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Petition to Justin Trudeau, The Government of Canada

A smart plan for legalization in Canada that hits all of the governments criteria

With recent light of the Legalization of Cannabis in Canada (and the setbacks) i feel we have a moral obligation as one of the first countries to legalize this substance properly as we will be setting an example for generations and other Countries to follow for decades. My hope is that this (idea) for a plan gets the attention of our Government because i feel it is a sensible and logical way to hit all of the Governments criteria for the upcoming legalization. I believe these goals can be achieved by doing the following: 1. Allowing and making it easier for Canadians to grow their own cannabis freely on their property to "crackdown" on the blackmarket, this will also in turn allow people with a professional level of knowledge on a more recreational, craft or specific product sort of basis to have their niche in what will be the regulated legal market. The other side of this is that by allowing people to grow it freely it shuts down two other areas of the black market involving it being sold to people underage and people being exploited because of their dependency on cannabis without easy access to it 2. Look into research on the idea of what would happen if we grew Cannabis in the wild naturally in an ecosystem as the idea of intaking the raw product through means of juicing it has proven very beneficial health wise without the psychoactive effects, in the same sort of idea like how pollen affects people (in theory) the process of having it in the air pollen wise may be beneficial to the eco system 3. Have a program where people are paid subsidies to grow cannabis for the government off their property and provide it to the medical sector for research and the application in medicine i.e Pharmacudicals 

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Petition to Jag Badwal; Vic Fedeli

Justice for Patrick Brown

To our fathers, brothers and sons,  We stand by you!  Nowadays, a woman can accuse a man of pretty much anything and without evidence, he is then automatically presumed guilty as charged by society; Just like the case of Patrick Brown and the sexual misconduct allegations. What happened to Patrick Brown is wrong; A hard working, humble, kind, successful MAN who dedicated his entire life to be where he is, who has always worked tirelessly to help the people of Simcoe county and Ontario in general; Had his entire career and life destroyed in a couple of hours because of two anonymous sexual misconduct accusers who went to the media instead of the police and who went to the media ten years after the alleged incidents but only five months before elections and decided to remain anonymous.  He was convicted without a trial. Patrick Brown was advised to take a leave of absence until allegations are dealt does one deal with allegations that are not reported to the police and strictly reported to the media? How does one "deal" with allegations that are not a criminal matter and that have no way to actually "deal" with them? What exactly does "deal" look like?  What happened to Patrick Brown can happen to any man; this is now about every MAN; and to you women out there, this can happen to your father, your brother, your son or your husband.  These trendy continuous sexual allegations (that aren't dealt with through the court system) are putting actual victims of sexual assault in danger; Actual victims/survivors are NOT going to be taken seriously anymore.... Many men have had their lives destroyed because of false sexual allegations; many have had to pay for lawsuits, many have had their freedoms restricted due to false sexual allegations.....or even worse many have been denied bail, jailed .....awaiting trial! Because when you are a man, you are guilty until proven innocent.  but IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE because men have rights too.  We will stand with Patrick Brown.  We will stand for men's rights under the name of Patrick Brown. We will make sure that false sexual allegations are seriously punished because of what happened to Patrick Brown.  We will bring justice to MEN again because of Patrick Brown.   Thank you,  #justiceforpatrickbrown #istandwithpatrickbrown #J4PB  #EQUALRIGHTS  UPDATE: what do we want? we want Patrick Brown reinstated! Why? please read the updates below    contact us at: Please note that the above paragraph include a combination of quotes and comments from numerous people who are supporting the "Justice for Patrick Brown" movement.   

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