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A pandemic with no end, a global lock down , 234,725 deaths and counting and an economic disaster of the century and yet we allow wet markets.

Researchers of zoonotic diseases — diseases that jump from animals to humans – pinpoint the wet markets in mainland China as particularly problematic for several reasons. First, these markets often have different kinds of animals – some wild, some domesticated but not necessarily native to that part of Asia. The stress of captivity in these chaotic markets weakens the animals' immune systems and creates an environment where viruses from different species can mingle, swap bits of their genetic code and spread from one species to another, When that happens, occasionally a new strain of an animal virus gets a foothold in humans and an outbreak like this current coronavirus erupts.

Whether retrospective or preventive, there is little doubt about this-shutting down the wet markets should be a global demand. Animals can spread viruses to humans and cause great chaos not only to the world but also the global economy. This is besides the obvious problem of endangering wild species and the resulting cruelty for the greed of humanity.

#Shut down Wet Markets.