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Investigative Commission into OKD. Bakala laughs at you!!.

John Smith

Aug 4, 2018 — 

My sincere apologies to all Czech Politicians and to those people with in the Investigative Commission in regards to OKD. I withdraw all comments that I have ever written about you here in this petition and Except that I disagree with your Commission as I feel its a waist of time and a stalling tactic by nameless people in Czech Government. And I also still believe that to many people in Czech Government have Communist Idea's . And Bakala laughs at you and all of us because he knows that you the OKD Commission can not bring him to Justice.

28.9.18 Friday. 
I am proceeding with payment to our lawyer, any help with money will be most welcome. I do hope the other minority shareholders and everyone else understands the toll this all has taken on my life. Lawyer will then do research into OKD. Lawyer will be kept out of public until a later stage. Thank you. 27.9.18.OKD Black coal could be mined in the Karviná mines by 2030, eight years longer than initially expected. Thievery from us minority NWR shareholders!. 2. 27.9.18. OKD“the company earns, has big funds in the accounts and, of course, is considering expanding the mining”. Now talk about the fabrication of lies. OKD is and was bankrupt. Yes for about 4 month’s. Czech Republic stole OKD from us minority shareholders!.
27.9.18 Extortion, Krúpa, Bakala, and Schapiro's ex-ambassador. There is a rough fight in the US. 20.9.18. “ Lukáš Černohorský, from the Pirate, who said that Mr Bakala was the key witness in the investigation of OKD's privatization, although he had nothing to do with the privatization: OKD bought it from another private entity. In addition, the same Pirate voted for this committee to be secret, although the parliamentary commission of inquiry was set up everywhere in our civilization, precisely because, unlike police investigations, they were held publicly and were under the control of citizens. Non-public sessions can only be held when the Commission discusses classified information related to the defense of the republic or state security and is certainly not OKD. “ 19.9.18 DUFF AND PHELPS still INACTIONS!!!. 15.9 18 . Zdeněk Bakala officially now paid 7.4 billion in 2004 not politicians claims of 10 billion. Prisko allegedly steals OKD for 80m when profit is 3.4- 8 billion in 2017 . The state earned OKD "for a buck" . YASNE! 12.9.18. Czech Republic OKD privatisation money from 2004/1996 was used and paid by the sale to shareholders. Read about it here: 6.9.18. Czech conglomerate Agrofert, founded by Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, has been accused of subsidy fraud. In English language Deutsche Welle Major Germany media outlet!. Agrofert allegedly received over 2,100,000,000 czk in subsides over 2017. 3.9.18.”This announcement itself only shows the incompetence of the members of this commission”. The Investigative Commission into OKD is a Political failure . Bakala is laughing at you Commission or do I really mean theatre:). *30.8.18. Duff & Phelps complaint proceeding to next levels. Letter to Creditors and Joint Liquidators' Progress Report to Creditors Dated 30 August 2018. 1.9.18. Czech Government sold it's majority shareholding in 1996 at market prices. Top secret information from 1996 still awaits us all. Come on let's see it please investigative Commission!.
First quotation
1 000.00
Minimal price
76.00 31.818 “Therefore, it is very likely to argue that behind this theatre is only the inexperience of the Pirate, who initiated the establishment of the Investigative Commission at the end of last year, without knowing the procedural possibilities of such a body. And if we speculate, we may even allow us to say that the other parties knew about this situation, but they believed that attending such a theatre could help them”. *15.8 18. “The Commission to OKD is in a vacuum and is waiting for a "miracle". 16.8.18. “Bakala belongs to bars. Meanwhile, he laughs and spreads misinformation”. Tomio Okamura 9.8.18 “Unknown perpetrator” . This may be a criminal libel and is a crime under the § 184 of the Czech Criminal Code, Act No. 40/2009 Coll 20.7.16. 700 million to save Paskov and OKD where did it go?.

Please Sir Daniel Křetínský hear our call for help only if we could be blessed with that much luck. But serious now is the time to play your hand:)!!!.

OKD share price 1996 Czech government sold it's majority here:

Zdenek Bakala has now officially refused to attend the waist of time Commission that does not any legal powers like a Court.
But its a fact that Switzerland is not a member of the Euro zone. Czech law and courts have no jurisdiction what so ever over getting Zdenek Bakala charged while he lives in Switzerland!.
Also Czech Government sold the majority of OKD including former OKD apartments in late 1996. So in Czech law I believe it's all time barred by a 20 year limit.
As you can see in my letter to Lee Louda and OKD management that the only way Bakala will ever be brought to justice.
Is if all these time wasting games played by the nameless faces in Czech Government stop the waist off time Court cases in regards to OKD.

So the UK FCA Regulator can take leadership and control of the complex situation that Bakala allegedly created around OKD. UK is a financial hub of high world standards. And they can and will cooperate with the ESMA European Regulator and many other agencies.
The UK regulator also has close financial ties with Switzerland, that the Czech Republic is not so lucky to have. But it's best if the European Commission and ESMA take full control in regards to all alleged criminal actions taken place in regards to OKD and NWR.

The Czech Republic has little or no plan to bring Zdenek Bakala to justice. The Czech Government only cares for the theft and nationalisation of OKD. And not willing to change the old Communist laws to stop people uniting against anyone or the Czech Government.

Zdenek Bakala laughs at all Czech Politicians especially the ones he has paid off and given donations too. And the 120+ billion CZK, 5 billion euro, 7+ billion Australian, Bakala plundered, committed tunnel fraud among other financial crimes(INCOMPETENCE) against us minority shareholders of New World Resources/OKD and all the Czech people and we must never forget the former OKD apartment tenants. Czech Politicians protect Zdenek Bakala with there inactions and games that are allowing the Bakala to escape and not be brought to justice!. Czech Politicians are alleged sycophants. 20.1. 18. I TOLD YOU SO COMMISSION OF FAILURE!!!. Vote about OKD that sold at market prices. Czech Politicians sold OKD at market prices see the conflict of lies.

4th August 2018 Minority shareholders complaint against Lee Louda.

14.818 Tuesday updated.

New World Resources Minority shareholders lawyer funding of 3300+ euro/85,000czk for court actions and compensation over the theft of OKD by the Czech Government from us!

4.818 lawyers money pledged by minority shareholders is as follows.
20,000czk Me of course.
10,000czk Czech shareholder
10,000czk possible later 20,000czk Czech Shareholder,.
And of course the lawyer after the money is paid and study of the theft of OKD from us. If the lawyer then accepts to take our case a 10% fee of compensation will also apply to anyone who will joins us.


For former OKD tenants. OKD privatisation agreement from 2004. OKD was sold by the Czech Government and is legally binding as European Commission has verified. Where is the illegal state aid OKD was sold at MARKET PRICES!.

file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/OKD%20in%202004%20European%20Commission%20no%20illegal%20state%20aid%20report..pdf *-For OKD tenants these are your rights Page 6 (26) iv) the pre-emption right, unlimited in time, granted to the original tenants enabling each tenant to purchase the apartment he lives in at the fixed preferential price of CZK 40 000, provided that the owner would put the apartment up for sale.
(11) The privatisation agreement gave the tenants living in these apartments the right to acquire them pre-emptively for a fixed preferential price
3. Many investigations, reports about alleged criminal conduct dating back from at least 2006 in regards to OKD. Vox Consultation report 2004, Penta Finance, State aid No SA.25076 (2011/NN) – Czech Republic Privatisation of OKD . 
OKD 44,000+ Apartment (byti) complaint (CP 19/2008) regarding the same transaction was lodged with the European Commission by Sdružení nájemníků BYTYOKD.CZ, an association of tenants living in apartments formerly owned by OKD

Everything I have written here in this petition is alleged and unproven. So use at your own risk. If any offence is taken the I apologise to you. Photo is comical and not to be taken serious.

Latest coal pricing 18.9.18 Coking coal price $219.55/mt CFR Rotterdam. Paskov had $100 cash costs:(. 14.9.18.Coking coal upto $207 usd a tonne. 12.9.18. Coking coal Australian JAN 2019 up-to $201.50usd a tonne!.*0/all-futures 26.9 2018. Europe ARA Rotterdam 6000kcal up-to $102.55usd a tonne.

New news section with hopefully less fake Czech news. Now please use these news links as I will be only putting up the most important information and news here from now on. 14.9. Bakala is allegedly protected by nameless faces. 13.9 “"serious findings" that were not yet known? 2.9.18. Lee Louda needs to answer for what damage he has done to OKD and for the destruction of Paskov. 1.9.18. I voted “NO” Zdenek Bakala. The Investigative Commission into OKD has already failed remember that at your next election when you most likely will loose. 31.8.18. Parliamentary commission of inquiry to OKD, deputy Leo Luzar (KSČM). Failure!. 30.8.18 Zdenek Bakala laughs at you :). 30.8.18 "It is likely that a criminal complaint may fall. Because of how long a period of time it is, there may, of course, fall there, because, of course, these individual acts do not necessarily relate directly to one another, so it can not be summed up one of the crimes , " said Montenegrin “. 29.8.18. Jaromíra Soukupa's case 27.8.2018. OKD, BAKALA!. 28.8.18. OKD commission needs longer to take more inactions. Nothing new here same old repeat story. ***27.8.18The European Union's biggest coking coal producer, Jastrzebska Spolka Weglowa (JSW), aims to set aside 25-30 per cent of this year's net profit for dividends . LEE LOUDA THE ALLEGED INCOMPETENT PAYING DIVIDENDS IS ILLEGAL AND YOU CAN SUE YOURSELF!. 24.8.18. 50th anniversary of the occupation of Ceskoslovensko in 1968 by Communists. 24.8.18. “The OKD Investigative Commission may rather go wrong rather than help clarify the possible disadvantage of privatizing this mining company”. 23.8.18. Communists are still in the Czech Republic even after what they have done. Yasne, I agree “violation of international law but mainly thwarted a number of human lives and condemned us to live in a state of liberty and total stagnation," she added”. 21.8.18. Poland's state-run JSW, the European Union's biggest coking coal producer wants to pay out a dividend from 2018 profit. JSW was bankrupt before OKD just but look at it now increased production massive profits and now a dividend. Lee Louda your INCOMPETENT what you have done to OKD in my opinion!. 20.82018. 50th Anniversary of the 1968 Communist Warsaw pact invasion of  Czechoslovakia. Communists in my opinion have held back and damaged the Czech Republic. Czech people protest!!. 10.8.18. Czech bankruptcy Mafia. Alleged Mafia Lee Louda selling OKD for 79.5mCzk when profit for 2017 was an alleged 8,000,000,000Czk!. 20th August 18.Bakala. However, she can only show it if it is located in the Czech Republic. 18.18. A Shadow of Shame in the Czech Parliament for Zdeněk Bakal?. Theater. To many actors!!. 17.8.18. Crisis pushes Louda for OKD's claims. Balaka just sold 1.2 billion Czk of property in Prague Karlin and there is still no injunction to stop him escaping to Switzerland with the money. Lee Louda read my email I just sent you!!!. 17.8.18. OKD is not the only company that needs investigating. 17. 8.18. Czech Politicians OKD Privatisation agreement are 100% responsible for because you wrote and made it. 15.8 18. Czech Police said on Twitter that they can only show a witness if they are in the Czech Republic. = = 11million euro =
Guarantees from the state in 1998
€4.670 billion.
Answer:Czech Policitians can investigate there own actions?. 14.818. Bakala laughs at you . Daniel Křetínský owns Blesk!. 14.8 18.police on the twitter warns that a witness can only show if he is in the Czech Republic. 14.8 18. Bakala laughs **11.82018. The Coalition for the Defense of Miners OKD ("Koalice"), an organization created to defend the interests of Czech miners, correction of all his wrongdoing. Zdenek Bakala is protected by the nameless faces and biggest alleged Czech criminal in modern history!. 10.818.The Czech state then bought the shares through Investenergy for CZK 159 each. The Czech Republic thus caused damage of at least CZK 3.2 billion. *9.818. The Honourable Judge Iva Fialova in regards to the OKD 2004 minority sale/privatisation court case in May 2018 criticised the work of the Czech police and the prosecutor (5:17 audio recording). Bakala laughs at you a criminal complaint with no name. Czech Government sold at a bad time coal was$26.75. 21.12.2016 OKD suing it's self New World Resources CZK 22.672 billion . My apologies number was wrong!. 12.1017. Accordingly, Bakala, together with NWR, would return the creditors a total of 24.5 billion crowns, which they unjustly enriched. “OKD has decided to sue, because that much money has been taken by shareholders far beyond what the mines have earned”. Lee Louda I solemnly swear to the whole world that I have never received a dividend as I bought my first NWR shares in November 2012 and many more shares at a later date!. Lee Louda closed down the highly profitable Paskov and put OKD into a decline of “INCOMPETENCE”. *8.18. Criminal complaint that’s top secret???.

2. Czech Government got paid market prices apartments mostly damaged and the contract legal price and public promise is 40,000czk per apartment to each tenant!. 7.818. A subsidiaries of the VÍTKOVICE STEEL Holdings ended up in insolvency. 5.8 18. Czech Republic is still part Communist!. Your property could be next!.

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