentence for robbery. He has been imprisoned for the past 21 years, forcing him to spend the remainder of his adolescent years and much of his adulthood in captivity. In January of 1998, Michael was brought into the Norfolk County Police Department by two detectives. While at the station, Michael was subject to beatings, repeatedly tortured, and coerced into admitting his    involvement in a string of robberies that he was not involved in. Michael cooperated with the detectives. He read and recited statements that had been presented to him by the detectives. Michael was told that he should make the statements sound as natural as possible in order to be given leniency.Because of this, Michael is requesting commutation. While being incarcerated, Michael has made many positive adjustments. He is the co-founder of Believe in Change, which is a foundation, and the co-author of a curriculum entitled Giving Girls a Voice. Also, Michael has been enrolled into several courses that would provide him with numerous certification, thus giving him many avenues of gaining employment upon his release. Currently, Michael is employed as a barber, which he enjoys. Once he is released, he plans to open his own business, where he will work as a barber, mentor troubled youth, and become more involved in his foundation.I pray that you can find it in your heart to forgive my brother and give him a second chance at life. Michael is capable of making positive contributions to society. Please sign this petition to help give Michael his second chance. 

Lashae Talley
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