Regulators, urged to investigate the corrupt business practices of New World Resources.

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Thirteen Thousand people could face imminent loss of their jobs and the shareholders to have their assets stolen and made worthless. Unless the Regulators, ESMA European Securities and Markets Authority, and the European Commission and the Ombudsman's. Immediately step in to investigate the business practices and scrutinize all past and present company director's dealings, for being allegedly incompetent and failing to perform their duties in a responsible way for New World Resources/ OKD/ Karbonia S.A. 

AHG group is a majority 60% shareholder and owns 65% of the debt notes liabilities. They wanted to blackmail the Czech Government into giving money to keep the company going from a claimed false bankruptcy. AHG group allegedly wants to use the rules in their debt notes to take control over New World Resources . Management was unwilling to sell a large stockpile of their own produced coal which was worth more than a future given Czech government loan that remains mostly unused. Even on the company website of OKD, there it is written that AHG Group will keep “all stakeholders informed” including shareholders. But this is not the case at all for us shareholders and employees.

All the regulators must investigate the fact that New World Resources owner of OKD and Karbonia S.A. Has always published the future contract prices for coking and there thermal coal products within the first few weeks of the year when they set the price for their customers. Or set new contacts over each quarter of the year as it's common practice in the coal industry. All coking and thermal coal pricing have been omitted and we the shareholders and employees are being deceived and mislead with false information.
On the 3rd of May 2016, Management alleged incompetent directors decided in an internal meeting to put the company in a “Bankruptcy Petition” and this forced on our shares the, Suspension of all traded shares.
The Czech Government later in May 2016 appointed an Administrator Insolvency trustee:ING Lee Louda Vodickova 41, 110 00 Prague 1 Guarantor of New World resources.
The regulators must ensure the recent dealing of the AHG owner of M&G Debt opportunities Fund II over trying to force a liquidation to be stopped.
And stop the 11 Oct 2016, AHG security agent Citibank S.A from selling company assets in Poland, Karbonia S.A. As we question the validity of this illegal and unauthorized transaction.
Also 17 Oct 2016 Explanatory Liquidation Circular contains many dishonest and deceiving statements sent to shareholders for this uncalled for 3rd November 2016 General meeting. (coking coal up 100% not true it's up over 300% since Nov 2015)

We also humbly request that the current OKD Management, Insolvency Administrator Lee Louda and the Creditors Committee, Supervisory board, through the Czech Court with urgency re-evaluate and make a new reorganisation plan that reflects the present day coking and thermal coal prices. And we ask OKD that they really must upgrade and use present day future long-term forecasts for coal prices to reflect the recent massive price increases. Therefore it would be a prudent move for OKD to re-examined its own coal reserves so they can be upgraded and then to re-issue a new plan showing a much longer life for it's own coal mines. We are reluctant and sorry to tell you that we the minority shareholders feel that the Creditor Committee has only a closing down plan for OKD like Paskov. And we beg and ask you, Please do not close down our highly profitable coal mines. And please honour the Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 of the European Parliament.

The Regulators, ESMA European Securities and Markets Authority, and the European Commission  and the Ombudsman's must all ensure  what the proprietor has claimed and the validity of their unwarranted “Bankruptcy petition”, and investigate all their business practices and scrutinize all director’s dealings especially former shadow director Zdenek Bakala. We the shareholders do have rights too. The company of New World resources is now making massive profits as of the early October 2016 coking coal contracts have settled at multi-year highs not seen since late 2011 of $200US/180Euro dollars a tonne. And thermal coal prices have now over doubled in price since the start of 2016 . ( See links below)

The Regulators, ESMA European Securities and Markets Authority, and the European Commission, and the Ombudsman's must intervene urgently and we the shareholders ask for the immediate suspension of shares to be released and this unwarranted bankruptcy petition to be removed and this illegal liquidation to be stopped as it has never been authorised by the Administrator or passed by the Ostrava regional court who is presiding over all legal matters relating to New World Resources. 

We the minority shareholders who have human rights make a declaration. The Czech Politicians Government and Courts, Czech Authorities CNB, Administrator Lee Louda, OKD Creditor committee and Supervisory board are allegedly using and making false and fabricated  purported documents to use thievery to steal and cheat us out of our minority shareholding of New World Resources PLC that owns 100% of OKD.  We ask you to please stop the thievery and the deceptive transfer of OKD's active parts to the new OKD Nástupnická company, whose shares would then be redeemed by the state-owned PRISKO as, registered by the Municipal Court in Prague, insert: B 1729. Its identification number is 46355901, which would then take over for a miniscule 80 million crowns( 3.13+ Million Euro, 8.12.2017). How can this be possible when in the past New World Resources which owns OKD was valued at it's peak on the London Stock Exchange in 2008 post IPO at 19.55 pounds so NWR including OKD was valued at up to 5,157,275,513 UK pounds, and or 2.88 Billion in 2010, and again at 3 Billion in 2011. And OKD coal prices especially coking coal have reached record high's in early 2017 and or at very high prices even now( Dec 2017).  Please we the humbled minority shareholders beg and ask the Czech Courts and  the European Commission and European Ombudsman to take heed to this petition and take immediate actions under Czech and European Laws. . And stop the thievery of OKD and we also ask for "OKD" to be returned back to New World Resources Plc.

We the people who have signed this petition lastly proclaim that OKD is now solvent and has been making massive profits since the third quarter of September 2016. So therefore OKD can not be bankrupt or insolvent. And we ask for the insolvency of OKD to be annulled.



OKD in the Czech Republic and the return to communism where everything is once again a state asset- The European laws being broken in regards to OKD "Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 of the European Parliament".

NWR  assigned liquidators can be contacted or send complaint here. I have sent a complaint on behalf our all people who signed this petition. Mark Skelton, Geoffrey Bouchier and Paul Williams of Duff & Phelps B.V., Rembrandt Tower, Amstelplein 1, Amsterdam, Netherlands 1096HA : :

Number 1 most important  place that minority shareholders  must complain too.  - 13 Nov 2017 2-

Number 2 second place must complain too.   -13 Nov 2017 2-

Number 3  . Send formal complaints to only this email address . Minority NWR shareholders you must complain  it's most important to the European Commission (9 Dec 2017). We the minority shareholders are being deceived and treated like we are criminals. Shareholders laws are in place to protect our rights in the Euro Zone. Please add and send copy of our petition. I will be sending selected and trusted minority shareholders an email soon on what to do next in regards to Prisko!.

****Note the European  Ombudsman does not deal with matters that are currently before a court or that have already been settled by a court. OKD is in Court at Prague 2 at the moment. Czech politicians know this and thats why they want the court cases to drag on and on taking years while Mr Bakala get's to laugh at us all and live like a King smomking his lavish cigars and grinning all the way to Swiss bank accounts .

Number 4 on list you must complain to now minority shareholders/Human beings are now.  - Please complain firstly and mainly about the  European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) refusal to help ( Note many of us petition signers have received refusal email/letter from ESMA). Secondly about the Czech Government and Courts, Czech Authorities CNB, Administrator Lee Louda, OKD Creditor committee and Supervisory board are allegedly using and making fabricated documents to use thievery to steal and cheat us out of our minority shareholding of New World Resources PLC that owns 100% of OKD!. Note that OKD/NWR is and has been making massive profits since Q3 third quarter of 2016.  Please always add this petition.

On hold at moment due to me being happy with response from the UK FCA regulator 13 Nov 2017. My opinion is Czech Republic long time waisting and inaction are holding back FCA from taking any actions.

Update 10 Jan 2017 I received an email reply from the Czech Ombudsman, I regret to report that they are only recognising complaints from “Czech citizens”.
Please complain about the inaction over OKD from the Czech CNB regulator. The proposed closing down of all OKD coal mines by creditors committee, Administrator and alleged Czech Government or anything else you think is relevant in the Czech Republic. And please make sure you add this Petition's link in your email. -European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) . I have wrote a letter that included our petition signatures. Because I was not happy with the response and inaction from the Czech Regulator (CNB). I Recommend all shareholders of NWR that the ESMA is now the most important place for us all to complain to next. Please send your formal complaint email/letter to the ESMA requesting further actions and a investigation. Please also do not forget to add a link for our Petition to your email. Note: My Email/Letter is my opinion and everything I have written is alleged. – We the shareholders of New World Resources, have a obligation to complain about Mr Zdenek Bakala just like Pavol Krupa. Please add and send copy of our petition.  . We the minority shareholders legally own part of New World Resources that owns OKD. Well I have complained may times to they don't even answer or reply. Regulators must take action!.


**22nd October 2018. Please note that  when your  using the older links on "" to remember to change and update the “org” to “cc” and all the links will still work for you to view. Thank you regards  - New World Resources peak share price in 2008 reached 19.55 pounds. NWR was valued at up to 5,157,275,513 UK pounds !. Note employee share offer and Bakala's special dividends in 2007 and 2008.

OKD was not evening making a profit during the period 1998-2003 or until early Q2 2004. 2009 Report from Czech Komercni Bank into NWR/OKD.  -15th April 2010 NWR share price peaked for the year at 1075 pence. And again on the 13th May 2011 and peaked at 1149 pence. Note the 268 million shares listed, so in 2011 NWR was valued on the market of the London Stock Exchange at the peak of about 3 billion UK pounds, and again about 2.88 billion pounds in 2010. -24th August 2011 – Imports are very expensive due to Czech Republic not being near deep water. But lucky NWR has such good logistics being only a few kilometres away from the customers in Ostrava!. Coking coal up-to $315 usd a tonne for Q3 2011, $300 forecast for Q4 2011 yes for NWR!!!. Matches global pricing, but OKD is withholding the truth from us the minority shareholders for over 2 years now. -31 Dec 2011 report, NWR/OKD “Life of the mines plan” shows continued production for all coal mines until 2030. - 9th Aug 2013 OKD own website has Karvina and CSA site extending the mines production of coal until 2035!. -31 DEC 2013 NWR/OKD 65% decrease of saleable coal reserves. Note: The decrease relates to the downward adjustment of company's long-term coal prices. Coking coal prices are now at all time record high's in Euro dollar terms for Q1 2017.

1. - 12 July 2014 info email from Aussie.                                                                                                                   

2. - 12 July 2014 mistake email from Aussie 2.
3. -12 July 2014 Aussie got Angry and nwr alleged incompetent directors especially Bakala.1
4. - 12 July 2014 Aussie got Angry and nwr alleged incompetent directors especially Bakala.2 - My own money 18497 Euro dollars was paid to save OKD NWR on the 23rd/ 24th September 2014!. I personally gave my own money as did most other minority shareholders to save NWR and OKD from a very real bankruptcy in 2014 !. Czech Politicians, Government, Courts, Czech Authorities CNB, Administrator Lee Louda, OKD Creditor committee and Supervisory board forgets or is maybe unwilling to acknowledge the truth!.And it was never intended to be a donation to Lee Louda and or transferred to Prisko, a Czech Government owned department or company.
Shame on you!!. I am personally beyond disgusted and insulted about the thievery of my money and assets. .

 30 NOV 2015 My personal email written to New World Resources in regards to Payroll Tax Deferral in talks with the Czech Government. The email has a verified confirmation that is was received and passed on to management at NWR/OKD. All the information is here: 1.

2. -


4. - 18 Dec 2015 NWR Strategic Review Process note this report is now irrelevant. Due to fact that coal prices are very high now and economics are equal or even surpass the figures indicated in the past 2011 report.  -2nd January 2016 811 PM Aussie my email  letter sent to NWR. 90% of Coal miners in China are operating at loss!. China's Government publicly tells every one to stabilize improve coal pricing. And many Americian Coal miners are now bankrupt. Look even George Soros,  bought stakes in both Arch Coal US:ACI and Peabody Energy listed in this letter!.

 6th January  2016 1130 PM Aussie my email letter sent to NWR. I am willing to give more money for a new captial rasing to NWR/OKD if the Bakala departs. China's coking coal cut its production -6.3% from January - November 2015. Market talk about large Chinese coal miners taking a 15-30 day Spring Festival holiday in February 2016. NWR only needs 3 month's contracts for future coal prices. 1. - 2. -3. -4.  -Monday 18 April 2016 China restricts the legal working days to 276 days per year. No weekend work for all Chinese coal mines/miners. Well here is the real story of how and why the Coking and thermal coal prices have had this unprecedented rally in 2016. The answer is China!. And we thank you so very much the Chinese Government.  -26 April 2016 spot coking coal pricing increases to $ 100 US dollars from $76.45/mt at the beginning of the year. -  - OKD Bankrupt Petition p10 on 31 March 2016. OKD own coal inventories/stockpile of coal prove that if sold prior to this “Bankruptcy Petition" it could have all been avoided. And this petition was dishonestly ,falsely and unwarranted called for by the company Directors and you could assume under the majority shareholder AHG Group orders. OKD Coal inventory was over 1.3 million tonnes in 2012.  -2nd May 2016: Reuters reports "AHG group offers to sell NWR for 120 million euro to the Czech Government and the write off 450 million debt leaving 115 million euro debt to repay - Adobe Reader only. The parts highlighted in Yellow are the most important to read.

3rd May 2016 OKD Bankruptcy Petition - Regional Court in Ostrava under file No. B 2900.  Allegedly dishonest and falsely issued over OKD.   - 5th May 2016 - A unedited copy of my email sent to New World Resources  (Note email and many more emails were given to all Czech Courts to be used as Evidence) a few days after the AHG Group and alleged Citi-bank put a false Bankruptcy petition over OKD!.
Read and learn the TRUTH about the situation at the time when OKD entered a false Bankruptcy done by alleged incompetent people!!!.

17 September 2016. Aussie's letter email to Lee Louda the Number ONE Big alleged incompetent Boss at NWR OKD. 1.  2. - -10 Oct 2016 Q3 3rd Quarter 2016 benchmark deal Peabody coal settled mid-vol Coking coal contract at $200/Mt FOB up from the previous Q2 pricing of $92.50  - 24 Oct 2016 Large Thermal coal contract for  6300Kcal thermal coal settled at $94.75/ 87Euro for the period of one year starting October 1, 2016 through to September 30, 2017. - 1st Nov 2016 Newcastle thermal coal price peaked at $115  -6 Nov 2016 investicniwebdotcz OKD loan proof that only 150 million CZK has only been used or drawn down of the Czech Government loan. Paskov no formal request has been given to the Czech Government for money to help the 1600 employees.  -Tuesday 8 Nov 2016 Coking coal peaked at $315 US dollars tonne. – 11 Nov 2016 Good Chart showing 300% increase of Coking coal price in 2016. - November 2016 OKD closing down report all highly profitable mines to be closed down by 2023. Paskov will be closed down on 31 March 2017. Paskov produces coking coal price is now at highest ever recorded in euro dollar terms. Shame on you!. - 12 Dec 2016 Mid-Vol Coking coal contract for Q1 2017 settled at $285US/269Euro a tonne. NWR/OKD cash costs per tonne previously forecast at 65Euro or without Paskov at 60Euro but it's now possible for cash costs to be even lower than expected. 

17 January 2017 my letter with our petition signatures sent to OKD management . Management always refuses to return an answer. Such contempt towards minority shareholders. So why was Paskov closed down when we the the minority shareholders where against the idea as written in my email. Please you must ask the Czech Politicians to investigate the closure of a highly profitable coal mine before it's to late. Number1 Number2 - 28th Jan 2017  OKD Administrator Lee Louda said there can be no State interference???. But the Czech state is interfering now by selling OKD to Prisko for 3.13 million euro. Lair, lair, liar  -liquidator Duff & amp; Phelps BV letter to OKD. 23 March 2017 Duff & Phelps are experts and they believe OKD is solvent and can not be bankrupt too!. So NWR own's 100% of OKD!. So why is NWR in Bankruptcy ask the AHG Group and ultimately Bakala????. Thievery of NWR minority shareholders is common in my opinion!.  -2:32 Youtube video about the alleged theif Bakala robbing OKD. Note just before NWR IPO initial public offering on stockmarkets in 2008. OKD had 44,000 appartments attached. Bakala transfered and later sold and failed to honour a past agreement with the miners to buy the appartments at a fair price. It was almost hidden in the small fine print in the IPO documents so a normal investor will not understand. And transfered billions out of OKD/NWR. ASSET STRIPING!. BAKALA your a liar!. 31st July 2017 Coking coal around $200usd the  current pricing  is now based on average pricing index formula over the quarter. - 13th October 2017-September 2018 one year price setting thermal coal contract settled at $94.75usd a tonne. - 5.12.2017 OKD market failure in Central Europe will also lead to the planned closure of OKD mining by 2023, which no one has questioned so far. Until now!!!. Czech coal pricing Chart for 4.12.2017:  -Note Bakala owns this news site.  -The Documents of the London Court lost documents to OKD 7 December 2017 12:56  - 8th Dec 2017. Why was Paskov closed down when it's Mid-Vol Coking coal is currently selling for around on the spot market for $230usd( Q1 2017 285usd). Paskov's last reported cash costs was around $100 euro a tonne. And Paskov could and can even now sell all the coal it can produce due to current and future shortage of it's excellent type of quality coal that's used to make high grade steel.  - 12 Dec 2017 OKD privatization started in 1990. 1996 was such a major break, and why, perhaps, Marek Benda, have you been here for 27 years, why did not you react in 1997?  -  12 Dec 2017 Thriftless Czech politicians newly established parliamentary commission will deal with the privatization of OKD. Whats will this be the 3rd or 4th time?. I believe the Czech Government sold it's minority shareholding OKD in 2004. And do not own OKD anymore. Please correct me if I am wrong.  - 13th Dec 2017 District Court for Prague 2 on Wednesday continued the trial in a criminal case concerning the controversial privatization of OKD mining company by reading testimony of witnesses, including the billionaire Zdeněk Bakala -14 Dec 2017 900 am EST/1400 GMT 90-day price of FOB Newcastle 6,300 kcal/kg GAR coal has jumped almost 16% to date this year to be assessed Wednesday at $103.20/mt, S&P Global Platts data showed. ---18th Dec 2017---Based on my own experience, I believe that the committee of inquiry in the Czech Republic, except for the Bakala tunnel case, has not yet solved anything at all. A very intelligent lady and so wise with lot's of knowledge about OKD.  -18th Dec 2017 Build on the rational possibilities of winning economic reserves of black coal.  -19 Dec 2017 The real not pretend "Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia" "parliamentary commission of inquiry did not contribute to the repair of a motorway meter, nor did anyone come to the tracksuit" (jail). - 20 dec 2017 Wednesday Polish miner JSW, the European Union’s biggest coking coal producer, plans to invest 18.9 billion zlotys ($5.33 billion) by 2030 to increase its coal output capability, it said on Wednesday. OKD closest competitor but at least the Polish know what must be done and is correct. Unlike some alleged nameless Czech sycophants. - 22 Dec 2017 Friday hard coking coal were heard traded around $260 per tonne. Offers as high as $269 per tonne fob Australia on Friday December 22.  - 25 Dec 2017 Christmas day, OKD is waiting for a down turn. But at this very moment is so very lucky to be in the BIGGEST BOOM of coking coal prices ever!!!. What could be better!!!  - 27 December 2017 Excellent news article and you must read and the latest about OKD. And I did send my email and documents to the Supreme Court in Olomouc( Thank you). Only one higher Court left to go and that's the highest Court in Brno. I have visited both Brno and the very beautiful and impressive Olomouc. -27 Dec 2017 Metal Bulletin’s fob Australia premium hard coking coal index averaged $184.63 per tonne from January 2 to December 15, 2017, a 29.6% increase from the $142.44-per-tonne average in the same period of 2016. OKD after 1st April 2017 forecast cash costs of 60 euro per tonne!. –28 Dec 2017 I agree it's a good idea, for the OKD case to be made public if the truth will ever be told. And for the Czech people to be allowed to view the OKD case file's online !. Dobrey napad - 29 Dec 2017 -Benchmark coking coal prices derived by spot market index-based formulas were set at around $192/mt for Q4 2017, $170/mt Q3 2017. In the Q2 2017, $194/mt, Q1 2017 $285. _ 4th Jan 2018 Antonín Klimša will end as an executive director of the OKD mining company.
6th January 2018 – TOKD does have a very long future just look at Frenštát. I bet that Frenstat coking coal mine will be production one day in the future. And will produce, mine and sell coal until 2050-70AD. OKD is now a highly profitable company, and many nameless sycophants have ideas to close down OKD coal mines. Which is very wrong, and also not to care or have any consideration, regards for all the employees of OKD. CRAZY is the word, and not just the wrong thing to do. -6th January 2018 Saturday Czech President Milos Zeman comments “ Bakala drew tens of billions of crowns from OKD and we are pursuing communal policies” “Zdeněk Bakala is funding the library, Václav Havel, of course, Respekt, which I mean a weekly newspaper, Hospodářské noviny, which I mean a diary, but occasionally contributes to some politicians, that is the corruption”.
All the people who have signed this petition ultimately hold Zdenek Bakala responsible for the alleged crimes against New World Resources, OKD, the former OKD 44,000+ appartments and properties. Thank you Sir President Milos Zeman, just maybe if we could get most Czech politicians to join forces and take some serious actions that will hopefully bring Bakala to justice sooner rather than later!.. - 22nd January 2018 -At the end of December 2017, Shanxi had a total 909.8 million tonnes of annual coal capacity. Note Shanxi province is the largest producer in the “WORLD of Coking coal”!. -22nd January 2018 OKD bankruptcy petition issued on 3rd may 2016. Ostrava Court on the 6th June 2018 hearing on a lawsuit against Citibank and NWR filed by OKD insolvency administrator Lee Louda. But where is the main man Lord Purport Bakala in this hearing not a Trial. -23 Jan 2018 Seaport raised its benchmark coking coal contract pricing forecast for 2018 to $170/mt FOB, from an earlier $150/mt FOB. Seaport expects first-quarter 2018 pricing of $220-$230/mt FOB. December 2017 averaged at $242/mt, the note said.
"We are more than halfway through the Q1 price assessment period, and met coal prices have averaged $246/mt," Seaport said. ***25th January 2018 "The Czech Republic is probably the only country where someone is identified as the number one gauner and the Prime Minister does nothing about it. Inaction is worse than activity, "criticized Krúp, Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka (CSSD), who, according to his words, did not join Arca Capital's appeals”. “Some politicians still cover Bakala”. “We have the opportunity to bring our initiative to the end” . We the Minority shareholders who have signed this petition agree with Mr Krupa!. ***-27th January 2018 Bakala, a tunneling expert!!. I will ask Mr. Bakala to become my economic adviser on the topic of how to successfully channel the Czech economy,". President Sir Milos Zeman, we the Minority shareholders thank you. -27th January 2018 OKD is without the Supervisory Board. Even because of the possible ties to Bakala. -****MUST READ ABOUT OKD***. 6th February 2018 Tuesday, Quote “Bohuslav Sobotka told Echo24.According to the former prime minister, the sale of minority shares in 2004 was under standard terms, as confirmed by the European Commission”. Please the Czech Republic's Government it's time for the truth. So please publicly release the contracts of OKD from 2004 on the terms of sale of OKD!. On behalf of us minority shareholders who signed this petition we declare that OKD governement minority shareholding was sold at market prices in 2004. As for the 44,000+ apartments and land, hotels?. Where and when did this happen??. We all want to see and know the truth!. Does it even exist????. -- 6th February 2018 uhlobaron Zdeněk Bakal, whom President Zeman described as "thief and fraud". --****MUST vote about your opinion on Zdenek Bakala here***. 6th February 2018. 99% vote that Czech people think Bakala was bad for the Czech Republic. But Bakala is a billionaire laughing at us all!!.


The newly established company OKD Nástupnická, where 100 percent of the original shareholding of OKD will only receive a pitiful CZK 80 million by the state-owned enterprise Prisko. In the original OKD, only claims on former owners will remain. And the Czech state gets a multi billion dollar company listed on 3 different stock markets for a little over 3 million euro!. THIEVERY ON A GLOBAL SCALE!!!

1. -Pavel Karban , Law 8th February 2018 thursday. Regional Court in Ostrava has dismissed two indictments against OKD Lee Loudy, the insolvency administrator of OKD's mining company. One case was brought against the Czech Social Security Administration (CSSA), the other against the Health Insurance Company of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic
4. -Olomouc High Court rejected Citibank's appeal against OKD's mining company's reorganization plan and confirmed the approval of the plan. *** 6th Feb 2018 OKD Olomouc Court document
8 Feb 2018 OKD Court translated information.1 -
2. -
3. -

7th February 2018 Wednesday, After having time to think and contemplate about this latest news about OKD.
1. Where is New World Resources PLC the 100% owner of OKD in the legal document?. I can only see a little about NWR N.V in Amsterdam but it's not relevant. Because the document only shows the ( Czech insolvency laws set-offs ) the countersuing going on between Lee Louda against The Bakala and NWR n.v to drag on in the courts for years. See PII for my explanation.
2. This document is only about citi-bank loosing its appeal!. Citi banks market cap is 197.820,000,000 usd 7 .2.18.
3. To much of the Czech media is in my opinion is scared of wannabe nameless people with communist ideas. The media also forget to mention in regards to any Appeals will be going through to the highest Moravsky Supreme Court in Brno and that will be coming very soon as I have previously predicted.
4. European Courts and arbitration will also be coming later if needed.
5. Please do not underestimate my determination that I promise you all will never end.

We the minority shareholders of New World Resources are
IRREPRESSIBLE . -***MUST READ*** 15th February 2018 -In mid-August 2016, the company lent OKD 150 million crowns.
"Thanks to the improved management, the company has not used any money and in November 2017 all the money has returned," Klásek confirmed. OKD has not borrowed any Czech Government Money!. 

2. -***MUST READ***- 15th February 2018 Thursday – OKD and Citibank in the case it has decided."If the Supreme Court does not comply with the appeal, a new constitutional complaint will be available," Suchánek wrote . I told the whole world the Czech Republic is play a game suing, counter suing, set off’s. They sold OKD in 2004 and now OKD has made a estimated 400,000,000+ euro profit since October 2016. They the alleged nameless people want to steal it for 3+ million euro. ***MUST READ***_ 19th February 2018 Monday. OKD wants to only mine 5 million tonnes of coal. What happened to the past 8 million tonnes of capacity. I believe in my
my opinion on behalf of my petition signers. This is a criminal act of shut down highly profitable coal mines. That are owned by shareholders not an alleged INCOMPETENT, administrator Lee Louda, Creditors committee and supervisory board. The Czech people all know they are being deceive with fake news, misinformation and disinformation in all matters about OKD. When will the truth be told is what we really want to know. Shame really you don't care about the miners or bring Bakala who plundered alleged billions of euro out of OKD. UNBELIEVABLE and only in the Czech republic can this happen!!!.

2. -20.2.2018 . Poland’s imports of coal from America increased 500%. Czech Republic answer is to close down highly profitable coal mines. To make countries like America rich. INCOMPETENCE in regards to OKD I allege. Coal output at Polish mines fell 6.5 percent in 2017 to around 66 million tonnes.

5. -20 February 2018. Pavol Krupa doing an Excellent job again taking actions against Bakala. Czech Politicians and Senators allegedly are doing nothing again just little words for the estimated 103,000 residents of the former OKD 44,000+ Apartments near Ostrava . Alleged “INACTION” by nameless Czech Politicians and Senators once again just the same old story really repeating it's self over and over. Bakala laughs every day at you!!. -20 .2.2018 Citibank in Ostrava Court in June 2018. ***Must read***21st February 2018 Jaromír Soukup will offer you a completely new look at the OKD case. Coal mining in the Czech Republic has fallen from more than 13 million tonnes to just under 7 million tonnes in 2016. And far worse, in the last sixteen years, 24,000 jobs have been lost in the industry, a drop of 59 percent. I will say it in one word “INCOMPETENCE”.
The video in Czech only sorry:  -27th Feb 2018 Do you feel that OKD coal mines where sold at market prices in the Czech Goverment minority shareholding sale in 2004. And also in the majority shareholding sell down in the 1990s. - 7th March 2018 Metal Bulletin’s fob Australia Premium Hard Coking Coal Index averaged $236.07 per tonne over the December-February period, up 23% compared with $191.93 per tonne during the September-November stretch. coking coal index stood at $235.84 per tonne on Tuesday March 6, compared with $216.94 per tonne on February 1.  -8. March Thursday. 2018 14:30 "Just before the collapse of the company, which employs 10,000 people, Zdeněk Bakala has collected the last 16 billion crowns on dividends. Even so, by the way, OKD and OKD tenants were also robbed of their flats. Until this issue is investigated, we can not claim that great economic crime is past and that Viktor Kožený hiding in the Bahamas does not have his great successor in the person of Zdeněk Bakala. When I asked both the Minister of Justice and the Supreme Prosecutor for a while to investigate in style, fall to whom I was, I met a very embarrassing response, "Zeman said he was sorry *** Must Read***13th March 2018 JSW benefited from higher sales prices, with its average coking coal price rising 63.7% year on year to Zloty 656.63/mt ($193/mt) up from Zloty 401.12/mt. The company's average thermal coal price increased 10.2% to Zloty 206.71/mt. -15th march 2018 Sources said an Oaky Creek premium mid-vol HCC contract had been settled for the second quarter at $240/mt FOB for a European customer or customers

19th March 2018 Monday. Save Paskov from the Incompetence at OKD. Must read!.
3. 17 January 2017 my letter with our petition signatures sent to OKD management . Management always refuses to return an answer. Such contempt towards minority shareholders. So why was Paskov closed down when we the the minority shareholders where against the idea as written in my email. Please you must ask the Czech Politicians to investigate the closure of Paskov a highly profitable coal mine before it's to late. Number1 Number2 ***MUST READ Dębieńsko*** 26th March 2018 Monday. Alleged Tunnel-man Bakala's dream Dębieńsko project is alive. AHG group I allege sold it illegally but yet to be proven.Quote “Czech businessman adds, with the purchase price of $ 230 a ton being absolutely unrealistic. Similar coal from nearby Silesia mines is sold at $ 190 per tonne”. OKD is currently in a “DECLINE” don't be crazy it's not possible at these high prices!!!. What planet are you living on!!!!!. Only in the Czech Republic!!!!. 1.  31st March 2018 It's back better than ever with this excellent upto date chart here: - Please use this link to follow my latest updates and for much more information. -OKD own website displays the majority owner AHG Group.