Scott Hapgood Must Return To Anguilla To Face Trial For The Murder of Kenny Mitchel

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In April 2019, an American investment banker by the name of Gavin Scott Hapgood along with his family vacationed to the Tranquil island of Anguilla; An island known for its beautiful beaches, amazing cuisine but most of all its hospitable people. While staying at their resort, the unthinkable happened...

Though the events surrounding the incident and the nature of the relationship between Gavin Scott Hapgood and hotel worker Kenny Mitchel are uncertain, (Per staff: They were seen interacting around the pool area in jovial spirits earlier on in Mr. Hapgood’s stay) the latter’s (Kenny Mitchel’s) life was cut short after an altercation with Hapgood. Hotel workers along with security personnel at the scene of the incident implored with Mr. Hapgood to release his hold/grasp on Mitchel’s neck and he refused to do so. By witness accounts, Kenny Mitchel was heard mumbling, “Let me speak,” a plea to which Mr. Hapgood replied, “No one wants to hear what you have to say.”  It is unsure if Kenny Mitchel was dead on the scene of the incident (where he was unresponsive) or if he died shortly thereafter.

Since then, Mr. Hapgood has been charged with Manslaughter; a charge that many feel should be upgraded to murder. Mr. Hapgood promised to return to the island for his hearings to clear his name but has failed to live up to his word; a move which saw him forfeit his bail. This makes him an international fugitive. The high court of Anguilla (A British Overseas Territory) has issued an international arrest warrant for Mr. Hapgood through Interpol. It has been over a year now and there has been no new information in the case, however, Mr. Hapgood is believed to be living comfortably in his Connecticut (USA) home.

An injustice to one is an injustice to all! Mr. Hapgood deserves his day in court and Kenny Mitchel’s family deserve a fair trial. This is an appeal to all authorities to uphold the basic human rights of all. The justice system should ensure that the human rights of every individual is upheld. Help us do our part to ensure that Kenny Mitchel’s death doesn’t go in vain and Mr. Hapgood has his day in court. I appeal to all Anguillians, all Dominicans, all Caribbean nationals and all supporters of justice world wide to support this petition, let’s make our voices be heard and let justice be served!