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Petition to General Mills, General Mills, Rebecca O'Grady, Kendall J. Powell

Yoplait cups are a hazard to wild animals - they need to go!

Since 1978, when they first appeared on grocery store shelves, General Mills' Yoplait yogurt containers have been killing wildlife. Tempted by the sweet smell, animals stick their heads inside the conical-shaped containers and they get stuck.  It's not so much the "vercon" shape of the cup or the size of the opening, but the thin lip, or flange, at the top. How animals get stuck: The design of the cup allows an animal to force its head past the flexible rim, but when it tries to back out, the flange catches on the animal's hide, the back of its skull, or zygomatic arches (cheekbones).  Deprived of fresh air, unable to see, unable to eat or drink, these animals suffer tremendously before they perish, if not rescued in time. Join us in asking General Mills to get rid of the flawed cup design that is killing animals. HISTORY This is no news to General Mills. In August 1998, under pressure from animal activists, General Mills added this to the label: Protect Wildlife Crush Cup Before Disposal, placing responsibility for their hazardous packaging onto the consumer. General Mills refused, however, to make the necessary changes to the flawed design, citing: "That design is a key lure for customers, and changing it could harm sales," a spokesperson for General Mills said."  Perhaps, we can show them that sales will be harmed if they don't!   Take the pledge. 1 ) Don't purchase Yoplait yogurtor General Mills products 2 ) Ask your friends, family, and co-workers to do the same.   Want to do more? 1) LIKE us on Facebook: 2) Send a personal comment to General Mills, HERE. 3) Organize a demonstration, a sit-in, a parade, or a costume party in your area. 4) Video your efforts so we can post them.   This petition was inspired by a rescue of a skunk with a Yoplait container on its head. Check out our story and video, HERE.  More rescues involving animals stuck in Yoplait containers at our official web site, HERE. Thank you in advance for supporting this call for a change! Rebecca Dmytryk, President and CEOWILDLIFE EMERGENCY SERVICESadmin(at)wildlifeservices(dot)org    

Wildlife Emergency Services
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Petition to Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood, Mississippi Governor, Tippah County Board of Supervisors, Tippah County Fair Association, MS Associated Press, Cruelty Investigations, Sharon Crowell-Davis DVM, Ph.D., Dana Krempels, Ph.D., Southeastern Professional Rodeo Association, Attorney Bart Adams, Senator Angela Hill, ASPCA, Sheriff Karl Gaillard, MSU Extension, Dr. Reuben Moore, Dr. Steve Martin, Dr. Gary B. Jackson, Ms. Elizabeth Powell Gregory North, Tippah Fair Association President Carey Childs, Fair Sponsor Peoples Bank - Mary Childs, Mayor Chris Marsalis​, State Veterinarian James Watson, D.V.M, Senator Roger F. Wicker, Senator Thad Cochran, Steven M. Palazzo, Rita Potts Parks, Mississippi Animal Rescue League, Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves, USDA

Please Help Stop The Tippah County Fair Rabbit Scramble

I:19 minutes into this 2014 video you can see a rabbit to the left of the screen frantically kicking and flailing being dropped and picked up then ran with being dangled by the ears still struggling, you see more rabbits kicking and flailing from fear while being painfully dangled by their ears by children running and screaming, rabbits fighting for their life. You can see another violently being dropped resulting in a state of shock unable to move (most likely a result of the back being broken or spine injured). While grown adults do nothing smiling, encouraging and praising this behavior being taught to them. Teaching kids to commit animal abuse and cruelty is not acceptable and the adults should be charged for these heinous acts. 3 more videos just as disturbing can be viewed here.All 50 States Now Have Felony Animal Cruelty Provisions!PLEASE READ THE PETITION LETTER BELOW

Linda Sue
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Petition to Zoe Lofgren, Pete Visclosky, Lloyd Smucker

Get Pet Care-Givers Their Own Special Day Nationally

Pet care-takers deserve their own special day. They are not Mother's and Father's in the traditional sense yet they are someone special and do so much good with their love. There is a national pet day on April 11 but this should be about more than the pets, this is for their care-givers. Maybe it could be the same day but re-name it to honor the humans.  The day could be celebrated with meet-ups and service. For instance, maybe that would be a day to take your puppy to an elderly care facility and share the love. Maybe it would be day to have pets off leashes where they are usually not allowed to be off a leash. Maybe, like all human honoring holidays, there would be sales on all kinds of animal related products and services to make it easier to continue care for their fur-babies.  Maybe it could be a big donation push day for the shelters. These are all ideas how to celebrate it because I think the "why" is obvious. Beyond the love fur-babies and their care-givers give each other, their relationship helps others outside of themselves. The joy I get when I get to enjoy someone else's pup or kitty makes me happy even if I can't have any myself.  It's a big deal.  44% of American homes have a dog, 35% of America homes have a cat. Again, I don't know what to call it yet but maybe someone who signs the petition will have a good idea for a name. It harms no one, it helps acknowledge the love between them and the joy it can bring to others. Someone should introduce this bill. It's not quite Mother's Day or Father's Day but it should be, but without the sharing of Mother's Day and Father's Day because the love may be the same but the challenges are not.  Animal care-givers deserve a day. Fur-babies won't be going out and buying flowers and candy but we can acknowledge the humans they love. 

Pamela Howell
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