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Petition to City of Palo Alto

Save the Palo Alto Animal Shelter!

We are about to lose our 121 year old animal shelter for yet another sacrifice to the almighty dollar which will benefit few and harm many. The Palo Alto Animal Shelter is an invaluable community asset. Many people throughout Palo Alto and the surrounding cities have availed themselves of the services there, including adoption of pets and the spay/neuter clinic. If one of our animals has gone astray, we know that we can count on Palo Alto Animal Shelter to care for our pet if found and returned, and that they will do everything possible to return the animal to its rightful owners. Many of us and our children have volunteered community service hours at the shelter. Indeed, there is usually a waiting list for volunteers! We have amazing animal services, and we should not lose the shelter to more expansion of business and retail. We have a beautiful shelter on the edge of the Bay lands. It is a shelter where healthy, friendly dogs and cats and a host of small animal companions enjoy no time limit to their residency while awaiting their forever home. It is a shelter which also provides affordable spay/neuter services to the Northern end of Santa Clara County. An extension of business/retail to that already congested area would cause more traffic problems, and sully the beauty of that portion of the Frontage Road. The time to fight back is now. Palo Alto City Manager James Keene is hell bent on destroying the shelter and replacing it with Anderson "Big Dog" Honda. He is counting on the people of Palo Alto not taking notice while he completes this ignoble action. Come out now Palo Alto if you value your Animal Shelter. James Keene is on the brink of taking it all away. The Palo Alto Animal Shelter is a community treasure, and in the second wealthiest city in the country, surely there is a way to keep it where it is and viable for a good many years to come.

Karen Ewart
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Petition to Harris County Georgia Sheriff's Department, Sheriff Mike Jolley, Chief Deputy Col. Neil Adams, Capt. Jim Price, Randy Dowling

Justice for Sylvette

Disclaimer: This petition page is not officially sponsored or endorsed by PAWS Humane. From PAWS Humane Facebook Page"Official PAWS Humane Statement: On December 17th, we received a call from a concerned citizen in Harris County who discovered the remains of our beloved PAWS alum, Sylvette. It was apparent from the scene that this was not an accidental death. According to law enforcement, animal control, and others on the scene, we learned that Sylvette was allegedly tethered to a tree and shot as a mercy killing because she was snake bitten. We felt the amount of circumstantial evidence present supported further investigation. The law enforcement agency took the opposite position. Since December 17th, 2016, PAWS Humane has been diligently working to uncover the truth of what happened to our dear Sylvette and find a way to take it forward. Unfortunately, witnesses are refusing to offer testimony and the stories we do have are conflicting and/or incomplete. Sadly, due to lack of investigative cooperation, the case will remain unresolved. We are very saddened by the violence committed against Sylvette and we know many of our followers feel the same. For this reason we would like to provide everyone with an opportunity to honor the life of Sylvette. Please post your fondest memories and/or pictures in the comments below if you knew her. If you did not have the privilege of meeting Sylvette, we would love to hear your encouraging words. Sylvette lived at the shelter for more than 200 days. She was loved by all who met her: staff, volunteers, and most importantly her foster parents. We hope that by bringing her situation to light, it will help to prevent something like this from happening in the future or at least cause the powers that be to take it seriously. When all is said and done, we will have a memorial service for Sylvette and invite all of her supporters to attend. In loving memory of the Pit Bull who loved everyone…Sylvette." Source: Petition Statement: Unfortunately, Sylvette is just another dog in the eyes of the law. Harris County Sheriff's Department needs to be urged to investigate and pursue this case. At this time the PAWS Humane team has done everything within their power to bring Sylvette to justice. PAWS Humane is a fantastic rescue organization that has done so much for so many homeless and abused animals in Georgia. I had volunteered at PAWS Humane for over a year and I can not stress enough that PAWS Humane is a fantastic organization that stands by their motto, "People Helping Animals, Animals Helping People." I have the full and utmost confidence that if the Harris County Sheriff's Department gives this case the attention it deserves, some justice will be served. We are petitioning the Harris County Sheriff's Department to fully investigate this case and to send a loud and clear message that people who abuse, harm, mistreat or illegally kill animals will not be tolerated in our community. Please join me in signing and sharing this petition in honor of Sylvette and other animals like her. If you feel so compelled, please consider supporting Sylvette's GoFundMe. All donations will go to putting Sylvette's remains to rest, potential legal feels, and her brother and sisters at the shelter.  

George Hogg
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Petition to The City of Los Angeles


TO THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES - PLEASE DO NOT CAUSE THE UNNECESSARY DEATHS OF DOGS AND CATS BY SHUTTING DOWN ROCKIN' RESCUE Rockin’ Rescue is an animal rescue for dogs and cats located in Woodland Hills, California, part of the City of Los Angeles.  I know Rockin' Rescue from my work as a Volunteer at the City of Los Angeles West Valley Animal Shelter.  I believe Rockin’ Rescue is the best animal rescue in the area.  It is non-profit, and in fact costs the founder, Ady Gil, hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to operate.  Rockin’ Rescue has saved the lives of many dogs and cats who were about to be killed in City Shelters, and found them homes.  It would be a tragedy if Rockin’ Rescue is shut down.  There are generally about 100 to 120 animals at Rockin’ Rescue.  If Rockin’ Rescue had to close down, those animals would be brought to city shelters, where many of them could be killed; or other animals would be killed to make room for the animals coming from Rockin’ Rescue.  And of course, Rockin’ Rescue would be unable to save the lives of hundreds of dogs and cats in the future.  This would be completely counter to the goal of the City of Los Angeles to become a no kill city by 2017.  Rockin’ Rescue has been fighting against being shut down by the City of Los Angeles because of a zoning issue.  Rockin’ Rescue is located in a Commercial Zone, rather than a Manufacturing Zone; it has requested a zoning variance from the City, so that it can continue to operate in a Commercial Zone.   Unfortunately, the Zoning Administrator denied the variance requested by Rockin’ Rescue, even though both the Tarzana Neighborhood Council and the Woodland Hills Neighborhood Council unanimously supported granting the variance.  City Councilman Bob Blumenfield also supported granting the variance.  Nevertheless, the Zoning Administrator denied the variance, even though she specially found as follows: "There is no dispute that the applicant [Rockin’ Rescue] is providing a valuable and necessary service for the City. The proposed variances were supported by the Woodland Hills NC, Councilmember Blumenfield, the adjacent Tarzana NC, and hundreds of area residents."  [Zoning Administrator Decision (ZA Decision) page 8 (emphasis added).] Concern about the lives and well-being of animals, as well as respecting the will of the people and their elected representatives, didn’t seem to count for much at that stage of the proceedings.  The only thing the Zoning Administrator cared about was that Rockin' Rescue is located in a Commercial Zone rather than a Manufacturing Zone.  But a Manufacturing Zone is hardly a good place for an animal rescue. The Zoning Administrator didn’t think it mattered that hundreds of area residents supported Rockin’ Rescue -- let’s get thousands of signatures worldwide.  Documents regarding this matter can be found at the following webpage: Please join in asking the City of Los Angeles to SAVE THE LIVES OF DOGS AND CATS BY KEEPING ROCKIN’ RESCUE OPEN.  DON’T SHUT DOWN ROCKIN’ RESCUE.  Please sign this petition. Sincerely, Jeffrey Mausner

Jeffrey Mausner
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Petition to Erin Jaggers, Executive Director, Tony Massey, Charlie Norman


On April 24 - 25, 2015, one of the CRUELEST Horse Shows - the "Big Lick" Tennessee Walking Horse is coming to the Maury County Park at Columbia, Tennessee. The barbaric Show failed in Panama City, Florida due to lack of support. It has now moved to Columbia, Tennessee where it will be called the "Gulf Coast Charity Celebration",  although it is over 400 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.   "Big Lick" Tennessee Walking Horses are "SORED" to perform the "Big Lick" - a high stepping gait with large hoof build-ups, severe bitting and overweight hunched over riders on Two Year Old Horses. (See Picture) “Soring” is the illegal and cruel practice of using chemical and mechanical methods to create pain in a gaited show horse€™s front feet to exaggerate their animated step. Columbia, Tennessee is a progressive beautiful city of 35,000 people about an hour South of Nashville.  Columbia's reputation should not be marred by "Animal Cruelty" being displayed at the Maury County Park in the name of family entertainment. The Southern States of Mississippi, North Carolina and Alabama have recently risen up against the "Big Lick" Tennessee Walking Horse "Animal Cruelty". • March 6, 2015 - MISSISSIPPI - The UMMC (University of Mississippi Medical Center) Children's Hospital severed ties with the Mississippi Charity Horse Show in Jackson, Mississippi. It refused to accept "blood money" donations from the "Big Lick" horse show due to the national controversy regarding the care and training of "Big Lick" Tennessee Walking Horses. • March 13, 2015 - NORTH CAROLINA - The North Carolina Agriculture Commissioner banned "Big Lick" Tennessee Walking Horses from the 2015 NC State Fair. • APRIL 2, 2015 - ALABAMA - Over 70% voted landslide "NO" in The Decatur Daily newspaper online Poll Question: "Should Celebration Arena Have Hosted The Tennessee Walking Horse Trainers Show Given Its Previous Horse Soring Violations?" Now, it's time for TENNESSEE to make its statement.   America and the World are ready to HELP innocent Columbia, Tennessee say "NO MORE ANIMAL CRUELTY = NO MORE "SORE BIG LICK" Tennessee Walking Horse Show. Please Sign This Petition.

Harold Marvin Wilson
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