Youtube/Patreon: Ban Abusers and Predators. #NoRoomToGroomOnYoutube #MeTooYoutube #MeToo

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Hereby we want to ask Youtube and Patreon to review and change their Community Rules, and protect a large group of vulnerable people who are facing offline/online (sexual) harassment and maybe even character assassination, sometimes for simply speaking the truth. We would like to ask Youtube and Patreon the following:

- To take a stand against murder, (sexual) violence, online harassment, child-grooming and suicide-grooming, committed by users part of the Youtube/Patreon community, by banning these abusers from Youtube/Patreon.

- To review and change their Community Rules/Policy in favour of victims of sexual assault/harassment and online bullying. Some of these victims are trying to break the silence and are trying to change the world by exposing major problems in our society. They deserve better protection when they do so as well.

- To extend the Community Rules to outside their own respective platforms.

Meaning: if a user of Youtube or Patreon (sexually) assaults, rapes, harasses or threatens a victim outside Youtube/Patreon, this could be used as a reason to ban the abuser from the Youtube/Patreon community/platform.

Please read this Call For Action blog as well with examples of abusers and predators on Youtube, a blog which features tweets regarding the following hashtags too (will be updated every day):



Further Explanation:
If a youtuber for example, threatens another youtube user with rape, in a private message on Youtube, they can get banned.

If this same youtuber does this, outside youtube (on Twitter, Skype, Facebook or Reddit for example), or actually rapes the other youtuber, it's almost impossible for youtube to ban this youtuber.

We feel that Youtube and Patreon need to consider their responsibility as 'heads' of these online communities, which essentially are digital societies. Many people spent more time online these days, than outside in the 'real' world, so we believe Youtube and Patreon should take better measures to protect their 'digital civilians'. 

- Ban abusers from Youtube

- To allow victims of sexual assault a platform to speak out, without being censored. Rape stories of victims have been blocked by Youtube in the past.

- To create better tools to report online harassment, including harassment by a youtuber who uses third parties outside Youtube to harass the victim.

- To take faster action against online harassment.

- To set up a help-desk for victims of online harassment, where victims are able to speak to real people about their situation.

- Specifically for Youtube to stop campaign for / promote the idea that youtubers should collaborate together (in other words, work with strangers) if they fail to warn their users about the dangers behind it, or fail to protect their users if they get raped and/or attacked (online) as a result of such collaborations.

- To take action against 'hate cults' who try to silence victims simply for speaking out.

- To protect users more from other users using their services and take measures when users use techniques such as child grooming or suicide grooming on other users.

More information 

When victims of sexual assault or harassment speak out online, they often face harassment, stalking, abuse and death threats for doing so. This may lead to depression, anxiety, or, suicide.

When victims speak out against a (public) person who's active on the same platform as the victim speaks out on, the story of the victim may get censored, due to the abuser trying to get it taken down.

Victims may receive threats and hate from fans of their abuser if they are active on the same network as well, simply for speaking out. Platforms where victims speak out do very little to protect these victims and enable abusers by giving them a free pass to keep inflicting abuse on their victim, indirectly, by using their fans, or directly, by allowing these abusers to silence their victims or gain funds to attack their victims.

Youtube is an example of a company and platform that's been used by victims of sexual assault to speak out and share their stories of abuse. It's a platform where anyone can upload a video. It's also an example of a company and platform that has censored victims of sexual assault and has neglected to protect these victims.

- Youtube has censored or blocked videos with stories from rape victims, or, even deleted their videos from their platform, when the abuser of the victim requested them to do this.

- Youtube has also censored documentaries about rape.

- Recently even, Youtube allowed an alleged rapist and abuser to keep uploading videos on their platform, and make money with those videos, through advertisement revenue.

- All, while this alleged abuser has made it known he is going after his rape victim legally. He will use the money made from youtube advertisements and Patreon donations (see next paragraph) to do this, while his fans (see updates in link) don't know they are funding this by watching his videos, or giving him donations.

- Youtube has failed to protect victims who speak out, from harassment and death threats (from an abuser's fan for example). Abusers who attack victims often delete their comments quickly, so the victims can see them, but not report the comments. When victims try to report the hate and abuse, youtube often fails to take action due to this.

- Victims get called whores, sluts, psychotics, liars, told to kill themselves, etc, on youtube if they speak out (or if they simply show they are female in comments). Youtube barely ever takes action against (anonymous) accounts who do this.

Youtube does all the above, while they recently funded a new series on youtube about sexual assault.

Patreon, is a platform where creators such as youtubers can receive money for the content they create. Fans can subscribe to this platform and give donations to a creator who has a Patreon account there. In return, the creator will make content for his fans. Before fans donate money, they are told what they are paying for. Fans can report Patreon campaigns that don't follow the Patreon Community Guidelines.

However, Patreon regularly allows creators with shady Patreon campaigns to make money on their platform. Patreon gets a cut of every dime a creator makes through their platform, and barely monitors their creators, unless the media riots about campaigns that shouldn't be on Patreon.

- Patreon allows alleged rapists and abusers on their platform to make money and get donations from fans.

- Patreon allows abusers who in a manipulative way influence their fans to attack their rape victim (who spoke out) on their platform.

- Patreon recently allowed an alleged rapist who allegedly blackmailed his victim to keep her quiet, still on their platform. This alleged rapist made this known in a private conversation with another creator (who told the victim) that he's going after his victim legally (who named him), while using his fans donations. His fans don't know he's using their money for this purpose. Patreon has not informed this creator's fans of this, while sharing tweets on twitter such as “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

This petition was been organised by:

Pieke Roelofs (@photoandgrime), @M3l0nPark, @Silvercrownking, @VeeraVJB