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Petition to North Lanarkshire Council, Jillian Ferrie

Save Newarthill Library!

I grew up in Newarthill.  The library, along with the shop and the post office, were the heart and hub of the village. The Library is where I hid when things were tough at home. I sat on the floor between the shelves where nobody else could see me and did my homework or devoured the latest Stephen King because I couldn't take it out with my green children's card. Here is where bullies wouldn't follow me, the book dust in the air was fatal to them, or maybe it was the librarian staring them down from over her specs. Here is where I found Narnia and Nimh and A Boy's Own Story. Here is where I found the words to start to make a different life for myself.  I am a writer now because of the books I read there and then. Newarthill Library may soon be the latest victim of austerity. When we close libraries we shut doors to the future, we slam them closed and chain them and put men with dogs in front of them. We say to kids like me: stay where you are, no further. I know my own story would have ended very differently without Newarthill Library.  It inspired and protected me. It's not just about social mobility and children, as if that wasn't enough.  The library was, and is, full of all kinds of people.  Increasingly, Newarthill is a village that's taking control of its own future--holding clean-ups and local events and rebuilding a community battered by austerity.  I hope you will join me in signing this petition.

damian barr
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