Addressing Our Racist History

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Petition to Gary Ford, Brent Moore, Dr. Jeffrey Booker, Charlie Martin

Retire South Point High School's "Red Raider" Mascot

The town of Belmont, NC exists on land that once belonged to the Catawba and Sugaree tribes. South Point High School was established in 1964 with the mascot the "Red Raider," depicted as a bright red Native American man with an earring, mohawk, and feather. South Point's mascot, which presents a racialized caricature of a marginalized group, is offensive, insulting to Native Americans, and should be retired.  As South Point alumni, we recognize that many people feel a sense of pride and identity with the Red Raider mascot, and that a call to retire the mascot will bring feelings of anger, defensiveness, and confusion. We recognize that it is easier to name and call out racism in other communities and institutions than to do so within an institution we have grown up in and identified with, and that it is not easy to use the word "racist" in association with a school we feel great pride in. We also recognize that many alumni who do feel uncomfortable with the mascot may still feel hesitant to say so publicly at the risk of upsetting friends and family members. However, we believe that when we know better, we must do better. For many of us who have been asking for ways to fight racism and advance justice within our communities, this is a small but symbolic step we can take to begin. We encourage South Point alumni, students, faculty, and community members to come together to support retiring the Red Raider mascot and democratically choosing a new mascot that better represents the character of South Point and Belmont. We would like to get signatures and participation from every graduating class of South Point alumni. If you are a South Point alum interested in representing your class and helping spread the word to your classmates, please contact Laura Boyce '03 at

Laura Boyce
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Petition to Babylon Village Public Arts Commission, Village of Babylon

Remove the Robert Moses statue in Babylon, NY

Robert Moses has left behind a long legacy of prejudice and gentrification, specifically targeting the Black and Hispanic communities. Through his role in building infrastructure throughout Long Island, he supported tactics leading to housing segregation so Long Island neighborhoods were predominantly inhabited by White Christian folks. Yet, many still praise him for his work, calling him a “true visionary.” Specifically, the Babylon Village Public Arts Commission funded a project to erect a Robert Moses statue in 2002, which now stands in front of the Babylon Village Town Hall. A plaque included with statue contains exaggerated language glorifying Moses, saying that he had an “eye to the future” and “preserved the integrity of the Long Island shoreline while creating a legacy for future generations.” The true “future” that Moses envisioned was divided and prejudiced. The plaque only mentions his injustices once, saying that he was a “dominant and sometimes controversial force.” This statue clearly fails to adequately acknowledge his disregard for human lives for the sake of superficial innovation. Moses also built the Lincoln Center area of New York City after he misplaced communities of color. He gave Fordham University the land to build a second campus, and the university named the outdoor plaza after him and erected a statue commemorating him in 2016. This was met with immediate outage on behalf of the students, and the university swiftly removed the statue. We are asking that Babylon Village does the same, as the statue represents a long history of systemic racism and anti-semitism.

Vanessa Cardino
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Petition to J. Thomas Gregory

Ban the Display of Confederate Flags in Classrooms

I am a substitute teacher (aka guest teacher) in Colorado. While subbing, I recently came across an individual who has a confederate flag on display in her classroom. I made the district and the principal aware of the situation, and neither had a problem with her displaying it for "educational purposes." In short, it is not the flag that is the problem but the symbolism behind it. The leader of the confederate army believed that whites are superior to Black Americans and said as much. By hanging the flag in the classroom, the teacher has centered her own whiteness in the conversation of the Civil War, not paying any attention how students may be internalizing that information with a confederate flag hanging in the back of the classroom. By doing this she also decenters any other racial or class's point of view in the discussion of the Civil War. Classrooms are meant to be a safe space for all students, and it cannot be a safe space if a modern-day symbol of hate is on display.  There needs to be a mandate put in place to not allow confederate flags to be hung or displayed in classrooms in Colorado. New York state has already done this and does not allow confederate flags to be bought/sold or displayed on state property: The house has also banned the flying of confederate flag(s) at Veterans cemeteries: Why are cemeteries protected but our students are not?

Hailey Schramm
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