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Petition to European Commission, Council of the European Union, European Parliament

Join us in our fight against chick crushing

Join us in our fight against chick crushing !   To the European Commission, to the French / British Ministry for Environment, please help us to stop the dreadful treatment of chicks in hatcheries.    This supermassive genocide makes billions of living beings suffer every second. We can’t stay blind to this terrible custom. We have to face the truth and act upon it ! How can mass murders still take place at our time? How can governments turn a blind eye to this bloodshed? Moreover, how can they allow it?   In Europe, these practices are legal :  The use of a mechanic machinery which causes quick death The use of carbon dioxide    Cervical dislocation, asphyxia, mechanical grinding without anesthesia… Don’t you think it’s normal to inflict these tortures to babies ?  Join us in our fight to ban these murders ! 50 millions lives are taken each year, only in France ! Can you imagine what it represents worldwide ?   A lot of us believe that by eating eggs we limit animal killings but the truth is that the egg industry might be as deadly as any meat production in its beforehand activities when it selects only  female chicks and sends males one towards a crushing death.   The industry wants us to believe that some lives are serving no purpose, and it is help by the government. The chick judged useless or outnumber are put aside and killed in cold blood. How can you define a life as « useless » ? Their utility is defined according to their sex. In the egg industry, males don’t lay so they are considered as good as trash, meanwhile in the foie gras industry, female liver is said to be of poor quality. Therefore, all these tiny lives are slaughtered without any remorse.    A new technology coming from Germany can help avoid these killings by identifying chicks’ sex before hatching. Created by Seleggt, it identifies the sex of the chicks right in the egg so that they’re able to take them out of the batch before they hatch and put those directly on the egg market. There therefore is no effect on the chick development, as eggs taken out just don’t start their growth and female eggs go into hatching.   If such technologies exist and have been proven reliable, why don’t states take measures to promote them and facilitate their implementing ? Government takes action on matters such as abortion, a practice some conflate with murder, but they do nothing on the matter of born babies killings that don’t even have any feeding purpose. We have to push this issue though so as to raise the awareness of our legislators who will then be able to redact and vote a law restricting or, even better, forbidding this kind of dreadful treatment to living beings. All living creatures deserve respect and should’t suffer any unjustified and amoral acts.   Sign this petition and help us reach our goal : stop wanton violence.   Thank you for your time and we hope to see you soon in a world free of cruel mistreatments.

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Petition to European Parliament, Canadian Parliament, Justin Trudeau, Storting

Seal clubbing needs to stop !

#endthefurhunt Hello, I am a bay seal and I will probably be killed for my fur before I reach 3 months old. What are you actually doing ? Stop looking at memes for three minutes and go look at some seal clubbing videos. Convinced yet ? This cruel hunt should not exist in this day and age, nevertheless some barbaric people seem to think the opposite. You can always argue that this is an important tradition which provide food and clothing. You could not be further from the truth. This is not the middle-age. We do not have to kill baby seals anymore to dress ourselves. Every year, 900 000 seals are killed. That is almost a million innocent souls that are killed for commercial purposes. Speaking of commercial purposes, the only thing taken by those hunters is the fur and the meat is left to rot. This is not only extremely barbaric and useless, it is not even respecting the very essence of hunting: to feed ourselves. Seal hunting proponent have often said that they do what they do to preserve the fish population, especially cod, which is not even true considering that cod represent less than 3% of a seal’s diet. Rather than facing the truth that the fish population is diminishing due to overfishing, they prefer to put the blame on baby seals. Little information for you, most of the seals kills by seals hunters are younger than three months old. An age at which they cannot defend themselves against predators of any kind, especially those armed with clubs. This is cruelty, plain and simple cruelty. Their fur is not as valuable as it used to be. We can and we have, for the most part of the last hundred years, easily survived without having to club baby seals. Everybody knows about whale hunting and the devastating consequences on the whale population and the eco system in its entirety. Less people are aware of the fight that needs to be fought against this menace and all kind of cruelty.   If we can show that there is enough attention from the public, we can then push our institutions to take actions. We need to spread this message and inform our fellow Europeans citizens. We know that what we asked is too big a change to be codified and fully enforced but as citizens of the world we must rise for what can only be considered right. Think of it as this: would you watch a corrida, where an innocent animal is tortured and bludgeoned to death for the sole enjoyment of a public cheering for blood. We have a duty to be better as a specie and stop being passive witnesses to this sadistic and out of age practice. We invite you to sign this petition to urge our representatives to act in a swift and unforgiving manner, just like those hunters. Thank you for your time and consideration for this cause.   #endthefurhunt

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Petition to Residents de Pointe saint Charles et ses environ


Bonjour à tous, résidents de Pointe-Saint-Charles et des environs. Comme il est magnifique de voir une explosion de résidents canins dans les rues du quartier depuis quelques années ! Puisqu'ils sont considérés comme des membres de nos familles, il serait important et sain que nos chiens aient plus d'espaces attribués, afin qu'ils puissent socialiser et se dépenser. Présentement, il n'existe qu'un seul parc à chiens dans le quartier, ce qui est regrettable. Ceci n'offre pas beaucoup d'options. Aimeriez-vous un deuxième parc à chiens ? Hé, bien, j'ai une superbe idée ! Il y a un terrain vague à côté du parc de baseball dans le parc d'Argenson ( voir cercle rouge sur photo ).  Il serait fantastique de transformer ce terrain vague en superbe parc à chiens ! Surtout que ce terrain est pratiquement inutilisé et qu'il respecte en plus la réglementation de la Ville. Nous avons besoin de votre appui. Veuillez signer et partager cette pétition pour le bonheur de nos toutous et de leurs familles. Vous pouvez aussi contacter le 311 (Sud-Ouest) et vous inscrire sur la liste des demandeurs en donnant le numéro de pétition 19-317199    Good day to all residents of Pointe St-Charles and its surroundings. How wonderful it is to see an explosion in numbers of canine residents of the area in the past few years! Since they are considered members of our families, it would be important and healthy for our dogs to have more space to socialize and spend their energy. Currently, there is only one dog park in the neighborhood, which is unfortunate. This does not offer many choices. Would you like a second dog park? Well, I have a great idea! There is a vacant lot next to the baseball park in Argenson Park ( see red circle on the picture ). It would be fantastic to turn this wasteland into a beautiful dog park! Especially since this land is practically unused and that it respects in addition the regulation of the City. We need your support. Please sign and share this petition for our pets' and their families' happiness. You can also contact the 311 line (south west) and register on the list of requests citing petition number 19-317199.

Michele LEDUC
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