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Save Aysha and Her Family from Being Executed


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Aysha's father Mohammed is a heroic interpreter who worked with the US military for 9 years in Afghanistan. His military supervisors praised his work ethic, dedication, and trustworthiness, and his incredible skill of fluently speaking six languages made him indispensable on Special Forces night raids on Taliban insurgents. He once saved an American soldier by dashing into an ambushed vehicle under Taliban fire. But the Taliban considers his faithful service to the US military a capital crime and is working hard to find and kill Mohammed and his wife and children.

Tell USCIS to approve Mohammed and his family's humanitarian parole case to save them from the Taliban before it is too late.

When the US military mostly pulled out of Afghanistan in 2014, the Taliban gained strength in Afghanistan and killed many interpreters or their family members in revenge. One of Mohammed's brothers and a nephew, Sahil, who was also an interpreter, were shot and left for dead in an assassination attempt on Mohammed and his family. After the Taliban ambush, Mohammed fled his home district, just in time to escape a second Taliban attack that destroyed their family home. Consequently, Mohammed lost all contact with US military personnel who could have helped him apply for an SIV visa.

He has been living in hiding for three years with his wife and young children. They are living in daily fear of being discovered and killed by the Taliban and are unable to leave their house. Frequent power outages mean they are often staying in a house in 110 degree weather with no cooling system and no refrigerator. Leaks in the roof have made his children sick on several occasions from getting infections from bacteria in the water or getting cold in the winter.

When I learned about Mohammed and his family's case a few months ago, I was determined to do everything possible to save their lives. Mohammed had tried to apply to the US as a refugee, but he was denied for “discretionary reasons,” a very common problem for former military interpreters and their families. When Mohammed's refugee case was denied, he was devastated and lost all hope for saving his life and his family's lives. He said the only option left for him was to surrender to the Taliban and hope that after they tortured and killed him, they would stop looking for his children. I told him not to give up and promised him to find a way to save their lives.

Please help me keep my promise to Mohammed to save his life and his family's lives. They do not deserve to suffer and die because of Mohammed's service to the US military. My family has hired a lawyer and filed a humanitarian parole case to sponsor Mohammed and his family to come live in the US while he works to get permanent, legal status in the US. Our humanitarian parole case for them may be our last chance to save their lives.

Sign the petition to tell USCIS to approve Mohammed's case quickly. Mohammed is a hero who faithfully served the US military for over 9 years and is now in grave danger because the Taliban is determined to get revenge. He has already lost everything except his and his family's lives because of his service to America, but he is still proud of his choice to work for the US military. All he wants in return is the chance to bring his children to safety and to give them a future. If USCIS does not approve his case, he will be left behind to be killed by the same terrorists that he risked his life to fight for so many years.

To learn more about No One Left Behind, the non-profit that advocates for and assists in resettling interpreters like Mohammed, visit

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