No to (More) Dams on Indus River

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The Indus River (locally known as Sindhu Daryah or Daryah-e-Sindh) is a 3180km long River Flowing through Indo-Pak regions in south Asia.

The estimated flow of Indus River water is around 243 cubic km, twice that of River Nile and Thrice that of River Tigris and Euphrates combined. 

Since the division of Indian Sub continent into India and Pakistan in 1947, the two countries had been trying to take maximum advantages of the rivers flowing in the region, including River Indus. The World Bank made an approach for the proper water (river) distribution and the countries (India and Pakistan) Signed a treaty called 'Indus Water Treaty' in 1960. [1]

After the Indus water Treaty, There came problems in the distribution of water flowing through indus water in the Pakistan. The Indus River System Authority was formed which later created Water Accord Act in 1991 [2] for the proper solution of water problems within (provinces of) Pakistan.

Even after Indus Water Treaty (Indo-Pak) in 1960 and IRSA's Water Accord Act (Provinces in Pak) in 1991, the parties have been seen Building more and more Dams on the Indus River which causes huge damage to the Nature and Infrastructure. The Dams are causing blockade of water flow from reaching the Lower Riparian (The Province of Sindh) and Indus delta (Forming in Sindh at Thatta at Arabian Sea).

The construction of Dams are one of the reasons which cause huge damage to Nature and infrastructure by increasing probability and possibility of Earth Quakes [3] and Floods [4].

The Region of the Origin of the Indus (consisting of 10s of dams) faced a major earthquake in 2005 with severe infrastructure damage and death count was 85000+ people,Displacing more than 2,50,000 people in Pakistan. 

In recent Past, The floods In India and Pakistan worsened the situation. At Pakstan side, The most recent flood effected more than 9 million people in Sindh (with almost 500 deaths). At Indian side, the situation is even worst. The occurrence of floods in india each year has caused huge losses. In recent past, occured floods in india are :

  • Maharadhtra flood 2005 (1094 died and loss of 550 Crore indian rupee
  • Uttarkhand flood 2013 (more than 5000 death)
  • Kerala flood 2018 (more than 1000 people died)

The construction of dams on the Indus River Basin and blockade of water flow in the Sindh Region is causing an end to the 'Platanista minor', Blind Indus Dolphin having population of only 1800 is an Endangered species (Declared by Worldwide Fund for Nature). These dolphins can survive in fresh water only and are found in Ganges and Indus River. The major population of Specie can be found at Lower Riparian Region of Indus River (in Sindh).

The Dams are believed to be the reason behind Earthquakes, floods and destruction of Nature rules. The fertile region of the lower Riparians of Indus (The region of Sindh) has shortage of water due to the blockade of water by dams built on river indus. The shortage can increase if more dams are built. Existing dams on river Indus are causing shortage of water throughout year except moonsoon. During moonsoon, when rain water fills the existing dams, the exceeding flow of water causes huge floods in the regions at lower riparian end. 

More than 100 million people in both countries are opposing dams on rivers (particularly on Indus). We demand to not built any dam on the Rivers in general and on the Indus River categorically to save Millions of lives and infrastucture worth Billions.