Let People Vote Out Presidents By Majority Vote

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America is a democracy, correct?

For the people, by the people, right?

All Americans get to vote once every four years for the President of the United States. Well, kinda - sorta in a round about way. 

Why however, can't Americans vote him out again if he's not fulfilling the people's will? If he makes laws after law destroying our country?

Why should we be stuck with a leader who doesn't represent us? 

The solution is simple. Allow in cases of mass protest or other extremely low approval ratings for there to be a way for us to call a people's vote. To pull out our "Trump Card".

It would be a vote held where every adult who lives legally in the country gets to vote either:

* YES - Keep the President. 

* NO - Have him resign and conduct a new vote.

You can either make it majority wins. Or make it like 60% NO and he's out.

It's simple. It's easy. It's fair.

It's a way for the people of America to say to their highest leader:

                                           "You're Fired!"

 Yes, it may take a while to get it passed into law and amend the constitution to allow it, but it's one of the major oversights of the American System. The people should have a Trump Card.   If the people wish to veto a presidency they should have the legal right to do so if this is supposedly a democracy. Why do we have to protest and protest and tweet and tweet and NOTHING gets done. I may not know the exact steps to get it done, but I know it can be done and it will be done!


Let America once again lead the way in giving power to the people.


This single change would make politicians accountable to the people of any country that writes this people veto power into law. It would assure that in cases where there are no checks and balances the people would still always hold the final *Trump Card*. This is their right to vote; their right to Veto him out of office and force a resignation, essentially firing him for not doing his duties! This new idea would not only help in America; but can prove useful in other countries too - with their leaders. Once passed here others may pick up and call for it around the world; it would prevent so many problems world wide!

I feel powerless in the face of this madness since such a veto law does not exist. 

I know I'm not alone.

Please help us change it together.

Thank you.


Sincerely, One Immigrant and the rest of the People of the United States of America


Petition By:

Empress HayaH of the Hanian Empire (@ OneSpirit77)

I'm only the one Hyping & Typing it, the #TrumpCard belongs to all of us together. Consider sharing it with only other people and having them do the same! A change here can bring it to other countries too. :) 

  • Tell two people directly about this petition. See if they'll sign it.
  • Have them tell two people about this petition directly. Get signatures.
  • Ask everyone to repeat down the line.


  • We can reach Millions if we only do this! 


Ps: Republicans, don't be afraid to sign this petition since this "Trump Card" protects you too. Politics can change faster than our profile avatars, so let's protect our interests and Democracy. See I was even nice enough and named it after him!

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