US Visa for Marwa’s medical treatment!

US Visa for Marwa’s medical treatment!

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This is the story of Marwa, a beautiful 16-year-old Syrian girl, who suffered extensive third-degree burns and was left severely disfigured when a kerosene heater exploded in her home during a bombing nearby. 

Marwa has had multiple emergency operations to her face, arms and chest. The picture above helps to understand the extent of Marwa's injuries and how devastating this experience has been for Marwa and her entire family, including her twin sister Safa, pictured alongside Marwa above. 

Marwa was encouraged by doctors in Germany, where her family has resettled since leaving Syria, to seek further, essential treatment in the U.S. This life-changing medical treatment is being offered by the Shriners Children’s Hospital in Boston, a world-renowned centre for children with acute burn injuries. Shriner’s has offered to treat Marwa at no cost and free accommodation has been found for her father, who would accompany her.

But in December 2018, Marwa was refused a visa to enter the US.

Despite the fact that Marwa's entire family, including her twin sister, other siblings, parents, grandparents and uncle are now happily settled in Germany, the US Consulate in Munich stated "there was not enough evidence to prove she would return to Germany." (See Guardian article).

Marwa escaped the humanitarian crisis in Syria to find refuge in Germany!

Free state-of-the-art medical treatment has been offered in the USA!

Doctors, charities, and politicians have wholeheartedly supported her!

I am starting this petition because Marwa represents an opportunity for us to show compassion and to support a young woman as she embarks on her journey of recovery. The House of Peace, kindly offering free accommodation for her and her father, said the following:

Marwa has taken on a great burden in this hour of destiny that would deprive a child of her internationally recognized human rights. Her wounds become her strength. Her unspeakable injuries become a resounding voice for justice. The House of Peace waits with open arms to welcome her when that voice is finally heard.

Let's share her story, spread the word and draw attention to her cause - whether through social media, twitter, your friends, your family, your neighbours or the person next in line as you wait at the checkout.

SHARE Marwa's story as widely as you can and PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION! 

If she is to have any hope of being granted a U.S. visa to access the medical treatment she so desperately needs, this petition might be the answer.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000!
At 50,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!