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Petition to Oshawa City Council

Opposing the proposed changes to the time and schedule for regular City Council Meetings

Councillor Tito-Dante Marimpietri (Ward 2), at the City Council Meeting on Monday, November 4, brought a notice of motion to proposed changes to the time and schedule for regular City Council Meetings. The proposal increases the time between council meetings from three to four weeks, and removes the evening council meeting at 6:30 pm to a 9:30 am meeting every fourth Monday. On Monday, November 18, 2019. Corporate Services Committee approved the CORP-19-97 Change of Time and Schedule for Regular Council Meetings (the notice of motion). Mayor Carter, Councillor Giberson, Councillor Hurst, and Councillor Mark voted in favor, and Councillor Nicholson voted to oppose it. The proposal to change the time and schedule for regular City Council Meetings will now go to full Council for a vote on December 2, 2019. This is really important moment for our City to make our voices heard to oppose this self-interest endeavor. So many people in Oshawa will not be able to attend Council meetings if they are moved to the morning. Members of the public should not be expected to take time off work or school to attend a City Council Meeting. This will cause hardship and preclude members of the public from attending and participating in a meeting. Councilors knew when they ran for office of the time commitment. All the Committee meetings are at 9:30 AM or 1:30 PM. All Council meetings are at 6:30 PM once every 3 weeks on a Monday or Tuesday if long weekend. This schedule was established to accommodate and hear from all residents. Local government is a service to the Public. Council is to make decisions at a time where the residents of Oshawa can be a part of. There were three hard pressing issues that were at Regular City Council Meetings: Saving Oshawa Animal Services, Consumption Treatment Site, and Rainbow Crosswalk. � 23 Delegations were made at those combined Regular City Council Meetings has forever been a platform for public participation/involvement, community engagement, and Staff recognition. For example, this year: we had special night honoring Oshawa Sports Hall of Fame inductees, community legend award presentations, singing of Nation Anthem by Public School class or community organizations, and recognizing Staff accomplishments. � There were 20 such special nights with a packed gallery. I recognize Councilor Tito-Dante's proposal is an attempt to improve time and schedule of Regular City Council Meetings, but without an evaluation by Staff and Public Consultation - the risk of negative behavioral impact on community is great. There does not seem to be any real reason to be making this change. Please sign the petition -- make your objections known to Oshawa City Council before it is a done deal and we are stuck with it. You can email full Council at: and

Adam White
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Petition to John Horgan

Grant Tetyana Melnychuk her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree which UNBC withheld through discrimination and abuse

Chairs of nursing schools can declare any nursing student "unsuitable" just as a matter of personal dislike for that person. The University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) waited until the end of my registered nurse training  program to fail me in the last course, thereby maximizing their revenue, the bank's profit, and my student debt.  This happened even thought I was one of the top nursing students.  It was part of ongoing discrimination, abuse, and persecution against me by three nursing instructors and the chair of the nursing program at UNBC, who did not like the fact I am an immigrant English Second Language student and a single mother. UNBC consistently supports the chair of UNBC's School of Nursing, no matter what she and some of her faculty members do to nursing students. UNBC officials turn a deaf ear to the students' complaints unless the student can afford a lawyer.  Not surprisingly, since 2011 UNBC has banned lawyers from the student appeal process. I now owe a huge student debt with no means of repaying it or of supporting myself and my minor son. According to a lawyer, I have a human rights case against UNBC. However, without legal representation, I am unable to defend my rights against UNBC and obtain my registered nurse degree.  Moreover, Legal Aid and pro bono legal services do not provide help for low income people in cases such as mine. Provincial governments have privileged universities, but failed to protect students' rights and interests.  Publicly the BC government deplores the increase in child poverty! Please do not ignore this family; help and make one child's life better.                                                                                                                    I am asking you to help me obtain my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from UNBC, so that I can write my registered nurse exam, receive my registered nurse license, find work, pay off my student debt, support myself and my son, and become a self sufficient member of society.                                                                                                                      What Martha MacLeod and some other UNBC instructors have done to some UNBC students is horrible.                                                                                                                UNBC must be compelled to treat its students fairly.  Students' rights need to be protected, and one of the best ways to do that is to allow students to have representation by a lawyer through all four stages  (instructor, chair, dean, senate) of the appeal process. This assistance needs to have funds available so that low and middle income students can enjoy the same effective rights as the wealthy. Please support us and pass this petition to others. Thank you very much for your support.   To know more about how UNBC has mistreated me, follow this link      

Tetyana Melnychuk
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Petition to Doug Ford, Caroline Mulroney, Premier Doug Ford

Don't Violate the Charter of Rights

Ontario Premier Doug Ford said recently that he will override court rulings that find he or his government have violated the fundamental rights of people in Ontario, rights protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in Canada's Constitution. The Charter exists to protect Canadians from abuses of power by politicians and government officials.  The Charter is supported by more than 90% of Canadians. Your rights Premier Ford has said he "won't be shy" to violate include: your rights to freedom of expression, religion, and to protest government actions and join a union; your rights to privacy, and to not be arrested or jailed arbitrarily, and to be presumed innocent and not be subjected to cruel or unusual punishment, and; your right not to be discriminated against based on your race, ethnicity, religion, sex, age or physical disability. Premier Ford is proposing to violate Ontarians' Charter rights right now with Bill 31 -- which will override a court ruling that found that the law his Conservative government passed during the summer violated the Charter rights of election candidates and voters because the law stopped Toronto's city election in the middle of the campaign and cut the number of city councillors in half. This is the first time in Ontario that a Premier has used this measure -- called the "notwithstanding clause" -- to violate the Charter rights of Ontarians. But Premier Ford won't stop there -- he said he will do this again and again so he and his government can do whatever they want, whenever they want, even if the courts rule that they are violating the law. Please join in calling on Premier Ford to stop violating the Charter of Rights and Freedoms by signing this petition! See more details at: Doug Ford says its hammer time -- "won't be shy" to violate Charter rights in the future (The Telegram, September 12, 2018) Survey finds we like the Charter of Rights more than hockey (Calgary Herald, October 1, 2015) Doug Ford is challenging the rule of law itself (Globe and Mail, September 11, 2018) Former Ontario premier Bill Davis: Ford wrong to use notwithstanding clause (TVO, September 12, 2018) Doug Ford's use of notwithstanding clause sparks fears it will embolden others to invoke it (CBC News, September 12, 2018) Protestors handcuffed during debate over notwithstanding clause (CP24 News, September 12, 2018)

Democracy Watch
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Petition to Women Deliver, Premier of British Columbia John Horgan, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, Justin Trudeau, Women Deliver, John Horgan

Stand Up For Women’s Rights in Canada

“Women Deliver is a leading global advocate that champions gender equality and the health and rights of girls and women” (Women Deliver, n.d.). In Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the Women Deliver 2019 Global Conference will be held from June 3 to June 6, 2019 and “over 6,000 world leaders, influencers, advocates, academics, activists, and journalists from more than 150 countries” will attend (Women Deliver, n.d.). Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau said, “Prioritizing the health, rights, and well being of girls and women is not optional, but in fact, foundational to drive change and progress for all, and this is reflected in our new feminist foreign policy.” And “Canada is proud to host the next Women Deliver Conference as a global convener to bring us all further in advancing human rights for women” (Women Deliver, n.d.). However, the government in British Columbia/Canada deliberately ignored and has deliberately persistently failed to stop discrimination/Human Rights/Women’s Rights violations in BC/Canada. Some of the examples are: By the ongoing discrimination/harassment/abuse/fraud/persecution etc., the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) etc. took away the registered nurse job from a single mother immigrant the day before her graduation from UNBC with her registered nurse degree by deliberately denying her degree and deliberately have ruined her/her child/their family/their lives. Many other students of different race, religion, family status, marital status, place of origin etc. have suffered horrible injustice etc. at UNBC. Some Indigenous women were abused/deceived/forced to sterilization. It is also discrimination and Human Rights/Women’s Rights violations in Canada. You can find more information about it in the petition “Stop sterilizing Indigenous women without consent.” Women require to see a gynecologist without a referral. It is practiced in many countries, it helps women in many ways, as well as based on the shortage of the family physicians’ services, it would also free space for a family physician to see another patient.    Request to see a gynecologist without a referral was initiated by an Ontario woman who has a chronic disease and requires to have her checks up by a gynecologist regularly and described what she experiences in that part of Canada. Help to bring awareness about those and to stop injustice/Human Rights/Women’s Rights violations in British Columbia/Canada. Sign and Share the Petition Women Deliver. (n.d.). Women Deliver 2019 Global Conference to be Held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. New York, NY: Author. Women Deliver. (n.d.). Our Work - Women Deliver.  Retrieved from

Stant up for Women's Rights in Canada
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