South Korea's election was heavily rigged deliberately! That's revealed from statical data

South Korea's election was heavily rigged deliberately! That's revealed from statical data

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Many people around the world think South Korea's elections are fair and transparent. But I want to let the world know the reality of the Korean elections I experienced as a Korean and the shocking facts under control in Korea. After seeing this, I would like to ask the South Korean government to find out the truth about the latest election.

Since the election held in South Korea on April 15, 2020, a number of allegations of rigged elections have been revealed and statistical doubts have been revealed.

1. In elections, the difference in party support rates between pre-voting and main-voting was found to be more than 10-15% (nearly in previous elections, this difference has rarely exceeded 7%). It is expected that there may have been intentional manipulation as this phenomenon is occurring not only in some areas but also throughout the Seoul metropolitan area. For this reason, the opposition's prominent candidates, especially those in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province, were all defeated by pre-voting, showing the opposite tendency despite their big lead in the main vote. It should be noted that older people tend to support the opposition party, and that pre-voting tended to support the ruling party despite the highest turnout from older people in the latest pre-voting. It may be understandable up to this point, but it will be totally incomprehensible if you look at the following.

2. In elections, the main vote is safe because of the principle of counting on the day, but many people expressed concerns about stability due to the process of pre-voting going through the voting process and being sent by mail. Despite the people's demands, however, the National Election Commission did not install CCTVs in some pre-voting boxes, and even though, someplaces, there were CCTVs, the screen was covered with newspaper, making it impossible to know the state of storage.

3. Pre-voting papers were found to have been discarded. What's important is that a discarded ballot was found after the pre-voting period before counting the votes on election day. If someone did not try to change the paper with his or her own will, is it likely that the paper stamped with the voting seal will be scrapped before the election?

4. Strange situations occur in some ballot boxes on the day of counting. When I gathered the documents that voted for the ruling party, there were only votes that had never been folded. The strange reason for this situation is that it is very difficult to put the ballot in the ballot box without folding because the ballot for the latest Korean election is 48 centimeters long. But what happens if you collect all these open ballot papers and say they're all one party? Some ballot boxes attracted all the ruling party votes. There may be a tendency to cast a lot of votes, but the large number of votes in the ballot box, and the lack of a single ballot from another party, show the possibility that the ballot box could have changed to another box by cheating.

5. The shocking fact is that the observer who stamped the ballot box even disclosed evidence that the seal he signed was different from the one he arrived at the ballot box. However, the observers' interviews and statements are not currently covered by the South Korean media. This is because the domestic broadcasting industry and news channels are affected by the media union, and the Korea Communications Standards Commission, including the media union, is showing political bias. Media unions are pro-government

[The current problem is the possibility of a rigged election!]
Most importantly, we need to investigate whether the Korean election was artificially manipulated by someone. However, the Korean government is in a hurry to reduce the data and doubts by using the media as a conspiracy. We have to order a thorough investigation to find out the truth, but we're stopping it! Rather, they are now openly talking about their long-term rule, and they are trying to change the law to their advantage based on their victory in this election. The South Korean government will avoid mentioning the article as a cover or a regret. The media will also create fake news, named "fact check," to reduce the number of claims that distort the truth and are exaggerated. If fake news loses its power, the government's followers will instead make various personal attacks, blurring the issue. They are extremely reluctant to talk about the wrongs of the political parties and governments they support, constantly provoking conflicts between age, gender and social class. In the meantime, they do not hesitate to devalue other allied countries and show Korean supremacy too much.

If the Korean government fails to overcome the pressure of the people's demands, it should not be allowed to form an investigation team as intended by the government. The ruling party has already had a precedent of election fraud in Ulsan. If that happens, there is a chance to make that the rigged election will just go unnoticed and forgotten. What would you do if, around the world, you don't have the transparency and stability of the election and you can't fix the wrong election because of the fake news of the media?

Please share the #LetsFixKoreaRiggedElection to help Koreans in despair who are losing their freedom! In Korea, there are fewer and fewer ways to take the initiative in fixing it. You from all over the world can help us.

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News Added - 1

Evidence continues to emerge that Korea's elections were statistically rigged. I've told you a strange result of 10-15% difference between pre-voting and main voting in the Seoul metropolitan area. This time I'm going to talk about a more interesting statistical phenomenon. A small opposition party candidate 'Sim-Sang-jung' was elected in her election region . The important thing is mrs Sim's pre-voting and main-voting differances were calculated almost 0%! (???) That is originally general phenomenon when everything is fine, but how is that possible like not wetted in rainy day? Is it because it is not a big opposition party that affects the ruling party's election victory? Or is this strange statistical phenomenon looking for political parties? Or did another close country intervene?


News Added - 2

Pre-voting in Korea consists of an outside vote and an in-house vote. And that strange statistical phenomenon happens again. We divided the number of votes received by each candidate in 12 highly competitive regions into local and outdoor votes. And surprisingly, the voter turnout for candidates in each region is all the same up to the second decimal place!! It's a very, very strange phenomenon. Because this situation is completely random from the third digit to the point where it feels like it's fixed to the second decimal place. (We know that this can happen very occasionally. But this time, it occurred in as many as 12 locations at once. Miracle happened in Korea!! Hallelujah!)

Is this really the magic of statistics? Or was it manipulated by someone's manipulation? (It looks like someone was trying to make it seem like a coincidence, but missed something they didn't think of.)


News Added - 3

As expected, the current regime and a group of certain tendencies are trying to ignore and cover up this problem. There was another shocking incident a few hours ago. Someone claimed that the statistics were normal and that there was nothing wrong with the election. But the election data he used for comparison was not real. They used fabricated data to explain the rigged election! The evil attempt turned out to be false as people searched for the election data and tested the figures themselves. In fact, some Koreans are angry when they find out that the election results were not manipulated because of this! (He was found to have approached statisticians and YouTubers and made these attempts!) Maybe he didn't know it was the wrong information. But the negativity of this election is evident in the statistics and is artificial compared to other past elections.


Is there no journalism in Korean media?

"The spirit of not yielding to any external pressure or intimidation, but pursuing only the truth and informing the reader of it and helping to create a just society."

This is the content of Korean 'journalism'. But for some reason now, the press has abandoned the spirit of the press and turned into people who are defending certain groups and distorting the truth, rather than dispelling suspicions! They haven't done a proper investigation and some of the reports say "the election is not a problem" and try to cover up the huge suspicions behind them. Now Koreans are very angry about this.

So we inform Korean reporters and the press.
If you want to let the world know that Korean journalists are corrupt and closed, keep doing so. If you're in an illicit collusion with the government and no one else comes forward like a coward, you're spitting on the great journalists who lost their jobs and even risked their lives trying to find the truth!


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However, the Korean government and the ruling party(It's called Derbooler Minjoo party) are still in a closed position, and the media are trying to ignore the issue! Your interest and signatures help protect Korea's freedom and democracy!

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God bless your country! Thank you so much!

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