Call on the UN: Stop Fur Farming, Before It Causes The Next Pandemic!

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Dear All, 

After a mutated version of COVID-19 was found in minks in Denmark, around 17 million minks were put to their death. Such tragedy could have been prevented had mink farms not existed, had people stopped providing a demand for fake eyelashes or fur coats. We see everyone today wearing makeup and that is a beautiful thing. But this particular product harms millions of innocent minks. Are eyelashes really worth a life? We know a lot is going on with the world now. But humans aren't the only ones that deserve life. These poor innocent creatures are bred to be slaughtered and it's absolutely horrible! 

The fur trade is a deadly business. Currently, more than 100 million minks are farmed every single year. They are often left without sufficient food, water, and are refused the ability to do anything else that’s natural and important for them. Ultimately, the minks kept on these fur farms end up being brutally killed by electrocution, bludgeoned, gassed, or having their skin ripped from them while they are still conscious. 

The treatment of these defenseless animals is completely abhorrent and unnecessary. And for what? A tiny part of one’s face: fake eyelashes? Fur coats? For the mere excuse of fashion and beauty, millions of animals suffer a lifetime of despair. Are fur products really worth a life? Better yet, are they really worth triggering another pandemic? Both humans and animals die with the fur trade. There is absolutely nothing glamorous about dead animals or loved ones. There are plenty of alternatives which are of great quality. There should be no space for these now. Law needs to be passed to make the fur trade illegal all across the world, in order to force companies to work with alternative material and stop glamorizing the fur product.

Governments cannot respond to this crisis simply by culling millions of animals and then allowing farmers to return to business as usual. The appalling conditions on fur farms make them a ticking time bomb for pandemic disease risk. Twenty countries have already acted to ban the farming of animals for their fur because it is cruel, outdated, and unnecessary. In light of new evidence that fur farms can act as reservoirs for deadly viruses, as well as create new viruses, we call on all countries to ban fur farms, and we call on the UN to publicly acknowledge that fur farming must end.

Please sign this petition and share it far and wide to raise awareness about this issue.  We need to be the voice for these helpless animals who have no say in what happens to their own fur…nor their lives!