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From air and water pollution to triggering earthquakes, the dangers of fracking are frighteningly visible. And in California, we do not have the basic information to help protect our communities from these dangers.

But a bill making its way through the state Assembly would inform communities of nearby fracking activity and other forms of well stimulation, make fracking chemicals public, require outside studies to evaluate the risks of any proposed fracking, and monitor groundwater during fracking.

Tell your Assembly member -- stand up to out-of-control fracking. Vote yes on SB 4 and protect our back yards!

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Fracking is happening here in California, and is being done without proper safeguards for our communities. SB 4 will help protect Californians from the dangers of fracking, and it deserves a vote on the Assembly floor. Please vote yes on SB 4 and send it to the Assembly for a full vote.

Fracking and other well stimulation techniques could expand significantly as companies tap into the massive Monterey Shale formation. But there are too many dangers associated with fracking – polluted groundwater, air contamination, reported earthquakes, and the potential for health impacts on local residents.

SB 4 would give out-of-control fracking practices needed regulations to protect our communities. It would give Californians the right to know when fracking is happening near their homes and what chemicals are used in the fracking process. It would require a state-conducted study of possible health and safety risks, and require ongoing groundwater monitoring before, during and after fracking takes place. It would also identify seismic faults near potential fracking sites. We have the right to know what’s going on in our back yards . Help make that happen --vote yes on SB 4 and send it to the full Assembly for a vote.

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