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Petition to , @u.s.forestservice , @sheriff_clouse


Who is killing the wild horses in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest? Since October 2018, 36 horses have been killed with 24 confirmed being shot. This includes stallions, pregnant mares and foals. Several horses were shot multiple times to inflict extreme agony. The US Forest Service supervisor in Heber has stated he doesn’t believe there is a risk to the general public despite many of these horses being killed near a main road. The US Forest Service has no plan to improve security in the forest where these horses have been killed. A man was seen shooting in the immediate vicinity of/at a herd of wild horses, but an ‘investigation’ determined he was just ‘target shooting’ at stumps. However, an eyewitness who was photographing the horses feared for her own safety because of the actions of the shooter. The eyewitness was able to take over 150 pictures and numerous videos of this incident.  Why hasn’t the US Forest Service and local sheriff’s office made any progress in this investigation after reviewing these photos and videos?  Why have they tried to discredit her as a witness? Some local residents have expressed fear not only for the horses, but for themselves!  THIS MUST STOP!!! Rewards totaling $15,000 are being offered for the apprehension and conviction of the person(s) who is killing these beautiful animals. Please sign the petition.  Let the US Forest Service and Sheriff Clouse know you stand with the Heber Wild Horses.  Let the US Forest Service and Sheriff Clouse know you are watching and are asking for a thorough and transparent investigation.  These are YOUR wild horses and YOUR national forest. Follow @arizona.wild.horses for updates on the Heber horses

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Petition to Disneyland, consumers, The Walt Disney Company


Disneyland is a progressive company which is why dated and senseless practices that come at the expense of sentient beings freedom and well being should be removed from the park. Disneyland makes horses pull trolleys with humans on the trolley, all for entertainment. They do not need to do so at all because the park has so many great forms of entertainment that do not exploit or use sentient beings. What is done is not in the best interest of the horses. The horses do not need to be bred into existence to be treated like slaves or to be used as a form of transportation. It is not essential at all. Right next to the horse pulled trolleys they have cars that transport you to other sections of the park. Those cars do not use or exploit anyone. There is a driver who willingly chooses to do the job and gets paid for it. Humans can consent to a job, non human animals cannot. They are forced and it is all they have been taught. I spoke to a cast member in the guest services section of the park. He told me that the horses were bred to pull heavy loads otherwise they get restless. The only reason why those horses are bred is to feed demand because some places such as Disneyland, are willing to obtain the horses to use them as slaves just how a circus would use animals for human entertainment. Breeders know there is a spot to fill which is why they do it. Their physical capabilities are not a justification for the exploitation or objectification of those sentient beings. Sanctuaries rescue several horses that come from different backgrounds some of which include horses that were forced to perform for human entertainment. Sanctuaries do everything in the best interest of the horses and do not force them to perform for human entertainment as it is not essential for their well being. Horses can get exercise and be happy without having to be in a loud and busy environment like Disneyland. Disneyland has huge loud crowds and other noises that are not ideal for any animal to be subjected to. Disneyland has countless kids that visit the park daily and by them having the horse drawn trolleys they are teaching kids that the use of sentient beings is essential or acceptable. Disneyland is called "the happiest place on earth", but where is the happiness for those horses? Regardless of the conditions that the horses live in, regardless of the treatment, they are still being objectified and viewed as a means of transportation which is totally not essential in modern society. The objectification opens doors for other forms of abuse which is why there are unfortunate events that occur to horses at other establishments that use horses for human entertainment. Disneyland can set an example to others by removing the horse drawn trolleys. Removing the horse drawn trolleys from the park would not harm anyone and like stated prior there are still several forms of entertainment the park has to offer that do not exploit sentient beings. Disneyland can send the horses they currently use for human entertainment, to sanctuaries. Sanctuaries do everything in the best interest of the animals and do not force them to perform for human entertainment. 

Alondra Roi
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Petition to Senator Lauren Book


Thank you, Senator Lauren Book for introducing SB 48, which would make non-therapeutic declawing illegal in Florida. Similar legislation has been enacted in New York, and the time is right to do the right thing by ending this inhumane and unnecessary practice.  Declawing is amputation, whether performed by scalpel, clippers, or laser. We believe there is never a reason to declaw for non-therapeutic reasons (that is, unless surgery were necessary to treat animals' medical conditions).  Declawing does not keep cats in homes, a fact acknowledged by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).   Eight cities in California - Los Angeles, San Francisco, West Hollywood, Burbank, Santa Monica, Berkeley, Beverly Hills, and Culver City - plus the City and County of Denver, Colorado have enacted declaw bans. Veterinarians in the seven Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Alberta, New Brunswick, Manitoba, and Newfoundland and Labrador have rejected declawing as unethical and inhumane.  Statistics publicly available from the California cities having declaw bans indicate that the relinquishment of cats to shelters in those cities, in the years since the bans were enacted, has not increased - in fact, the number of cats dumped in shelters has DECREASED consistently in the ten to 18 years since the laws went into effect. There is no reason to declaw cats to protect human health.  The NIH, CDC, US Public Health Service, the Infectious Diseases Society of America, and the Canadian Medical Association, all have specifically stated that the declawing is "not advised," even for the animals of persons who are severely immunocompromised, including those with HIV.  This opinion is echoed in statements on declawing published by the AAHA and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP).   We hope such a bill would be successful and be a model for humane legislation in other states.

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