In view of the recent surge in cases of rape, Nigerians demand stiffer penalties for rape

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Nigeria is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for women, the last few weeks have witnessed an unprecedented rise in rape cases across the country. The gruesome murder of Uwaila, the UNIBEN student raped and murdered in a church on the 27th May 2017 in Benin Edo state seem to have unleashed an orgy of incest of fathers raping their daughters, gang rapes, pedophilia and murder involving children as minor as 2 months old and Women as old as 85 years old by men from all social strata across the country. The lawmakers and legislators who should be at the forefront of enacting stiffer laws and legislation to serve as a deterrent are paying lip service as the members of the house of representatives recently refused to pass a bill advocating for stiffer penalties which would have served as a deterrent. The Nigerian women and Girl child has never been as endangered as they are now, as their lives and existence has never been as threatened as it is now. We demand for the establishment of safety nets and support structures for rape victims by both state and federal governments as well as stiffer punishment for convicted rapists than just a few months jail term or some paltry fine. Even though most never get reported, rape and sexual crimes are one of the greatest human rights abuses in Nigeria, and those that get reported and tried, hardly get convicted. This is a CRY FOR HELP to the United Nations to prevail on the Nigerian leadership to declare a case of emergency with respect to rape, sexual offenses, provide supportive structures to victims and ensure the conviction of rapists.

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