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12 people contract the dengue virus every minute. Dengue is the fastest-growing mosquito-transmitted disease in the world, putting a staggering 50% of the global population at risk – this is a worldwide epidemic. And it's only going to get worse as mosquitoes rapidly gain new grounds and health systems are strained to the maximum by other outbreaks such as COVID19.

We urgently need a World Dengue Day to bring new attention to this disease and save countless lives.

Factors such as climate change, global trade and international travel have caused dengue to spread dramatically over the last 50 years, from 9 to over 100 countries. In the last five years, numbers of cases and hospitalizations have sharply risen, and severe dengue has become a leading cause of serious illness and death among children in Asian and Latin American countries. Even the milder cases are straining already stretched local health systems, economies and families as people miss work and school or tend to sick relatives. 

We are Kamran Rafiq and Marianne Comparet, directors of the International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases (ISNTD). Our aim is to make an impact on the health and prosperity of the world's poorest and most vulnerable, while sharing the goal of reaching sustainable healthcare provision & poverty reduction in the developing world. 

We have been working to bring attention to the devastating effect of dengue by preparing a petition to the United Nations and World Health Organization and an open letter detailing the health and socio-economic impact that this disease is having on the world.

Read our open letter to the United Nations

Our goal is to petition the United Nations and the World Health Organization to create a World Dengue Day in 2020. Your support will help change history and ensure senseless deaths from dengue are reduced worldwide.

Some key reasons why the world needs a Dengue Day

  • Dengue is an infectious disease with potentially fatal consequences
  • Half the world's population is at risk
  • Dengue has spread to Europe and the US
  • $9 billion estimated direct and indirect medical costs
  • Infection perpetuates a cycle of poverty and inequality
  • Covid19 and the massive strain on healthcare systems 

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By signing this petition you will be doing your bit to raise the worldwide profile of this devastating disease.

We'll keep you updated with the petition's progress. 

We thank you for all your support; the ISNTD’s motto has always been “progress through partnership” – and so together we will change the world for the better.

Kamran Rafiq and Marianne Comparet - ISNTD


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