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Petition to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Pass a law that holds people accountable for fatally hitting animals or injuring them

Recently my dog Bassy was hit by a car right behind our house, and I witnessed the whole thing.Unfortunately I was not able to get to him in time to prevent the situation from occurring sadly.However with that being said I helplessly watched as the lady driving the car refused to slow down or come to a halt as she sped pass me and plowed right through my poor dog. This woman without hesitation left him lying there struggling to survive and sadly passing shortly after. I personally feel that people should be held accountable for hitting animals especially a household animal. Which is why I am trying to petition for some kind of law to be passed. Why should an animals life be valued as less than that of a human being. We invest not only our time and money with providing them good life’s to live while they’re here on earth with us ; but we also invest our love in them like we would our own human child.After all they are apart of our families with that being said I strongly feel as though something should be done for these animals. So not only will they receive justice but their families will as well, and hopefully they will be able to find some peace with that knowing that their loved one wasn’t just tossed to the side like their life meant nothing or never existed. I want some kind of law to be passed whether it be reducing the speed limit behind my house,or any house located near a main hwy or school zone. Or whether it be holding people accountable for hitting animals and requiring that all houses located near a main road be properly fenced to prevent any such tragic occurrences from happening I just want for something to be done so other families will not have to experience this or the ones that have will be given some peace.

Alexis Edwards
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Petition to Governor Phil Scott

Save Peanut!

In October of 2017, I was contacted by VT State Game Warden Mark Schichtle about a squirrel that had been confiscated as an illegal pet. Peanut was a beloved family member who had been raised by a child in the family from a tiny pinky baby and had lived with them for 3 or 4 years before she was reported. The family, defensive of their pet, threatened the life of the Warden. Ultimately, an agreement was made involving the Warden and the State Veterinarian at the time. The squirrel would be brought to a licensed rehabber and would be able to live out her life there. I agreed to take Peanut and she arrived here on October 19, 2017. Because of improper feeding, Peanut was beginning to develop cloudiness with her previous keepers and because she was being kept illegally, they could not find a veterinarian to treat her eyes. Once Peanut arrived here, she went to visit a veterinary ophthalmologist and was subsequently diagnosed with cataracts. In the years that Peanut has been here, she has had further mineralization in her eyes and can see very little. She is an otherwise happy, healthy squirrel given ample stimulation with toys.Game Warden Mark Schichtle has since retired. The State Veterinarian is no long the same person who made that arrangement. And now, the new head warden at Vermont Fish and Wildlife is saying that keeping Peanut for as long as I have is a violation, my license will be revoked and they want to come and confiscate her to kill her. In January 2020 I was on the cover of the a Vermont's biggest newpaper and the Head Warden called me a "Rehabber in good standing". Peanut was on my paperwork then. The only thing that has changed is the staff at VT Fish & Wildlife.I have reached out to our local new channel and they are interested in covering her story. Vermont Fish & Wildlife reneged on their arrangement and they want to euthanize a blind squirrel simply because they want to enforce rules. These are rules THEY made and rules THEY chose to bend in order to save the Game Warden AND Peanut's life. I am being ordered to contact the Game Warden this afternoon to schedule an "inspection" but this is their opportunity to take Peanut. They want to bring a man with a gun into my house in the middle of a pandemic so they can kill a squirrel, Governor Phil Scott.  My attorney is responding to VT Fish & Wildlife's demands..Please share this story/petition. Peanut doesn't deserve to die because someone changed their mind about whether she should live or die. This is VT Fish & Wildlife's chance to show they are actually about conservation by allowing Peanut to stay with the licensed rehabber who they requested take her in the first place.Please help me #SavePeanut by signing and sharing this petition.

Aimee Brown
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Petition to United States Supreme Court

Stop Hunting Wolves

STOP HUNTING AND KILLING WOLVES!!We need wolves for our environment. Let’s Get educated about wolves and stop killing such a majestic animal. People are hunting and killing them for sport. This is cruel and humane. Wolves are peaceful non confrontational animals! Here are some facts. Myth: Wolves are mean and vicious animals. ◦ Truth: Wolves are gentle animals, that are instinctively terrified of humans. Seeing a wolf in the wild is an extremely rare sight. This is because they’ve learned to fear humans since we’ve hunted and killed them for so long. They can smell us from up to five miles away and take off running. They are flighters, not fighters. If you somehow end up in a situation where you are face to face with a wolf, they will do anything they can to scare you off (growling, snarling, etc.) so that they can run away. Myth: Wolves are a menace and need to be hunted to protect our livestock and ourselves. Truth: Wolves contribute so much to the environment and rarely bother people or livestock As I mentioned above, wolves are naturally scared of humans and will do whatever they can to avoid us. They are not a danger to people. In fact, there are no verified documented cases of healthy wolves attacking people. Most attacks are done by coyotes, coywolves, or wolfdogs.Wolves prefer leaner meats, that means elk and deer. They don’t like beef. The only times they ever hunt cows are when the alpha has been killed (usually by a trophy hunter), and the pack has not been properly taught how or what to hunt, so they go for the easier kills. Wolves do not hunt for fun. They only hunt for food when they need it. They take down their prey and drag it back to the den. They won’t take a bite and then leave it behind.I’m sure all of you have heard or seen what wolves have done to Yellowstone. Wolves were absent until a few years ago when they were reintroduced. The environment in Yellowstone drastically improved. Wolves are keystone species. We need them. Please don’t hunt them.Myth: Wolves have blue eyes. Truth: Wolves eyes range from amber to dark orange to golden brown. Pure wolves don’t have blue eyes. However, wolfdogs do (usually husky/wolf mixes). If you see a movie with a “wolf” that has blue eyes, it’s either a wolfdog or CGI. Growling is used as a warning. A wolf may growl at intruding wolves or predators, or to indicate dominance.Barking is used as a warning. A mother may bark to her pups because she senses danger, or a bark or bark-howl may be used to show aggression in defense of the pack or territory. Howling is the one form of communication used by wolves that is intended for long distance. A defensive howl is used to keep the pack together and strangers away, to stand their ground and protect young pups who cannot yet travel from danger, and protect kill sites. A social howl is used to locate one another, rally together and possibly just for fun.Wolves convey much with their bodies. If they are angry, they may stick their ears straight up and bare their teeth. A wolf who is suspicious pulls its ears back and squints. Wolves spark intense emotions. They are revered as symbols of wildness, worshipped as the spirits of nature, idolized as the ultimate social animals. Yet fear and hatred of wolves, or at least of the ideals they symbolize, still runs deep. The challenge is to provide a whole sense of the animal and hope that with knowledge comes acceptance. To educate people about wolves is to reveal an animal of stark contrasts and human-like behaviors. I myself and my 8 year old daughter have a wolf at home he is our companion. He is also my jack russell terriers best friend. They have such beauty and if you are not a aggressive or hostile person then you shouldn’t have any fear. There only two documented cases of wolves attacking a human and both times it’s the fault of humans. Many people have wolfs or wolf dogs. Imagine if someone wanted to hunt your companion for sport. Isn’t that the same as killing. I Jennifer Fazio a citizen of the United States of America petition the United States Supreme Court to change the law and stop killing wolves. I petition that those who do can and will be punishable 100,000$ fine no less than 1 year prison sentence and may not own or possess a pet of any kind Here is a picture of my loyal friend named Bolt  ◦ Wolves are greatly misunderstood beings. They are incredibly humane.  There are only two documented cases that a wolf has attacked a human being and in both cases it has been fault if the human being ! Wolves have so much human like behavior that it’s amazing. Imagine you live in the forest and you have babies and something you’ve never seen before comes close to your babies.  Would you defend them or act protective? Of course you would ! Well we are in their house when we walk in a forest and walk past a den   So don’t go near their babies and you have no problem. They won’t attack unless you are stupid and provoke it. Just like you! Also did you know that wolves take care of their elderly just like humans do? Did you know there cases that wolves have helped and protected human beings? More cases of such than being hurt. Wolves also help our environment with trees and lakes. Wolves are also a sacred animal to our tribal communities. A lot of people have them as companions. I do and he’s remarkable. He gets along with my jack russell they are best of friends. Could you imagine someone hunting down and killing your pet or companion? I will be submitting video documents on wolves in the company of humans.  I petition that the hunting of wolves be stopped because they are not a threat to human beings and that who ever hunts a wolf has a minimum fine of 100,000$ and is also punished with a minimum jail sentence of 1 year and not allowed to own any domesticated animal nor have possession of   

Stacey Kincaid
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