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Petition to Tara Gard

Increase the black teacher poulation in Ousd

Dear Ms.Gard, Mass incarceration is a big problem in the United States today, more specifically for African Americans. This issue dates back until the dismantlement of slavery, but the new wave of incarceration is a form of modern slavery. The first step to getting African American out of prisons is to get them off the street, before that we need to get them good jobs, and for any of that to work we need them to thrive in the classroom. It can be difficult for African Americans youth to stay the course and get a degree when their teachers do not support them, have strong biases, and do not understand them. Those things can be differed by African American teachers and mentors in schools. The problem that we are addressing is the fact that the students are predominantly black and brown, and almost all of their teachers are white.  For the past couple years OUSD has posted the racial breakdown of the district. On the 2017-2018 edition, it said that the student body is only 11.4 percent white while the teacher body was ~50 percent. The fact that there is such a large gap between the demographics of our student and teacher bodies in our school district demonstrates how this issue of diversity in the classroom is real for us and those in the surrounding communities. Consequently, this gap causes decreased graduation levels, implicit and explicit bias, and the lack of teacher mentorship and support. In an article by Bill de Blasio, It said that diverse classrooms can play a key role in dispelling damaging stereotypes and teach the students to appreciate their differences. By associating a diverse teacher workforce and the dispelling of damaging stereotypes, Bill de Blasio argues that the addition of teachers of color will bring students closer together to have a stronger community. Since the community will be stronger within the new generation of students, the school system will export more understanding people who learn to accept differences and make equity a reality in the United States. The problem of teacher diversity is something that most turn a blind eye to, but in reality it is something that can bring african Americans out of this dark, violent, and subordinate view to unify our country and create equity for all. We demand for an increase in the black teacher population. We are specifically calling out for Black teachers(not only for the black community but in all oakland schools). Our ask is that We want Tara Gard(deputy chief of talent division in the ousd schools) to take out 1 day out of each year to attend a Bay Area black expo and demand for them to apply at Oakland tech and to recruit more black teachers. We feel that her viewing this will change her views on the issues in our schools. We went to a dinner produced by The Black Teacher Project, celebrating black teachers. We interviewed them and they think Tara should do this. Our action plan is to try to increase the minority teachers population by implementing and developing a new recruitment plan. We are trying to petition for teachers to come from HBCU job fairs and apply for our Oakland schools. In a recent article by “the black teacher effect”, there was a study showing that a black student who had at least one black teacher in elementary school were 29% less likely to dropout of high school (which since then, is now much more). In a recent survey we made, the mass majority of the 9th grade students at Oakland Tech came to a correspondence that they have all non-minority teachers. This lead us to follow up question we asked, “can you relate or feel comfortable talking to your teachers.” Almost 90% of the students inputted that they can agree with their teachers only 30% of the time. However, an increasing amount of minority students felt there was almost an ethnic gap for discipline due to the fact that they felt that they would get in more trouble than the white students. Like in the “Black panther Party Ten point plan”, we “We want decent Education for our people that exposes the truth nature of this decadent American society. We want education that teaches us our true history and our role in the present-day society”. To begin with, we will give our petition signatures to Ms.Morrison(co-principal), Mr.Diaz(co-principals), and Tara Gard We are trying to bring awareness towards not only our signatories/petition signers, but also to our school leaders to prioritize diversity so they are intentional about recruiting minority teachers (not just choosing 1 token minority teacher). As an incoming 10th grader, from my own personal experiences and cultural backgrounds, I believe that I can understand and more trust educators that are perceived with cultural and experiential similarities.  

Julia Allen
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Petition to Angela Rye, NAACP, Maxine Waters, Cory A. Booker, Majora Carter, Van Jones, Rosa Clemente, James Rucker

Racial Bias and Racial Insenitivity by the Today Show, NBC, Travel Channel and Josh Gates.

February 5, 2018 Josh Gates/Travel Channel along with NBC and the Today Show, revealed a Neferneferuaten Nefertiti likeness reconstructed with Egyptian remains with porcelain white skin. While the physical structure may be true to her likenesses, her skin tone is not. DNA analysis extracted from the remains traces a royal  lineage between 16th – 13th century BCE, who’s wall descriptions depicted themselves as a darker tone with course, wired hair.  I am calling on all people of conscienceness to pressure The Travel Channel and Josh Gates to retract statements and recreate a statue that is more suited towards her likeness with melaninated skin tone. For too long, black people have been subjected to the misrepresentation of historic figures and royalty,  we know for a scientific, geological fact to be people of color.  Neferneferuaten Nefertiti would not have fair, white skin in a Countryin Africa with a temperature index upwards of 120 degrees F.  Enough is enough. This is part of systemic and cultural racism and it misinforms our people, our generation and our children of color. It is an insult to our intelligence and the true nature of our history.  This is a topic of conversation and a topic for change. Please join me in the signing of this petition.  Old ways, won’t open new doors. 

Taeren Quigley
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Petition to Most Rev. Honesto F. Ongtioco, DD

Petition to Open the Diocesan Process on the Cause for Beatification and Canonization of Aurora Aragon-Quezon

Mrs. Aurora Aragon-Quezon, former First Lady of the Philippines, lived an exemplary life worthy of being counted among the saints of the Roman Catholic Church. Her love for God took flesh in her love for her neighbor as evidenced by her fidelity and dedication as a wife, mother, and public figure. She epitomized the people Jesus was alluding to in the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-10): 1. She was "poor in spirit" (verse 3). She relied more on God's power than her own by fostering a prayerful life and willingly accepted the pain of poverty in the many chapters of her life. First when her father died leaving his survivors in extreme poverty and then later when she and her family lived in difficult conditions in Corregidor during the Japanese Occupation in 1941. 2. She was humble (verse 4). During her husband's political career, she stayed in the background engaging with charitable acts and women organizations. Instead of residing at the Presidential Palace, she preferred to stay in a "nipa house" within the vicinity of the palace or at their farm in Arayat, Pampanga. When offered to run for a seat in the Philippine Senate, she declined and simply supported those she deemed worthy to be elected. 3. She mourned over the suffering of her people (verse 5) and offered them consolation in many humanitarian endeavors such as the Philippine National Red Cross, Girl Scouts of the Philippines, Associación de Damas Filipinas, White Cross, and Philippine Tuberculosis Society. 4. She hungered and thirsted after justice (verse 6) and was one of the leading women who campaigned for Filipino women to have the right to vote; a right that was achieved in 1937. Through her invitation, the American Carmelites established the Mt. Carmel High School of Baler (now Mt. Carmel College of Baler in 1948 to satisfy the need for an evangelical mission in that part of the country. 5. She was merciful (verse 7) and came to the aid of those in need, be it in the Philippines or in the United States of America where she and her daughters volunteered as nurses for the Red Cross while waiting for their return home in the late 1940s. While at exile in the States during World War II, she devoted her time looking after her ailing husband until his death in 1944. 6. She had a clean heart (verse 8). When Philippine Congress voted a pension of PhP 1,000 a month to be given to her, she rejected the offer with the explanation: "I feel that on account of ... countless war widows and orphans ... I should waive collection of a pension . . . I cannot, in good conscience, receive ... government assistance when so many of my less fortunate sisters and their children are not yet taken care of. . . I know [if I accepted] I would not be keeping faith with the memory of my beloved husband. . . ." 7. She was a peacemaker (verse 9). Through her many efforts in the fields of education, health, social justice, community service, etc. she promoted peace and friendship and restored the dignity of people. The Aurora Aragon Quezon Peace Awards conferred by the Concerned Women of the Philippines attests to this attribute. 8. She suffered persecution for justice’s sake (verse 10). In spite of her love and service to others, Mrs Quezon and her companions were ambushed and killed by insurgents while on their way to inaugurate a hospital named after her late husband on April 28, 1949. Mrs. Quezon is not only an icon in Philippine history, but also in the life of God’s People, the Church. As a witness to the compassion of Jesus towards the least, the lost, and the last, she stands as a heavenly model and intercessor for wives, mothers, politicians and their spouses, community servants, and the like. Raising her to the altars in recognition of her holy life would give glory to God whom she served without any reservation. In view of the above, we implore that the Roman Catholic Church’s hierarchy, through the Most Rev. Honesto Ongtioco, Bishop of the Diocese of Cubao (Quezon City, Philippines), open her cause for sainthood through a diocesan inquiry into her life. Subject to satisfying the requirements of the Church, we ask Pope Francis to proclaim her a saint.   References: 

Pietro Albano
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Petition to Time Warner, Richard Plepler, John Billock, Casey Bloys

HBO: Cancel the upcoming series "Confederate" in response to Charlottesville

The creators of Game of Thrones ( David Benioff and D.B.Weiss have created a movie called "Confederate," which will premiere on HBO as a series. The movie is an alt-history drama of the Civil War and the southern states have successfully succeeded from the unions and slavery remains legal and evolves into modern times. In other words, it still exist today. According to the creator's, the production will begin after the final season of Game of Thrones. HBO states, the series is unique and ambitious with an unforgettable journey. HBO president Casey Bloys, Weiss and Benioff do not think the show is exploitative or salacious. They want the public to wait to see the show to determine if it's terrible. Well we, the public choose not to wait. In response to the violence, terror attacks and deaths in Charlottesville, Virginia we asked that the series be cancelled. This is HBO and the producers opportunity to condemn the violence and the acts of these radical groups. Charlottesville, is just the start and its important that "We the People" of these United States of America must speak out and to denounce this movement. You cannot alt the worst thing that has happen in United States history. It is a smack in the face to our ancestors and the union soldiers, who fought for our freedoms. And it undermines the victories and contributions of all African/Americans. African Americans help build the economic foundations of this country. We played a prominent role in building this country with our sweat, tears, and blood. The "Confederate" series minimizes who we are as a people and it's disrespectful. It feeds into the racial undertones that are prevalent today. It permeates the views of the alt-right, Neo-Nazi groups and KKK, which clearly wants the Make America Great Again slogan to be a reality. America does not need another slave story. We don't need to see the brutal and degrading treatment that was inflicted on our ancestors. Everyone knows the story. Our children don't need to be brainwashed by a movie that is designed to continuously degrade and attempt to stifle the black race. You cannot dismiss our history, because our strength comes from our history. Our struggles and continuous fight for justice has prevailed and it will continue. The "Confederate" series will only be filled with assumptions that is not our story. If you want to focus on the  "What If" theory then write a story that promotes a positive change. Consider the following, "what if" we weren't hunted and captured, placed on slave ships, shackled, sold as animals, lynched, burned, shot, branded, imprisoned, mutilated raped and lashed. Where would America be? We, the citizens of the United States of America request that the making of the series "Confederate" be discontinued due to its content and overall implications. We, the citizens of the United states of America request that HBO/Time Warner cancel the agreement with David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

Dana Lumpkin
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