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Legalize pigs! Ban bad pig parents, not all pigs.

The  number of pigs looking for homes across the US is astronomical. Some of this is lack of research, but some can be blamed on city/zoning restrictions too. Many people are simply not aware that there may be rules that do not allow pigs to live in a particular city. Once people are made aware, they can be issued a citation with a hefty fine or asked to relocate their beloved pig. In some cases,  the family has moved and sold their home to accommodate their pig in an area where their pig was welcome.  There are many cities and towns across the USA who have ordinances restricting pigs from living in city limits. There are also many more that do not address pigs at all. This leaves any family with a pig vulnerable to a city creating an ordinance forbidding pigs/swine/livestock and forcing them to find somewhere else for their pig to live. That's not fair. Pigs are pets too and should not be restricted to "farming communities" only or "out in the country". Ideally this petition will continue to circulate and collect lots of signatures to show these cities how strong the pig community is. Since the pet pig industry has become quite popular, we took the time to create an educational website for pet pig parents. We have several social media platforms and even an app to help guide pig parents on their journey with their pig. We are affiliated with several other "pig organizations" like Pig Advocates League and Mo Money For Pigs, both nonprofit 501c3 organizations that help pigs in need. As with any pet, there is a family like community on social media where each pig parent has the opportunity to ask questions and/or get sound advice from people who are leaders/experts in the pig arena. Our proposal is one petition that everyone can use for various ordinance amendments in different cities. Pig parents are scattered all over the world, there are hundreds of thousands of families with a pet pig across the US and many more worldwide. Many cities/towns/counties put ordinances in place far before potbellied pigs were ever introduced to the United States, so the term livestock doesn't apply to the pet pigs that we are trying to legalize. The term livestock literally means farm animals that are raised for profit. The pet pigs/companion pigs that we have living in our homes are not full sized farm pigs and are not sold for profit, therefore, livestock is an inappropriate term to describe them. Potbellied pigs do come in many different sizes that can range from 70 pounds up to 300 pounds. They're often referred to as "mini pigs" though this term can sometimes be deceiving. The term swine is also used in some of the ordinances that I have read and the simple definition of swine is a pig...we can't argue with the use of that term, however, in most cases, again, the ordinance was put into place before the miniature versions were brought to the USA, so they were put into effect to try and control the pig production market within city limits.  For towns or cities with no ordinance in place, this means that you are neither allowed or prohibited from having a pet pig within city limits, but, this is actually a problem because the city council can create an ordinance that doesn't allow pigs in general to live within city limits or other specific criteria, at any time, that will affect your pig. The best way to handle these situations is to get something in writing from a city official before you add a pig to your family. However, we understand that a lot of people do not realize pigs aren't allowed or they have a nasty neighbor who doesn't want to live next door to a pig and complains....these are the people we would like to help.  If you were able to find this petition, then you are aware of our educational website for pig parents. We have a packet for zoning specifically that you can download to assist you in your fight to legalize your pig. (you can find that packet here.) Please do your research, but if you are caught in the crosshairs, or simply unaware of the rules restricting your porcine pal from living in your city or town, try to proactively have the ordinance amended to allow your pig BFF, use the packet of information and suggestions to help you create a great packet to submit to your city council. If you need something specific, please let us know and we would be happy to help you. ( Pigs are pets too. They're not much different than any other domesticated pet you would find lounging around on the deck in someone's backyard or playing in the pile of leaves with the kids. Please don't forbid a pet that you aren't familiar with simply because you don't know enough to make an informed decision. Please allow these citizens to plead their case and consider amending or creating an ordinance that allows potbellied or "mini pigs" to live within the limits/boundaries or your city.  Pigs can be easily trained. Pigs are extremely intelligent, it's been said they are as smart as a 3-4 year old toddler. They are ranked 4th smartest mammal. Pigs should be spayed/neutered. Intact pigs do not make great pets. Pig parents should be educated regarding proper care for their pig. Every family with a pig should have a veterinarian that sees pigs. (we have a list of pig vets that you can view by clicking here) Pigs need outdoor time and you should expect them to act like pigs. Pigs like to root, so creating a space for your pig to be a pig is ideal if you are trying to get a yard of the month award. Pigs are social animals, therefore, pigs actually do better in pairs. Pigs are prey animals, so a fenced in yard is ideal to protect your pig from getting out, but also to protect your pig from predator animals getting in. Many cities have vaccinations that are required for other pets and with the exception of rabies, there are vaccinations similar to those for other pets available. The dog rabies vaccination is used for pigs off label. There have been no reported cases of rabies in a vaccinated pig.  Obesity is a problem for pigs. So is starvation. Please be mindful of the various shapes and sizes pigs are prior to making specific rules for any ordinance. 200 pounds may be obese for one pig, but that may be the ideal weight for another pig that is a little taller and longer. Restricting the size a pig can be often results in pig parents restricting the feed and causing malnourishment issues/nutritional deficiencies. (teacup or micro pigs do NOT exist) People who weren't prepared for a pig wouldn't be prepared whether there was an ordinance with regards to their ability to keep them within city limits or not, our petition is geared more towards the responsible pig parent who wants to protect their pet.  Pigs do not smell, they also don't sweat. A clean water source should always be available. (in the summer, it is suggested that a mud hole or kiddie pool be available to keep pigs cool) A sturdy shelter free from drafts is suggested for outside time. In areas with inclement weather, it's best to be too prepared than not prepared enough.  The USDA does NOT regulate potbellied pigs because they are not a food source. However, traveling outside of the state does require paperwork in the form of a health certificate or CVI (certificate of veterinary inspection) because pigs can pass disease/illnesses to other pigs should your pig come into contact with another. Some states require blood testing before entering or crossing state lines. Most CVI's are good for 10-30 days. Each state is different. (the guidelines can be seen by clicking here.) Not every family who "wants" a pig is ready for a pig. Pigs are similar to other domestic pets as far as house training and the need for exercise, but pigs require social interactions that other pets do not always need. They are herd animals, therefore, they need a "leader" (and YOU are the leader). All pigs need training. An untrained pig or a bored pig can be a destructive pig. It is suggested that someone who is renting their home should wait until they are able to purchase their own home before adding a pig to their family. (there are many landlords who do not allow pets) HOA (homeowners associations) are different altogether and is something to consider if you are moving to an area with a HOA in place. Please be sure to clarify any "rules" that restrict the type of pet you are allowed to have and any restriction on fencing or containment for your yard. (some only allow decorative fencing, pigs require heavy duty fencing to truly be effective) We thank you for taking the time to read our petition and more-so for considering amending an outdated ordinance or creating one to allow potbellied pigs to live within city/town/county limits. 

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Bring emergency shelter and shade to captive wild horses and burros

Urgent! Captive wild horses and burros need shade now as extreme summer weather hits! STOP the abuse! It's killing them. Heat waves are here! Captive icons of American freedom, wild horses & burros, were denied shade and shelter from extreme triple digit heat waves last summer and it's happening again. In the winter they will be forced to endure the freezing winds, snow, and icy rain, with only the muck (manure & urine) to lie down in--despite public outrage. Our living treasures will continue to suffer. . . The feds are at the epicenter of this scandalous roundup and removal attack against America's wild horses & burros. This cruelty in captivity must stop now! The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the federal agency in charge of protecting wild horses and burros, ignores public outcry and performed "studies" on shade--despite offers to build shade structures at no cost to the feds. It's obvious captive wild horses need the basics of animal husbandry: food, shelter, water . . .  How can the feds be so cruel to deny them this? In the summer, the majority of captive wild horses are at risk of heat stroke and death because there is no shade during the hot summer months at Palomino Valley Center (Reno), Rock Springs (Wyoming) and other BLM holding facilities in the U.S.A.  In the winter it's worse . . . The BLM requires all adopters provide shade and shelter for adopted wild horses yet the agency neglects to provide the same for the thousands held captive in their care. On June 9, 2013 Nevada State Senator Mark Manendo and Anne Novak, Executive Director of Protect Mustangs officially requested shade for the wild horses and burros at Palomino Valley Center, near Reno and elsewhere to ensure the welfare of these treasured equids. Their request for shade was refused and the sprinkler mitigation offered was unsuccessful because shelter is needed. The American people are up in arms. We ask that you intervene to bring emergency shelter and shade to prevent the suffering and death of our American icons of freedom before it is too late. Baby foals will suffer extreme heat with no shade and in extreme cold and wind with no shelter. Trapped in the Palomino Valley corrals, up to 1800 wild horses and burros endure horrible heat waves during the summer and cold blizzards with no shelter. Their poor condition looks worse each day even though the BLM fattens them up so they are enticing to kill buyers, like Tom Davis, who sell wild horses to slaughter. What is the BLM doing? Avoiding responsibility and delaying aid. In winter captive wild horses & burros--as well as pregnant mares--will be forced to sleep in the wet muck of manure and urine with no shelter from the harsh elements near Reno, NV and elsewhere. We are counting on your compassion for our national treasures--the native wild horses and burros who need your help. They need your urgent attention to survive the extreme weather in the winter and summer--while they are held captive in the taxpayer funded corrals. They need #Shade4Mustangs and #Shelter4Mustangs & burros. We hope they can be returned to the wild someday soon but right now they are suffering in the pens. The wild horses and burros need your help. They deserve shade and shelter immediately. Please share this petition widely with your friends and family Our goal is 110,000 signatures to show the BLM the public wants the cruelty to stop! Visit for more information

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