#EarthCantWait until 2030: The United Nations MUST protect the Arctic immediately!

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The Arctic is melting at an extremely quick, dangerous rate. The United Nations, which is responsible for ensuring sustainable development, has urged world leaders to take urgent action. Despite this, action is very slow, and many world leaders are waiting until 2020, 2030, or 2040, making it seem like now is not the time to talk about the Arctic.

This, however, is complete nonsense. The time is NOW and URGENT to take greater actions for the Arctic. We are calling for the United Nations to:

  1. Make stronger and more conclusive negotiations on protective measures.
  2. Establish more World Heritage Sites in the Arctic, to conserve and protect ecosystems.
  3. Increase protection for World Heritage Sites in the Arctic, potentially preventing criminals that could destroy the beautiful nature and ecosystems.
  4. Agree on fair and reasonable punishments for those who tarnish such World Heritage Sites.
  5. Execute protective measures to preserve biodiversity and endangered species immediately.
  6. Encourage world powers and other governments to reach stronger agreements on saving the Arctic immediately and quickly, NOT until 2030 or later. 
  7.  Prohibit the use of destructive actions to the Arctic, such as overfishing and oil drilling.
  8. Take immediate and stronger action to counteract the overconsumption of fossil fuels.

The planet Earth and its organisms can no longer wait until 2030, when world leaders and politicians finally stand up and take action. If we are to preserve the intricate, beautiful, Arctic ecosystem and to finish anthropogenic global warming once and for all, the time is right now.

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