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Petition to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

End the narcissistic targeted abuse of Canadians by government!

Dear Prime Minster Trudeau, It is becoming increasingly clear that narcissistic abuse tactics are being employed by many government agencies and funded organizations.  Indeed the RCMP has become so toxic that RCMP commissioner Bob Paulson and Safety Minster Ralf Goodale have resorted to these tactics to silence and revictimise its own officers. One female officer has already spent $150,000 on legal expenses only to have the state wage an economic war of attrition in an attempt to deny her a voice or justice. This to a background of criminal abuse that is protected and encouraged at all levels of government. This was never a civil case! Where are the criminal charges against those involved? The RCMP and CSIS has built an abuse network based on narcissistic tactics that they have renamed as "disruption tactics"! This criminal abuse network supplies training, electronic harassment weapons, IT support in the form of CPIC (2,200 gaslighting victims) and has been caught framing marginalized people in terror plots. This is psychological abuse and as such the criminal code of Canada calls this torture (269.1).  The family courts system and The Children's Aid Society have also targeted children and families with isolation, slander, invalidation, gaslighting and extortion. All these child abductions done to the background of extreme death rates in the children within the care system. A refusal to report the number of rapes or why upto 50% of the kids died (Ontario) or under reporting deaths by a factor of three (Alberta).   Let me remind you that parental alienation is child abuse! This was never for the safety of the children or the protection of families.  First Nations have suffered this abuse for longer than any other group. They have endured all the abuse mentioned above and more. They have suffered decades of invalidation in the cases of an estimated 4000 missing women and 10,000 men. Presumably abducted and murdered.  This criminal abuse is only effective when it is not visible, or understood by the public. But we are becoming aware now thanks to this damaging game being institutionalized in our basic services. The victims are numerous and the pattern is unmistakable! We are many! We are being targeted for years with no legal protection! The press refuse to write our stories! The authorities invalidate us and direct more abuse our way for speaking up! The abusers are always protected at the expense of the victim who is blamed, shamed and silenced.  We are calling an end to this abuse network and demand that none of these crimes be dismissed or ignored any longer! We demand that the CPIC gaslighting and slander comments are removed and officers investigated! We demand to know how many of the 2,200 CPIC gaslighting victims committed suicide as a result! We demand the immediate return of all children seized by these organizations! We demand a full independent investigation into how many abductions, rapes, tortures, murders and robberies have been done using "disruption tactics"! We demand an immediate end to all disruption activity! We demand a return to law and criminal charges for those who supported this network or helped cover up these crimes.  This sadistic game is over! We will no longer pay our narcissistic supply tax to capricious corrupt officials! The lies, isolation, invalidation, reality warping, flip the script, gaslighting, cognitive dissonance, intimidation, frustration and confusion tactics will not be an acceptable answer. End this narcissistic abuse network operating out of your government now!  

David McDonough
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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Tom Mulcair, Rona Ambrose, Elizabeth May, Rhéal Fortin, Bill Morneau

Stop Bank Gouging and Abuse

Feeling gouged by your bank?  You have a right to – while businesses in most sectors across Canada were suffering, Canada’s big 6 banks gouged out record annual profits of almost $35 billion in 2015 (which works out to almost $4 million in profit every hour, 5% higher than in 2014, and double their profits in 2010). The big banks also paid their CEOs about $10 million each in 2015, and gave them bonuses that totalled more than $10 million (51% higher than in 2008). In 2016, Canada’s big 6 banks continued to gouge you to hike their profits to more than $37 billion (6% higher than in 2015) – in part by firing thousands of people, cutting services, and hiking fees and credit card interest rates.  And their profits in 2017 are headed even higher -- they have already made $20.6 billion in just 6 months. Canada’s big banks make the highest percentage profits of any comparable banks in the industrialized world while doing far too little to support job-creating businesses and community development across Canada.  A recent CBC-TV news investigation detailed how TD Bank is pushing its employees to sell you products you don't need, and that you can't afford. In a recent report, the federal government points to all these problems -- including the fact that Canada's big banks control more than 90% of the banking market in the country, which makes them even more powerful and unaccountable to customers. But still the federal government continues to fail to require the banks serve everyone well at fair prices, and to require responsible lending and investing.  The federal government even gave the banks a record $114 billion bailout in 2008-2009 (most of it by having CMHC purchase mortgages from the banks), and the federal government will likely bail out the banks again if they have any financial difficulties. The federal government is reviewing the banking law right now – please sign this petition calling on Prime Minister Trudeau and other federal party leaders to make key changes to require Canada’s big banks serve everyone fairly and well at fair prices, and to lend and invest in sustainable, responsible job-creating businesses and support community development. Your time to be heard and counted is now! See details about gouging and abuse by Canada's big banks in the following recent news stories: (March 16, 2017) Consumer advocates have low expectations for probe into Canada's 5 big banks Democracy Watch (March 16, 2017) - Will Liberals make key changes to stop gouging and abuse of 30 million bank consumers or continue protecting overpaid big bank executives? CBC (March 6, 2017) - Bank employees say their jobs depend on upselling customers products that can put them into debt Financial Post (March 2, 2017) - Big 6 bank profits top $10.5 billion for first quarter of 2017 CBC (March 1. 2017) - A pretty greedy time as profits soar for Canadian banks CBC (June 13, 2016) - Canada's major banks hiking fees while pulling in big profits And see details about the federal Finance Department's public consultation on Canada's financial sector in its Report for Public Consultation on Canada's Financial Sector

Democracy Watch
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Petition to Nanaimo Mayor and City Council, Nanaimo CAO (City Manager)

Tell Mayor and Council and CAO to put our community first

Bipartisan Citizen Resolutionin Support of Nanaimo City Council Putting Our Cities Needs First WHEREAS, Mayor and Council and CAO (aka City Manager) continue to participate in a personal “political power struggle” at the expense of the taxpayer's trust, confidence and finances; and WHEREAS, every opportunity to resolve these personal political disputes have been sabotaged by Mayor and Council and CAO (aka City Manager) in order to further their own personal political agenda; and WHEREAS, city business continues to be negatively effected and even stopped due to Mayor and Council and CAO (aka City Manager)'s inability to work with each other for the sake and betterment of the City of Nanaimo; and WHEREAS, Mayor and Council and CAO (aka City Manager) continue to wage these taxpayer-funded, personal political battles while paying no regard to how it is negatively effecting and dividing the community or the cost to the taxpayer; then THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the undersigned concerned bipartisan citizens of the City of Nanaimo demand to Mayor and Council and CAO (aka City Manager) that they choose one (1) of the following two (2) options, for the betterment of the City of Nanaimo: OPTION 1: Mayor and Council and CAO (aka City Manager) commit to work with each other in cooperation from now until the 2018 municipal election. Mayor and Council and CAO (aka City Manager) sign a code of conduct outlining how to treat their coworkers and subordinates with respect and commit to adhering to the code of conduct until the 2018 municipal election. Mayor and Council and CAO (aka City Manager) refrain from public outbursts of a personal nature against one another, including outbursts where apologies are given after the fact, until the 2018 municipal election. Mayor and Council and CAO (aka City Manager) refrain from using the media against each other for personal or political gain. Mayor and Council and CAO (aka City Manager) immediately cease and desist in the spending of any tax-dollars, directly or indirectly, towards partisan political agendas of a self-serving or personal nature. OPTION 2: If one or all members of Mayor and Council and CAO (aka City Manager) can not come to terms with all points contained in Option 1, then the individual member must resign their seat effective immediately; and THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Mayor and Council and CAO (aka City Manager) must make their decision known to the public, either individually or as a collective group, no later than Monday, August 14th, 2017 at 8:00 pm; and THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that if Mayor and Council and CAO (aka City Manager) choose to not respond to the public with their decision on how this council will proceed by Monday, August 14th, 2017 at 8:00 pm, then further peaceful, law-abiding, political direct action will be initiated against Mayor and Council and CAO (aka City Manager) at an appropriate time and at an appropriate level of response. Govern yourselves accordingly,THE UNDERSIGNED CONCERNED BIPARTISAN CITIZENS OF NANAIMO  

Matthew O'Donnell
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