Close theme park in China that forced pig to bungee jump

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There is a theme park in China called Meixin Red Wine Town that needs to be shut down immediately. The people of the theme park put a cape on a terrified pig and tied it up and dropped the pig 223 feet on Saturday.

The pig survived the push but was sent to a slaughterhouse after this disgusting act of inhumane cruelty. People watched this poor pig being tortured and laughed and cheered as if this was something to celebrate. Animals are sentient beings and should never be used for entertainment.

The amount of fear that this pig must have felt during this horrible experience is unimaginable. How could people have stood by and allowed this abuse and torture to happen? Why didn't anyone stand up for the poor animal? Humans have once again failed.

That's why it's up to us to change things. The first thing that needs to happen is that this theme park needs to be shut down immediately. Then the person/people responsible for this idea to do this to the pig should face jail time as well as the people who tied the pig and pushed him off of the pole. We have to speak up for the voiceless. This pig didn't have anyone to stand up for him/her. We have to hold the abusers accountable. Let's make a change and together we can shut this theme park down.