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Ban wildlife imports, both live & trophy; prohibit interstate/ intrastate transport

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Ban all wildlife imports, both live and trophy; prohibit interstate and intrastate transport of same (exception: wildlife that is being imported/transported to a reputable sanctuary for care)

 It seems quite evident that our government has a total disrespect for and disregard for all wildlife, their habitats and the environment, not only here in the United States, but also worldwide.

 Your departments are charged with the protection of all of these. It seems that there is entirely too much time and effort being spent doing your best to promote the extinction of too many species in Africa (as well as here in the U.S. and worldwide)!  It's definitely time to put your time and effort to good use - there must be a ban on the importation of all trophy wildlife. The ban should also include the importation of all living exotic species from throughout the world. There should be, of course, one exception; i.e. those animals in need of a safe and secure environment such as a reputable sanctuary. More rigorous inspection should take place at all known ports of entry into the U.S. Those ports of entry that are suspected of such importation should be vigorously investigated and subjected to the same scrutiny.

 There should also be a prohibition of all interstate and intrastate transport of wildlife trophies, whether by road, air, rail or sea. The transport of all live wildlife, especially wildlife intended for the purpose of 'farming' and/or 'canned' hunting, should be banned.

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